This is a channel specialized in piano. Here you will hear classical music, videogame music, cinema, anime and etc. The piano arrangements of this channel are all made by Lord Vinheteiro.
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  1. Rizki Ramadhan

    Here you see a Brazilian, playing a Russian song, for Asians

  2. Reptilia12

    Just to confirm, I have not contributed a single view to ANY of those 10 songs

  3. Wonka_123

    Please Beethoven on Harpsichorp

  4. Ronaldo D.

    ... buy half of Venezuela .... kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. Michaela Kahudová

    How challenging is the song Montagues and capulets?

  6. Flavia Liz

    Love your wig! 😻

  7. S I O M A I

    Thanks now I can't get it out of my head

  8. Wanyoung Park

    10 songs that I heard but didn't know it was Italian

  9. Cromorno 8'

    2 of these pieces are supposed to be written by Bach, even if they are not.

  10. Syed Farzeen Ahmed

    How is this in my NLname recommendation?

  11. Joaquin Song

    0:46 Russian Federation Anthem

  12. Christopher Cunningham

    0:59 Vinherto looks like he just spent the last week in his basement crafting a frankenpiano out of spare parts.

  13. Christopher Cunningham

    Who else wants a legend of zelda compilaton?

  14. Merduh Yurass

    biden does the same song

  15. jph Benzin

    In France, all medicals acts are free

  16. Jericho Yagin

    I couldn’t hold it in once I got to the otamatone part. The way he tried to fiddle with it and make it work. 1:35

  17. Jericho Yagin

    I love your videos but I get frightened by how deep you look into my eyes

  18. Christopher Cunningham

    3:10 Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

  19. Hell Chop

    Русские на месте!

  20. tahz 8002

    whats the last songs name? also i smiled at the pokemon theme

  21. Kiran Sharma

    Everybody gangsta until Ak 47 shoots

  22. Эдем Халилов

    Один я слышу его косяки?

  23. Markus 0x0

    "Putin liked it"

  24. Joe Williams

    In Germany we all have insurance (it’s a duty). You pay only a part of it, the other part is payed by your employer. So we only pay the prize for insurance and they pay whatever is needed for your treatment.

  25. Alec

    Nice. I'm watching it as cannons going off near my house cuz 9th may is nigh. And REAL katyusha playing on 100% outside I love russia. But I hate the war scar

  26. Миленина Татьяна


  27. expeloco

    Everything is classic music when Vinheteiro plays It!

  28. Yamashiro

    Wanted to make a comment, but still speechless. Youre a god.

  29. TKOB 2417

    I got slight pain everytime he didn't started playing Sakura Sakura

  30. Andi Popp

    I'm German, but I must say I always loved the Marseillaise and sometimes I sing it just for fun. Even though it gives me mixed feeling to sing about letting the impure blood water our furrows :D

  31. Aji Yudho

    Please cover Indonesian National Anthem

  32. Ankit Bhattacharjee

    This song is perfect to listen When a speedster is looking at a school which is going to explode.

  33. Daniela Vecchio

    Great!!! It would be nice to have a video where you make a mashup dance the 90s on cembalo

  34. Shervin


  35. Carbon 12

    Have you tried talking to her?

  36. Shervin

    good job

  37. Alex RusoKost


    1. Ryan the pianist

  38. JaWin911


  39. Maya Hadzhipetkova

    There is difference in the acoustics, obviously, as the world progressed, so does the pianos but to be honest, I heard no big difference in the last 2 pianos.

  40. Carbon 12

    You got a few of the titles wrong, they were; Darude- Sandstorm

  41. Erion J.

    Isn't he the actor in Anne with an E?

  42. 이진학

    Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes yes yes

  43. Thijs Bergman

    The camera should zoom in and out, because that's part of the meme

  44. Carl Wu

    Thanks, I dislike this song.

  45. funny bone

    2:26 Nostalgia Never knew it was Russian

  46. Narangi Kholkhoeva


  47. DeoFos

    That's 'Aerosmith - Remember'

  48. のび太郎

    Japanese girls group AKB48 song Katyusha.

  49. Gabrielle Baker

    Very Chopin heavy I thought maybe Rachmaninov would have made it to the list

  50. Robin Ullmann

    Ah I see you also have a portrait of Marie Antoinette.

  51. Oladipupo Ajabi

    Well that was unexpected

  52. Volya

    Чайковський родом из Украини, но вальшивая наследница Руси варует все !

  53. Ryan

    Walking in the sand (do you remember) and Aerosmith did a cover of it in like 1975. Phuk I hate this planet and every single one of you on it.

  54. Johann Pascual

    What... I was waiting for TETRIS!

  55. Augustine Paino TV

    Video is watching me

  56. Augustine Paino TV

    Will you play indian songs name called then madurai pls

  57. Capstan

    Пьяный батя после того, как ты купил себе пианино.

  58. Chase

    Bruh...who doesn't know the names of these???

  59. Buddhika De Zoysa

    Who can play this

  60. R Sri

    I always thought that " 99 luft ballon" was the German National Anthem.

  61. Haces The one

    He sounds like a character from the stories of sodor.

  62. Elena Hernández Sicilia

    Me encantan tus vídeos. Suelo ponérselos a mis alumnos.

  63. Gabriel

    Genial, chame a atenção da nova geração com esse tipo de vídeo e logo eles descobrirão a verdadeira CULTURA!

  64. HuH

    He isn't even looking at the piano. Wow!! what a great pianist!!

  65. SeanAnimatesThePiano

    0:14 Supposed to be a g g Not g g


    Oh no

  67. ニートは勝ち組


  68. costava jorjib

    1.25x speed is perfect

  69. Valeria Martucci

    Full version please!

  70. Павел

    Sounds like funeral march.

  71. Burime

    Я Валера туруруруру

  72. GIVdB

    For sure it's a sarcasm that you can buy Venezuela for that amount, any country worth trillions of some kind of coin If it was like that you could buy half of a country with Euros, if it was like that you would often see ppl in the news "Englishman just bought half of China, great news for England today!" Dude 1 minute of silence for the retard ones who didn't get the joke

  73. Daniel Ene

    I liked the honkey tonk better

  74. Daniel Ene

    Well. This audio is digital, so it kind of ruins a lot of the difference.

  75. Richard Espinoza

    When you realize he is not looking at the screen:

  76. Richard Espinoza

    When you realize he is not looking at the screen:

  77. yosi1989

    why astroboy is not included?

  78. Therizino Saurus

    i often wonder if he has sheet music next to the camera

  79. 707

    *_his eyes pierce your soul_*

  80. Mr Sheppard

    Interesting, is it harder or easier to play piano for a person with 6 fingers?