'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' Out April 2

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  1. Agús Crz

    No dejemos que está tremenda canción se estanque , tiene q llegar muy lejos. Dónde están todos los latinos que apoyamos a DEMI LOVATO. 👇

  2. Pietra Santos

    essa música me traz uma nostalgia tão grande... vontade de chorar

  3. Kaetlyn Strong

    i listen to this song AT LEAST twice a day!!

  4. MrPenfold4

    The last few seconds with the piano instrumental always gets me

  5. Vony Rakoto

    demi lovato and that black leather nuisette situation is hawt

  6. David Cha

    Definition diaboloß prone to slander, slanderous, accusing falsely a calumniator, false accuser, slanderer [email protected]'t walk with the devil, don't even joke about the devil. The Bible says we ought to pray for the devil. For he is the first sinner. And some say first liberator of sin that allowed us to liberate ourselves. Like all things even too much of a good thing is a bad thing. The Bible says we ought to pray for the first sinner as a parable of forgiving our enemies we pray for our enemies. I don't always understand these words because I understand what I'm reading it's just my emotions always feel out of tune with what I know what I should do. For me this requires faith in believing that the word of God is in the book that we call Bible. If I lose all Hope and Faith in myself and my fellow women and men I choose to believe the word in the book that was written by man inspired by God for us to follow. Regardless of scientific disproving authenticity it is authentic to me and my believing in it keeps it alive for the next generation.

  7. Anastaciaperez Perez

    Yess girl

  8. Elifsena Kara


  9. Sreeradha Seth

    Amy Winehouse vibes

  10. Maria José Mtz

    something in the 2021 ??

  11. anna escobedo

    demi has just created something impressive so that we can become aware help people not to leave them alone support them be friends or family that any of us can fall into addictions congratulations to demi who struggles to get ahead and god bless her that he becomes her strength

  12. Renato Miranda

    practicamente a historia da juliete:

  13. Amanda Nicole Music

    Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it! <3

  14. rihana bailey

    We'll always support you, no matter what

  15. Nick Síllvia

    Não entendo pq a Demi tem pouca visualização...gente olha a voz dessa mulher, ela é perfeira; fico indignada com isso da visualização...

  16. Méhãk Åhmēd

    This song helps me in depression 💓

  17. Aemilia Ferreira

    Courage and Love to you Demi you are a survivor🕊 God bless 🙏

  18. Amanda Nicole Music

    Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it! <3

  19. Amanda Nicole Music

    Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it! <3

  20. Tiago Vidigal

    I'm a grown man. I can't hear this song without crying...


    ❤️I❤️ LOVE ❤️💕💕😘😘😘 YOU❤️😘😘😘


    I love song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. rami nakhle


  23. Gabriella Trejo

    Thank you 😭

  24. Tutorials Xx

    I can hit the high note I posted it on tik tok and went viral😳

  25. Chloetjuh

    My youth🥺 i always used to sing this in 2014🤣

  26. Star Sea

    Its what queen of high note look like

  27. Mariana Robayo


  28. Shivani Sharma

    Is it just me or everyone could relate this song like 100%

  29. ashlie ceja

    This song sounds like the Christian song "Revelation song" God hears all our prayers. Have faith

  30. belle ange edits

    the dumbass energy here that doesn’t know what an outro is 😭 this is a fun song for her. she’s having fun saying she’s pansexual and the outro is her laughing about it. move along. it’s clear y’all are too used to the same equally structured pop music and good for you.

  31. juli merlo

    cuántas larries hay acá?

  32. eriXeclan


  33. Sarah Marshall

    this song makes me very happy

  34. MELANIN Queen

    💜💜ALL the love and prayers to you Demi. 💜💜

  35. qwerqup

    нашла неужели нахуй дададааддалаад

  36. Danielle Tipton

    How is this “helpful” to people?

