BlacktipH Fishing brings you some of the most exciting fishing videos on the web. Our host, Josh Jorgensen, is an extreme angler who has an adrenaline seeking appetite for monster fish! Whether it's catching monster fish from the beach, from a kayak or from a boat, Josh pushes the limits of big game fishing. Our content has been featured on Discovery, National Geographic, Today Show and many more!


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  1. PeteySelekta

    Can you harvest lots of them and ship them to me for a fee?

  2. Bill Miller

    I once reeled in a 300lb groupie.

  3. Hoang MVP

    That’s a huge ass shark

  4. Issam Chaouch

    Never seen them before i googled them they only exist in America

  5. Markus Zirnheld

    we call them sand fiddlers in virginia and sand fleas usually refers to black bugs that bite you on the beach

  6. Everett Burdett

    What do you mean fleas? Those are crabs

  7. Gabriel Sabas

    Talangka yan diba?

  8. Regan Stamour

    These be the best collabs!


    മല്ലു ന് നീലം മുക്കാം..

  10. Tony T

    He dont want no watch he wants a new boat

  11. WeatThin

    I would never charter a boat with Carl just seems like a cry baby

  12. Mobile Legends Fan Page

    Never thought I could love the word flea

  13. eddy garcia

    When your barely putting your feet in the water, put your feet into the sand and you’ll feel all of them tickling you lol

  14. Kavidu Ashan

    Mokada bn e

  15. D33R

    Those are Mole Crabs, Plain and simple. Sand Crabs are literally like the Classic Crab but smaller with a Wet Sand like Color. They are called Sand Crabs because they reside in the sand. Mole Crabs do not bite. Sand Fleas, however, do bite. They are smaller than the Mole Crabs you see there in the video and are typically found grazing upon washed up seeweed.

  16. Bomez Gomez

    Like at the fish from the stream it’s cleanerwater

  17. Ms Cris

    I forgotten all about those little things

  18. Bomez Gomez

    They still think their are bones in the meat ormusclemeat (filet)

  19. Bomez Gomez

    You cant tell what it wasm

  20. Adrian Roldán

    Déjenlos en paz

  21. Josey Wales

    Why wouldn't you be able to catch a fish on a piece of watermelon when you're literally surrounded by 500 hungry SHARKS when sharks have been know to eat plastic bottles, shoes, boots (some even without the foot in them) and even metal licenses plates! So you could have probably just ate the watermelon yourself and caught the fish in your hat or sunglasses. Just saying.

  22. iwasrunningthrewthesixwithmywoes

    Ngl I thought that shark was gonna be on the end of the line😂😂

  23. kendimize kadar balık

    Good job👌

  24. larry ——


  25. Jack

    "Let's play with this fish and make it digest the hook it just ate"

  26. Batang Jiggers Fishing TV.

    Can someone pls donate me reel😢

  27. Batang Jiggers Fishing TV.

    I hope That you'll notice. And I hope I can receive a gift reel From you. THANKYOUUU SOOO MUCHHH

  28. Sup Balls

    Lucas better hit the gym with the boys more his fishing strength needs work🤣

  29. WCGwkf

    I used to do this with my hands as a kid every time I went to the beach, and they're sand -crabs-. I like how they run to the ocean like baby turtles

  30. Jacob Strickler

    “If you guys are looking for a Rolex” yeah right lmao, we can’t afford that

  31. Fans Setia Liverpool


  32. Brenda Joyce White

    Those are baby grabs aren't they.

  33. Lecture Agency

    지구는 생명의 원천이군.

  34. Strangest _

    Is that a grouppee

  35. Charlie Maddock

    very cool!!

  36. Depressio n

    "I use the fish to fish the fish" - Some bald purple alien, probably

  37. Brenda Joyce White

    Don't sun bath on this beach.

  38. G Q

    You can eat those👍🏼

  39. Desert Eagle

    Could I feed these to my lizard

  40. 黃勇凱


  41. Full Dangle

    Still have yet to see a video from your new co host lmao

  42. Francisco

    you didnt catch it, you liar

  43. Godly Slapsz

    “Oh no” 😭😂

  44. G H

    People eat those?????🤢🤮

  45. Miguel Martinez

    Bro we love to see them on your NLname

  46. Raptor snap

    Is that net for catching those sand fleas? If so why would anyone catch them? They don’t really look like good eating?

  47. Michael Wallace

    Happy birthday Josh Jorgensen. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

  48. TwOxSiDe

    A fish within a fish.

  49. Aidan G

    I live on that island by sailfish thats crazy

  50. Mr Lee

    So the Sand is a Animal since it has Fleas..............

  51. Shy East

    Wow learn something new everyday 😱

  52. Andrea Rokkanen


  53. TeAniMate

    he just catch a fish and using that fish as a bait to catch a bigger fish

  54. Khaleel Khaleel


  55. Uriel Tovar

    I like your NLname channel

  56. Brooo Petualang23

    Mantap sekali broo ikan hiu broo mantap tarikannya broo👍👍👍

  57. Godlysunfury

    But did he catch it.

  58. Kurt Hayes

    Every single fish they caught "This is it, this is the legend!!!"

  59. BryGuy87

    Always fun seeing the Nelk boys in the wild. Congrats on the sick watch and Happy Birthday! Keep up the great work! 🔥🔥🔥👍👍❤

  60. Francisco

    Little Jimmy how about you don't eat the bait next time

  61. Drone Adventures

    A rake for sand fleas... what a bs tool, I tried them, taste like burnt hair smells!

  62. John Fenty

    Does that mean there's a hook stuck ?

  63. Jordyn Harris

    They look like baby crabs!

  64. PunMaster

    Another reason I stopped going in the ocean


    I've never heard of these they look like the Ocean version of scurrying cockroaches. Lol do people eat them?

  66. Mockingiggs

    The question is, can you eat it?

  67. Jesus Gutierrez


  68. Lynne Rodgers

    Ice grips on the Crocs?

  69. Yuna Barin

    I really have to say this but pls don't call that a monster..

  70. Molly R

    Sand fleas where I'm from are actual fleas that live in the seaweed on the beach. Those are little crabs

  71. ILitYouUp

    Fun fact they are actually mole crabs

  72. julio montoya

    No wayyyyyyyyyy I’m hooked

  73. Recon from the shadows

    Anyone else not know there's a thing called sandfleas?? Or just me??😂😂

  74. EndoFit

    In Peru we call them murmuy or muymuy

  75. Cold Duck

    Good thing there was no baby ducks in the water.

  76. Kim Stanley


  77. Golfing with Gary Russell II

    Birds have lungs not a fish bladder. Something is fishy here. Ice Daddy MIA 🏌️‍♂️.

  78. Piv Piv

    God bless Blackti Philippines

  79. Julian G

    Let’s go my two favorite channels