1. ManifestoArt

    Every time I watch it I notice something else… what was that song he did in the keys of D E A D… I was on my keyboard when watching it and I forgot which one it was!!!! 😳

  2. Lil Dragon

    Love a manz who speaks the truth

  3. IIIHelixIII

    I thought his last special was absolutely amazing but THIS?! ****ing spectacular! He’s so incredibly talented!

  4. Patrik Higgins

    Anyone else here after watching Inside?

  5. Meeminator

    It says “GOD DIED IN 1993” at 4:49, you’re welcome

  6. Uilleam MacLoganach

    So many comments here cognitively dissonant from the real central theme of the song, which is how we've become derealized from the world by the constant over-stimulation given us by social media and internet/tech addiction. This transcends just being about the pandemic. This is a unique millennial perspective on the rise of the internet.

  7. Tony Carrico

    I get goosebumps every damn time he gets to "insatiable you"

  8. Skyler Burgess

    Lately I’ve just been mumbling/humming the chorus to myself while doing mundane tasks. Washing dishes: “GetchO fuckin hands up! hmm hm hmm hmm hmm hm all eyes on mEee” Doing laundry: *deep voice* getcha Fukunn haunds uP Doing drugs: ALL. EYES. ON. ME. GETTING MY HANDS UP. SOMEBODY PRAY FOR ME. HANDS UP. IM OUTTA MY SEAT! Mowing the yard: “Get on outta your seat. All skies are cheEse. All eyes are bees.”


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  10. Alicia Lennon

    deez nuts

  11. Bre Royer

    if u come out with Inside merch I'll buy it all <3

  12. Rhys

    I could attempt (poorly) to dissect what makes Bo so unique. But above all else, artistically and in thought, he makes me feel less alone.

  13. Lexi ODonnell

    I can't stop listening to this song his voice is beautiful

  14. nico 111

    Thank you for coming back when i needed you bo. you helped me with your show "what." When i was a child. You came back when i needed you as I'm approaching almost a legal adult.

  15. samu- san

    We're blessed to be in the universe where Heisenberg chose to do music instead of fighting miranda

  16. Marcelo de Carvalho


  17. Kyle Novak

    He doesn't even look like himself anymore it's a good song though but as I was listening to it I was just thinking to myself maybe Tom McDonald's cloned rapper song might be true

  18. Alyssa

    I adore this song.

  19. Obnor “Obnor” 7

    Bo making me feel things I don't want to feel.

  20. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. In World War II, Germany tried to collapse the British economy by dropping millions of counterfeit bills over London. TERRANCE OUT

  21. Luna Marie (lunarsunnii)


  22. Regdu Geht

    It's a rare privilege to see a guy with this much talent put this much time, thought and dedication into creating something. This special just gets better every time I watch it.

  23. Jim Boux The Puppet.

    This man single handedly brought art back from the dead.

  24. Dan Crews

    Anyone watching the NLname drops but hasn't seen the special needs to watch it. I know the word masterpiece has been thrown around a lot but that's exactly what it is. Loved Bo before but this special is just incredible.

  25. Joseph Greer

    Will I still get AIDS if I try to pirate inside

    1. A-10 Warthog


  26. Joshua Row

    Bo has truly grown and improved as an artist. Inside was a revelation of story telling, and he should be so proud of what he created. Amazing work Bo!

  27. ShadowMoses Isle

    I just want to see Robert’s Creativity. I resonate deeply with his routed sense of confusion and loss. The world sucks, we have the power to make the word and we’re making it shitty.

    1. Regdu Geht

      I never thought I could relate to a song this much. Especially that monologue part.

  28. Jill Hahn

    I want a musical where the internet posseses someone and makes everyone else zombie's. This would be the villain song

  29. kelip

    sing like no ones watching

  30. aydin wohlgemuth

    Who else got legit scared at 4:09 ???

  31. kelly smith

    just a friendly reminder that bo burnham smothered the vice president’s step daughter<3

  32. Edna Mode

    the “thank you, goodnight, i hope you’re happy” just hits so different now

  33. Evo

    Literal fucking masterpiece of a song. I love this shit so much.

  34. Erik Finkel

    When reading the comments is self care

  35. Tortilla the Hun

    3:20 I'm not sure if that was an earthquake I felt or if it was my heart breaking in half.

  36. Samuel Perks

    If the creepy Willy Wonka song was about the internet......

  37. robbie jackson

    This song is amazing but also gave me mega anxiety

  38. Joseph Greer

    Baby face

  39. seeingeyegod

    Definitely channeling some Weird Al here.

