1. darshil shah

    2:33 please music

  2. nattielk

    2:28 wtf LIDL??😂😂

  3. Captain Emergency 747

    Deditaded WAAAAAAAAAM

  4. Alex Kainz

    Lidl lohnt sich

  5. Malcolm Powder

    Anyone know the song at 40:38?

  6. TheKulafix

    Is there someone who can tell me the song from Kimi Clip ? 01:02 ? Thank you in advance <3

  7. Dj pasca

    It's very nice lidl Italy 🇮🇹

  8. uns1ghtly


  9. Anonymus UG


  10. Flynn Hardy

    6:21 it’s so true tho🤣🤣🤣

  11. vbddfy euuyt

    I think we all got flashbacks when the Haas went spinning across the track...

  12. _.:Julian:._

    Carloooosss ! Laaanddoooo ! <3

  13. ubestttHD

    If yuki tsunoda spin its should by yuki tsuspinalla

    1. vbddfy euuyt

      Love it

  14. DonaldTrumpsTinyHands

    Mans saying "fock are you doing" got old pretty quick.

  15. Akmal Rafi Dev

    can anyone tell what sound effect he used at 29:25 ?


    where is renault

  17. just a random clone trooper with internet access

    What did we learn from this Leclerc=best f1 husbando

  18. Gabriel Mitchell

    2:00 he went to McDonald’s 1 to many times

  19. Bondan Kai

    "F1 bahme 2021 rain GP mes"

  20. Shancanman

    Better than drive to survive s3

  21. Shinjirarenai

    This video will be remembered forever on Motorsports History!

  22. Pillow Online

    2:16 type seems about right


    nobody: EA Sports: Pay $49.99 for every time you want to turn.

  24. Pay

    Nikita Mazespin

  25. Tadeo Ortiz Elizalde

    Anyone knows what the button at 33:30 does?

  26. Sid Lam

    what is the music from 9:14

  27. wehwee

    OP do you edit your own videos or have an editor? Either way 10/10 edits.

    1. Dacha44

      Thanks man 🙌 I edit the videos on my own

  28. Karben Feibar

    I swear Mazepin is the new Yuji Ide

  29. Sheldon

    Have a feeling Mazespin is going to be memed a lot this season 😂

  30. Sam Wilson

    Don't think I'll ever get enough of the stream overlays on the real races hahahaha

  31. Alexi Dufour

    The f*ck off claire killed me


    What song is played when the race starts?

  33. Ionel Grumet

    And it is one thing to go from the track limits, and another thing is to pass someone outside the track limits, and yeah, i am not a Ham fan or something else, i like Alpine, but this race really was a disaster, Alpine was slow and without Alonso's DNF , i don't think that Alpine could done something...

  34. Ionel Grumet

    Hating someone is stupid, why you didn't show how Mick spinned ? And yeah that's readhead guy is so ugly and stupid, damn... I am not a Maz fan, but anyway where you and where is he, if you are not rich is your problem, yeah this is painful, but anyway , Gro and Mag were better than we thought ( the car they raced with was a piece of ... Garbage )

  35. sehhi vooty

    #longestcommentever #havetoretypeit

  36. burakatfb65 /piri mapper [tc]

    I love haas 2021 car

  37. MNAIRN42

    when the haas went towards the barrier i shouted fuck not again.

  38. Sbottono

    Aaaah yes! Finally the rawe ceek in Bahrain!

    1. sehhi vooty

      5:46 song?

  39. Günther Steiner

    8:37 when you hear “yo hey, yo hooo!” You know shits about to happen.

  40. Richardson richly

    That samsung sound is so cursed😂

  41. Juan Caballero


  42. Richardson richly

    5:13 omg hes literally me

  43. Angel van Topa


  44. Chris Warner

    you missed out on the "is that a supra" ahah

  45. Xalitus Sales

    4:43 I'm dead HAHHAHAHAHA

  46. Mal Roffey

    Love it

  47. Noel Monteiro

    Was waiting for Max going fastest right after Lewis put in that lap.

  48. Kristers Andersons

    XD Bottas gear box: FUC U

  49. /guitar* Plays\

    0:12 I am Romain Crash-Jean

  50. Muhd Irfan

    Not gonna lie, that Alex Albon part looking up to Lewis was sad and emotional

  51. Rivne Ball


    1. Owen Burton

      No I don’t think i will

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  53. Bear27

    Bad thing is they rate AT,AR,WILLIAMS bad

  54. caleb cook

    What’s the song they play whenever they start the race

    1. Thomas

      MLG song - damn son remix

  55. lovillela

    I kinda like the Williams livery

  56. irma lopez

    Imagine being a driver next to Mazepin or Mazespin and you all of a sudden hear the hardbass turn on then after a few moments you know you are on a super thin line of being spun or seeing him spin but you think he's not dirty so you probably are just gonna see him spin.

  57. Jimmy Lightning

    Yay another year of men in loud cars going round and round and round and round a race track for 70 laps while cars go neeeeeeeyyyyyyoooommm. Yay....

  58. Charll

    Vettel Mexican flag made me laugh the most. Idk if my humour is broken but 😂

  59. notTerabyte

    he drives like a russian

  60. Joost Wasbauer

    I love you!

  61. Dem1111

    what’s the name of the intro song lelel

  62. Albanolopolis

    BAX coin going to the moon and F1 starting is all I need.

  63. Adarsh Inginshetty

    The Blyat continues...

  64. Deine Mudda

    the Super Max song always brightens my mood

  65. Franz Herfert

    why have you had so many accidents? _gentlemen. A short view back to the past._

  66. CompleteEpicness

    Rude Buster!

  67. bcvbb hyui

    What a good friend ????

  68. Matthew Palkovich

    The redundant lasagna similarly attract because bagpipe booly inject amid a quizzical musician. acoustic, delirious guarantee

  69. Esteban Thomas

    Thanks MazeS🅱bin keeping hardbass memes alive

  70. Kendo Keller

    5:46 song?

    1. bcvbb hyui

      I have already watched this like 10 times lol

  71. Tim Blackfox

    Unpopular opinion, I like the livery of the Williams the most, the sharp lines and matte colors.

  72. Colin Cairns

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song at 1:24

    1. Thomas

      MLG song - damn son remix

  73. Spandan Mohanty

    9:20 I literally lost it 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  74. Marley Gharbaran

    4:08 i was littairly waiting for that

  75. Appeltje Anouk

    Sharl legrer

  76. Appeltje Anouk

    I'm afraid I'll never forget the average penis size of a beaver.

  77. imnotftw

    the fun Alex has just sim racing. Imagine how much fun he must've found the real thing. I imagine him doing this as he's driving

  78. rnaciek

    We miss you torpedo :c

  79. Lenox

    The Videos are verry good