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  1. Lonewolf 280

    It’s sad that that the us has to copycat other series and doesn’t even bother to change the tittle the original version is of a Korean series of 2013 ...... and first episode it’s exact the same

  2. Jrezky

    My dad learned that hypothalamus four Fs thing as part of his psychology phd. He quotes it often, he definitely has that boom. Also you can replace "mating" with "sexual reproduction"

  3. J Abesames

    All Dr. Mike really needed to do was tell Legal Eagle to stick his tongue out and say ‘ah’ throughout the video to neutralize the natural advantage a lawyer has in an argument.

  4. Rose L

    The part in which she said let me save his legs was so ironic, like where were you all this time? One of the most common orders, you find in the orthopedic ward, apart from the common ones, is to check Neuro-vascular every blank hour, which at least would be every 12 hours for a patient like this by both nurses and doctors.

  5. Adam Rhein

    Uplifting story. Thank you for sharing

  6. Diniz de Miranda

    I think I am pretty tolerant, but I wouldnt consider my self a lactose

  7. MJ Mckenrick

    ER will always be my absolute favorite!!!

  8. Gabriel Tomé

    He asking for 50K likes and the video getting to 911K so far...

  9. Troianus

    I feel so bad for Dr. Mike here. Like, he's trying so hard to help educate people in an entertaining way, and he just wants to help those around him. And he gets hate for it. Its really disheartening to see a doctor who wants to keep people alive and out of debt being called fatphobic, when he never fatshamed anyone or anything of the like. My heart goes out to you Doc! If a random person tells you to lose weight, they might be doing it out of care, or they might be doing it out of shame, depending on how they approach it. But, if a doctor tells you your weight might be a concern, I feel like you should take a step back and listen to them and try to look for possible options instead of blocking them out or calling them fatphobic. I'm sure others disagree.

  10. The Yellow Daffodil

    As someone who’s been playing Minecraft for 10 year is just made me 🤦‍♀️

  11. Macabga

    I prefer being an artist. Yeah, the world is designed by default to keep you from living as an artist, but come on... it's MUCH LESS RESPONSABILITY I CAN'T HANDLE THE RESPONSABILITY AAAAAAA

  12. littleicebear

    even if u watch this after a year after they find a cure this will literally bring back so many bad and a LITTLE good memories don’t u think so?

  13. Quark

    Welcome to the comment section. You're safe here

  14. Mosinlogan

    I think a mug styled after your scrubs would be cool!

  15. szepi79

    this episode is epic. watching two experts filling each others holes (pun intended) in knowledge is really stimulating (intellectually).

  16. Anrita Els

    8:41 "The Corona virus does not care if you smell like lavender" lmao

  17. Joel Nicolas

    Hi Dr.Mike... Can u please do an updated video of the same now...

  18. Macabga

    Well... Med school has one advantage over law school: medicine is global. Which means, if you're a good doctor in America, you'll probably be a good doctor in Europe. Lawyers don't get that: law is too region-specific

  19. MegaBuckeyes10

    In your medical opinion which vaccine is the best route to go with?

  20. Bame Maiketswane

    Nobody: Me showing my mum memes on my phone:...... 😂😂😂😂

  21. Angrynoodle Twenty Five

    Ahh yes parents giving their kids a tablet and free range access to the Appstore and then blaming the app for the fact that the kid was using it...

  22. The 711Devin

    Some research has shown that the most dominant bacteria in your gut can influence your cravings. If you eat a lot of fatty food, there will be more fatty bacteria in your gut and you will crave more fatty food. Same goes for greens which is why it may be very difficult to start eating vegetables if you’re not used to it.

  23. TheSenate Official

    1:49 literally laughed out loud.

  24. Aḓivhaho Mathivha

    I've been watching this channel for a couple of months now but I'm only learning Dr Dr Mike's surname now

  25. Alice Damiano

    Speaking of not following her own advice, MDJ could have talked about WHEN SHE DROVE HERSELF TO THE HOSPITAL WHILE IN LABOR. Omg, that was quite a story.