  40. spiral spark

    Imagine you get a text message right before he says "some random guy just kindly sent you photos of his..." And then "don't act surprised you know you like it you..." :|

  41. Daniel Kang

    watching this on 2x speed really emphasizes the crack addiction

  42. Michael Macfarlane

    I’ve listened to this multiple times per day since dog was added to Spotify. So so so good.

  43. Tonxile

    Gotta admit I love this

  44. thurisaz2157

    Imagine a telepathic enemy who consistently broadcasts this song, on loop. Can I interest you in everything, all the time?


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  46. Jyavant

    If the Internet had a theme song

  47. J G

    The next bond movie song

  48. Davin Stewart

    Someone needs to write a musical around this

  49. Mr_Skylark

    Even though it seemed like you werent at the best place mentally while making this I have got to say that this some of the best stuff you have put out from a comedy stand point and a musical one imo. Even after watching the special I hope you are doing well now that you dont have something to keep you busy.

  50. Litrulize

    tik toks gonna get to this one, enjoy while it lasts

  51. Giovanna Saldanha

    the fact that every single song in this album is a banger

  52. hudsonthecozy

    It looks like he put a cigarette out on his cheek at some point. I recognize the circle scar...

  53. Jæ

    “And then the funniest thing happened.” Does that mean your problems came back, such as anxiety, and breakdowns?

  54. whiskers 110

    4:06 happens and I just *removes earbuds*

  55. Cylor Gaming

    Tortilla is you or your mental state, ingredients on the burrito are the things in your life. If you put too many things in the tortilla it will stretch thin and break. Guy making your burrito is society and people you look up to. We often look up to somebody for direction on how to make the perfect burrito. Many of us millennials and zoomers are looking at the burrito guy wondering why they failed us. This isn't me saying people shouldn't take responsibility for their lives and themselves. However, I have had to take the last 10 years of my life learning shit that I should have learned in my teens from my burrito guy, aka my parents and mentors. Imagine how much farther I could make it in life if I wasn't 10 years behind. Even worse, I look around to my friends and many of them are even farther behind than I am. I almost have to be a big brother to the peers I care about. I know most wont read this, And that is okay, Bo I wish you well in trying to get back on track after finishing Inside. The climb is hard and I hope to see you all on the top of the hill at the end.

  56. Jordan VanGesen

    Bo this album helped me tell my most important people in my life that I started feeling the worst I have in my life and that I have been in a dark place. I know you won't see this but this is a thank you for saving me from myself and being open. Thank you.

  57. Christine Z.

    I worked at a technology addiction clinic for a short time last year; the folks all struggled with their internet usage. the phrase Bo uses, "boredom is a crime" really is a core part to how the internet is so addictive. I learned working at that clinic that we as humans NEED to get bored. boredom breeds creativity and sociality, which are both vital items to a satisfying and fulfilling existence.

  58. 🍄Maddy🍄

    This song is my life tbh

  59. Grim Creeper

    2:28 The moving bars is a great detail you usually wouldn't notice :)

  60. unstably mental ^^

    This is beautiful

  61. grt002

    Man, I really love Bo. I hope he has a support system or therapist or something to help him cope with his depressive tendencies. I see a lot of myself in him when I watch him.

  62. Lilly Katoke

    breaks my heart!

  63. Person Lady

    The goosebumpiest song in the special for me. Obsessed!

  64. Katelyn Pascal

    Thank u for making more content it’s truly appreciated from someone who’s been a fan for over 10 years !!

  65. Meme Iselfaneye

    “Curse them, we hates them! It’s ours, it is, and we wants it!”- Martin Luthor King

  66. Grim Creeper

    "Is this just a whiiiiiiiiiiiiite woman," is what I thought he was gonna say...

  67. rantaro amami

    What a catchy song

  68. Bradley Sawyer

    Put the playback speed to 0.75. You're welcome

  69. Simian Kleurde

    I never thought I could relate to a song this much. Especially that monologue part.

  70. Scallivant

    B.O. lingers and it makes you think

  71. contarious

    This last week, NLname has recommended this song after every video I watch. I let it play every time.

  72. PSplayer 13


  73. Daisy Dottie

    Fun fact: the Vice Presidents step daughter Ella Emhoff is in this

  74. Chris Bungay

    I had no idea Salt Bae could play piano and sing

  75. S c

    Omg...did he have to buy all this shit? Or did he happen to own all this shit?

  76. paw

    god hes so good at what he does, lyrics vocals and all this is such a beautiful song and I loved the entire special

  77. John

    i love jason mraz!