Welcome to JonTron! Hopefully laugh!

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  1. Gwen Moore

    We didn't forget what you did, Jon.

  2. A Croft

    Seems like Jon is in pain over the community wanting more content more frequently or more of the same content perhaps, while he tries to grow and try new things? I can see both sides of this.

  3. Natasha Summerford

    8:58 best part

  4. ChillyJack

    Just too known that the indian kids parents are gunna die in india makes me chukle.

  5. Catfood 3000

    4:20 It's the proof that this is actually about the tragic backstory of the falconers from Dark Souls 2.

  6. John Smith

    Moral of the story go and buy a big mac and some mac nuggets

  7. dev public

    some days i feel like I landed butter side down on the rim of life

  8. Azteko

    5:43 there is absolutely no way the seen by on the bottom left is almost SO perfect.

  9. falcon 2567

    8:26 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

  10. Claudio Leuch

    "its a bit slow and mcclunky at times"

  11. fried pancakes

    I never knew I wanted to see Jon be weird in front of a green-screen

  12. BadgerTvJordan

    Rewatching this I’ve only just realised Pablo the mule dog is voiced by David Mitchell

  13. Rat Poison


  14. Tae kwon-Fox

    I miss Jacques...

  15. Shepard

    R A F T

  16. Lego Clone Trooper

    Yeah, I like clone troopers

  17. Ramen, Literally Ramen

    Video starts at 1:05

  18. Shepard

    How has JonTron not aged in 10 YEARS?

  19. A Croft

    So your kid can go travel but you can't? Eff that... go to grandmas house....and move, that's a terrible neighborhood .

  20. Andrew Kiklevich

    16:41 i appreciate the main theme from soviet classic Gentlemen of Fortune, 1971

  21. gobzdzilla

    So basically this is youtube video about movie about Call of Cthulhu session in which the characters play DnD. Glad to have this straight.

  22. The Remix

    This game is lost to time, i rewatch this video every year. Dont fall for modern tricks

  23. Con_Fuzed

    bro i like your vids.. why youtube never shows u in first page :(((((((

  24. NameLess

    9:47 meet the fnaf sisterlokesion

  25. COFFEE

    11:25 How did the scientist predict 2020-2021

  26. samsh bros fan

    I miss your games reviews

  27. Joshua Chitwood

    Says it's ridiculous while leaving out the real victims.

  28. pingothesimp

    do you play mineraft?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Sheriff Cheems

    *T H E V I B E S*

  30. Bean Jean

    He took so long to upload that I finally turned on dark mode on youtube

  31. Kacperek

    What wtf

  32. cb21235

    Your doll looks just like pbg

  33. Bean Jean

    Jontron is back F in the chat

  34. daManonthehill

    John candy vibe

  35. Party spartan

    I bought one a while ago just for the cool looking skull bottle. I don't drink vodka. I'm more of an apple juice guy

  36. Cameron Jones


  37. Father AxeKeeper

    can someone direct me to the video this is making fun of? thanks

  38. Angelo Martin


  39. Christian Stoleski

    dammmmmmmmmmm love so turn on

  40. Duderino

    6:40 :D

  41. Deepest Cut

    I love coming back to this video because Steven is such a fucking cryptid???? He looks always lost and like his brain just,,,, doesn't work and it amazes me every time

  42. RyanJ92

    Surely they do more than just NLname videos right? No idea how they make money to live otherwise

  43. Greg Everard

    See you guys for maybe 4 or 5 more videos then we will have a nice 300 day slumber.

  44. Womprat Advocate


  45. I Am The Angie Christ

    That was the greatest mariachi band ever.

  46. Mark Richardson

    Jumping into 44 degree water feels like something I'd do drunk with my buddies

  47. clickres


  48. Eoin Doyle

    "I'm also hearing happy birthday, is there a birthday coming up in the family?" If a psychic ever says this on your tv show, dismiss them and get a better one. That's the weakest read ever. There's ALWAYS a birthday coming up in the family, that's how time works.

  49. MindBrand Abbadon

    this is why some japanese games shouldnt be released to america, they will not understand it, they dont know the cultural reference and japanese absurd conedy

  50. Brady Adair

    Apples and breaks!

  51. Christian Stoleski

    Home improvement rocks

  52. ロリシャイShyShyTAS

    Good times.

  53. Christian Stoleski

    is this better then game grumps lol

  54. Clubstep Studios

    Americans finding something to blame in the 1970’s 1:56

  55. hcpurebreed

    did birdemic predict covid-19?

  56. Cristian Lopez

    That Shrek part killed me omg

  57. Vaclav Kuzelka

    This is what happens when you try to play god,,,,AAAAAAA XD I pissed myself laughing XD

  58. Von Diesel 37

    BRING ZACH BACK! YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I'VE KILLED! I've killed zero to maybe one men, but that's besides the point as that was a Zach quote from one of your videos. Of course you know that, Jesus Christ what am I doing? P.S. Don't bring Arin back. P.P.S. How do you all know each other? You know everyone at OneyPlays, Game Grumps, Markiplier, & SuperMega, or at least you're all tangentially connected. It's weird. How do all the most famous let's players know each other? EDIT: BRING BACK ZACH, that was my original point. Just do it please, he's funny, he'll make a great wife or goblin character.

  59. The Emperor of Mankind


  60. DJ_Sp3rmCount

    Here’s me thinking kid nation was Epstein island

  61. Ramen, Literally Ramen

    >I'm getting a female figure >I'm getting an el name >is there a birthday coming up ...Wow, almost like you're not making this shit up

  62. Christian Stoleski

    its 2021 seen this now thanks youtube

  63. comando1911

    I was brought here... strictly because I saw you get hit in the head with a container of milk

  64. AndersPlays 4710

    I had to sit through two raid shadow legends ads just to see another raid shadow legends ad

  65. comando1911

    Anyone else notice the AMERICAN PATRIOTIC MUSIC while Tronjohn is watching koreans tanks swarm by.......

  66. Hackerman1969

    Jeez filthy Frank was depressed

  67. The Lets Player

    "Real life situations" (Proceeds to throw you on a deserted island with genetically modified hornets)

  68. mortimermcmirestinks

    ngl the gentleman at the end has a pretty nice singing voice

  69. diabeticmonkey

    I suddenly have a craving for Crystal Skull™ Vodka

  70. Albert

    "Today is the international day of older persons in Korea" Make up your mind lady

  71. Ron Gamer

    That’s crazy

  72. Danyboychan

    Gonna need context for 2:15 if possible, idk how it didn't age well lol

  73. GayMetal1


  74. Jason Voorhees

    Good God the robot. I haven't laughed at a video in a long time!!!

  75. Sağgerici Solgerici

    L I G E R S

  76. HondaMan Vtec

    Jon is the 👑 Why so many dislikes ? Cos hes a 👑

  77. MineCraftManiaxx

    20:20 I split my drink

  78. GuyThatLikesBigBooms blah

    Jon's budget is amazing

  79. Masen Guerra

    Elf star at level 8 cleric, and she gets true power? What is this nonsense she can’t even call her deity yet without getting to level 10. Lol