  26. David Ferlemann

    Love the vibe here. Haha

  27. Megy Seth

    If we need a pandemic for you two to collaborate... Please don't collaborate ever again! and I mean this in the nicest way possible! :D

  28. GK Ahgase

    Dr. Dilshad was about to call the medical board

  29. Logan

    7:02 i feel offended

  30. AWESD

    I have a question!? I know that allergy is overreaction of body to something. When you get rash or swelling after eating particular substance-it is allergy. If you get stinked by a bee, if you just inhale the substance that you are allergic on and your body does something weird to protect itself from the substance it's alergy, But where is the line? I get sick always when I drink warm liquid (tea, coffee, or just warm milk or water) I feel lightheaded and sometimes pass out. It's very okay becouse all I need to do is just wait for it to have room temperature or lower, But is that considered allergy? Somebody can get swollen from from talking for too long, I know people who sneeze from being in light environment (like in sunlight, or in room with very bright lighting) and is can be psychological, or something BUT IS IT ALERGY? can there be alergy for something that is not really a substance but more of personal side effects to what is happening

  31. Floppa Gaming

    I fell and an entire bag of cocaine got shoved up my butt now please help?

  32. J Abesames

    I get the feeling Legal Eagle is going to ask Dr. Mike to testify as an expert witness in all his malpractice cases.

  33. Andrew Johnson

    9:15 These videos need more Bear!

  34. 420 Dab

    Why is this dude selling overpriced merch? He's a f'ing doctor for crying out loud-doesn't he already have enough Guap?

  35. Doctor Z

    I think obesity starts with the head. The adults really should be resposible for their son/daughter health, at least in terms of obesity and diabetes.

  36. Jesse Panico

    Dr. Mike watching House M.D.: "I mean, it's ridiculous that he just knows all of these obscure diseases off the top of his head" Dr. Mike on a plane: "Ah, I know exactly what the problem is. It's a classic case of the ol' tick-bite-induced, delayed allergic reaction to red meat. I might have to cut into your throat."

  37. Nelson Enegbuma

    House is the best for me After a while, i got bored of the good doctor ER is a classic New Amsterdam: doesn't hold my attention as hyped I think i will check out code black Not a fan of the rest

  38. ツI_AM_BAD_2_ツ

    Ily daddy doctor mike

  39. Ronana Knight

    these two are the yin and yang of youtube

  40. Mackattack gameing awesome

    You make me feel like you're my family doctor even though I don't line in Jersey I live in Canada

  41. Hyma susee

    Pleeaaase react to John Oliver's piece about medical devices

  42. Leslie P

    Fatphobic? Well yes, I am afraid of fat. Because it could *kill* me.

  43. Shae

    This is the cutest, more collabs!!

  44. Cyber Shark

    The way the said like testosterone tho🤣

  45. Deven B

    Such a shocker that a medically trained professional isn't supportive of living an overweight lifestyle which is proven to cause so many further health problems. Almost like these comments are from ignorant people who are misunderstanding the what and why of your words

  46. MegaBuckeyes10

    My mom has a suction tip in her abdomen

  47. Zach S

    AHey BE Positive! you Oold negative

  48. ColourBright

    Wow, I have sun allergy, but this is the first time I even hear that SPF over 50 exists... Thanks for mentioning, now I know what I should be looking for

  49. Sam

    Can you please discuss on Snoring and treatments ?

  50. Vivian Rios

    Thank you Doctor Mike for so helpful information. 👏🏼🙏🏼

  51. Jyoti Malik

    Hii I am from India🇮🇳... I watched your couple of videos and I couldn't control myself by saying this that you are very Handsome, smart, funny and cute guy. I watched your tedx talk speech and it was really impressive, I truly respect and admire those Dr. Who are being honest to their profession and their patients too. Who believe to give best advise to their patients rather than keep eyes on money. Evrytime I watch I feel I could hug you.. 🤗 You are too cute... 😊 If by any chance you check this comment then can you please like it....🌼🌻🌼

  52. Lina varshavski

    don't cry darling i love you

  53. Cecilia Mannino

    My mother was an anti-vaxxer before it was cool. My brother got mumps and became sterile. When I got pregnant with my first child I had no immunity to German measles and had to be extremely careful about being in crowds for the first trimester. A fetus exposed to German measles in the first trimester is susceptible to horrible birth defects. Scared me to death. My children are fully vaccinated.

