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  1. japeth planas

    My dumbass thought it actually sunk

  2. Universal Success

    The sent perseverance in 2020 just arrived to Mars , it doesn't look including this tired tough

  3. Nathaniel Ricker

    This looks fantastic, I am now applying to these guys for coop.

  4. malawidick

    We have been hood winked into believing CO2 causes global warming/climate change it doesn't .Mainstream media have demonized CO2 there are signs we are heading in a cooler period

  5. Will Richardson

    It's ok. Laugh. We'll count how many miles it takes us to bail you out of the next invasion when Germany inevitably gets more Germanery.

  6. QuuxJn

    BuT tHe ImPeRiAl sYsTeM iS bEtTeR Nope its not, now shut up and use meters Edit: Just notice that thos entire comment section is absolutely roasting the imperial system, haven't found a single comment saying the imperial is better

  7. いの

    I lost so many scores because of conversion its totally a waste of time.

  8. theeye 1864

    what a load of garbage

  9. Bill Gates

    Glad you enjoy my book!

  10. evan griffith

    The outgoing perfume interspecifically cheat because postage ultrastructurally colour over a mean security. barbarous, thirsty greece

  11. Rients Dijkstra

    Now I know why two space shuttles exploded or disintegrated...

  12. Amaan Collection


  13. Maxim Binis

    Amazing engineering👏

  14. larry heath

    Is it possible that the first space elevator can be constructed on MARS because of the lower air pressure and narrower atmosphere.

  15. D. G.

    Sorry, I don’t buy this Bill Gates OVERHYPE! He is NOT an authority or scientist on first climate change & when that narrative didn’t pan out change the name to climate change so every crises in the world can be blame on it. You are not going to tell this electrician that the green technologies don’t have unintended consequences ie lithium batteries are highly toxic, can’t be disposed of easily, wind turbines freeze, solar panels get covered up by snow & have toxic materials in their makeup. Clean natural gas & new advances in nuclear engineering is the only way to go for BASE loads!

  16. Thomas Kunert

    You didn't talk about time. While Americans use the same units they do add highlights like 12pm being earlier than 11pm.

  17. Fahrul Mashabi

    Im from indonesia, if im not wrong 40% of world geothermal reserves are in here, i hope my government can use it at full potential so us as a civilians can have cheap and long lasting energy

  18. Blake M

    Hi I’m an American citizen, I would like to say a few things, First of all the metric system is much easier when it comes to math. It’s very frustrating having to convert and how they don’t align properly. The problem is there are a lot of people you freak out whenever America tries to do something that the rest of the world does better. They would go on and on about how this would ruin America and make it lose its identity. The other problem with switching is that people are just used to it for example: Fahrenheit vs Celsius. 100°F (38°C) is hot: when someone says it’s going to be 100° today you think wow it’s going to be hot. When you say 38° do you think that’s cold. Most people here think of 50° been still kind of cold, Not unbearably hot.

  19. Selcan Hacıyeva

    in your

  20. Jérémie Faucher-Goulet

    Quebec relies on it's many reservoirs to be 95%+ renewable electricity province

  21. datsunpolo

    This is highly interesting , thank you

  22. retipser j

    You can rest assured, Japan knows how to handle hydrogen. West can continue with batteries

  23. Thekickingwolf

    Holy shite!! Do we really need to bring back soil from mars?!? 😬 I think I’ve seen this in a movie somewhere

  24. Brian Rock Railfan

    Great video 👍

  25. That_one_vr_guy

    Not to be rude but at 7:45 the gun is off centered not in the middle and the firing barrel is 90° to the left

  26. Snowwie

    You cannot see any American documentary, series, show or whatever to ALWAYS see somewhere an American flag. Sometimes it's a bit over the top.

  27. Przemysław Zańko

    Extremely interesting, thank you!

  28. sanjuansteve

    @7:12 ¨Imperial is a convoluted mess of measurement units invented by people who married their cousins.¨ #PewPew :D

  29. Oliver Ståhl

    @realengineering You should cover the worlds first fossil free steel production in Luleå, Sweden called Hybrit!!!

  30. Roompa Mahato

    While UFOs are visiting a thriving planet called Earth, we are visiting a dead planet called Mars. Apart from my PJ, this animation of Perseverance is insane!

  31. sanjuansteve

    Anyone still using Imperial is at least somewhat willfully ignorant (and likely white supremacist too).

  32. the F2P gamer

    Maybe it could use an arm so it can examine some boulders

  33. Old Man

    Wow! Top Notch Report! Thanks So Much!!!

  34. Right Stuff

    superb info.. thanks for sharing bro.. All the best to your future mission to the red planet.

  35. Joan Scott

    The naughty grouse extracellularly wait because baby decisively introduce circa a watery seat. savory, fine violin

  36. interpreneur 124

    Can we all just take a Moment and appreciate how greatly the Design of the Thumbnail, the Editing, the Animationd and the visual Design in general improved in the last few months. It's a shame that this kind of content doesn't get more Views.

