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  1. Chad Woolford

    It's pretty hard to say anything bad about the shooting in John Wick after all he was coached by Taran Butler who is a world champion 🏆

  2. Fact: Beagles Are Best

    Heath Ledger makes Jared Letos joker look like a parody...

  3. Andrew Banuelos

    took me 19 years to find an answer thank you

  4. otogigamer

    As Cher would say those shoes were so last season

  5. J E

    hey this guy did what anon told him to do when he got out of prison

  6. John Hill

    The worker with the shotgun in the dark knight was because it was a mob bank

  7. Stefania Denisa Ionascu

    19 is way to cool man

  8. mon ching

    This is also great for school uniforms

  9. AOL warez

    Actually the onion volcano is the star of the show.

  10. Rebecca Shuman

    Talk about satisfaction guarantee. This cheese is a sensational hit 🤤🤤🤤

  11. Troy Linden

    Not sure why this is recommended but, it looked better with the art.

  12. Mehfoozech

    Real Legend

  13. greenflorn

    Yesss Eartha Kitt and Cillian Murphy are underrated

  14. Hurtdisagreeablenoah

    2020/2021 would be perfect for solo note robbery’s. You can wear a mask without any suspicion.

  15. markonutt

    It doesn’t seem hard but it probably is

  16. Edward Brady

    This guy is unbelievable and worth every dollar he makes!

  17. Md. Asrar Ahmed

    Was waiting for hercules and Prince of persia

  18. Izuku Midoriya

    *Wa- Lipstick in my Valentino white bag?*

  19. EmissaryGW2

    An actual car rates Cars

  20. Adidallas

    You f***ing killed 33 innocent people under the order of some politicians and now you feel proud of that? Shame on you. I am pretty sure you will burn in hell one day when you're asked to justify those killings and those you killed who never stood in the process trial. Some of them you never met, you just killed without knowing them.

  21. Tae Kyles

    I wonder if payday is his favorite game.

  22. Maxmillion

    It sounds like she keeps saying hoster instead of holster. Is that the BC accent or is hoster another term?

  23. That Guy In A Godzilla Suit

    Next Up: Johnny Sins Breaks Down Overpowered Anime Characters While Dressed Up As Saitama.

  24. ISO God

    We want a serial killer next

  25. D.J. Martin

    I don't think he knows that the Joker was robbing a mob bank, which probably would have weapons. Also the bus crashed through the opposite side they entered from so it didn't have to go up the stairs. Not saying the heist is at all realistic, just the reasons given by him are inaccurate.

  26. Gabriel Satter

    Had to stop watching after his 3rd, or 4th 10/10. Ex robber or not, his critiquing skills are lacking.

  27. Aftina. Hn.

    2:30, or they could just play a video of a baby crying, which will trigger the baby on set to cry

  28. Chad Woolford

    Her comment about Doc Holiday is speculation Doc was a great gunman and unconventional after all he was dying and shooting a target compared to a person totally different skill set.

  29. RM M

    Aren't these guys supposed to be tough and silent to the grave, whatever happened to Omerta? Dude is now giving lessons on how it should be done as opposed to remaining silent? And I love the way he sneaks in "I never hurt anybody" totally contradicting himself with "WE never tolerated cheaters", and goes on to describe broken legs and bones. Or admits that he is actually a convicted felon. Or professes his admiration for Joe Pesci's character as the most realistic portrayal of a mobster, which he was.

  30. Prince Mahin

    4:35 tottaly disagree - u are telling about normal thing ? does electricity run as same as walking or running he was kindda electricity they mean.

  31. Bryan Lariviere

    In money heist they had nothing but time.

  32. Hector Garcia

    His ego is so ruffled!

  33. Stone Criddle

    This guy has a high attention to detail. Necessary in the business I'll bet

  34. Mystery Man


  35. My Smiley World

    2:13 Attitude, miss independent, and Marla😂😂😂😂 I loveeeee it😝❤️

  36. Tomek Dyrc

    So its basically guide telling you How to become a robber

  37. Bad-Boi_X7

    The mustache gives him +15 melee.

  38. Tony Redgrave

    Really cool O.O

  39. Edwin Ortiz

    I stopped at the Lethal Weapon one. There’s another video of I’m not mistaken was Mythbusters that applying liquid nitrogen on a bomb like that, held it for 9 minutes extra. If I’m wrong about who it was sorry, but there’s is a video.

  40. Who am i O.o

    This is mah new idol

  41. David Martin

    Loved the podcast Nicholas Irving was on "Now What" with Arian Foster a couple years back

  42. Kent Tnek

    Bank robbery tutorial

  43. Reggie Hammond

    this guy was cool lets do round 2

  44. The charly2405

    My fcking heart would explode

  45. artur le perokè

    10/10 for for Tobias for appreciating Lord Saurons Armor and the Witchkings flail and dissing Nicolas Cage xD

  46. who carres

    This is why we can't have nice things 🚫👫

  47. Xanne Smit

    Natasha romanov is alsk not just a spy she is a spy assasin trained in russia and later woking for s.h.i.e.l.d. anndd dotn forget that its all fiction and not relaly ment tk be elke tbe realy world because yeah. The hole mcu is not true ha😆

  48. Wesley Brookes

    “Specialist cleaning solution”... everyday hand soap. “Specialist ink remover” ... paint thinner.

  49. thatboy dre

    Unless your Mexican or fr ed inch you shouldn't even celebrate

  50. Austin T

    I thought the place beyond the pines was very accurate.

  51. Stuart Bullock

    This guy is great

  52. Bishop BloodSun

    Also depends what part of town youre on. If you're in the shitty, snobby, pretentious rich side of town most of the people are going to reflect that attitude.

  53. Megan Garcia

    That's a lot of work to make ONE. Guess not too many of those are sold...

  54. Freek Vonk

    Leave ma frog alone thats his pool now

  55. ryan

    Glad this guy managed to turn his life around. Also very brave to admit the things he has done in the past

  56. Gavin Cleland

    You didn't react to Heat???

  57. dusk ka

    I just watched it for the first time - it reminded me of "Crime and punishment" and Raskolnikov's remorse-filled agony in some way, I loved it.

  58. Prypiat Shadow

    Ahhh yes, the like, dislike ratio

  59. Aaron Friedman

    Poor guy

  60. Buzz LightYear



    I commend this man for devoting his time to make other people feel confident in themselves once again. Thank you sir! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  62. PMP1337

    5:05 Watch the whole movie. They messed with the camera system the night before, a whole heist at that. The cameras didn't get their faces.

  63. 604NewCityOfAngels

    Next up prime minister Narinder modi breaks down Apocalyptic movies and how everyone dying

  64. Arthur Galiyev


  65. Daniel Cruz

    I'll finally be able to see the fingers of the fans in Madden.

  66. 604NewCityOfAngels

    Next up Narinder Modi breaks down apocalypse movies and every one dying :)

  67. Funny Translate [Vtubers RU]

    Payday players: "Hey, I finished 100000 robberies, I know more than anyone"