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  1. Kent Sears

    The soy boys will be lining up with Their militant feminists to watch this woke action thriller

  2. Billyboy KLINTON


  3. Pete Edwards

    2020 the most secure election in US history!!!

  4. Dee Weaver

    Swalwell needs to lose his security clearance

  5. Hosea 4_6

    Why does everbody hate Liz for. She only told the truth.

  6. Ricky !!!!!

    But why on tiptoe?

  7. Aaron's Music World

    Mr Peterson is a refreshing voice

  8. Cazemaru

    you can yell fire in a crowded theater....not true

  9. janie tyler

    Didn't want Hunters hard drives ,how suspicious is that ?

  10. Fire Fox

    What in the heck makes Andy think the FBI will even look at his letter, and even if they did what would keep them from tossing it in the garbage. Look at the collusion between the FBI and the FISA court during the phone Russian investigation. Andy (and Republicans alike) forget it, a shadow government has been in place for decades now and runs our lives, and its become painfully OBVIOUS to any sane minded person that this is how this (new world order) government operates. Our constitution and laws are only in place as a coverup for their nefarious conduct. To hell with our laws, they are only in place to control the people, not the powers to be. God bless America, and may he have mercy on the good people that follow the laws and use moral common sense to guide their actions.

  11. Ann Tyler

    I love Kaitlyn Jenner💖

  12. Next Up

    Drain the swamp. Lez Cheny and Romney are all part of it...and McConnel.

  13. airb0rn

    Is his plan to quit and give the job to Trump

  14. B H

    You mad bro?

  15. Ticia Juneau

    Get off Facebook! It is a joke! I got off a couple of years ago! However with FB it always runs in the background! I get texts and emails when someone mentions my name or whatever!

  16. Billyboy KLINTON


  17. julio torres

    Are you Trumpers still holding on to the narrative that there is a Deep State undermining the work of true patriots like Giuliani? If so, you dupes are so far down the rabbit hole, I have no idea how any of you will get out.

  18. Steven Clutz

    Is she trying to sound intelligent 🤔



  20. Bradley Choquette

    I have 2 democratic friends that are just as brain washed as Juan. THE DNC must send out daily e-mails

  21. Renegade MS

    This isn't the news of the day, move on.

  22. Irvin Herenveen

    be a honest person or else you won't be any better than a trumper who's gaslighting people about weak conspiracy theories.

  23. Edward Arruda

    CIA is the largest criminal organization in the world.

  24. Billyboy KLINTON


  25. olivia Health


  26. Ha1l 5atan

    Ave Satani

  27. Christine Cudney

    Very sad, what happened to California. Evil influence runs this State. Is it so hard to follow the golden rules, treat people like you want to be treated. Keep your opinions to yourself and listen more. Don’t force your opinions on others and discuss them with common sense.

  28. Terry Davies

    Your right -love you T

  29. duhbull aught

    Hasta la vista, baby...

  30. Teresa Bragg

    Cheney needs to go!!!

  31. Nigel Morley

    Tucker nails it as always

  32. Dave Elmer

    She is truly a great leader!!!!!!

  33. Cyndi the Great

    New title: the Four debate Juan. If it feels heated, that’s just Juan’s opinion making your blood boil.

  34. John Dutton

    Er, didn’t trump win the case that alledged that he started an insurrection?? (Albeit a pretty pathetic one by blm / antifa standards!! )

  35. Markus Volek

    It doesn't matter Trump will be Back and the Leftis will be the Finished

  36. Robbie Curlee

    I would never ever vote for the Blasio for president

  37. Robbie Antonini

    If I was that student my next question would it be OK what’s your address.

  38. Robs Got A Gun

    I think Kaitlyn Jenner is a good Candidate 💯

  39. Daka Baka

    Ppl are giving into the conspiracy theories. There really are many distractions near the end if days.

  40. Rick Man

    Facebook has gotten out of control and needs to be shut down they are not for America we don't need them.

  41. Summer Sunday

    Im shocked for Caitlyn to a Republican but I am happy that he is using si common sense about this trans sports issue.

