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ONE Championship is the world’s largest martial arts organization, featuring some of the greatest martial artists on Earth and hosting bouts across all styles of martial arts such as Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling, Lethwei, Silat, Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and more. Headquartered in Singapore, ONE Championship is Asia's largest global sports media property with a global broadcast to over 150+ countries.

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  1. Ferdz Fortich

    Congrats love ❤️😘

  2. Виктор Карэно

    Жёстко 👍👍👍

  3. Rey gene Bedolido

    Magaling c polayang pero kulang sa diskarte...

  4. Christian Etalam

    Jeremy Azul Malate

  5. Mark Gregorio

    Nice fight..😊

  6. Mandeep singh

    Photo copy of Ben askern charging

  7. NU Fire alarm system

    Next VS ?????

  8. Barry Burton

    He looks like Chong Li the way he is reacting to the hits as well lol. Just need to get him at the end to say, "you break my record, now I break you like I break your friend."

  9. Faris

    Imagine rika ishige saying "OHAYO ONII CHAN"

  10. ptofview

    This has to be the worst announcer.

  11. Troy Mcghee

    jackie buntan definitely lost the last round

  12. Jacob Powers

    That facial expression is disturbing

  13. Divya dandotiya

    The Indian tigress...respect

  14. LiveStream DailyArchive

    watch in .50x speed and its fast af, watch in .25x speed and its still fast. wth...

  15. Van Marco

    Captain america on thumbnail 🤭👍

  16. samomac

    I'm pretty sure I punch harder than this guy. I'm 130 lol

  17. 中国人妻のリアルな日常【動画投稿中】


  18. awesome guy

    Eddie should be in ONE featherweight. 100%

  19. F13killerHocks

    That guys a beast

  20. Khuheto Chishi

    I support Amir, even do he couldn't make it as a winner for this time. I hoped that he will make it in the next time.

  21. 么メE -JONSON USER

    Manny Paquiao version in muai thai

  22. Ichheißenell ejip

    Vera by tko rd. 1 cmon, we can the difference.

  23. special news

    Indian 🐅

  24. Demosthenes dela pena


  25. ピーナツバター



    I think Haggerty won

  27. Sonnie Daniell

    Thanks again and I

  28. lucious malveaux

    Fighting is now a sport wow we used to go to jail for that stuff

  29. Boss Ace G

    Alam ko yan, bukas masakit na yan loko.

  30. sHanWayne Tv

    Kinapos sa hangin c vera..,

  31. RoD

    Entrar na trocação franca com o John Lineker e burrice e pedir pra dormir.

  32. V R


  33. Steven Terrell


  34. brenn AG

    You know when I was a little kid ..- Ngannou

  35. Ildz Bildz

    That is too dope!

  36. Robert Stuart

    Wait until a Liver Punch or Kick!!!!

  37. M. B.

    Ultra instinct

  38. Bá Tài Channel

    That's so funny. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  39. Aman Chauhan

    It's time to congrats the Phogat family and the whole india❤️

  40. A B

    poor kid, damn

  41. King of England

    "outline" tattoos are for soyboys.

  42. Tshim Muaj

    I read load for the last word 😂😂😂 Dirty me

  43. Javin Djoyoadhiningrat

    Yo that's an iconic supervillain laugh if I ever heard one. He should be the next bad guy in deadpool 3.

  44. JoJo's Mum

    Get rid of robot girls they are cringy

  45. findmeOnMaps

    This is why men die younger than women.

  46. Randy Bobandy

    You would think one fc would pick someone who could throw a punch... then again they signed reug reug

  47. Mr Pakuntay

    he he..dengan lawan macam ko boleh makan bukan main ko berlagak ye rambut kuning. haha.

  48. Thomas Elmore

    Can't say her name, sad announcer.

  49. Kyle Barcomb



    Luta ruim.

  51. Mark Jhoneil De Guzman

    Ryan gracia looking for you

  52. Gaming Solo

    Such a great crowd!

  53. anooseholay

    If hirata had been putting any power behind those punches it would have been a much shorter bout.

  54. Renj Ruiz

    Just one punch of Manny Pacquio and you will cry like a baby LOL

  55. kuya

    this guy needa do the challenge wit ryan garcia, would be a good cross

  56. Marvin Serrano

    Plot twist, instead of your sleep-paralysis demons you see these two doing the challenge at the edge of your bed in the middle of the night

  57. LiveStream DailyArchive

    fedor emelianenko, wants to try 😂

  58. Temujin Khan

    Mei almost looks like a man already

  59. POLO POL

    come THAILAND you know Buakaw Banchamek?


    theres no power behind those punches

    1. louyht7

      you sure?

  61. jokerslices

    Swear one dominates over ufc

    1. Duane Torres

      😂😂😂 what a joke

    2. Kerry Land


    3. RubenAngelo Iglesias

      Just IMHO 👌

    4. RubenAngelo Iglesias

      I don't think so 😂

  62. Killer_YT

    Canelo Alvarez looking 👀

  63. Micah Bell

    They're like. "Step bro I'm stuck."

  64. Micah Bell

    Imagine if the referee take that as literal tap out 🤣

  65. cassetoi09

    Kane should have his contract torn up and never fight again for One Championship.

  66. Myatt Hickland

    Keep taking hits to the mid-section like that you won’t see your next birthday.

  67. Marc Native

    Lamar from Revenge of the nerds steps in !!!!!!

  68. Johnmer Morales

    Mike Tyson enters "Hold my beer"

    1. Wayan Yoga Segara

      LOL 🤣😂

    2. King Smokes

      Canelo: “hold my caguama”

  69. star onson

    Francis Ngannou has entered the chat

    1. Wayan Yoga Segara

      LOL 🤣😂

    2. depp deng

      As the puncher lol.

  70. Kyla nhicole Gamad

    Practise leg kick denice..,,angela lee great champion

  71. Cheddar323

    Not me.

  72. Donald Singco

    Taga mindanao ba talaga yan ang dueag lumaban tanga tanga walang diskarte may daga sa dibdib...

  73. Aaron M

    One has to have the worst commentary team. They all talk over one another, and not aware on what's going down on matt sometimes. It would be nice to have transition breakdowns but they seem to get carried away talking and completely miss on what's going on.. the aussie guy is the worst

  74. Jim M

    She just keeps Winning

  75. Darran Kern

    I enjoyed Vera when he was good. 12 years ago, when he was still winning fights in the UFC, and not getting KO’d by dweebs

  76. Rafael B Suarez Jr RANTS

    Women always try to act like men why?

  77. Lesson Learn

    Buhay kapa pala Polayang? Malaki ka lang pero wala kang Speed at Power

  78. Anime Newton S4

    O maluco E brabo

  79. BENKUMA ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

    That jab combo from Rodtang at 11:44 was brutal, imagine getting your abs pounded like that