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  1. Lvl10

    I'm expecting a evil Morty in this season

  2. Kory Harris

    Match made in heaven. 💗Brule for a Brule💗

  3. Air-Head

    10:18 this reaction shot fucking killed me

  4. Friendly lunatic

    Walmart in a nutshell

  5. unknown person

    Celebrities don't know what they were signing up to and how do they not know this show

  6. BlueJay

    Hannibal couldn’t help but laugh at Eric punching the naked PA 😂😂

  7. Sam Wlodawski

    When being smoove as hell sadly leads to your downfall. You’re still awesome Jamal.

  8. Adrian Mark

    Does nobody who comes on this show watch it first? Hahaha

  9. Lt_Darkseeker /Antique


  10. Attack Titan


  11. Scott Smith

    Jesus Christ why do you have to make these videos so terrifying ☹️

  12. Tomas Quillopo Jr.

    I have a theory. This is Evil Morty's story.


    Would have been a kit better with a different song that did not ruin the video. Rap Sucks!!!

  14. Jodus MacGotuss

    0:49 my favorite reaction

  15. Balqisyaliza Hamid

    Bonk !!

  16. Flyspit H

    FROM a Canadian.. STOP censoring your shit in CANADA (the censoring is STUPID anyway ) you censor 'shit' BUT not all the time ??.. Come on GIVE IT UP In CANADA we dont give TWO shits ...😉 remember We are the HOME of The Trailer Park Boys and we get a four hours of South Park PURE every Saturday night.. As Ricky would say 'Its not rocket surgery' I'm done with the ONE thing that pisses my off .. My opinion ?? Rick and Morty censored ?? meh Fix it.. signed A canuck..

  17. Balqisyaliza Hamid


  18. Eric Liu

    FINALLY!! Now please work on season 6, 7, 8 etc... Thank you Rick and Morty for saving me from depression, love you always~

  19. Marie

    Adult swim will pass up on this but keep shit like mr pickles on the air for 6 years

  20. MrMatt474

    Spock gave himself the Vulcan nerve pinch! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  21. Mike Tacos

    Mare-lot hahaha

  22. Lamein Pennington


  23. Ben jamin

    I was waiting for someone to tell him since he got the damn arm. You saw the S.A.M.E.S. do it frequently.

  24. Radical Rights

    “get out of the shot” genuinely had me dead

  25. DonkeyPlayz

    Best ad ever

  26. Daniel

    Is this dude fuckin high?

  27. Bryan Wilhite

    Waiting for his «Crazy Wisdom» mockumentary 😇

  28. bailey adams

    For legal reasons, if I say I will do this once my grandmother dies, it's a joke😌

  29. Space Pope

    16:10 Lmao, that blurriness is not doing much at all, you can still see too much. Crazy they could do that in cable tv.

  30. Thomas Turbando

    The president and gun thing aged like milk huh...

  31. Sawyer Northrop

    I'm gonna start saying "that's for a jury to decide" in my daily life

  32. kangaroo jack



    Best show I've ever watched🔥🔥🔥.

  34. Brian_s3 castro

    so bad.

  35. dino waifu

    If the kid at 7:14 and the baby didn't survive then I hate this

  36. dino waifu

    At the end of the video everyone was sinking through the ground the question is what happens when they get to the other side of Earth are they just going to keep going farther and farther into the Galaxy

  37. Zacchry loyola 2nd account

    The mom and dad bug story is a little bit sad But it can still make a grown man cry

  38. • butternipple

    not her equilibrium

  39. Experiment 626

    This background music is not very Joe pera'y

  40. Amber Lopez

    She wasn't feeling it.😂

  41. Pink Liu

    0:48 everyone do the earrap it loud lol it for the meme

  42. Arudnik Gwesstechnyko

    Corporate dicks at the end, deluding themselves that they’re better. Bread pants is the perfect solution to getting caught wading into a soup pond.

  43. titsbeerbong420

    Quest Loves in da house.

  44. Jmag ination

    I don't think I've seen anything as amazing as this in quite sometime. I had to watch it 20 times to make sure I got the meaning and I still think I need to watch it a couple of more times. The oatmeal and mess songs are fucking deep.

  45. dino waifu

    This is leaked footage of a new update for GTA V where you'll be able to meet your doppelganger

  46. Bella Love


  47. Karnak

    Absurd, pointless, decadent and in bad taste Exactly the perfect daytime show for women!💄👜👱

  48. warehouse5am

    Blew my mind when I heard my shasta. I love in burney. Dope

  49. SoloDoloWill

    So we not going to ignore David sound like Marty.

  50. _yeet_ Central_214_

    One of the black guys at the close to end played in Dave

  51. E-Man5805

    You don't even need to know the man all that well to say he most definitely murdered someone. I mean, he says he'll murder someone's whole family and say he's being framed in the same breath?

  52. Amber Lopez

    Nick Cannon is my favorite Black racist. He got fired his TV job for making Anti-Semitic speech.

  53. MaskedMarvyl

    Art school is Not the world's most useless degree. Theater Arts is......

  54. Pizza The Fox

    I heck'n love Jack Stauber so much!!! AAAAAAAA!!! There's so much charm to this!!!!

  55. dino waifu

    Ahh yes great value The Shining

  56. Cyberglitch

    3D Rick

  57. Grayson K

    So Macaulay Culkin is in an episode from the month before... maybe he helped to get her on the show and didn't tell her what it'd be like as a little prank?

  58. Rendroc

    This is really stupid... He’s funnier IRL.

  59. Eddie Donovan

    Only a dang hunk wouldn’t like this

  60. John Echols


  61. Batgirl P

    5 hundo a week! I was rich and didn't know it!

  62. Braylin


  63. titsbeerbong420

    ☕ thats coffee for you.

  64. TicktockSommelier

    Is that Moe's Tavern?

  65. Enerjak

    Technically because of the multiverse in Rick and Morty, this is canon to the show.

  66. titsbeerbong420

    I mean that was powerfull. Everyone has a penis.

  67. ?

    He knows NOTHING!

  68. aura la

    Brief 9 7 8

  69. _yeet_ Central_214_


  70. Anthony Hinojosa

    Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim

  71. Hudson Hughes

    The team is from salt lake city

  72. Rygart Arrow

    I am so confused

  73. titsbeerbong420

    I almost made the chair dirtier.

  74. _yeet_ Central_214_

    Omg she was so scared

  75. ANI

    Oh shoot! People of color?! Okay Rick and Morty! I didn’t even knowww❤️

  76. Asupan MEM3

    Re zero in nutshell

  77. tristen e

    this is absolutely beautiful... goosebumps from it all wow

  78. Earth School

    I love that he’s from Norway but sounds American

  79. titsbeerbong420

    Weird Al:My work here is done.

  80. Bobby Firmino

    I'm 38 and I love this show I watch it over and over, love it! Pity bout the weight time till next season! I cried at this song how sad eh? But I resonated with everything the music rick everything!