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  1. KLippO

    man, i was coming bc i though its something about weed.

  2. PUBG Mobile

    Lmfao, your really helping this guy with explaining his job...

  3. The Yiga Clan

    weed eater

  4. Teo Branzell

    I have never asked this question in my life! Until today.

  5. Repo

    Raycon: exact same thing on Amazon for half the price. Don't get conned.

  6. blackops 2

    At first I thought this was about employees pooping on a subway sandwich. 😅

  7. Scooty Puff Sr

    I call them delicious dinosaurs

  8. quadG

    When u first see the title: "HoW mUcH wEeD cAn 2 PeOpLe EaT?

  9. son of kami

    You should have filmed it

  10. Mrbutterman2

    6:10 watch him try to shake Destin's hand again 🥺

  11. Akiru's Lab

    I never really comment about the sponsored segment but this one was great. I always wanted to know if Raycons were actually good enough and demonstrated that well, cause that's exactly how I would test them.

  12. Eric Cothern

    The real bathroom adventure is to try it on a sailboat, bouncing on the seas, heeling at about 20 degrees.

  13. Scooty Puff Sr

    But did you wash your hands lol

  14. Dylan

    I’m not sure but I have a strong feeling the navy wanted to use this opportunity to advertise to millions of potential recruits in a few years when the graduate.

  15. antony1103

    My prediction... It will come down to which one can take the most bending. The line with the cores should be the contenders, with sharp square ultimately winning out due to its smaller radius between the corners handling the tensile stresses better than the circular razor core.

  16. sabbic

    Who had "watch Destin shower" on their smarter everyday bingo card

  17. Team Ataraxia

    I'm 18 and I'll be on a sub either right before or right after I turn 19.

  18. Blah Anger

    If we yell a lot we will make it look awesome whilst being boring...

  19. lancelot1953

    Hi Destin, what was the emergency (injury)? Excellent presentation, I am impressed that the Submarine Force let you in on their boat. There was a time (in my younger days) that you could not even get close to one let alone board one. That speaks very highly of the quality and honesty of your videos. Great video. Ciao, L SSBN-642, former "Submarine (Sub-Surface), Ballistic missile-carrying, Nuclear-powered officer.

  20. HighVelocityTicTac

    "Smarter every day" yeah I can feel my brain expanding as I watch 2 shoelaces slap each other

  21. Quiller95

    You've never had ice cream on waffles??

  22. Turd Ferguson

    Tiger Dropping sent me here. Great video. Liked, subbed

  23. Matt Schilling

    Eat at Subway

  24. Scooty Puff Sr

    I truly appreciate your eagerness and excitement about learning and teaching our youth awesome information about topics you don’t hear about normally. Hopefully the material you provide motivates a younger generation into wanting to partake in a career such this.

  25. NoName

    why red bedroom lamp??

  26. LMaxcooking

    LMaxcooking come in you tube chanel,simple recipes😆

  27. Phil

    15:03 This should be your title intro on every video dude

  28. Friend of Jesus

    Jesus Christ called people everywhere to repent, therefore, if you confess with your lips the Lord Jesus and believe with all your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life. told other people how good he is, how he saves, heals and liberates and gives eternal life for free30

  29. Woosell

    My life is now complete

  30. William Ole School Arendt

    That story about the U boat sinking because of the misuse of a toilet is crazy! That would have me paranoid to use the toilet! I heard that those old U boats were a lot more complicated to use the toilet than any submarine of today! I think the hardest thing about being on a sub would have to be being under water and not seeing the outside world for long stretches at a time! Clostifobia probably misspelled but being inside of the sub knowing that you can't just surface to get some fresh air would probably freak me out a bit! The only good thing is that the new subs are not tiny on the inside like the old WW2 diesel submarine! I remember walking thru the USS Drum and omg talk about small! Even the captain's quarters were like the close in my house. Besides the torpedo rooms it seemed like the biggest room in the sub was where you eat in the Drum! What's even crazier than that is the U boats which were much smaller! I imagine that you wouldn't even know that there is a war going on unless you are being attacked or you are the ones attacking other than that you would probably just feel like another day at work! I also took a tour of the USS Alabama which was awesome! That ship had plenty of room and the cafeteria in the Alabama was huge just like the food line! The one ship on my bucket list is a Aircraft Carrier! I would love to take a tour on board a carrier! People say that they are like a little city with clothing shops and the difference shops on board! Anyway great video bro!

    1. William Ole School Arendt

      Just so you know my father was a ww2 navy man who fought in 3 major battles! He was assigned to protecting the Seebees while they were building airfields and hangars and different types of buildings in the Pacific! I have photos from his tour of duty! Even photos of dead Japanese soldiers and blown out buildings! Peace out!

  31. Paul Armstrong

    The math on her T-shirt equates to "MiT". (E/c^2=M, Sqrt(-1)=i, and PV/Nr=T.) Although... Engineers usually use 'j' to represent Sqrt(-1). :-)

  32. Alexander Sillan

    The brakes on the front are too low. To adjust you should undo the bolts and get them centred in the rim. Pull the brakes tight and tighten until you almost move the pad. Let go of the brakes and push up on the right side of the pad whilst tightening.

  33. Matthew Daub

    Can we patition Destin to do announcement for actual boxing matches?

  34. LodanSD

    My dad has a Cribbage Board shaped like the number 29. Can anyone guess why?

