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  1. stanky fart

    this one gave me orla gartland vibes

  2. johnulcer

    Do they make those strats to appear like they are heavily worn with the paint chips and scratches, or is it actually showing real signs of wear?

  3. The Guitar Hobbyist - Stringed Theory Studios

    Who here felt like singing "I hear the drums echoing tonight..." when you hear that intro riff. I know its not that part of the song but its the part I feel like singing.

  4. Marie

    John Mayer is music. These new artists, this generation...don't even know...

  5. Samantha Medeiros

    I surrender…

  6. Marie

    yes 2021

  7. Mike M.

    Johnny Salami went full on 80s Don Henley on this one 😂

  8. Kristoffe Brodeur

    God this little vibe makes me so happy :) Thanks <3

  9. Michelle Miller

    John is brilliantly irresistible!

  10. Marita

    Still loving it! 🎵🎶❤⚘

  11. Josue Flores

    que buena musica

  12. Papi Chulo

    Still making music for 12 year old girls I see, what a waste of an amazing talent. Complete shit music.

  13. Paul Thompson

    An odd choice (time/style) of music to emulate - even down to the video and look, but somehow it works. Like late career Winwood

  14. GTXD Gaming

    2:08 for the solo :-)

  15. #LinkedInLove

    Sooo sexy! Dig the guitar.

  16. Tevin OMG

    I’m on that train with you John

  17. Alex Shifrin

    Why is Johnny Depp playing a Hello Kitty guitar?

  18. Derek Zelenka


  19. Tonya Messer

    THANKS 😘

  20. Beata K

    Thank you mr. Mayer :)

  21. larsetom1

    Where's Pino?

  22. Jared Thode

    Love how they got Greg Phillinganes playing the keyboards. He was in Clapton's band for years and has done some brilliant stuff. Including playing on Forever man which the Last Train home video is a dedication to. (or defiantly hints it!)

  23. simply3141592654

    Very 1980s Clapton inspired stuff. Awesome.

  24. simply3141592654

    Compare this to Clapton's Album's - Behind the Sun, August, and Journeyman. That solo work is totally 1980s Eric Clapton. Awesome. Clapton should bring back some of that Soldano lead. The keyboards remind me of 1980s Steve Winwood.

  25. simply3141592654

    Very like 1980s Eric Clapton. Look up "Rig Doctor's" video on Clapton's 80s guitar tone. Even a Soldano amp

  26. daughterofolaf

    I love this lady. I can’t even begin to imagine being this comfortable, confident and happy all while being what everyone else thinks of as “weird” and just doing it anyway. Props to this woman.

  27. Phoenix Felicis

    Live in the movement

  28. João  Henrique Alves Balestrim

    very good - remember Toto - Africa - we don't have music like that anymore - Good Job -

  29. Samuel Thomas

    come to brasil!

  30. George Murfin

    Doggies, doggies in the pool. They jump in the pool. Last train home.

  31. Chris Collins

    Pure magic John...

  32. Chris Collins


  33. Levi Henley

    Hard 80s vibes

  34. Strip Club Hero

    Inspired by Clapton, Toto and Springsteen. What a beautiful song.

  35. Music Dance

  36. Mere

    I was 16 when I found this song(my first girlfriend left me at the time)....I thought I was weird for liking it at first....but now I'm 27 and couldnt relate more to this song anymore than I do now cause wow 😢🥺

  37. Stella Marie

    I can't stop listening. When you commented on my last comment some woman said it wasn't you so I freaked out a bit and deleted it. Maybe it was you, maybe not. You asked for my thoughts. I loved it and feel a vibe from your old days. You look and sound great. Can't wait to keep the whole album on repeat. My daughter just left for UCSB and I'm alone and sad (like any good mama would be) so I don't want to listen too much just yet as to not tie in the album with the memories of the week she left. When I'm good to go, I promise it'll be on repeat, ha! Much love xo

  38. George Solorio

    If your listening to this 2021 I love you and you will be found💜

  39. Ed Been

    That's a sweet PRS, but it the color reminds of Hello Kitty.

  40. swamp fizz (swampfizz)

    john I listened to this 5 times and it didnt get old..good sound and song

  41. Yasmin Gasparello


  42. Danny

    Last Train Home to Africa.

  43. Steve Hamann

    Sounds like TOTO... but a like the sound of Mayer (y)

  44. Trevor Solina

    Is that Jordan Belford on bass?

  45. Midnight Eyes

    Sounds like John Mayer -last train home to me and Toto - Africa sounds like Toto - Africa! 😎

  46. ksuzeq

    Love it🥰🥰🥰

  47. Marcos Claus


  48. Darren Fairfield

    Say what u need two say people 💯💯❤️❤️❤️😭

  49. Mike Perry

    Here’s my thought on this track. John asked The night game to go on tour after hearing their track “ the outfield”. He has definitely been influenced by Martin’s writing. Great song!

  50. Darren Fairfield

    If ur here in 2021 I love u 😞❤️🥺❤️🥺🌎💯❤️

  51. julio gentil

    I swear I'll keep watching it till it has 1 mi views

  52. Nick Paws

    A musical thief. Sad. Shitty lyrics too. "I'm not a fallen angel". Nobody, nobody has ever assumed you were numb-nuts. I agree you are out of luck and out of time, wrinkle face. Katy Perry moved on already okay. It's time to let it go.

  53. Regie Duran

    That triniton tubes just got the feels <3

  54. Lauren Champlin

    Need to know his conditioner. That's some fine hair.

  55. poko

    The guitar intro makes me just cry

  56. Nicholas Sismil

    Record Label: Do you want to sound like yourself or Toto’s Africa? John Mayer: Yes.

  57. donpatisson

    Is that a 90s nostalgia attempt? Can be a great musician but this…

  58. Teenagers In Paradise

    Sounds like Totò by Africa

  59. joyjoy Lover


  60. joyjoy Lover


  61. Løzer zyn

    I listened this from the radio car while on my way to school,best feeling ever i haven't listened this for years damn. This is still a great song <3

  62. Isiac McAllister

    I miss rock and roll/blues Jon Mayer

  63. MdntCowboy

    If this is the best that the 21st century has to offer then music is in for big trouble. He's ok. He's not all that great.

  64. Zephaniah 1v3

    Perfect song 🎵

  65. david Mc Dowell

    One of those songs you put on in the car and just drive to wherever, a real-feel good melody!

  66. Shaun Struwig

    I like the part in the second verse that goes "du du di du du!" and the other parts.

  67. Arthur H

    who are the absolute idiots that thumbed this down. What? are you kidding me?

  68. Dimas F Prasetyo

    When Johny Depp singing a song

  69. Ricardo Nevarez

    Hate it

  70. Jessica Morris

    Beautiful ❤️

  71. Yoyo Yuyu

    This song wanst the one that i was looking for but im glad I finded it

  72. Elysium9

    Johnny Depp homenajeando a Toto

  73. Thoudam Anjika

    Day 12

  74. Kyle Broten

    Mayer looking like Depp here.

  75. Maxter Warjri

    so greg phillinganes, lenny castro are here (Toto)

  76. Cahyo Amiseso

    Any Toto fans around here?

  77. Cherri Phelps

    Excellent song! Thank u for this!

  78. Pete Sallis

    Love it! A definite 80's flavor and maybe a time to bring that "new sound" back. A whole generation is thinking this is a new vibe :-) Good one John

  79. Di Gonzalez

    So no one's going to say that he just look like Johnny Deep on the thumbnail and in the whole video? 👁️👄👁️