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  1. Steven Crouch

    You would think that in a country where support for the military seems borderline fanatical that they would help those who served in and support the military better.

  2. Seano Mac

    The thisal flower is evil!! You can't touch any part of that plant without getting stabbed all over!!!

  3. MikeWithaBike

    I have no idea how he keeps his cool talking about all this

  4. BanefulLeaf x

    Thank God I'm not from the States๐Ÿ˜–

  5. M Noel

    Ok so if we have a intranet based fire and control system then he would be complaining it can be hacked. Old tech can be better than new tech....

  6. John Kabacinski

    THE EARTH IS ON FUCKING FIRE yep nothing is free but it needs to happen

  7. skeletor NEE

    God I watched that cane toad video in biology class in highschool

  8. ria mathenmathai

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  9. Andethidial bubabibub

    20:30 what a great voice.. He so good at talking in rhymes that children invented

  10. Le Mat

    a lot of minor psychics being arrested, but these big large, and on TV. what a joke.

  11. ria mathenmathai

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  12. BanefulLeaf x

    When a company says we're family, RUN!

  13. ziggys shiznit

    aren't humans animals? so then why can't we be infected by another animal, as animals are infecting other animals?

  14. ria mathenmathai

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  15. Ari Heino

    I eat meat. However, there's one very obvious partial solution to this escalating crisis. Everybody should eat less meat.

  16. regina jerusalemsky

    Just for John: Do you think that you're allowed to debunke all that"they" have done and still doing and in a global scale..for the right to be heard..? You are brave one..look for the details. And trust your layers with care..they do not work for you.

  17. MarcusDidiusFalco

    If you are to dumb to find a correct address, you shoudn't be allowed to use or even carry a gun as police officer.

  18. Le Mat

    Her dad remembers the scar, but not her name. Go dad!

  19. Matteo Mash

    John Oliver is the purest of garbage propaganda. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s free. Full episodes of this trash, free on NLname. Anything else worth watching they only give you previews of. This, however, is free free free!

  20. regina jerusalemsky

    You do know that those Emo bands are people trying to get away from the matrix right? I mean..the natives of the continent killed to harbor the all-wrong killers/wrapists/thieves and such..and while the place that they seeked was a harbor or be came satain's friend (not baal, not God endeed..just pain and misery inflicted upon but still..for a soul believed to be earned and comfortable payment"an innocent for me"the healthy physically want to kill themselves..the healthy on soul are to be killed..sounds insane? Oh but right all sounds insane don't it? Get out of the said to the ones that have a plan of even some sort and think they can do it..or die with honor and continue life by helping your lost..just saying..

  21. Steven Crouch

    Am so glad I live in the UK & I don't have to worry about my student loan until I earn over a set amount, even then its not that much to repay & after I think its 25 years whatever is left is wiped clean.

  22. lasse koch

    Has the wipe actually been sold? I would be amazed if so!

  23. kim minh

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  24. Tharun Sonti

    No surprise that an industry that commodifies animal life for profit cares little for the lives of its human employees. Treating them as disposable inputs. While pretending they're "family".. An abusive family. This is why I switched to eating plants . Preserve your humanity and conscience.

  25. Jurgen Parkour

    And they chose Trump

  26. MeowCat LordCat

    This just so true

  27. thesacrisant

    cops in the USA - just plain criminals wearing a 6 letter t-shirt



  29. Seano Mac

    I live in Massachusetts and we have a large Puerto Rican community and every single person I've spoke to all want statehood so who is it that keeps blocking it!!

  30. Siju Issac

    This episode is removed in india from Disney Hotstar cuz it might hurt supreme leader's feelings ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜

  31. regina jerusalemsky

    You still think that she was the one who"found the antiERA movement"? (While of course she's a troll..just a fact this is)but..lying to make a point as a person/human is..can I call her a reptiloid?..just for fun?

  32. The Nd

    That baby cult is so sad

  33. Aditya Singh

    You are stupid

  34. Pantsmode

    13:02 Ottawa. A town you think of so little, that's not Ottawa, that's Gatineau, Quebec.

  35. Jeje Here

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  36. Jeje Here

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  37. Dan Dev

    scotland deserves an apology for this episode.

  38. regina jerusalemsky

    Oh I just love how smart are your lawyer, producer and writers are John Oliver! "You don't need to put a disaster in scales of another disaster" and! Beautiful! Worth of respect!๐Ÿ‘

  39. Yolanda Shikers

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  40. Dario

    This man is remarkably unfunny...

  41. dees kicks

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  42. Yolanda Shikers

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  43. Emma Sayers

    Disclaimer: I'm a vegetarian with vegan leanings. I am not against people eating meat, per se, but I am definitely against animal death camps and related processes. Clearly, it is bad for the animals, that's a no-brainer, but rather than wanting to point my finger at meat eaters, I would invite them to get their meat produce from more ethical sources. Sure, it will be more expensive, but less meat in your diet is healthier for you and better for the environment and ultimately better for the demographics that end up in the squalid jobs (faux slavery) shown here.

  44. Jeje Here

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  45. derPetunientopf

    If i would life in the US, i would invest more money into a secure door than my car.

