Official NLname channel of the video podcast Views co-hosted by sexy 24 year-old millionaire David Dobrik and 47 year-old divorced dad Jason Nash.

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  1. Happy Feet

    I lost all respect for David. Why are people still praising this abuser 🤢

  2. Valerie Smith

    Ahh the two sister who steal clouts and fame from others

  3. Ikhlas Ahmad


  4. alphabetquo

    The downfall is coming...

  5. Nat B

    they make my blood boil

  6. Nyxsenju

    did he really just say he showed up for something stupid? "something stupid = someone's kids birthday party.... 09:20

  7. B3ATL3 M


  8. Hei ideolso

    Apologise to the people you treated like shit

  9. Morgan Loop

    Aren’t they racist?

  10. lupita b

    i want chase hudson (lil huddy) on the podcast

  11. memories_meme Ali

    finally charli damelio(. THE QUEEN is smiling )😃

  12. Anna Corominas

    he dumb af

  13. You Got Knifed

    44:28 the word you are looking for is high

  14. Amanda Beltran

    Why is no one concerned that David let his brother who is a minor meet up with a complete stranger online? Granted he was not there for it but I hope he told their mom at least. I guess she'll find out if she listens to the podcast lol but still wtf.

  15. Alejandro Perez

    The podcast was better when it was just the gang (Jason, Ilya, Natalie, Ella, Joe, and Taylor)

  16. @shlyn

    Played that game with my German cousins and it got weirdly inappropriate.

  17. Thomas Maalouf

    Madison falling in love for her crush David thruout the podcast

  18. gmm06f

    who are these ppl? And what are they famous for?

  19. Gabby Le

    I love how david is reading so fast from a computer

  20. God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body

    God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. God rips my face, shoots into my mouth, gum disease. Jesus appears and laughs. come to God

  21. Cemree Motan

    Get Addison Rae next!!

  22. Kevin Letebele

    Jason's laugh is so contagious

  23. Vidio Unik

    good discussion, indonesian people love this ❤

  24. Nik Salvador

    Charlie or Dixie? ->>

  25. Eva Diaz Ocando

    I'm just so glad that David is back

  26. Paula Juliana López Fuentes

    I love how David is trying to fix what he said to Maddison

  27. Henry Garcia

    Talk about Seth

  28. Syarif Hidayat

    40minutes, its not seems like always

  29. Sanjeet Kamath

    Unpopular Opinion Is it just me or did this podcast just get cringier?

  30. bruce liu

    “I’ve only cried on live once” 😭😭😂

  31. Valentina Tevez


  32. Tertle Tertle

    Dave buy a teleprompter that way you look straight at your audience when reading the ads. It feels bit unnatural.

  33. Snow Princess

    Lol sorry char because I have 2k pics of you :)

  34. Sparkle

    David has assassins everywhere

  35. ella

    I love how David knows just how big Charli and Dixie actually are. Everybody who has TikTok knows who they are and millions of people have TikTok. They are the biggest people on the internet right now and they DEFINITELY don’t give themselves enough credit. They have changed so many people’s lives without knowing, they’ve changed mine for the better! Honestly these two girls are so pure, gorgeous, funny, sweet, kind and just so real and down to earth with everything. I love them.

  36. xx yy

    can i get a hi from you guys please ❤❤

  37. Jonathan Holland

    Justice for SETH

  38. Juan Jose Gallego

    We take 11 classes in Mexico.

  39. kartikey kumar

    Madison and David have somewhat similar personality...

  40. Trinity Villagomez

    they have a hapara now and they can see whatever you do

  41. XxDuelmaster54xX King

    Davids the friend with natile

  42. It’s lit HEY

    Their filtering so hard lol

  43. Miles Tsinnijinnie

    Do the dobre twins plz

  44. kartikey kumar

    31:36 Yeah I hate it too...

  45. Sam Hokkanen

    The intro looks like it was made by a 10-year old youtuber lol

  46. Michael Smith

    Well you can’t be somewhere else in 15. Years because the world is going to end if you look in your calendar 2023 doesn’t even have Christmas not even New Year’s Eve

  47. Eric DeJesus

    Ah sounds like high school all over again


    Honey needs an app fr

  49. sherif toukhy

    The craziest deal you dobric is so so soooooo cheap I am sorry for saying that but it’s so cheap

  50. Its____Vision

    15:35 Charlie-“I don’t do anything to get grounded” also Charlie 🚬🙍🏻‍♀️

    1. Christian S


  51. Alexis Cruz


  52. Snow Princess

    Char your not alone :(

  53. itsmintobe

    David shouldn't interupt so much especially his guest but he is new to this so you are doing great for the next time to "honor" / respect your guest let them speak bc one clicks for the guest sometimes if they are big,

  54. Dave Wolfe

    How are you not canceled, sued, and in jail for what you did to Seth. Disgusting person.

  55. Lisa Wolcott


  56. Ciziane Gomes

    Cadê os comentários em português ?

  57. Ciziane Gomes


  58. Ciziane Gomes

    A barriguinha da Halsey🤰

  59. Ciziane Gomes

    lov u Halsey 💗🇧🇷

  60. Nathanael :0

    It amazes me how unfunny Todd is sometimes

  61. Beardsy

    Why are these 2 empty shells famous

    1. Christian S

      because they are

  62. фамилия Александр


  63. gdudbd bekfhf

    I laughed so hard when Doxi and Amy said this one thing about tiktok where they like dance and haha they are so charismatic

  64. Aly R.

    One small room full of four irrelevant people. Amazing

    1. Aly R.

      @Christian S tiktok fame means literally nothing in the real world sweetie 💀

    2. Christian S

      umm over 108 million followers is irrelevant? ha ok

  65. Ry Ry The Science Guy

    These two have the personality of a piece of stale bread

  66. gdudbd bekfhf

    Watching this is like what I imagine eating paper is like

  67. The Internet Productions

    What do you think people are thinking? On behalf of the internet: f*ck podcasts ✔️vlog

  68. RageingComedy

    ayoo David why not talk about what you did to Seth 🤔

  69. Chill 808

    Imagine humiliating your “friends” for content 💀

  70. Ryan Kolgen

    You cant just tell a kid buy a new camera, you dont know of they have enough money: brother is david dobrik lmao😂

  71. P A L E

    damn jasons getting old OLD. man looks like the years are hitting hard asf

  72. The Internet Productions

    😂😂😂😂😂 Charlie: I also have a full time job 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Zapped RT

    I liked Madison, but when she said she had a crush on bo burnham... I LIKED HER EVEN MORE

  74. That one Guy

    Charli bought he followers and shes a player

    1. That one Guy

      @Christian S anyways shes a player

    2. Christian S


  75. The Internet Productions

    I agree with everything David ever says ever! David: u r not TikTokers, u r real celebs I agree with most things David says

  76. toprak koç fan

    please read all I did joke

    1. Christian S


  77. saima h

    jason is never on camera anymore

  78. ciavoid


  79. alaa kallel

    Charli: he's gonna be expelled from his new school for this. David : okay maybe i'll just bleep out this also david: *not deleting that extract*

  80. Benjamin Sabirovic

    This seems like a kids podcast tbh