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The voice of Holland is broadcasted on the Dutch television channel RTL 4. The talent show is all about real talent where only the very best is good enough. It’s all about the best voice and the right mentality. We’re looking for someone with great talent, lasting impact and their own sound. The talents are guided, coached, drilled and supported by Dutch top artists. After a strict pre-selection, a small number of talents are allowed to do a Blind Audition for the coaches Waylon, Jan Smit, Ali B and Anouk. Talents don’t audition from an empty room, but immediately perform with a live band on a real stage. The coaches personally select the talents they want to coach and personally guide them to a successful singing career.

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  1. Evasive

    Damn they did it better than the Americans.

  2. Robert Hieroms


  3. Robert Hieroms

    Wonderful.....love it...

  4. Fabrizzio Gonzalez


  5. SpiritzHoly

    She deserved a 4 chair turn 3 of the judges didn’t show up for the show !

  6. Tam Nguyen

    in love with her voice...

  7. Nash Wagemakers

    zo vet dat ze dit gedaan heeft


    I think the performance was ok but since Miley Cyrus sang this song it's so hard to hear another versión without a powerful voco, I'm so sorry.

  9. Felipe Leite

    Ao menos uma vez por mês eu volto aqui para rever a melhor apresentação da história de todos os "The Voices"

  10. Antonio junior oliveira

    Simplesmente incrível 👏👏👏

  11. Graham Ward

    just want to make sure people know i think Sezina sux. this song was like she didn't pronounce the words. what she heard and is imitating was down graded on the radio, and what we hear listening to her is down graded more. this happens with bar bands a lot, they don't say the ending of words. so have to say this sounded like shit.

  12. Cristóbal Pérez

    Nmms, conozco debía cantarla solo... Se nota tu cara de desepcipcio

  13. Luuk Holland

    Gaat geen dag voorbij dat ik dit nummer luister. Om mij Ruud breng een album uit. Met dit soort nummer. Gewoon klasse dit. Top 👌🏻

  14. George C

    My dislike is a BIG LIKE in disguise :)

  15. Nam

    Ali's team was sooo good this year phew

  16. You Tube

    She made a VERY BORING song sound great

  17. ant bekkie

    the dislikes are from Sezina fans.....sad :( sore losers.

  18. Erica van Engen

    Zo goed

  19. petitgris gris

    va te rhabiller ! imposteur !! lamentable ! ah ah tu pisse 3 goutes ! et tu crois que ça y est !! la route vas être longue ah !!

  20. Kyenno F

    Fun Fact: Duncan won het Eurovisiesongfestival en Ilse niet en die is daar coach lmao

  21. Antonio Rodrigues

    Lindo 💓💓💓🤩🤩🤩

  22. Daniel Barroso

    A dionne canta muito! E o dim tem um timbre muito lindo. Super merecido os dois passarem

  23. Joseph Sawadogo

    Franchement 😢❤

  24. Justin N

    channah has potential but i don’t think the song was good for her. i am happy tho that she made it through.

  25. Justin N

    channah has potential but i don’t think the song was good for her. i am happy tho that she made it through.

  26. yuiop T


  27. Késia Araújo

    Your voice and performace are amazing ❤

  28. Jude Obeid

    Wow 😳😯

  29. Feuer und Flamme

    I love this song, she suprise me she did better that l thoght(she dont choose the Song so she did the challange) she amd Sezina should be through

  30. Shingfani44nadine Palmer

    She have such a beautiful soul

  31. Elena Curreli


  32. butterflylofu

    She should have made it through...there is so much texture in her voice and she's young so they could have only made her better. Shame.

  33. francis arnaud

    I am proud of you

  34. carolina marin

    Channah no necesita nada, es toda una artista completa! una de las mejores

  35. Jad Jreige

    theyre choosing average shit singers to go the liveshows. this is UNFAIR.

  36. francis arnaud

    Sezina you win for mi they are sucking#$%#@^^

  37. Arnaud Bury

    I’m sorry but this was bad... and I love her....

  38. Mimmo Mastrangelo


  39. francis arnaud

    She deserves to be in liveshows

  40. yasso killer


  41. Raymond de Groen

    moet je hoe een nederlander zo veel power er uit kan halen

  42. Aisyah Doms

    Who still watch this in 2021?

