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  1. Mart Alex

    Congratulations to all... beautiful day

  2. joser2805

    Now it's time to re-fly this thing :D

  3. Rory King

    What happened today I think has even more significance than most are giving it, and I’m not saying that people don’t believe in the significance, I feel the absolute advancement that is going to come out of this will not only advance space travel it’s the beginning of humanities true beginning of the “Age of Aquarius”, where technological advancements will grow by leaps and bounds even into territories we can’t even imagine are possible yet. Think about this, 10 years ago how possible do you think you would have thought that a space company would be launching and landing rockets with furious efficiency? Nobody knew.

  4. Travs

    At 10:38:42 was that a meteor to the right of the nose cone?

  5. Sola Ajayi

    Hope the light it up again and land it successfully several times

  6. TH3TI3MAN

    Darn. Looks like RoboCam needed sleep. He might not be the hero of Detroit like his older cousin but, he it the hero of Boca Chica.

  7. RZU 147

    The one time I couldn't watch live...

  8. gimmy sola

    hen we attack the moon how soon ha ha ha congrats fantastic !!!!!!!!

  9. Oliver Rodríguez

    First day in history that we have two starships, one have flown and one gonna flight soon.

  10. S. Knight

    With these complaints by SpaceX's two competitors, *"ULA & Dynetics"* Elon Musk should just say *"screw all of you, we'll do the moon on our own"* and we can even offer Dynetics and ULA moon landers a ride to the moon if they want/need it.

  11. nimeni32

    Now this can only mean one thing, DOGE TO THE MOON!

  12. DelicaTussin

    got to see it in person !!!! it was almost to awesome .

  13. Bellezza Del Legno

    Good job 👍👏

  14. S. Knight

    With these complaints by SpaceX's two competitors, *"ULA & Dynetics"* Elon Musk should just say *"screw all of you, we'll do the moon on our own"* and we can even offer Dynetics and ULA moon landers a ride to the moon if they want/need it.

  15. Markus Markusson

    Just beautiful

  16. David Anderson

    Does the video also get recorded on board so that we can see this uninterrupted by all the link breakdowns? Just askin'

  17. Norman Mattson

    Fantastic. Now get it ready for another launch.

  18. TheRedstoneHive

    RIP Stream

  19. matin rahimi

    everybody gangsta until they decide to fly it again to test it's reusability

  20. Dan Alexander

    9:29:00 you can see the rumbling from the camera. SN15 itself wanted to prove something from "HLS Contract" lol

  21. Tim Cross

    One of the engines popped a seal while gimbal in.

    1. OspreyGT

      Is that why only 2 performed The landing flip maneuver?

  22. Jake Silvester

    Congrats! ITS STILL STANDING! Wooooo

  23. Анатолий Алеев

    Успеха !!

  24. Oscar Guzman

    What an amazing day! Thanks for the hard work

  25. Captain Hatteras

    All seemed well more or less, we have news starships for the future

  26. tj _

    So nice

  27. Imsonicnoobian Mapping

    Greed news!

  28. MisterCaptain22

    Amazing launch congrats SpaceX team👏

  29. QuantumSpin

    Went into town today and that weird set of brothers are talking about putting a machine into the air. How ridiculous, crazy and insane is that. I believe they said they are the Wright brothers.

  30. Karrie Ann

    😍😍😍😍🎉🥰SpaceX!!!! You're Awesome. Thank You Mr. Elon Musk for giving us hope and Never giving up. SpaceX ♥️NASA♥️ team up so we'll. We appreciate you All 🥰🙏🏻🍀🍀🍀🍀

  31. Abner Mills


  32. Jonas Bradley

    Why was the stream stopped?

    1. BEANS

      Person who was operating camera props needed sleep

  33. Karrie Ann

    🎉🎉🥰SpaceX Team! Thanks for update.

  34. 12AG Productions


  35. Interstellar13 YT

    Great Feed!

  36. Daniel Whyatt

    Blimey, this’s just wooonderful. FINALLY, a nominal landing. Such a great success. And confirmed straight away by Elon as well.👌🏼 just goes to show how much of a truly huge interconnected community experience this really is. Doesn’t get much better than this. 🎉 Next up, Starship Booster.😎 Seriously though guys! ‘3.47 MILLION VIEWS’ and counting as of posting this!? AMAZING. That has got to be some kind of record now for this channel.

  37. Hamoud

    This fire after landing is not a good news

  38. CandynoseTwinskins

    I can't believe I watched all 11 hours of livestream today, but it was totally worth it!

  39. Дмитрий Я

    🚀MUSK 🚀 🏅🏆🎉

  40. AT


  41. Vatsyayana

    What a day. Thanks as always NSF

  42. Wayne Levett

    What a day and night it had been for us poor Australians 🦘🦘🦘 I can't remember if or when I have slept lately.

  43. Sanjay Poudel


  44. Wayne Levett

    SN16 looks relaxed as it knows now it can land ok. It's just got a burning ring to be sorted out lol.

  45. InfinitiesLoop

    I want to see those integration tower pieces moved to the launch site and lifted into position, that's going to be quite the site!

  46. MobiGaming

    This is gonna become routine in a month... CONGRATULATIONS

    1. Michael Deierhoi

      As they like to say in space flight it is never routine. This was a huge step forward.

  47. Ian Dennis

    Thank you so so much for you continuing excellent coverage of these historically significant events. When I started watching you I loved rockets but knew not that much about how they work beyond the obvious but now am learning all about them. Great job!

