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  1. Jackie Filakosky

    He's a total piece of garbage! I would NEVER EVER speak to him again. That Pig!

  2. Scott Cachopo

    Has she treated this patient yet?

  3. izumiricebowl

    OMFG NOT SHE SAID "I just wanna be Miss. Universe so I don't have to know the days of the week" CPS

  4. fabien l'illuminé

    inbred as hell

  5. Pιxιҽ_ʅαɳҽσυʂ

    The mom looks like super nanny lmao

  6. Mr Masky

    I love how he responds with “Yes ma’am” and “ No ma’am”.Very respectful dude

  7. Assasin Zoro


  8. Togny D

    thank you for helping me to consume less butter and sugar. Here's some butter and sugar for ya, lol.

  9. Dawson Vlogs

    Are you sure those aren’t his balls?

  10. Snobbeautyplace

    Totally Self inflicted. 👎🏻. She is not in touch with reality.

  11. oliviaflower

    this is literally me when I don't want to eat my green beans with carrots

  12. Ankou

    His wife kinda bad

  13. Lacie Renee

    I didn’t even know they knew these terms “fuck boy” 😂

  14. Mrs C

    No seat belts???

  15. Misa Misa

    Hot dogs should not be in there they want surgery like that is the answer the reason these people are told to go home if the dont loose weight its because even with surgery they are more prone to gaining weight even with surgery

  16. Gue Δ rilla 这个

    Ed is just a little 54 year old baby, seeing him taken cared by Rose.

  17. Donna Day

    He acts like he is gods gift to women! Ugh. Its to easy for him! It would be divorce time.

  18. Anthony Gay

    Religions are the worst fuckery of humanity

  19. Jackie Filakosky

    Kate is so beautiful both inside and out. God bless you girl!

  20. Avery

    Great work but my grandma whould say I'm going to hell with thos nails

  21. I Am Talia

    Mary just love being Amish and nothing is wrong with her wanting to go back to the way things where the English world is just not for everyone I support Mary decisions. Jeremiah need to focus his energy on letting go off his angry

  22. Morgan Molloy

    those aren't real EMTs. all EMTs are trained to load all patients head-first, as loading them feet-first could end up with serious injuries. They're actors.

  23. M7MD_0_0

    Bruh, the 10 years old kid looks like that boy from Toy Story lol

  24. blqssqmadds official

    justice for graham that's so sad he was running to her and she was like standing

  25. Cruz Sewell

    Oops pregnancy test

  26. Cruz Sewell

    Always have a gregnancientest

  27. Brooklynn Rose

    😂😂😂 his wife is so cute oh my gosh

  28. Trillian

    "I would rather just sit in my outhouse in peace." Girl. Same.

  29. Carly Hughes

    This is abuse and there’s nothing else to say those parents should go to jail

  30. Anthony Gay

    So much inbreeding. Can see it in their faces and lack of intelligence

  31. Ambertech DC

    This is really really crazy

  32. Jamie Pritchard

    I know what you were all thinking when you saw the thumbnail 🤣

  33. Ö스와티

    I am crying 😭

  34. Jackson Byers

    t.....t...thats jaw dropping

  35. BenThomas97

    He shouldn’t have cheated but also, if he left her on this weight journey it could’ve went south big time for her. He did choose to stay on his part, he also did choose to wipe her ass and change her diaper and give her a bed bath so yea he did fuck up, but she wasn’t wife material either. She in-fact in the beginning basically cat fished him and told him she was only 200pounds after he caught feelings for her she showed him a pic of her real weight. She is far from innocent.

  36. cris tooreal

    I love their lifestyle tho

  37. V L Carter

    Yeah, Marty had something going on!!

  38. Zoey P

    its like a whole dang generation

  39. BISH9484

    Hahaha!!! That was the most feeble & fake attempt at trying to grab someone.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Scott Baxter

    Shortly after this video, Maureen and Rosa both got jobs at Delilahs Den in Philadelphia. Daniel received his surgery and they are all living together in a high rise on Rittenhouse Square in center city Philadelphia. Both now have their drivers license and are planning a trip to Mardi Gras in February. They are excited to collect the beads they heard so much about.

  41. Soledad Chamberlin

    This is super weird!!!

  42. Marleen Hansen

    I’m 63 years old and I’ve never been in an airport and I have never flown

  43. Andy V

    Wow at first I thought she was a little selfish for crying but then they show they did it all for charity? Thats amazing, and so much work for people in need. These 2 ladies are in inspiration. Maybe I'll save a few coupons and give the extras I get to the food donation box on the way out ^-^

  44. Crazy Daizy

    Histamine allergy/histamine intolerance. This is not in her head.

  45. Happy Memories

    I don’t know why I had anxiety with this video... Properly because I am straight...

  46. Kristin Rossow

    Alaska is a naturally gorgeous little girl. There is something very wrong with her mother's attitude and eyesight.

  47. Christian Williams

    She be w man that half girl anyway

  48. MyaaDailyy

    They Should Smoke Marijuana...It Makes U Lose Weight Really Fast👌

  49. feng yu

    Dale: theyre zombies

  50. Nancy Humes

    It's soooo true love is blind 🤣❤️

  51. Ghett Stuffed

    title should be "TV magic manufactures drama to reduce contestant to fake tears"

  52. Hibiscus Dandelion Love

    I saw a lot of junk food.

  53. odiumimbues

    came for the nutsack comment.

  54. Elijah Straker

    That is a tru brother

  55. Dave Tech

    Covid free lifestyle. Hint No TV.

  56. Tara Luna

    He is actually cute

  57. Shooter McGavin

    The sister look the Michelin Tireman

  58. Raúl javier Servin valle

    from a guy whos kind a Bollywood or some Jacked 6 feet tall to Apu

  59. adel lebanon

    that is sooo wrong

  60. Bar Bar

    she took her sodies

  61. Gregory Harris

    That was amazing how he gave her his number. Life can be beautiful and simple.