  43. fukwan ip

    what are those song choices……? Both Sezina's and hers were quite bad.

  44. Nora Bylois

    Ik vind haar stem te heftig ,het is heel sterk ,maar te veel,

  45. Gül

    Gans de week weerklinkt haar stem in mijn hoofd..

  46. Nikola Petrović

    Wrong song. But she's good.

  47. Halil Toprak

    Cool 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  48. Franek Pompka

    Bad Battle voices do not play together, each voice from a different fairy tale

  49. Franek Pompka

    Borring Battle

  50. Ирина Ши

    Браво! Обалдеть! Здорово!!!

  51. endzi

    That is what Michael Jackson is. ❣️😊 She did it amazing🤭🤩

  52. Ilona Chirkinyan

    By far the Most underrated song by Adele

    1. SpiritzHoly

      Not fir me ! It’s my fav !

    2. D Lamar

      @Chi Javier this is Adel? Adele is young why did she write this?😂😂

    3. Chi Javier

      It's the only Adele song I have on my playlist.

  53. M.M Silva


  54. Patricia de Nijs

    Hey look its Nigel sean :-D

  55. senka pasic

    Prekrasno ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘

  56. محمد جاسم

    who won the battle ?

  57. Affan Owais


  58. lynda mason

    Thought this was lovely shame she’s not through its tough competition this season 👏

  59. Dave of Yorkshire

    An amazing voice and old school song... I wish more of this was popular...

  60. Marlène Drouin

    Wow 😍😍

  61. Jesús Alberto Zamora González

    Hace poco descubrí está banda completamente sorprendido del talento el vocalista impresionante excelentes cover tanto el de Billie como el de U2 y la batalla tengo confianza en que van a sacar excelente material musical

  62. vitor Martins

    Eai gente...ela passou??

  63. ghislaine perrin


  64. Colt

    What a bunch of idiots that are coaching that was a 4 chair turn.

  65. Thompson Waterway

    I don’t understand you guys. What exactly you say is wrong with the song choice as well as the performance ?

  66. Lamine Ndiaye

    I can’t stop listening this version 😭 Amazing voice !!❤️

  67. Valee andrea

    She deserved to passed to live shows, she is one my favorites 😭

  68. Elvira Visser

    Het kan aan mij liggen maar die sezina verandert gw niet

  69. Gleydson Da Silva Sousa

    Sezina era melhor

  70. Patrycja 97

    I don't know why, but I don't like it 🙉

  71. amanda roland

    It’s a no for me

  72. Francesca Daniel

    This lacked intensity

  73. Michael

    that start was really bad. i think it because she had to come in so high? but she sounded shouty...awful arrangement too

  74. Rachmat Widiatmoko

    Sezina still the best

  75. Anthony Carrier

    Canada loves you Senja, special thanks to, "The Voice of Holland" Senja is our small town sweetheart...

  76. Foreverx Xx


  77. Iarley Souza

    Sem entender como ela passou e Sezina não! 😔

    1. Murilo S. Ceolin

      @Lucas Gabriel muito difícil

    2. Lucas Gabriel

      ​@Murilo S. Ceolin Eu acho que ela é a mais forte do team jan smit. Bom, vamos ver. Agora sexta-feira ela vai cantar nobody's perfect da jessie j que, sem sombra de dúvidas, é ridiculamente difícil.

    3. Murilo S. Ceolin

      @Lucas Gabriel acredito que quem ganha esse ano será evie van der heijden do team jan smit

    4. Gleydson Da Silva Sousa

      Vdd tbm estou sem entender nada

    5. Lucas Gabriel

      Maior maturidade... ela é muito boa também!! Juntamente com a própria Sezina ela já entrou como uma das favoritas. A luta entre o team Waylon e Team Anouk vai ser grande na final.

  78. Ethan J

    She made it her version ..

  79. nikosz66

    Channah has a divine voice, in my opinion one of the best ever in all world Voices. Nevertheless, this song - as I feel it - needs some roughness, a kind of growling shout-out, its a type of roc rythmic song. And this somehow didnt happen

  80. Almighty

    Wowww is she going to the live shows?

    1. Mahdi Foodtube