Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe. Welcome to the Arena!

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  1. 5xmasterx5

    Why won’t they make more

  2. Vince Heikamp

    Princes=Let's go= Dababy

  3. Vince Heikamp

    0:01 what you hear at 1:00 am in the Woods

  4. Christopher jason handoyo


  5. Game Boy

    Pretty bad card if there a minion hoard

  6. Yung The Heat


  7. Harts Tcg

    Where is the new cards

  8. Game Boy

    Should put a wizard as well incase of air

  9. fren

    0:28 you know its bad when you have to use arrows on the rascals and the boy still somehow tanks all the hits

  10. HellRaider _

    A piece of wood ... Who knew it would be the most useful card in the game

  11. vadtaf

    Pay to win 😃

  12. Miro

    Blue king: rascals Red king: Skeleton army The Log Cannon Cart Arrows P.E.K.K.A. Baby Dragon Bomber Tesla Goblins *Rascals won*

  13. ReCogNizer 01

    Look, I know that the knight has a great moustache but you can’t say that he and the electro spirit are “locked in an eternal battle for the best moustache” when electro wizard has the exact same if not better moustache than electro spirit...

  14. Mahir Daiyan

    *Boat Rider* 😂😂😂

  15. person and stuff

    Plss make something that deals damage to your own Tower so you can aktivate the King and try to get it to not hit your towers and deal damage. It could be like Somone who has a rocker luncher that shorts both ways. But you can also find out youself . Plss just think about it.

    1. person and stuff

      Plss like if its a good idea or you was thinking the same

  16. Un pana Odia otakus

    No antojen 😭😭😭

  17. vinmar wheslie buizon

    Man it's so great seeing my country's flag in a content🇵🇭🇵🇭

  18. SayVaN



    So pekka is powerfull than him

  20. Zack Zack


  21. Milky Way Luck

    That card is my favorite

  22. Özgür PRO

    Hello supercell hov or you

  23. Oli La Personne


  24. Game Eymen

    0:13 BeatSaber Reference

  25. Christoffer Sjøberg


  26. Red Spy

    Meet the medic

  27. VT _ WHITE 444


  28. Michael Jones

    I hoped they actually made this into a anime

  29. Hae Vëen

    0:19 = “Skeleton Shield” +10 Survivability + 10% Hit points

  30. sh4dow lol

    0:17 imagine if the ice wizard could do this in the game

  31. Raul Tovela

    Eh my huge big lance?

  32. Kai de Zinger

    I miss old clan war

  33. Legendary OP NUb!!!!

    0:39 musketeer you camper

  34. Fabiano Miyake


  35. Dalos

    😂 it’s old clash Royale

  36. Withered Bonnie

    Doom but in clash Royale.

  37. deutsche_highqualitymemes

    the game was the best I have ever played as a FREE2PLAY PLAYER now its ruined im playing with cards that are on lvl 10 and my opponent is maxed out because he's not FREE2PLAY so dumb

  38. Jair Senpai

    Y ahora que nerfearon la bomba del esqueleton,ya no sirve!

  39. Calufa Ftm

    La skin de Torre es exclusiva?

  40. Mobile Games YT

    I wish they added Dragon.

  41. میلاد غلامی

    اواین کامنت فارسی

  42. Zack Zack


  43. nihal fayaz

    The thing is that seasons are moving too fast. & With every passing month players are expecting better & better content. Which puts a lot of load on the creators team to come up with new stuff. It would be better if seasons lasted say for 50 days or so. It would really be fun

  44. Amir Akif

    Its weird some of tge lyrics said mario ???

  45. chicken king

    Pleas new carrrrrrrrrrrd

    1. Farzane Peiman

      @chicken king you can help supercell speed things up by submiting you ideas to them

    2. chicken king

      Oooo thanks

    3. Farzane Peiman

      they give us a new card every 4 or 8 months,the last card we got was in 6 months ago

  46. Freeblade

    wait can princesses swim now?

  47. J H Lim

    Executioner + Giant skeleton + minion horde i think

  48. Melac

    Naruto like intro song

  49. Clash royal fisherman

    For real the flood was coming

  50. sh4dow lol

    everyone talking about the log being big and solid but you forgot one thing its *WOOD*

  51. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. If you could hack into any one computer, which computer would you choose? TERRANCE OUT

  52. Master Top 10

    A medival card game to Yugi-oh and I mean it in a good way. The king even have the heart of the card in the near end

  53. CrazeGaming

    What are P.E.K.K.A family are saying Mini pekka: Pancakes..Robotic sound Pekka: Butterfly Super pekka:AHAAHA evil sound

  54. Angela Bishop

    Were the dart goblin

  55. the memorable novelist

    i never thought i needed this

  56. Jesus Vieyra

    Bro nobody want that just add a new Rarity !!!!!

  57. No Name

    Welcome back season 11!

  58. FF GAMER

    This when your frustration started at arena 2-3

  59. Code: Hydra

    Baby dragon: I will make they, like a sh*t.

  60. stomlok

    We already know why he hits a lot in the game we see that he only hits a sword but now we see it from his point of view

  61. big face

    I got bandit

  62. Marcelo agachate y conocelo X

    Saquen ala bruja madre porfavorrrrr

  63. Tiang Listrik

    I'm out

  64. Bigball 710

    No one cares

  65. 1ad-E

    Its good to be king 👑🍸

  66. Wesleygg -

    This was 2 years ago??

  67. anbell studio

    Why did NLname reccomend me this, I don't even know what clash royale is please give me a tutorial

  68. Hg 517

    The barbarians enter the matrix.

  69. Tanner Davis

    I noticed they have blu and red phones

  70. RePuBlicaN


  71. Mega

    Dead game

  72. Hamzah Izzuddin

    Friends: so who you waifu

  73. Sawed-Off Gaming

    Le executioner*: Hehe Boi😏😂

  74. LaR1031

    The best legendary