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  1. Rokkout_G3

    Jammin 2021

  2. Luiz arranca Bosta

    Um abraço pra galera do shitpost

  3. Colorest Vandiver



    Like = DaBaby - Find My Way Reply = Playboi Carti - Magnolia

  5. brianna hall


  6. HangersFN

    I came for the fortnite dance

  7. ShadowOni

    Put it on Spotify Put it on Spotify Put it on Spotify Put it on Spotify

  8. Dr. Cube

    Dunk lotion up them elbows, the lookin dryer than the grand canyon

  9. Shaona Thomas

    Fye asff😗..

  10. Mr Getmoney

    1:05 wooow she not ever gonna be a fan of dababy 🤣

  11. Purp Key

    They let the wrong one get RICH! MEEEE!🙋🏾‍♂️

  12. Vaded Hip-Hop

    He said " nigga you a bitch jojo see why ..." Play on words

  13. Z K

    No cap 🧢

  14. Trash content Daily


  15. Rico Clayton

    😴 ZZZZZ

  16. Thomas Cox

    If it really was 6:55 in the morning my man on pills coke, yayo, lean, weeed, booze.. living life like a rockstar Solid tune

  17. Timothy Taylor

    You killed this song

  18. Nick Sherman

    People readin this way to hard play on word that’s all she’s 17 like have common sense

  19. Mtb.Nehemiah -_

    This song go hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Jesse Purpleman

    This and BIG L BLUES - Big L are both 🔥🔥

  21. Scras

    🔥‼️PERFECT‼️🔥 An idol.

  22. NotRiiz

    The song that blew up

  23. ZolioZGamer

    Twitter girls: "wHAt iS wROnG WIth MeN"

  24. NITRO


  25. Toxic Chez

    Bro out of all the people you could said A Bitch But You Pick Jojo see why You Got To Chill 😲

  26. Frosty


  27. C.H.IJonny -Topic

    Jojo K

  28. Kingston Nicholas


  29. Dylan Brim

    What quicktrip were you at?

  30. Malachi Davis

    Hill yes Yeeyee

  31. Lil Abstract Vibin

    Lol anyone realize how fast he be

  32. Arsha.1st Official

    I’m inspired bro Idec ik imma blow I’ll prove the haters wrong, just watch me🚀

  33. The Register

    Jojo a buwwy for taking his toys 😠

  34. Jaellyn Medrano

    Hooka you ur Weirdo

  35. Lil Abstract Vibin

    Who comes back to this every day lol

  36. Chambel Lopez

    Damn I Swear This Song Really Deep 💯💯💪💪

  37. Ger-Roll Lingard

    Who else saw Stunna 4 Vegas

  38. Noel Joya

    Ayo anyone gonna talk about the actual fire song 😂

  39. Capade

    1:32 noone gonna talk about how massive this man is

  40. Fernando Gil

    1:34 I FUCKING LOVE THIS PART 💀💀😩😩😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Stacy Stuckey

    I love your music

  42. Kevo23

    Bro, this was posted on my birthday 😂😂

  43. Chief Chazz

    Like if this song slaps🔥

  44. Josiah Douglas

    Vgfff Hogg

  45. Jacob Shellman

    I like to think the diss was there. I think it’s more funny that way😂😂

  46. BigScoot72

    “JOJO SEE WHY” this beef funny aab

  47. C uhh heese Cuff

    Bruh, he didn't call her a bitch he said "You a bitch, Jojo Siwa (See Why) ,bitch" 🤣😂

  48. Jayson Clarke


  49. dh_slay

    POV you here form tiktok

  50. NBG Snipezz

    Is it me or I seen who was recording 😂💀

  51. el jodio piu piu

    alguien mas viene de fortnite ajjajajaj

  52. chris fnm

    This gives me Quarantine vibes and I love it

  53. chris fnm

    This gives me quarantine vibes

  54. Rashaud Amon


  55. Rashaud Amon

    Im on dababys sode

  56. WestAct

    Anyone know the girl name?

  57. FishingWithCam

    Who came here because of the JoJo part

  58. kingdom DC

    Best rapper no debate.

  59. TeekZie

    He fire

  60. feli erasun

    Get it babyyyyy

  61. Deez diets nutz from Safeway Idk

    I swear I thought the fuss at the end were bts and I was like oh fuck no

  62. TytheGOAT3133

    Nobody: Fortnite kids: This is the song from fortnite

  63. ImStxTic

    RIP: JoJo Siwa RIP: King Von RIP: Michael Jackson RIP: Paul Walker RIP: Johan Cruyff RIP: Stan Lee RIP: George Michael RIP: Stephen Hawking RIP: Avicii RIP: XXXTENTACION RIP: Mac Miller RIP: Cameron Boyce RIP: Juice Wrld RIP: Kobe Bryant Gianna Bryant RIP: Dr APJ Abdul kalam RIP: Irrfan Khan RIP: Sushant Singh Rajput RIP: Rishi kapoor RIP: Pop Smoke RIP: Naya Rivera RIP: Chadwick Boseman RIP: John Lenon RIP: Tupac shakur RIP: Eazy E RIP: Freddie Mercury RIP: Whitney houston RIP: George harrison RIP: Bob marley RIP: Dona summer RIP: Elvis presley RIP: Marilyn Monroe RIP: Amy Winehouse RIP: kurt Cobain RIP: Audrey Hepburn RIP: Mohammed Ali RIP: Dolores O'Riordan RIP: Biggie small RIP: Rick May RIP: Heath ledger RIP: Selena Quintanilla RIP: Brad delp RIP: Chris Cornell RIP: Robin williams RIP: Chester Bennington Legends never die they live in our hearts ❤️

  64. De'asia Winston

    You did so good on this song I am a biggg fan

  65. Michael Fiifi Johnson

    Love From Ghana 🇬🇭

  66. jackson Williamson

    It obviously just a rhyme

  67. GTA Pro

    Play it at 0.75 its fire

  68. Damien Robbin


  69. gangster dip

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  70. Umo Jalo

    You violated these people funny I like it yh 🤣🤣🤣🤣 funnies song

  71. Nyearra Phillips

    Now why would you call that lil girl a bitch🤦🏽‍♀️

  72. Michael Henville

    You just pour liquids in the trash can?

  73. Scott Hunter


  74. Karina Alvarez

    No body likes jojo bro James chalerles stop starting beef with dabay

    1. Karina Alvarez

      Dababy I meant

  75. Andrew Johnson

    Guns are for pussies

  76. Joshua Bramble

    This shit is fire 🔥

  77. ENYNM YT

    The Dance tho that so cool

  78. Yugeindrah Ravi

    Lets get this to like 1M likes!

  79. juice wrld

    Good night 👼 👉👈

  80. Sea Slug

    I think he means u gay like jojo siwa