We are Red Bull Racing Honda. Home of Four Formula 1 World Championships 🏆 and the World's Fastest Pit Crew ⏱💪 #ChargeOn 🤘 #GivesYouWings

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  1. Thato Modisane

    I like how, although Christian is the boss. When he walks into a room and people are busy, he lowers his voice. Thats true leader right there✌

  2. Thomas Raets


  3. Vaibhav Dange

    Simply simply lovleh

  4. Paul Regnier

    This guy is a kid driving a Formula 1 car he is just rich so nobody will ever get to do that but him because he's rich

  5. Myung Suk Lee

    I have to wonder... What are these video pitch meetings like?

  6. Myung Suk Lee

    But does the trailer have DRS?

  7. Sven de men

    How about those renault trucks though 🥶

  8. Eve Butler

    I love how Ricciardo played foosball by himself, JUST GET MAX FFS

  9. Daniel Marcelius

    Dont worry guys the fuel is fine he is on lean mixture

  10. Legisly

    As a Japanese person I throughly enjoyed this

  11. Olaf Musiał

    haha you're doing fine

  12. Lucas Burns

    Hey Red bull you really need to buy back Daniel. This is the content everyone loves

  13. Marc Goodman

    I don't watch anyone while they wear face nappies. Come back when you behave like a normal human being.

  14. Imali Gunasekara

    1:34 race

  15. Robert Miller

    All the money on this heap but couldn’t keep my boy Jack on board!

  16. Ahmed Haeba

    Daniel is a Jedi

  17. =LW= Canuck


  18. Phipper Analysis

    Whoa whoa...the IT guy *also* does the rear jack?!?!?! He needs a “raise”! 😅

  19. Donn Pugh

    Mercedes Benz social media content is waaaaaasaaaaaaay better, js.

  20. Max Martin

    Can't fooksmash sliding doors. Smart

  21. Chris Taylor

    so no.2 mechanic has a B&O stereo ........ wtf does lewis h listen to?

  22. Tuomas Holo

    There is so much happening behind closed doors, but nice to catch a glimpse of it in the tree house.

  23. Aurelia Spînu

    Who planned matching outfits for these guys?? 😂😂🤭

  24. Rol 612

    That V8 rumble 🥰

  25. Sam M

    Kudos to Christian for lowering his voice as to not disturb those working. It's great to have a boss that respects you.

    1. Sam M

      @nieooj gotoy - What in the hell are you talking about and how does it apply to my comment? You sound like a crazy person!

    2. nieooj gotoy

      China cancers spread to the World! Thank You So Much for the Passion & Love shown in Your Crafts! Long Live Good Craftmanship & Management! 🙏🌷🌿

  26. Dean Ellis

    Meh. No zipline.

    1. nieooj gotoy

      Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados.

  27. Luis Cuellar


  28. Adam Kasza

    This club is my favourite and I also want verstapen to win

  29. Zc bolo

    piękne! Kocham obie dyscypliny, samoloty wojskowe i F1.

  30. family party

    Christian Horner is a very good person and checo perez to good luck red bull ream

  31. family party

    very nice bamos checo perez

  32. Arda Menekşe

    Redbull dominance was something different from Merc's because there were unprecedented competition in 2010 and 2012.

  33. Red Devils7

    Ever since I was 4 years old, I've never been able to watch a race, and not wonder what it would be like to drive one of these amazing units. Fucking hell man.

  34. Ricardo v-f

    Digo shit strategi tires with checo !!!

  35. Raymond Tuft

    How much hp on those boats??

  36. Eren Topaçoğlu

    He may be using all assists, that's maybe why he is that good.

  37. Grey Mist

    What is with Nico Rosberg ? 9:14 he live in Monaco but race under the germn flag

  38. Thorious

    This is just like The Office XD

  39. Rinish Harpal

    I hope I can work there in the future

  40. Tom

    No withe edition in the fridge shame on u

  41. Oki_Dingo

    Man he down shifts so fast. As well as up shifts earlier then I do. Gotta practice.