  37. bswain9999

    learn how to spell metre and litre

  38. cammyplayer

    Currently 5,5 thousand americans have watched this video

  39. You Know Me

    Like aliens have any idea about this binary coding 😂🤣

  40. zjlhunter

    You say dams are environmentally destructive...True...but you fail to mention the environmental damage done by batteries and wind mills! Need to be truthful and tell everyone how batteries are manufactured and how the materials for the batteries need to be excavated. Same for windmills. Then you need to explain how and where these batteries and windmills will be disposed of when decommissioned! Also, hydroelectric plants have a secondary or primary function, which is to supply water for irrigation or drinking water. Cannot say that about batteries and windmills. Clean power is not so clean....come on...expected better out of this channel!

  41. mrTrashForTheBin k

    we cannot discover cure of cancer, but we can send robots to mars for the benefit of human race

  42. John Savage

    Talk about investing in an questionable technology, and betting your welfare on it!

  43. Gonzalo Bernal

    hat a waste of resources.... when we actually get there... we can remember the fake news.

  44. stupid nerd ?

    Imperial also has a point. But only as a parody of any proper measurement system...

  45. Pneumatic Autist

    electrolysis DOES NOT CREATE OXYGEN, who's the fact checker on this crap

  46. Sem

    For anyone interested in Nuclear power, id really reccomend watching : How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll by kurzgesagt - in a nutshell

  47. J S

    Stupid humans CGI is a hell of a drug

  48. Arya vijay

    Thank you all

  49. Kamran Bashir

    It's just a fucking rover like curiosity and many more us had sent to Mars. Idk why everyone is freaking out like NASA has setup a human colony or something.

  50. Hasan Kadhem

    Conspiracy theorists must be jumping around, happy to see this, their weird brain will come up with some awesome sh#t

  51. N. Gramm

    what's up with like/dislike ratio??

  52. ceebums

    This is bonkers. I had no clue you guys made the animations aswell! So much hard work and dedication into both the rover and this video! Thank you guys!

  53. brian offski ballbuster

    tristan more like INSANE LYING.

  54. brian offski ballbuster


  55. Sem

    Lol so funny .. My dad works at VOITH Was suprised when i saw the sticker at 8:10


    you guys are out of this world! just how...

  57. Circuitrinos

    Would it be possible to do pumped hydro with a denser fluid like mercury? Preferably with something less toxic.

  58. Adam Leuer

    Is there a requirement that short videos have to use the wrong aspect ratio? This isn’t just a Real Engineering, thing I’ve seen at least a few other channels doing this now. It’s really stupid to make videos this way and I hope it stops.

  59. Shiv A Joshi

    Can we say triode vacuume tube is a transistor...?

  60. Jacob Hargreave

    That's it? 58 seconds? No background info what so ever?

  61. Anim Mouse

    TL:DR Private regulations are better than government regulations. Let the free market do their own work.

  62. Tj Dondero

    Yeah it was insane how Toys R Us manufacturers made the Rover

  63. Jesse Gatto

    Biggest rip off and pocket filling for the brass and politicians paid for by the taxpayers. The plane is sub par at best expensive to fly and maintain plagued with issues years overdue its basically obsolete bu the time we have any without issues yeah we got jerked on this real bad.

  64. Raketa Solntse

    That didn’t Evan use the wheel for perseverance

  65. Stephen Hughes


  66. Floyd Maxwell

    No, a system that humans can NOT relate to is NOT better. - a chemical engineer who is quite capable of Imperial units

  67. Floyd Maxwell

    Oh "climate change"... #EyeRoll As to "cheaper" and "sustainable", try searching for damage solar panels. #Nightmare

  68. Reuben Sher have to hand it to the U.S.A.

  69. T. Goff

    Did he say Mers?

  70. Matthew Page

    Elon is a revolutionary man

  71. Ray Slater


  72. Kevin Jensen

    If you live long enough you hear the same nonsense come up time after time after time. This discussion was brought up when vinyl died the first time. Every problem vinyl had was resolved by CDs. People spending fortunes on crystal controlled turn tables who were too stupid to realise that digital doesn't suffer wow and flutter. Nor does it suffer from static or light physical damage. Frequency response is flat. Countless double blind tests showed there was no perceiveable difference with almost everyone selecting digital over vinyl. If you understand basic fourier analysis, you'll see why lossless digital recording captures and reproduces everything up to 20khz. Vinyl doesn't get anywhere near that. Every generation brings a new set of fools that are easily lead by vested interests instead of their brains. This issue was resolved 40 years ago, and raising it again gives oxygen to the snake oil salesmen..

  73. Ian Yankelov

    As an American who grew up using imperial, let me say this. In any application of science( physics, chem, bio...) using metric is so much better. But in day to day life where I'm not using equations and calculations, I prefer imperial. I grew up using imperial, so my brain sees things in inches and feet.

  74. Mike Byj

    Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry was surprised Elaine never had orgasms with him? What was that line she said?

  75. DrKampfpudding

    I cant get my head around it. What If you are in such a spaceship in Space and JUMP Up ? There is No real Gravity to pull you down . Shouldnt the spacecraft Just Spin around you ?

  76. Michael angelo Evangelio

    Elon musk 🎉

  77. shadow gamer

    poor avro :( avro arrow wou;d have been awesome

  78. Redcharcoalaz


  79. LeXander 草

    The surface of mers

  80. Michael Johnson

    Oh dear, you're one of those people. There's no such thing as a stereotype other than what you make.