There are a lot of unusual and incredible places on our planet we would all like to visit someday. However, Earth is huge, and our lives are quite short. That’s why we have prepared amazing compilations, found fascinating facts, unusual TOPs, adventures, people and phenomena and so much more for you on the BRAIN TIME channel

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  1. Anthony Giannone

    Prison should be disgusting and savage instead of home like. 3 square meals a day, health care, and a warm place to sleep is looking pretty good for a person with nothing to lose.

  2. Slap Slap Slap Clap Clap Clap

    #11 Makes me realise that I've buried 2 hamsters alive.

  3. Lance Bebe Aguila


  4. joker1312

    1:19 nothing wrong, everyone should do like that !

  5. Lik weesy

    Why it this is scary

  6. ASC_Missions

    Says here, "...the Titanic sank under water..." Brainy.

  7. Gerda Kruger

    Your forgetting the most powerfulone of all time Flash Can go back in time to kill before even born to fast to hit and can even go at infnite speed and punch so hard that Godzilla or anything else and make it go through living hell Thank you

  8. Ariha Vanigota

    Um hela also lifted the hammer

  9. God & Guns

    When the glass flips the side in the air is where they put the cloth by time they get it on the glass has moved to the opposite side so they can do it with ease at least that makes since to me 🤧

  10. Gerda Kruger

    Sorry but hulk can't beat Godzilla

  11. World of Nicko

    U came because of the thumbnail admit it

  12. World of Nicko

    Spider monkeys huh

  13. Snaily soup

    Does the american lobster have a gun?

    1. Snaily soup


  14. Koriander Yander

    I didn't need 9mins for you to tell me my cat is horny

  15. jnash tugado

    Dotson sausagedog body and small legs boom small peaple can still do some cool things

  16. Kaelix Roblox

    The chicken is momo

  17. jnash tugado

    The real thor is zuz a god of lightning

  18. Rickey Ye

    My guy said Hulk

  19. Kommunity Konnected

    Why is this so annoying?

  20. South Beach Miami Art

    I have 12 cats. One l named Mario loves to jump on my shoulders. Their eyes are binocular so they freak out sometimes when you pet them because they can't identify your hand quickly enough.

  21. Deborah Williams

    Titanic is not unsinkable

  22. Kommunity Konnected

    How do you know all this shit is facts?

  23. PhrontDoor

    Short answer : cause cats are evil. Some are stupid too. Stupid and evil is a bad combination. Sell those really defective cats on etsy if you can.

  24. Manda Harrish

    He should say only about marvel but he is also saying about DC Comics

  25. •Grim_ Sunshine•

    Huh? But Shawn Mendes is Mashmellow right??

  26. King Bob

    How can i work for animal rescue its the thing i love to do.

  27. Mrs Rex of life Rex history UwU

    7:28 XD Garfield ‘ CANNON BALL’

  28. Titanium Leopard

    In this video I see too much ip man and Scott Adkins

  29. Strange World

    Imagine if he an aligator near by got horney.

  30. Harsha Vardhan

    U know ? Anybody cant defeat fire godzilla

  31. Sneha Sharma

    Godzilla is definitely the most powerful and strong character of the Monster Franchise

  32. Marie Isme

    4:45 what’s the name of that movie I remember seeing it as a kid I’ve been fining it since y’all pleaseeeeee help

  33. Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye

    There's a reason why refs are refs, no good at football and probably not much else, so will milk their moment of glory being in their position of authority. A lot like many Police.

  34. Wayfarer

    My cat just puts his teeth on me, no hard biting. Plus he’s purring the whole time lol.

  35. Hold my hand

    Stories were great, narrator was good, constant jumping images irritating.

  36. Kenos Entity

    9:00 And people wonder why I call cats demons.

  37. Dominick 2fast4u

    Captain America: *can lift Thor’s hammer*. Me: wait wasn’t it broken in Thor 3

  38. Leah Curran

    Bro, I am scared of geese more than dogs. I can handle dogs, but geese are scared of nothing.