  48. Kookxy

    It’s weird cause this says SN15 preparations before flight or something although this was uploaded after SN15 had its test flight

  49. Любомир Богуславець

    Вітаю! Молодці! Чекаю подальших успішних пусків.

  50. Brian L

    The landing was great! However, it looks to me like they landed dangerously close to the edge of the pad. I am thinking that would not have ended well had they hung a few of the legs off the concrete.

  51. Eric Hawthorne

    I am so proud of SpaceX and NASA the United States is now the front-runner the moon and on to Mars Godspeed thank you SN15 you will be in the history books forever

  52. Anh Trần Đức

    Mars, here we come - Elon Musk said.👍👍

  53. Ficar Amriza


  54. TB Bucs

    The hosts are absolutely amazing, they kept it exciting the entire time, like describing the coming of Santa Claus for the bright eyed children.

  55. Nick S

    Go Spacex with SN15 Yay. Spacex will kick NASAs but hehe even without the contract

  56. more cowbell

    Are those cross-feed stubs on the side of GSE3? Maybe it will be connected to another tank and they both drain/fill together? I have no idea, just throwing it out there.

  57. Robert Mestl

    There needs to be a model to commemorate it with! Also, move it over next to the starhopper site, add to the milestone markers... 🤖🥳

  58. Arnab Biswas

    Sn5 then now sn15. So sn25 till orbital?

    1. Michael Deierhoi

      SN20 may be the one that goes orbital with BN3. The BN2 hop should come soon.

  59. Xavier Dennis

    Amazing!!! Pointy side UP & Flame side DOWN!!! so stoked!! History in the making..

  60. Josephine Clarke Official

    History was made today 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  61. gapperX

    Are those the Chinese spy boats i see offshore?

  62. Walter

    As always, Thank You Mary & Team for the video updates! It's really tough to keep up with the blistering pace that SpaceX is setting! Get some rest, & know how much we love & appreciate all of your's& your Team's efforts!! You make us so much more informed to the "backstage" events. Pay no attention to the simple minded "me, now" comments.


    It was a rather Remarkable Day. The Silver Sister did her thing and the fleshing out of the complex is coming along swimmingly. And You Mary are an important part of it all. High Marks to You

  64. SolventTrap dot com

    SN15 landed ... and stayed landed.

  65. Luke D

    I hope to see SN15 in a museum sometime in the future.

  66. saimul Haque


  67. saimul Haque


  68. Luke D

    Those Starship Landing Club T-shirts are going to sell very fast, i know it. Pre-order yours before they sell out!

  69. Ching Choy Yee

    Well done SpaceX peace

  70. Zornamations

    So basically. it flew in the air and landed on the floor.

  71. Richard Blais

    Thank you Mary and Theo, great work.

  72. 300DBenz

    I love the Flap-cam, it looks like footage from The Expanse.

  73. Ahron Wayne

    Fog is horrible for video (wifi) streaming. They're made of microwaves. Water absorbs microwaves...

  74. Bamarailfan

    Wonder what blew up under the skirt at 9:29:47 ? The engine chill vent facing the camera shut off at the same time. You can hear it on the SpaceX video too. Sounded pretty energetic!

  75. DeSinc

    I love how excited they all got when waiting to see if it was still standing through the smoke

    1. grejboB Ojomaze

      I really liked the part of the stream where you said hello to us

    2. Perry The Platy Puss

      Hello mr

  76. Cody Nemo

    It is the year 2053. Humanity is on the upturn again after WW3 that left much of the world devastated, at least economically. The mars colony had been forced to become fully self sufficient during that time, and now, thanks to the AI guided economic upturn on earth, is once again awaiting a batch of settlers due to arrive via the lunar outpost. You are informed of this by a video you see while idly scrolling through memes, sitting in the waiting room of a stemcell rejuvenation clinic. You're excited for the rejuvenation procedure, after all, even though it had been available for decades, it only now became safe and cheap enough for the US public healthcare to cover it. So you don't pay much attention to the memes about what florida man is up to in his half sunken state. But that one video catches your eye. It is an information piece of the NSF Foundation of Mars. Mary has finally returned to Earth giving a tour of the Starbase, Texas launch facilities. There is GigaBay Starbase, the leviathan structure towering over everything, in which Starships are built and fully stacked on boosters, on a literal assembly line. The Bora Horza Gobuchul Docks for the manufacture and repair of the floating launchrigs SpaceX uses, taking up as much space as NewYork harbor. And of course the Fuel Production City, a mazelike mess on the other side of the hyperloop terminal, spawling to the horizon and responsible for the majority of the american methane production via aerocapture. Starlink Complex One, at the heart of the solar DSN, a field of endless flat phased array antennas, with one big parabolic dish of 100m diameter in the center, spaces out these neighborhoods. And finally, tucked away in a disused part of Starbase, flanked by GigaBay on one side, Starlink Complex One on the other, just behind the hyperloop line, the camera shows some comparatively small concrete bunkers, metal tanks around them, rusty metal poles juting from concrete bases, and pipelines from Fuel Production leading into them. The caption reads: OLSWC (Orbital Launch Site Work Continues) And you know you can rest easy, knowing that the world is in order.

  77. Aryan Soni

    Go SpaceX!!! Elon must be so proud of the whole team and Sn15

  78. basbekjenl

    I wonder if with this success the design will be updated again, I imagine a lot will be learned from this prototype autopsy. Like the effect of the weight of the flaps on the metal during landing I imagine that will need to be reinforced