  42. Thomas Archambault

    This lady needs be thrown out of government and never allowed to hold office again. She’s nothing but a criminal.

  43. VicandKelly4eva

    She Should be FIRED!! Makes me sick. N her calling him a murderer is defamation. And jealous? A teacher that stupid? Not jealous, JUST NOT!!

  44. B Harris

    You can yell fire in a crowded theater. STOP USING THAT ANALOGY!!!!!

  45. Penobscot Customs Millinocket Me

    So if you don’t agree with the Liberals you don’t matter . Do as I say or your not worth talking too . They are never happy no matter what . I don’t care with the witches on the view say or do . They are u bunch of washed up hags !

  46. Pete Edwards

    Everyone is calling the failed Trump insurrection the “SNOWFLAKE REBELLION” LOL!!!

  47. Gene

    Out with all the rhinos

  48. MOTIV-8-U

    These people are being compensated by Facebook, do you really think they will be objective and honest?

  49. laser foot

    how can anyone take this person seriously?

  50. Rashuad Long

    It’s a fighter jet I believe

  51. Rusty

    Should have happened months ago , but better late than never.

  52. Gregory Finch

    Juan, you just smoked out Gutless Greg who applauds Chauvin conviction. Greg and 45 are jealous Dr Faucci are on TV more than them.

  53. Conservative Corner Entertainment

    Out With Newsom

  54. Frederic Wild

    Juan is disgusting! He tells the lie!

  55. Ray Potts

    The democrats used the filibuster 270 times

  56. Bryce wager

    Lmao at two morons trying to figure out light bulb-socket???

  57. Ron Hastings

    I just took another ban on facebook for nothing... when can we start the class action lawsuit for violating 1st amendment

  58. jhon dhoe

    well we all know how this will end, they get away with it and, the censorship just moves along like nothing happend, and people lose there freedom day after day , and they call us Trumpers natzis and fashists

  59. Chief ECA

    If I didn't see this on Gutfeld and it wasn't so true, it wouldn't be so funny. 😂😂

  60. groucho gingersnap

    gutfeld has a really bad case of vaginitis.

  61. Lightfoot 74

    Liz Cheney we all know you are a liberal Democrat

  62. Ruben Buluran

    Chinese ambition not Worth bad attitudes must change.

  63. Jackson Redstar SL Video

    so to Juan's point - everybody that posted "hands up - don't shoot' on FB should be permanently banned from FB because that was a lie and that led to violence in multiple cities

  64. Dustin

    These poor family's coming to America need at least $ 3,000 a month and free housing to get by now days.

  65. Robert Algee

    If they go all radical (not that they haven’t already) but if they get rid of the filibuster, pack the court, pass HR1, make DC a state then I’d hate to see what the people’s reaction would be......I can’t even say what I want because hopefully all of you know they are monitoring social media. I tread lightly, keep my views to myself but when the time comes I’ll be ready!

  66. Pete Edwards

    republiCONS haven’t been this triggered since Congress passed the Voting Rights Act LOL!!!

  67. Eleanor Phillips

    Crazy lady

  68. Chris Debarra

    Juan gives them a reality check and it

  69. saras daman


  70. gratefuljr

    Don jr will be the next Caitlyn Jenner

  71. Elsabrosillo

    Jim Acosta Is Right....

  72. sugarcrisp7

    Blimp. Story over

  73. Arlene Lippiello

    Do you think he cares

  74. Walter c

    The garbage always unite together

  75. Bigfat Dick

    she gone!!::;,

  76. Maria Mango

    Buzz 🐝 off RINO Liz

  77. dodge it all

    Biden you are ruining this country!

  78. Marilyn Reads

    Trey is a wise man and with Kayleigh? Bam! Great show;).

  79. mickeydougal

    Contrary to popular opinion, you CAN yell "fire" in a crowded theater. There is no law preventing it and you cannot go to jail for it. HOWEVER, if there is a resulting panic and someone gets injured, you can be sued and be liable for damages. But it is not illegal to do it. You would be stupid to do it, but you would not be a criminal.

  80. Slick Rick

    Looks like Kayleigh is orange as trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