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  1. Captain Baconsky

    Sima is not staying in Prague for much longer, imho.

  2. Haitham Ashrafenko

    Koukaaa 🇪🇬🔥🔥

  3. Egyptian King LFC

    Steve Gerrard. What a manager

  4. Neil Luhar

    That Marcus Rashford freekick 😍😍😍

  5. blkboi90

    Saka, Tierney, and Auba were spectacular.

  6. Ray SJB Rana

    Victor if you watching That man got family bruh!!! 😂

  7. PrimeTimeAB

    Leicester wanted to lose this match lmaoo

  8. Fly Music Group Tv

    To all mf who said we wouldnt beat benfic well we just did

  9. akis stef

    Μεγάλη χαρά να αποκλίσεις ολλανδική ομάδα. Οι Ολλανδοί είναι εκ των κυριότερων πολέμιων της Ελλάδας. Όποτε, μεγάλη χαρά

  10. Creative Person

    Olympiacos is showing their talent in the Europa League! Hope they keep winning their matches!

  11. Kyle


  12. Stef Playz


  13. Jaylen Ramiscal-Corpuz

    Conglaturation Lille, you are the recipient of a unfortunate loss! Ajax was able to put good chances away while you stumbled over your chances like a drunk dad running away from his children. Don’t have your head done, cuz your not that disappointing, that goes to Napoli.

  14. Michael Kantas

    Pou na klisoune mati simera i bazeli

  15. WolfNickHD

    All Olympiakos fans had continuous cardiac arrest watching them, corona should take notes.

  16. Petronio


    1. Lamptey_Speed 22

      Yes , but what does barca and real have to do with this match?

    2. Ras

      Lmao only people who support Real Madrid are dogs 🐶 eating 🐈

  17. Kostas Papadopoulos


  18. Juve

    Stanciu 🇹🇩

  19. LeadSwitch

    Aubameyang is a man with unexpected momments , like he payed his mistakes for his miss at the last leg

  20. ecshady14


  21. Brandon Dunphy

    Like i said before...jamie vardy never shows up in top competion

  22. Katsuki Bakugo

    Rb Salzburg has a very similar kit

  23. Jose Rocha

    6:52 wtf lindelof 💀

  24. Kinga

    Thank you for making me lose coins Molde :)

  25. Csokops

    Leverkusen wtf

  26. Raphael

    4:05 rashford was unlukcy on that one. Great effort

  27. Lamptey_Speed 22

    That was a quick exit

  28. Petronio


    1. GigaMaster Almas

      @Petronio im not a barca fan 😂. Im a psg fan. Im just saying you're cocky and salty

    2. Petronio

      @GigaMaster Almas cry barcagay

    3. GigaMaster Almas

      lol salty madrid fan

  29. KENNY Santos Afonseca

    This is stronger

  30. Noe I. Guillen

    So much hard work was put last year to make it top 4 only to flop at round of 32 of Europa

  31. Collective Macri

    No german teams left

    1. Collective Macri

      @Csokops ?

    2. Csokops

      Germany 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  32. zz1._

    1st half only gotta relax. We win this at the bridge and we celebrate

  33. kb be

    Malen is egoistic s o n of a b i t c h

  34. HeavenXunity 2eZ

    Gordon ramsay would be proud

  35. Spark Space

    I'm not afraid of anything But that thing (Olympiakos) it scares me

    1. Panagiotis Gardounis

      See you in the final!!!

    2. Spark Space

      @WolfNickHD 😨😰😱

    3. WolfNickHD

      we're coming for you, WE'RE COMING FOR YOU OH, Olympiakos, we're coming for you... good luck guys...

  36. leezy96 96

    Leicester city is a small club and should've not been in that competition 😂

  37. H7200q

    Yes shit israesel

  38. Kitsui

    This is football

  39. GamingVerse

    Olympiakos for me is Underrated can win big clubs

  40. Frank Champion

    Get Ceballos Xhaka out of my fkin face. Worst midfield duo I have ever seen here and I’ve been watching since 1996

  41. Pixel Pro

    Leicester aren’t the same as last season.

  42. LaRon Stewart

    this match killed my parlay

  43. Alex Hill

    Look at Odegard when we scored the third goal. He’s already a gunner!

  44. Scott Land

    Rangers weren't playing it safe great attacking football today so happy for them.