  35. Trauma squad Elite

    Fun fact: during WW2 a German sub once sunk itself cus they forgot to seal one of the valves in the toilet, through that the sub started taking in waste water and salt water from the toilet.

  36. Scott Denton

    We have a food truck in Salt Lake City that specializes in waffles and ice cream. It is divine!

  37. Saufi Bold

    16:10 min Onlyfans content right there 😂

  38. Oskar Fontana

    You guys should try to re do this, but three times each to make it more scientific and fair.

  39. Handie C

    M A X I M U M N O O D L E A G E

  40. LM Mayh613

    Around 7:17, why the "red" light(s)?

  41. Commander Gates


  42. Farid Hajji

    Much respect for turning off the camera during the medical emergency. Highly appreciated, Destin. A propos medical emergency: how do they manage on the ISS right now... or in the near future when we'll have manned missions to Mars?

  43. The Specific Islander

    Ok but how do you exercise on a submarine? As is expected in a cramped tube, everyone aboard is incredibly fit. How do they keep that up, especially with all the tasty noms they're getting from the mess hall?

  44. J .Woods

    20 minutes on how to have a poo on a sub you could say in 20 secods

  45. Dominik Elfein

    One of the books says "Confidental .... Reactor Plant Operation" ... That prob. would have been a good read.

  46. Frq Syd


  47. Rifky H Pirdaus

    "Yes, sir". attitude

  48. PauloM Pika

    Why is this trending? 💀😂

  49. John Sikes

    I don't know if you meant it to be, but this title is EXCEEDINGLY funny. Read it as if you are reading it for the first time, and this JIC it wasn't intentional. Answer's easy, walk off the dock onto it, drop your pants, and grunt. Pretty sure that is not what you meant.

  50. Matthew Sikora

    Meat and dairy promotion on "Smarter everyday..." I thing it should be renamed "$ellout Everyday"

  51. TheSlaimer98

    6:53 green already lost :(

  52. Jebi Se

    type xxi german submarine was sunk because somebody didnt know how to use toilet... yes its important

  53. Dragan Crnogorac

    What's the deal with phone... I'm not sure at north pole 200 m under the water you got good reception.

  54. fryingpan 1

    does this video have any cuss words? i need to know because im showing this infont of my class lol

  55. Christian S.

    So they're called 'nuclear' because of the way the toilets can backfire on you. Smarter every day...

  56. Tim Hill

    Ask a seagull.

  57. 57thorns

    I am a bit over weigth (115 kg) and it looks like there is just nowhere on that sub where i would fit comfortably. It looks really cramped.

  58. Kamal AL-Hinai

    Just go straight to the 16:20 minute mark

  59. saurabh araiyer

    handheld cameras make me dizzy :'(

  60. Patrick Ouellet

    @Dustin did you call it code switching? I do that like crazy... and I never knew it had a name. People around me have no clue because in Quebec im not affected much. But when I travel it comes out and ive seen friends look at me funny or brust out laughing when they hear me change accent completely to match the accent of the person im talking too. I need to find how its called in french. (I called it charmeleonism but thats just a silly made up word )

  61. Jebi Se

    yeoman i first saw in enterprise tos but it was always lady so not sure why man...

  62. the mellow sign

    I was really hoping you'd call it a "Whack-Off"

  63. Sage Red

    I can just imagine a guy pooping on a sub sandwich and closing the bun. Lol

  64. Mothersole

    Did you get a 29!

  65. Bee umble

    There has got to be someone to design a faster and safer pneumatic method of sealing a pipe...I completely understand adhering to tried and true methods, however ...

  66. ep1c

    Me: poops on the sub Everyone else at the Subway:

  67. Benjamin Atwood

    Studied pressure on the submarine. Here's my impressive data. What did you learn? ... Not sure. xD

  68. Jätski.fi

    one way valves, come on

  69. Crusty Sock

    Finally, A real question that the world needs to know the answer to.

  70. Rizky Aziz Rahmansyah

    Baru saja saya memikirkanya,, tiba2 anda muncul dengan judul yg se pemikiran ,, amazing 😂🤣

  71. Joe Melton

    I play cribbage with my family It's good to know that it's not a dead game

  72. MrJegerjeg

    so that hot water in the shower has been heated up by a nuclear reactor?

  73. g2macs

    The Soviets have one-upped the USN by having swimming pools in some of thier subs..... just the ticket to wash off all those loose rads the poor sods are soaked with.

  74. Ethan Fay

    n lefties will try and tell you human fetuses aren’t alive and aren’t humans

  75. Jason Dichter

    If you take a longer shower than normal are you given the role of manning the hot evaporators?

  76. Jns Nmnn

    How else would you shower than they do on the submarine. I never showered any other way 🤨🤷🏼‍♂️

  77. Charles Wells

    The game of choice on my boat was acey-deucy. Cribbage was played, but rarely seen. On the subject of toilets, I never joined the 700# club, but did have several crew mates that did - including one that 'voluntarily' did when he went in to close a ball valve that had flopped open while blowing forward san during rough weather ( a real hero.) Things have changed a bit since I was in.

  78. K U

    I just told my 64 year old librarian mother about your channel yesterday after she said she loves Mark Rober... AND THIS IS WHAT YOU POST THAT DAY?!?

  79. Rc Rascal

    Why do so many people pronounce nuclear as nucular

  80. Eekdaddy

    OMG Destin, your Southern upbringing is showing :-P Cribbage is pretty prevalent in the Midwest.