  46. Jeje Here

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  47. Magan Ang

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  48. LXM2 Magazine

    A video from Last Week Tonight, from 6 years ago ... nice ๐Ÿ˜‚

  49. Rohit Kanwar

    "India ... deserves a lot more than this temporary symbol of hate." I absolutely loved this line. Hats off to this show's writers!

  50. Bee V

    You can't reach history through the lens of current opinion. Opinions change. Facts do not. Teach all facts. And more importantly, young Americans need to learn for themselves. There are no obstacles for self education these days.

  51. M C

    Indian movies, hold my vegan burger

  52. Dan Stalter

    John Oliver is a funny guy, and I enjoy the show for the most part, but the fact that he goes balls deep into capitalizing off of the Right's blunders, while conveniently putting the Left on a pedestal 99% of the time, is just really cringey. I mean, not that I should expect the media to put any effort, at all, into giving us a politically unbiased opinion. It would be nice, but it is what it is.

  53. Magan Ang

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  54. Rad Cat

    Does anyone else have lil John Oliver voice in their head when something in the news pops up.? Or one of your jokes just comes out in his format?

  55. Magan Ang

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  56. Magan Ang

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  57. Magan Ang

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  58. Kyle Knight

    John Oliver is garbage.

  59. Menu Lasagna


  60. Charles Newton

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  61. Fakn Lars

    The US = 3rd world

  62. 2Pixelated

    Imma say this right now. All he had to say after stating he wasnt a dingo was "yet", and he would have earned my undying respect

  63. polard keren

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  64. Daksh Manchanda

    Well you are funny...but the content you've been provinding hereby are from some of the most biased sources..who are good at manipulating and faking things....there are some mere lies is the content you are these foreign media houses have always been doing so...and too NDTV has its own bias towards the govt..

  65. Asht Mslf

    What I admire most about Stephen Hawking as that no matter how badly life treated him, he always kept his humor. Rest in Piece

  66. kyle gray

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  67. Emily G

    John Oliver please read this!!!! You need to DO A SHOW about banks just GIVING your money away (to the government) in your checking/other account if you haven't used the account in a number of days (this number is ambiguous-they tell you a specific number, but I found it to not follow those numbers). Wells Fargo in California is one of these banks!!!! No simply just saving your money in your bank!

  68. Super Man

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  69. Ethan Bondick

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  70. Steven Birchall

    The electoral college college really means your vote doesn't count.

  71. jeffnals

    GameStop, you say?

  72. BrandEver

    Oregon Vote-by-mail master race reporting in

  73. FastFox Basel Qawasmi

    I agree with this man, I'm pro-life but if the woman didn't consent to sex or the pregnancy is going to kill her, then, in that case, give her the right to choose how her life goes, but if you are going to mess around and not expect to have a baby inside of you, then you have to face the circumstances of the actions that you chose, the right to life overweighs the right to choose, especially when that body is not yours

    1. FastFox Basel Qawasmi

      @Alanna Weiss ah yes look at the number of abortions and tell at least some of them could've not been at least dodged, and second of all, I don't need someone like you who supports killing the baby up until the day before it's born to try and explain an excuse for that, if I see someone beating up their dog in their backyard I certainly wouldn't hesitate to stop them, abortion is the number one cause of death in the world and I don't need someone as immoral and radical as you to tell me that it is justifiable to kill your own child even when there are enough exceptions for those who are innocent.

    2. Alanna Weiss

      โ€‹@FastFox Basel Qawasmi Everyone cares about themselves first, that's natural. I bet your both kidneys are in place. Mine too, that's okay. But i do care about other people, that's why i go this far. I myself will hardly ever need a third trimester abortion - I'd do it much earlier without any moral hesitation, any delay will only make it more dangerous. But the world is a complex thing, and someone out there might be in desperate need for something i have no use for. It's not about selfishness, it's about seeing the difference between an actual person and an empty frame.

    3. FastFox Basel Qawasmi

      @Alanna Weiss selfish I can see

    4. FastFox Basel Qawasmi

      @Alanna Weiss says the one that supports abortion up until 9 months

    5. Alanna Weiss

      @FastFox Basel Qawasmi Well would you only look at that, another antichoicer is throwing a tantrum. How cute. If you do something like that, you should be charged for all the physical and mental damage you cause to her, and for all of her wasted time on that pregnancy, and so on. But it is a crime with only one victim. If someone chooses to die, that's their problem. I choose to live a long high quality life, like lots of other women. And don't worry, you're disgusting to me too.

  74. G M

    Carbon pricing = making Al Gore richer and nothing being done to "climate change"

  75. Fire Walk With Meme

    Pro lifers hate abortion cus they know theyโ€™re the cumshot that should have been swallowed.

  76. Meban Kharkongor

    You can replace the owl with John Oliver's picture and no one would even know the difference ๐Ÿ˜‚

  77. hellman favereua

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  78. Ethan Bondick

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  79. Laine La Cava

    The comedy writing on this show has really gone to shit, but the content is still interesting....even if nothing will ever change.

  80. Abhishek Kumar

    This proves morden Westerns are dumber than previous they don't read or go in to fact but just keep blabbering rubish...