  45. Sn!p3z

    Without Fofana and Justin Leicester's defense isn't the same

  46. DJ A.

    What I've learned: Don't expect to beat a team with a manager wearing a hat

  47. X

    I can’t believe this was the team that was expected to be title contenders in the Bundesliga

    1. David Panov

      Bundesliga is really just BayernLiga

  48. Dawwn Bræk3R

    What happened to that one guy who said Leicester is better than the big teams. I quote "the less good team ur referring to is 3rd in the Prem, Leicester is becoming one of the best teams in England". Nice one bud, I don't see Chelsea, City, Liverpool, etc. losing at home to Slavia Praha.

  49. d bourke

    Yellow cards galore

  50. Divine Awowolebrowne

    Ofc Arsenal is in the Europa League But Chelsea is in the Champions League😂😂 Up Blues

  51. mednux

    You mean "UEL on CBS Sports". Anyway.. SAKA is clutch

  52. Joe Momma

    Why wasn’t Napolis Top Scorer Playing??? What was gattuso thinking, Lozano would have been more clinical, like he has been in league play, poor management on Napolis side tonight

  53. ThanosGangsterVlogs

    olumpiakos mia zwh reeeee pameeee

  54. Rabbit Valkyrie

    360p?? what era are we in ?

  55. Keeks Keeks

    Axel: yes my first go... Victor: hold my 🍺 m8

  56. KENNY Santos Afonseca



    Honestly I think Leicester are focused more on the Premiership

    1. Csokops

      makes sense since there's more of a chance for them to finish top 4 than winning the EL

  58. Rotem Ezra

    Zehavi is just too good for PSV. Why all the hated towards him. He probably the best player in the team although his age and his "inexperience". The team and the fans don't deserve him to play for them. And Ajax I bet you regret for not signing him up.

    1. David Renooij

      Zahavi not good enough for ajax. Haller is better

    2. kb be

      Malen sucks absolutely egoist

    3. spiros botos

      He literally did EVERYTHING for them the guy is on fire.

  59. alex


  60. DarkFighterGR


  61. Getachew Wolela

    4:20 what a free kick goal

  62. PrometheusTV

    Roma beat the Portuguese Arsenal

  63. DartPlayzz

    Holy so many fucking chances we had


    Tierney such an underrated left back easily top 3 left back in premier league this season

  65. The immigrant potato

    Sima has 3 goals in the Europa league and 11 in 14 matches in the league seems like a pretty good player at the age of 19

  66. Roger V.

    Why wasn’t Barnes in the starting line up?? he’s a beast

  67. P M

    If you lose to farmers what does that make you?

    1. Collective Macri

      @Brandon Dunphy Oh god...not the Prem kid. What happened to leicester?

    2. Brandon Dunphy

      @Collective Macri well lille literally just lost to ajax...ac milan barely sqeaked by a team that was slaughtered in champs league last season...man u destroyed real sociedad..leverkson and hoffenheim both knocked out by very weak clubs...it would be very hard to argue that the prem isnt the strongest league by a mile lol

    3. Collective Macri

      they ain't ready for that conversation lol In reality, it means nothing. Leicester losing =/= Premier League being a farmers league, but it's ironic how Prem fanboys like to use that argument against other leagues.

  68. Atléti Vïrgīñ

    Poor leicester.. thought they could have made it to the semi finals.

  69. X

    This isn’t the Leicester anyone likes to see. I hope they bounce back

  70. DJ A.

    Leicester players really need to pass instead of taking the shot *EVERY SINGLE TIME*

    1. Tax Evader22

      same with Lille against Ajax lol

  71. Tobagu

    Very disappointed Benfica is out as It would've been super cool seeing Arsenal getting eliminated early again ;-;

  72. Enrique Berumen


  73. John Khai

    WIshing rangers the best from spurs fan

  74. Mr.Bruhed

    How many subs can i get of this comment Currently: 66

  75. Mo 7

    Sina will probably join the premier league sooner or later

  76. GigaMaster Almas

    congrats to young boys! I wasn't expecting them to make it this far! From Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

    1. Collective Macri

      @GigaMaster Almas lol

    2. GigaMaster Almas

      @David Panov borussia dortmund? Leipzig?

    3. David Panov

      Only good team from Germany is bayern

  77. Vasilis Bikos

    Το μεγαλείο σου

  78. Enes Sinikoglou


  79. Keeks Keeks

    We need to play this exact defense more often and switch McGuire(is my hair ok) for lindelof and leave Bailey as are number 1cb.