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  1. jchris333

    This is literally 69 if he did drill

  2. john stewart

    I never knew who this was. Just heard the song on the radio. I liked the beat...

  3. weather boi

    what is blue cheese

  4. Yuda 123

    That’s a sprain of can you get a hair ever again

  5. ForDaIsland


  6. Angel Ambriz

    Young ma remix with cj spam like if u agree

  7. Rooberang

    Just found out about this Song because Big Flock Remixed it. I like his version way better 💀

  8. kat ;_;


  9. cihanstop fuckinaround


  10. Marc Joost

    Pretty obvious that he doesn’t belong in the picture..... more like a cowboy got lost in the hood 😂

  11. Anjali Goomer

    I like how he says “whoopty”

  12. MoeSA

    Lowkey copying GNF (OK OK OK) By Polo G when he goes in-front the camera lmao 😂1:02

  13. Jose Salgado

    This shit is so trash 😂

  14. ᴏɴʟʏᴀᴛᴏsᴢ

    0:06 mans put us under genjutsu

  15. Jiminater J

    Flexin with rentals... classic rappers

  16. Xavia Mussenden

    Been here befor an million views you blowed up so fast bro

  17. •XÂÑDĘR ANGMEN• •original psychopathic•

    I just found this on my playlist when I never listened to it and I like it :)

  18. Maverick

    Une grande réussite !!!

  19. Richard Evangelista Hernández

    Ft El Alfa 🔥🇩🇴

  20. Affan Tharani

    Who came after Kyle Exums vid

  21. ADMAFIA210


  22. BOOSTducati !

    Name of this dance? It’s si cool 👍🔥

  23. Лукензи

    If you want old beat just type cj politics lyrics

  24. x10_vibeslitx

    CJ IS TO UNDERRATED 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥cJ is a 😈 even why is she twercking she not even doing it the right way 😂.

  25. jabrildagod legend

    This better than woopty

  26. Joseph Galante

    Man made 1 song

  27. widad oujda

    I liked the melody very much ♥️♥️🇲🇦♥️

  28. Ivan Acosta

    This got talent he go hard on any beat

  29. GFX SWeeSY

    who comes from tiktok

  30. Zachary Serzy

    IDK this just my opinion but to me it seems like this dude swagger jacked how pop smoke would be spitn his delivery and everything I know I can't be the only one who is noticed this

  31. Aqeela Sharif


  32. Build



    A bloods do a creeps dance

  34. Clan cj Clan


  35. Corey Themaan

    Who listening to this in 2021

  36. alaur rahman

    Blue cheese back in the days now it's about cali

  37. Michaelfad

    Why he copying fivio’s flow

  38. ricky gonzalez

    This sandbox bars on god lol this aint hip hop shits flip flop ikkkz

  39. mike Adjodha


  40. ManikMadeMusic

    Sounds like a knock off version of Pop smoke lol check the delivery


    chi e' qui per tiktok?

  42. Alex Bamblett

    I swear he’s dissing 22gz that’s who it looks like in the chair

  43. Laiana

    This is the most New York song, and im from New York


    we want the old beat wtf is this

  45. Jay way

    Blue cheese, i swear im addicted to blue cheese. Like if that apply to u.

  46. Bright steadyy

    What happened to the beat?? Is it different or am I trippin???

  47. Red

    Gta 6 trailer.

  48. Issac and Talan Do Dumb Stuff

    Well I’m on a wrestling bus with this on with no headphones so a lot

  49. Qui Jones

    Who else know who rap on this beat RIP VON

  50. Jequan Jordan

    one good song aka "whoopty" then it was over

  51. leafnoother


  52. iPad Ty

    Why he pointing at me

  53. Cool Milk

    Milk milk milk

  54. doll may

    im a blood

  55. Fedler Jouthe



    You're the best🙏🙏🙏👑👑👑

  57. Christopher Newell

    sup nice song

  58. Supaboi_exe

    Thanks to the guy who did the subtiles

  59. xeny父


  60. NatureNZ

    Shoutout to the editor, clean cuts right there! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. Wilbert Ramos

    Aquí por el alfa

  62. anthony mo

    I get so honi looking at the video

  63. Usher Louisma

    cj feat 24k goldn how would that sound

  64. Kevin Smith

    Sounds like Lonzo Ball.

  65. cairo616

    what is with those mutton chops lmao

  66. Taha Demirel

    Türkler 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  67. Dakota Alexander

    How has this dude not gotten roasted for talking about blu cheese

  68. joao m

    wait, I´m crazy or he changed the beat? I listen to that when droped, wtf the beat different, the vocals in it aren´t the same

  69. Chris brown Son


  70. Sushanth

    These people reminds me GTA SAN ANDREAS. The ganags, The Fights.

  71. Olvin Yobani


  72. Manolis Kolushi

    why u fucked the song bruhhh

  73. Imposter

    This guy has got pop smoke's flow and made it better

  74. Anonymous Man


  75. Junior Rico

    bro i mean a lot of niggas got this song off nelk boys that’s where i found this

  76. justin p

    All these niggas sound the same with same beats.

  77. Imposter

    Seriously can people stop going on about sanam 're. Who actually cares at this point

  78. katlego nqobile nyathi

    It's sounds like a king von "exposing me" and pop smoke beat into one

  79. Sergio Hernandez

    Am i the only one who like this before it was fameous