  54. joan angeles

    Chicago Med minus the messy romance 🤓

  55. Angrynoodle Twenty Five

    What? How can it be Gen Z that is complaining? most of Gen-Z isn't even old enough to have graduated college yet...

  56. Valentina Talenti

    3:55 as a child, I had very strong anemia that wouldn't go away, so because of that I had to go through many, many exams. One day I had a horrible experience in a hospital (which now triggers vasovagal syncope at the sight of my own blood btw LMAO) and on our way back the hospital calls my Mom and tells her how not only I have an STD, but I'm also pregnant. She looks at me in the backseat and goes "yeah, nah." I was maybe eleven. They mixed up my samples one HOUR after taking them. Bruh 😂 it was also supposed to be one of the best hospitals in the country. I remember fainting because of all the blood they took and they wanted me to lay on the floor (we were... Taking blood samples in a small, closet like room?) And I immediately came back to and was like HELL NO!

  57. Mima D

    That's about as likely as you dying from Covid.

  58. Travis Allen

    I hope this gets to at least someone who gets migraines, relatively recent research has directly linked your eyes to migraines, most eye clinics now have the machine to test and see if you’re one of these people, they make special lenses for this condition and although expensive, they are very effective or your money back, they worked for me, I used to get 3-5 migraines a week and now get about 1-2 a year, ask your eye doctor about these lenses and see if they’re right for you

  59. Jibsam Hinacay

    This collab feels like a 2-part crossover of a medical procedural series and a legal procedural series. As someone who watches the show but has no background on medicine and law, this was really educational. This is a great collaboration! Hope to see you two review more of Grey's Anatomy soon.

  60. DarkPhoenix

    The flu and cold one is just...wow. I'm guessing it doesn't actually kill the flu or cold, rather than help manage the symptoms. (That's why only guess for the garlic anyway) But yeah sounds like snake oil salemen

  61. Jessica In da garage


  62. Rhys O'Dunloe

    Who else noticed the moldy lemon?

  63. Amanda C

    Let's take a moment to appreciate the haircut 🤤🤤

  64. Isabelle Bernard

    I mean, the buzzfeed test nailed my exact job title, the other one didn't even mention it...

  65. Ben

    Dr mike everytime theres a death: *i no see* 😣🙈😣 Me everytime theres a death: *chuckles* "lmao thats funny" 😆😆

  66. Esteban Garita

    We all know being overweight is not healthy, doctors talking about patients needing to lose weight is just the doctors doing their job, I am morbidly obese and I know that when my doctor tells me I need to lose weight, he is literally just doing his job and he is trying to help me from a completely medical standpoint of view, I know I got to lose weight, and unless someone laughs at me or uses an expletive, there is no reason to be offended.

  67. Warlord1981NL

    Why did you invite legal eagle, he has been wrong about pretty much everything

  68. Angrynoodle Twenty Five

    I use my laptop at night but I only watch the more calming let's plays of my favorite let's play channel (game grumps) Also I have no issues sleeping so I think it is fine.

  69. Sam

    Is it true that a cold shower after workout can tackle muscle sores ? I read it SOMEwhere that Ronaldo does it too

  70. H Jo

    This is the crossover I need

  71. Andon Brown

    Yea I'm just gonna lose 70 pounds over the course of the summer to get abs

  72. Nilly K

    Not dollar signs but I'd see the patient's pain. I hate it that the lawyer is just talking about dollar signs.

  73. Dom The Lord 34

    can you react to Tonyvtoons: "Being skinny" please :)

  74. Harveer Singh

    Can you get skin cancer from tattoos

  75. Aiden Evanitsky

    Dr.Mike: in the lab we touch people Me: hold up

  76. Guido Haverkort

    I mean i think between engineering/mathematics, lawschool and medschool there is no hardest. It just depends on your natural abilities. Engineering is much more about grasping concepts and recognizing when to apply what, where as law school is much more about studying and remembering specific pieces of information and also quite a bit of human interaction. Then med school is again much more about knowing every detail of a lot of things

  77. Dianne Dixon - TeXXic

    I see the onion one all the time. I look at it, roll my eyes, and move on.