  37. ash n ayden

    I love you thank you

  38. It’sCamrye

    This is why she’s my role model. When I had an overdose, it made me wake up and see where my life was going and I quit being around bad people, quit drinking with people I’m not safe with, and stop any type of drug use but thankfully, it was that one time and I had no addiction... she’s so fucking strong

  39. Gean Pieer Díaz

    This song is art

  40. ash n ayden

    Thank you Demi for a song that I can relate to and put myself back into reality 🙏🙏 I get chills everytime I love you so much I have a very similar story and your story touched me I love love love you

  41. Kay A

    I have watched this video 6 times today. I love it

  42. Yuyun Yuningsih


  43. Natiroxi mateoBritovelezanzaldo

    Ame tu vídeo Demi Lovato. Eres grandiosa 👏🏻❤️

  44. Ratty K

    I’m laughing so hard Demi what is this

  45. Julius Myke

    I start crying 😭 from the beginning to the end of this song. Thank you Demi for the song. ❤️

  46. Alyssa Reyna

    ♥️🦸#demi4l #DemiStrong ✊

  47. Aisha T

    POV: your here from TikTok after hearing that girl hit the high note

  48. Vane C

    Arte puro Nunca me senti tan identificada 🙏

  49. Mr RED

    Alternative name for this song: *Dancing with drugs addiction*

  50. Megan Mabe

    The amount of emotion she sings with📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  51. bex williams

    Iv been down that depression no hope path and watched other go down that drug use path .. some friends did make it to Heaven 😓. this has hit every raw nerve! I hope this song breathe some life into everyone struggling cos Ur not alone💕

  52. crybaby

    what does the disco ball on the ceiling of the operating room represent? &that she leaves (the hospital) in the same clothes she was in when she was using? like, I take it to mean how in the book crank the lasts words even when the girl has been sober and has a baby "The monster will always be apart of me And right now It's calling me out the door." -Ellen Hopkins that even though she left the hospital, she's still the same person with the same diseased mind she came in it with?

  53. BoyUnder

    Lovatics gracias por su apoyo a "Dancing With The Devil", también reproduzcan en Spotify. ¿De qué país apoyas a Demi?

    1. BoyUnder


  54. BoyUnder

    Lovatics thanks for support to "Dancing With The Devil", Also do stream on Spotify. From which country do you support Demi?

    1. BoyUnder


  55. John lyons jr

    This hit me on a whole new level,...for so many people including myself we've been there and it's not easy....glad she's doing better now, one day at a time.

  56. Adriana Souza

    I love you DEMI, graciaaas

  57. Guusje Braam

    But wait why did I never know this was Demi?😂

  58. Ela Devany

    go girl!


    My boys r there enjoying 😭😭😭

  60. Ági Kucskár

    Am I the only one who cannot listen to old Demi songs after this album?

  61. Sylwia OHOHOH

    wow. her voice in this song.. something incredible 😮😮

  62. Кристюшка _

    Сильная моя девочка😭

  63. Kaitlyn Worley

    who else loves her hair

  64. Kaitlyn Worley

    0:57 who else loves the look she gave us

  65. Aline Isabella

    Esse álbum da Demi tá maravilhoso 😍 ela arrasa demais ❤

  66. David Bentley

    This is the first Demi Lovato song I've ever heard, and HOLY CRAP!!!! This is insanely intense and real and powerful and needed. Kudos to you for overcoming the tragedy by making something so powerful.

  67. Christine Munteanu

    oh yes , I ve been waiting for this song since the first story appeared , love it all , its pure addiction , pure talent

  68. Giada Ferrari

    This is beautiful, but she created a song that literally spells out why 99.9% of the time moderation (which she is openly doing now) in an addict does not work...I hope it will for her, but this song shows exactly that it always starts from "a little red wine" and ends with you pushing that boundary just a little, until you're too far gone to come back

  69. Caroline Cooper

    i need this to give me motivation lmao

  70. Sam Wright

    Wow! Very powerful

  71. Ariana Fan

    i’m obsessed with this

  72. Vibe Station

    Who even has the nerve to dislike this video.

  73. Alahna Whitner

    This must took so much strength to create this video.

  74. Lisa O'Boyle

    I've been a recovering addict for 15 years on this October 6th. And I struggle everyday. Thank you Demi for this. Stay strong sister. We got this💜💜💜

  75. Mariah Joy

    my biggest inspiration

  76. Zaara Mariam

    Anyone here after kpop edits /FF

  77. Philipe Desnecessários

    Is Wonderful

  78. maria diab

    This will always remain iconic

  79. maria diab



    yes i'm still here in 2021 cause i still can't believe that those vocals exist