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  1. Ray Murphy

    so you can just go to a mountain and start building a home? i wonder what type of permits he needed.

  2. Владимир Филипский

    Мастер на все руки, смотришь и порожаешься

  3. [ OSIRIX ]

    When someone said that they wanted to be a minecrafter....I believe this isn't what they meant

  4. Mark Goddard

    Well at least no one can move in next door, play loud music and ruin the peace. Hats off to a very good job.

  5. Michael Mayr

    4:05 That's why they at Resident Evil had their ideas.

  6. captain county

    and here i thought my pandemic project of cleaning the garage was an accomplishment

  7. Sinah official


  8. vahid aghapoor

    طرف یه کارخونه ابزار داشت

  9. ThunderAppeal

    When man cave takes on new meaning.

  10. Allan Arango

    Pretty amazing


    Зачем мне это в России ?

  12. TeJaY DaNG !

    Id be too paranoid itll cave in, i couldn't live there, its dope though 😂👌

  13. Abdennabi Khouakhi

    Very very very good man

  14. Tony

    4:28 Abstergo

  15. José De oliveira

    Vc é genial amei seu trabalho,e vc 🇧🇷💋

  16. Карима Ергешова


  17. Nayla Special


  18. احمد عبدالله - Ahmed Abdullah

    اكو عربي هنا لو بس اني 🌝

  19. creolelady182

    I was wondering if he had to do thru the Code people

  20. creolelady182

    he doesnt have to worry about a bank coming after his house if he doesnt pay the mortgage

  21. John Hill

    This is a rubbish Chinese rock. Easy to drill easy to fall

  22. Mr. Yuso

    Why destroy the mountain just make your own house idiot

  23. creolelady182

    Glad he made the windows bigger

  24. Rudolfire

    Now i know how the Pyramid were built…

  25. mami amine

    Une chaîne top et qui mérite le visionnage bravo

  26. Mr. Yuso

    The dust from above keep falling this house is epic fail

  27. Anacronicos BR

    Então foi assim que fizeram as cavernas!!! 🤔

  28. Max Jeerasak


  29. P0keM0n2O19 :

    What kind of stone is this ? I had this “soapstone” stuff as a kid which carved similarly

  30. Pugwash

    He's been watching The Flintstones a lot?

  31. tbird4a

    should of sheet rocked the inside, he'll never be able to keep that place clean but w the state of the world today, its a viable option

  32. Azka Gian Rafandra

    I want to sleep I want to Taiwan Taiwan 7

  33. Marcus Neal

    Raid: Infestation

  34. Mr. Yuso

    Lol im scared if that mountain falls

  35. Ellore Golmei

    Very creative bro,keep it up.

  36. southern 'merican

    Who would even consider the dislike button

  37. Eagle Smith

    Bilbo Baggins

  38. Baby RhoseTv

    Sobrang Ganda Ng video ..Ganda Ng idea thank you sa pag share.

  39. Jack

    Harbor freight tools !

  40. madfatchickkilla

    man has 3k views on his material and you have 19M leaching off him!

  41. ʇᴉɥɔ uᴉʍ

    This isn't even close to the Egyptian piramids, even tho he used technology. Yet some people still think the Egyptians built the pyramids 🤣 using nothing but stones and whatnot

  42. Muhsin Houssein

    Imagine finding this in 3000 years 👏🏽👏🏽

  43. Colt45 ForU

    Simply Amazing !

  44. عمار الهزبر

    هذا الجبل شكله رمال مش حجر

  45. Matheus Lopes


  46. rich man

    Very skilled man.

  47. Jacob Adam Adam

    Cantik...tapi kalau runtuh cantik juga..🤣🤣

  48. Дина Узденова

    Какой титанический труд!

  49. Tigris Leonidas

    What' de f**k

  50. Edward Nulton

    This is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! Such a cool place and for very little money. Just lots of hard work and being very creative. I would live there without a doubt 💯👌🙌

  51. سيد ثابت

    Really this man is an expert and professional and his works amazed me

  52. กานิตย์ พรหมจรรย์


  53. Sergey Budnikov

    Крутой погреб сделал. В Китае даже скалы китайские.

  54. mulkmountain

    What happens when he gets buried on a cave in? I dont understand the removal of the center support!

  55. Muhammad Ali

    Mantab bang lanjutkan.

  56. More About Me

    nlname.info/project/video/eaWXupylorJkoqc ..

  57. Calvin Hamm

    Anyone else thinking of the Flintstones?

  58. Dem1GoD

    Ну такое... Жить в такой пещере я бы не хотел, по крайней мере постоянно, а как на на день другой, то норм)

  59. Brian Brewster

    There's got to be an easier way to construct the base for one of these towers. I mean, my God, it's not a catenoid tower for cooling a nuclear reactor. How about a dozen L-shaped iron beams that bolt onto central hub with the outer edges bolted steel plates at the bottom of a 6-foot deep trench which gets buried under concrete? I'd imagine that would be far easier to engineer and avoid all this ridiculous rebar work. Evidently, labor is cheaper on this project than the materials I'm suggesting.

  60. Carol B

    Is this guy available? I'd like my kitchen remodeled.

  61. Ezra ed Toledo

    if humans had a near extinction level threat and we all lost track of our history and came back to primitive then thousand of years later when a future man came and investigatate, he would be scratching his head, and will probably think we had help from aliens


    Hats off to your dedication man.🙏

  63. Druphan Phansinam


  64. 面由心生心存善念


  65. pafalzon

    Yodas Hut

  66. M Johnson

    no hearing protection???

  67. Epona

    Don't you feel guilty to upload the guys video, with ads on it and make tens of thousands of dollars when the guy that did it all is making a tiny fraction of that?

  68. Bostjan Zaplotnik

    No earplugs .... by now he cant hear anything anymore.

  69. Chereese Ferreira

    Wow! Incredible workmanship. I'd love to see it in person.

  70. Big Kid


  71. Gustavo Medeiros

    Minecraft real

  72. Lilibeth Lugo

    She’s awesome 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  73. Jorge Penna

    Ficou ó, uma bosta

  74. djjaewon

    "Why is the house so dusty dear?" Because you live in a cave btch. Better to have let nature stay the way it would have.

  75. bro riz


  76. Pierre-Yves Chauvet

    Is this stuff sturdy?

  77. Aurelio Duran

    Good job!

  78. native srilankan

    I can only imagine what his wine cellar must look like. Possibilities are endless with that cylindrical drill.

  79. Kurt Hausen

    unbelievable, what a single man is able to do. My respect ! 👍👏🍀. now retire !