  42. Carl Harris

    I didn't expect the IT guy to be the rear jack!

  43. henlo laps

    V10 unit

  44. Emerald Bros

    Monaco MASTER!!

  45. Emerald Bros

    10 years late to this video

  46. Emerald Bros

    5th comment, geez this video is old

  47. RayDavidsCEO

    So hold on...is this thing portable? And moves to another country every week?

  48. Disgusting Milky Water.

    This is the 2015 car, correct? I love that one so much, I personally think it's the most beautiful F1 ever...

  49. Henk Janssen

    See that is the secret of Red Bull's success: no doors that can be foksmashed.

  50. Daph Smith

    Perks: Free Red Bull supply but nobody drinks energy drink cuz it’s unhealthy.

  51. TheRaceEngineer

    Me being a race engineer...: LIKE

  52. will14496

    Is this the voice of Eddie Butler?

  53. Anduce

    He did not do the parraler parking

  54. Abhinav Prasad

    6:38 My man going ham on Verstappen's Gluteus Maximus

  55. Mohamed Maahil

    Next meme voice 1:50😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😖😖😖😖😖😖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Олег Емельянов

    Это вам не Хонда в двигателе, а любимая семëрочка

  57. its me zygo

    When a single bolt is being taken care of nicely than most of us

  58. strings gb

    Looks like Stephanie de la Dean

  59. Pian Agustian

    Miss this spirit of this guy

  60. Average Place

    0:48 dudes like shit I’m on camera gotta put the mask on

  61. Unknown alien

    he is shifting down approaching turns and gassing in between. wrong way of driving in oval. do this in race and u end up 20 laps behind winner

  62. No Copyrights

    1:36 this is where we decided to destroy Kvyat and Albon’s careers.

  63. Zimmo

    5:00 woooooow max Edit good scream mate😂😂😂

  64. Laura Márquez

    Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados.

  65. David Rodriguez

    Jesus, I have a better sim with my ps4 and the g29. those visuals are rough man lol its also 2021 now

  66. Toma Hawk

    This is Nostalgic >>> Like going back into a Brand New Facility in the late 1970s ... The Smell & Sight of many High Quality Equipments & Masters at Work ... before the Made in China cancers spread to the World! Thank You So Much for the Passion & Love shown in Your Crafts! Long Live Good Craftmanship & Management! 🙏🌷🌿

  67. Sahil Ali

    Suddenly I want to become a mechanic just so I can work on an f1 car but I've already picked software engineering in university.

  68. JrP

    Someone should make a video on how do you become a Part of a TEAM, Could be enginneer, pit crew, or even a photographer, videographer. Like anything that is part of F1 Team

  69. JrP

    Those Tires are SHINNNY!!

  70. Di M

    He is an X-Men

  71. Jefferson Vinicius

    Cara sou muito fã de vcs, sempre torço pra red Bull 🔴🐂 LETS go winner

  72. xGus17

    This wasnt actually Max driving right?

  73. Richard Laumaillet

    You should’ve stayed with Redbull

  74. Derek Cote

    A time lapse of how the trailers are set up and tore down would be cool. Always interested in how these transform. Thanks Christian!

  75. nieooj gotoy

    I`ve done F1 boss personality test and got Christian. I love winning tests

  76. Yolanda Padres

    ❤️I LOVE ❤️ RED BULL🏎️🏎️

  77. Briek Van Audekerke

    Wait so they move the Whole thing through Europe?!

  78. foued 38

    I'm French, max verstapen speak very well French 👍

  79. Cesar López

    Vamos Red Bull, los apoyamos desde México 🇲🇽.

  80. Ethan Fish

    The architecture and mobile offices of F1 is a modern marvel in of itself

    1. nieooj gotoy

      What's next? Red Bull City.