  39. H

    Dog is also a girl bestfrend ._. :v

  40. Kass First

    He said dominos really fast

  41. Hed Hogie

    nut mobile

  42. dlareg odnuM leD

    Strange and Tony also should be worthy in the MCU

  43. GingerInc Gaming

    Actually those random noises cats do while hunting is a form of mimicry. They’re calls basically

  44. Josiane Production

    I have noticed that unfortunately a lot of humans should be shot in the head, the few good ones except, most humans are garbage, sad enough. People are only satisfy to inflict pain and suffering and of course destruction those people have to go, know where......

  45. Jason Jensen

    What are the movies the featured clips were from? Is there a movie about Violet Jessup?

  46. David Nicholson

    6:14 Double jump.

  47. Random Guy

    yes, i too cry when an animal gets slowly put in minecraft

  48. Growing Tomatoes

    Did stunt man kill anyone with a pencil?

  49. Klaire Bear

    Cats:ima try the air just in case it’s not yummy.

  50. Samuel cardin

    Actually, dog tilt their head to better determine where the sound come from on the X axis, their ear are made for the Y axis.

  51. Ink Fire

    The last one surprised me, because I never heard somebody living up to 2 centuries & half 😱😱😱😱😱

  52. Tapps

    Lolll this looks like my girl last night

  53. Celina Brost

    The thumbnail.

  54. Inez Davila Villagran

    I actually have the number 3 in the list 👂🏻👁👅👁👂🏻

  55. Ssakcaj the plasmanoid

    minecraft dog

  56. Nathanclbb

    Him: "We all want to live a very long life." Me: "... We do?"

  57. kai wood


  58. Llama life Gaming

    Marfan syndrome sucks take ot from me getting an echo cardiogram every year to make sure you're not dying is not fun

  59. Dio Brando

    His hair looks like fungi



  61. Jane Scott

    This guys voice is so annoying!

  62. Aden

    Yo guess I’m a dog I tilt my head all the time like that one part in the video where the car was at the door😂

  63. Zack G man

    The reason why hulk can beat godzilla is hes much stronger every time he hits hulk hulk will get bigger and stronger

  64. karen raqueno

    the chimps being sad about the dead* suddenly one chimp slaps the bod and runs* me : OI WHAT THE HECK U TYNA I LIE YA CUT G- HIM

  65. DannyB1954

    My dog always took her food from the tiled kitchen to the carpeted living room. I had to give her a small rug in the kitchen to eat on.

  66. noah 344

    Rabbits often thump their hind legs to warn their friends of danger or predators

  67. tigertank909

    just saying blood is truly blue but only inside your body due to the iron the second the blood gets hit with o2 the blood turns red but if i remember rightly there are some animals that do bleed blue i think im 40% sure

    1. Nancy Mendez

      Then explain lips being red And yes, some animals bleed blue buts it’s because their blood is chemically different

  68. Tessielyn Do

    Pets are amazing as heck! They can save people without being taught!


    This pop up on my recommendation then I showed red hot and he stole my phone and watch it in my bathroom

  70. ashley felice

    Look Tigger and The white Rabbit's reaction were bad, but they were provoked we should remember that

  71. 02. Ante, Julius Nathaniel G.


  72. uwais smokey

    its all fun and games until one guy master kuramas chakra and and a rasengan

  73. Mariosaurus

    Sure it’s not like the actual Godzilla (not that 98 iguana) went to different planets and literally had fallen into the pits of hell.

  74. Agent. Xero

    interesting channel!

  75. Fayyaz Ahmed Rai

    Just a hater who cant accept that Godzilla is stronger than everyone on his list can easily be defeated by the king of the monsters godzilla except galactus and other comic characters but that doesnt make sense that tommorrow I can write a comic on Godzilla that he can do anything......bro your video sucks and stop picking up mixed information!!!!😒😠😬😴

  76. Paradox Gaming

    Thor’s hammer : the forbidden paperweight

  77. Trystan Kitty

    My favorite animal is a cat

  78. Persian Chris

    That wasn't really revealing his secret. I feel cheated. Clickbaited

  79. Saber RadiusTV

    We can say if it is a substance if it cannot be separated by any physical means and if it is a mixture, it can be separated by physical means.

  80. jubin langthasa

    Ya'll forgot about Alien X