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Vsauce was created by Michael Stevens in the summer of 2010.

Vsauce is...

Michael Stevens: Producer/Host of Vsauce1
Kevin Lieber: Producer/Host of Vsauce2
Jake Roper: Producer/Host of Vsauce3
Eric Langlay: VFX for Vsauce1/2/3
You: Thanks for watching!!!

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  1. Stoney Kidd

    Simulation. It’s coding. Boom solved 💀💀💀💀

  2. Ariston Bowers

    Roughly the same age as Michael and now I officially feel old af.

  3. gayathri ravikiran

    canibals:well yes but actually no

  4. Flowi

    I'm finnish and I've watched you for years and you're telling me this now ._.

  5. Pinkman

    “Bro you’re dogwater” “your skill is cancer” vsauce boutta be the next simpsons

  6. Michael Anderson

    Vee Sawse

  7. Pineapple

    I think " The Only Thing They Fear is You" doesn't sync up with the dancing animations.

  8. m kütleli cisim

    And as always You're welcome

  9. Dheatly Blaze

    "Mirrors reverse everything. Except the dont" Me: *starts having existencial crisis*

  10. Miqael Buzaladze

    No one is hotter than my girlfriend wich i don't have

  11. Maira Dharwal

    "If I asked you to lay down on the floor of a windowless, clockless room, and get up after you thought 10 years had passed... that'd be hard." flash back to senku counting down 3700 years if you know you know

  12. Bhat Muttalib

    Micheal is the source of our anxiety..... Or is he?

  13. sabas srivastava

    Thats why people on mountains peak can sea far away but how much distance how eye can sea

  14. Funny cat Image

    I’ve been to that island in a lake on an island

  15. PvPro

    0:37 that guy in the middle kind of looks like jschlatt

  16. Sean Jones


  17. Rock Balancer


  18. K Dot

    What if there is no centre of gravity and mass is spread equally all over the earth

  19. schatz

    Whats wrong with the algorithm? Why am i getting those recommended again and again

  20. portalite oxide

    wow. i actually learned something today.

  21. Shreesh Abhang

    If aweful is bad and awesome is good then I am aweless (excellent).

  22. Jerzy W

    Dudes in Gana really be like cyberpunk

  23. Mama

    I realized how Chongky he is

  24. DennyS


  25. Albertycholo07

    Bruh the words he's using sounds big😭

  26. Cliff Railof Mascardo

    This was the work of starfire being a teacher

  27. Jarz

    Damn he looks old here

  28. Othman Tounsi

    So you are my cousin Vsauce?

  29. Skippy32

    as a, i can.

  30. BigBroBrain

    Pe teacher: why are you kissing in class? Me: I'm burning calories!

  31. Alena Oravcová

    DONT GOOGLE OPTOPHOBIA i googled it and a scarry picture shoed up

  32. Sophie Hansen

    Bruh I bet this in kindergarten 1 2 skip a few 1000000

  33. AutumnScarlet

    No one comment about notch ask to Vsauce

  34. BigBroBrain

    Like buzz light-year once said... TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

  35. The Last

    Hence why many people who take a vow of silence for months.

  36. Gedgemondo :D

    ngl, when i was really young i thought the world was in black and white and then suddenly colour happened


    Wait it's Finnish?

  38. KennyTheClown

    If you're finnish you have an obligation to say that you are finnish if ever in a video do they mention Finland. Anyways Suomi mainittu torilla tavataa

  39. Grad Tolentino

    2:22 I miss Breaking Bad

  40. The Illuminati

    I clicked on this video,then looked at my recommendations and saw A person with my name,spelt the same,that also can play an instrument lmao, how ironic

  41. Money Bear

    That means if u are not a virgin then u committed incest 😑😐

  42. MachineGun

    Vsauce was VERY ahead of his time. His old videos would still be amazing even if they were made today.

  43. Julia Stan

    Lmao Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!

  44. John Marston


  45. Brandon Meyer

    There is a rock from mars on earth

  46. Chaldean Eighty

    Thank you.

  47. MrElephant


  48. JONESY B

    petition for a new IMG

  49. Carlos Felix

    At this point this is just fashion statements but with letters

  50. Unai Dr

    Random no longer registers as a word after watching this

  51. Arctic

    Youre a wise man, vsauce

  52. Farhan Syafiq Fadhillah

    It's recommended here. Nice

  53. War Kid 1970

    Why should I care idk

  54. Blotas

    0:30 osu! ? mrekk go brrrr u saw it

  55. BadEater Games

    It’s oddly satisfying to listen to him saying “mirror.”

  56. Nemikatarina Ulmanen

    Im pretty sure michael has two big brains

  57. Milysz TV

    the baby

  58. TastyCod

    Y tf u liked it like that

  59. Crispy Biscuit

    Thumbnail: *That's quite big... impressive!*

  60. Levis Stop motion videos

    Its kinda hard to beleive i was only 2 years old when this was posted, woah...

  61. 4Js Gaming

    am not comprehend

  62. Sleepy Toast

    Talking about the blink question, wasn't there a time in human history where there were only like 10-100k humans left on earth? if so the chance of everyone having their eyes closed at the same time should be higher especially thinking that humans most likely at that time were in a tighter geographical location. So i mean maybeeee?

  63. WhereIsMyFood?

    As a german Person, I also can comment here

  64. SlikJohn

    I just wanted to duplicate some money man 😩

  65. Mark Sensei

    Every vsauce vids is like "Oh i know ONE thing probably wanna know but before that you have to know TWENTY more things to answer 1+1

  66. Charlie Griffith._

    So if I drop something simaltaniusly to someone else dropping something of the same mass on the other side of the earth, would the pencil float? *stupid question ik*

  67. Fyrelite

    I would pull the lever while the train is halfway pass the joint so that the train drifts to kill all six targets

  68. Pablo

    Prolonged torture on earth/Eternal torment in hell after we die is the scariest possible concept. there, saved you 40 minutes!

  69. Late Night Cat

    People in wheelchairs: Mnnnmmmm.....

  70. Yurii Zaporozhchenko

    petition for Michael to change thumbnail color from white to youtube's dark theme gray

  71. Razor Mando

    what if there was no gravity in space

  72. le garlic dog

    LOL this noob is actually melting obsidian to get lava. just get a bucket and find a lava pool duhh

  73. LoadedPotato


  74. Death Korp Guardsman

    I'm not Finnish, but I do have over 100 hours in My Summer Car so I think that counts for something.

  75. The Guy You Knew As Mark Omega

    6:01 I like how the sum is 0.68281 something. Even when we all die out, 682 might be somewhere.

  76. Dynamiic

    I’ve been thinking about how humans view time and that short long and long short and short short shit and now I get recommend a video that goes in depth about questions I had that I didn’t know I had

  77. AlastorV6

    Curiositybox the thing i want but cant get

  78. Czar Emmanuel Moratalla

    Fun fact: Cannibalism saves both over population and world hunger

  79. Bruh

    Follow Jesus Christ he loves us all repent of your sins amen 🙏🏾

  80. KriptoCroat

    As a Croatian person I can confirm I'm not Finnish