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  1. Catalin Roland Trifan

    why no romanian

  2. Raouf

    I would say that Winston is a normal gay person, he doesn't portray the stereotypes of gays that we know unlike the gays around him. he is gay but doesn't make a fuss about it like the others

  3. Jessica Tale

    4:52 WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ????

  4. Via EM

    I feel like most people actually called Karen are complete polar opposites from Karen’s

  5. Livin' Life with Reea

    4:45 Ariana grande 😏

  6. Samuel Boon

    Not suprised if he cheated tbh

  7. Just a Glimpse

    “I wouldn’t have had a talk about it, I would’ve modeled it.” 😳😂😂😂


    4:53 Damn my crush looks like timothee chalamet

  9. Amanda The autistic queen

    Womanizer duo look and sounds good to me

  10. musikboi16

    These were some weird ass questions

  11. MidNightBlade Ninja

    Me who didnt even got a gf and not planning to: 👌

  12. Amanda The autistic queen

    Violet wand looks good

  13. Romeokittygamerz

    the girl seems like shes lying about not knowing alot about drugs LMAO

  14. André Retallack

    "Ok hit on each other"

  15. Randi Gibson

    at least he was funny, she was so rude lol i think she'd have a good personality w the right match up tho

  16. Amanda The autistic queen

    My kink is being dominant

  17. Lixed Games

    Im also jehovahs witness who else

  18. the boi

    Boy how that badman så bad at smoking out a bong

  19. jocoloco

    Oh hunny when she cries when the mom says she's happy she is black my heart breaks for her. The pain she must carry, the pain black people must carry just waiting to be rejected or discriminated against. That this has to be a question is heartbreaking in itself.

  20. gh po

  21. Jordan

    We literally watched them become boyfriend and girlfriend from fwb. I love this

  22. jocoloco

    Brian is cuteeee

  23. Hannah Hodgson

    Why is that 15 year old walking like that 😅 girl just came straight out of GTA

  24. Roxanne Martin

    When you already knew the surfer dude from ph 😂😂😂

  25. Nicos1Channel


  26. gh po

  27. gh po

  28. Mary Christmas

    Is the Methodist lady with family from Ghana in this video: A woman enters the frame in the top row, going from right to left, at 0.04 and it looks exactly like her! Maybe it's just my imagination...

  29. Michael Portorreal

    I'm so displeased that they didn't want each other. :(

  30. Christine Cutajar

    Totally not the point but i love the patterned suit.

  31. Rob Royce


  32. ItsAquaPlays

    Ngl he looks like his not the same person everytime there's a new haircut

  33. jocoloco

    This guys face while they are talking just send me. Funniest one of these ever.

  34. kye

    *confused twerking*

  35. roileyyy

    I would literally be murdered if I did that

  36. S Caspian

    6:26 Besides all the other petty stuff, you can tell what really hurt her was him not wanting a single mom.

  37. Christine Cutajar

    I haven't even seen the whole thing and i am dying! Yass ladies!

  38. Jordan

    Their ex-relationship is much healthier than their relationship

  39. SampleChopLoop Beats

    I appreciate this man, no matter what he wants this relationship, you can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice and feel it in his responses. This young lady is brave to go on this with insecurities, but she did it. My heart goes out to these two, as a father to a daughter, this is a prime example that no matter what,a daughter needs her father. God bless these two.

  40. Michael Perez


  41. Erwin Luce

    I think we all know what happened later that night. 👁️👄👁️

  42. audoifh gasfd

    "Do you know how many times if been laid?"

  43. freyaaa

    Oh my god, the amount of times the mom says ‘Emilia Rose’ and in that typa way is STRESSING ME OUT

  44. Clara Cham ML

    When the guys with the hats stud in front of each other it was like a mirror reflection hahah 3:12

  45. Chamar Jimmerson

    The breakdancer man 🔥

  46. Tori Jane

    I get total Cassandra vibes. What a babe!!!

  47. Mad max

    “Muslims got a lot of kids” me being Arab & Muslim having no siblings at all : 👁👄👁

  48. jocoloco

    I'm glad my gaydar is on point.

  49. Tori Jane

    THIS is what I watch these videos for. Love, love, love them.

  50. Seo Jung Park

    ok but the free mom hugs lady was so sweet

  51. jocoloco

    He's a better man. She seems into herself and not worried about hurting his feelings.

  52. not you

    why does nobody talk about the dungarees guy saying "was is das"? no germans here?😭

  53. Adriana G Flores

    I took the Citizenship test 10years ago and it’s not at hard as it seems . They don’t ask you all 100 questions they randomly ask you 5 of the 100 . After that test they test you in basic English comprehension and you have to write two sentences in English. After you pass this test the official congratulates you and gives you an appointment to do the swearing ceremony. Once you do the swearing you are a US citizen. That’s it ! I don’t know a single person who has failed the real test.

  54. WrongKindOfPot

    Who orders chartreuse straight

  55. Grace Abner

    They challenge her criticism alot but just the male criticism with no problem, what's crazy is they knew they were going to critique on appearance

  56. Awesome 360

    She is wearing Harry Potter earrings...

  57. φρeνtι μerκιουrι

    Mom of Emilia looks like Elton John.

  58. David Lopez

    Sisters of the valley

    1. David Lopez

      Nun weed Church of Catholic Church of weed

  59. Samarah Brown

    "Oh noooot that one"

  60. Auden DoesViolin

    the girl with anxiety who started crying hit me so hard

  61. Katie Lui

    7:13 dude my guy just lost all my respect there

  62. USEless Products


  63. Regi B

    It’s the uncontrollable giggle for me hehehehe she’s SO CUTE!!! And she is ME 🤣😂🤣 nervous around incredibly attractive people.

  64. Kristóf Harmati

    this is fucking golden

  65. Dancing Corpses

    The guy in dreads said he doesn't like his voice while I actually thought his voice was cool and he's also attractive in general. He wouldn't like me anyway because I'm a pale-ass white brunette lol...

  66. jocoloco

    Elite guy needs chapstick

  67. Selfish Capitalist

    They all probably voted for Biden.

  68. I purple you !

    It looks like they are giving birth

  69. Soran Muhammad

    in my country every of those stuffs like (hospitals,college) are all free and no taxes at all lucky me 😁😁😁

  70. jocoloco

    I want to be more like this mom.

  71. Adwita Gupta

    That white father looks like that guy from modern family 😂

  72. Rollin' Up Cannabis


  73. Tori Jane

    They won’t be long-term, but boyyyyyyy are they gonna have fun together ;)

  74. Gianna Linares

    8:22 made me fucking screech

  75. Master Chief

    Native Americans let themselves get conquered, put up more of a fight, stop fucking bitching, like modern day Poles and Jews.

  76. Isabella Lettenmaier

    I can’t imagine how awkward ppl might of felt while talking to Carlos like jeez respect the language

  77. Jess Chrz

    The black girl calling the white girl an idiot kinda was rude

  78. Alexandra Hawk

    The self harm ones all really hurt, but holy shit the cigarette one took me for a loop too. The nonchalance the dude had to just "wanna see" and burns her like... what the fuck. The DV ones are always really gut wrenching. I'm glad us survivors aren't as hidden anymore. Thank you for this :]

  79. Tori Jane

    I swear... I feel like they pick the best men for this. Beautiful women, but handsome men with chill and cool ass personalities.


    I kinda wanna be friends with this guy.