This channel is the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the videos uploaded as there some of the best and most original on the net and it is TV shows that copy me not the other way round. Thanks and hope you have enjoyed the ride.


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  1. Nicholas Karako

    What sort of nutty invention are you going to make next? A random person recommended your channel to me on the comment I wrote on Savage Builds. Watched two of your video and i was definitely entertained. Considering a cow has four stomachs it was be cool if someone built a 5 gallon (19 liter) beer brewing/ filtering/ refrigerated/ beer dispensing cow machine.

  2. eq2lornick

    I'm not a real fan of the idea of using lead in roof construction. Surely some of that will wind up in the water table.

  3. Sam Heighway

    Make a car that can go on land and water

  4. Mark Frehmann

    🙈😂 omg (in german: "ach du Scheiße") ...der Typ ist genial verrückt 😂

  5. The Spanish Inquisition

    This is the American dream car

  6. Fluorescent Black

    How do you deal with your tinnitus Colin?

  7. soinu foig

    Colin deserves to be in the next bond film. An actual mad inventor in Q's workshop.

    1. soinu foig


  8. Reebix

    Hey I live in Germany and I see you at joko vs. Klaas

  9. Dario 64

    I have no Idea what I cam across... but hecc it, I'm subbing!! >:D

  10. Kisumiri

    How could you not call it the Tea-ssembly Line?

  11. Kids Perera

    I love how his thought process is "swing, better swing,cold tub, what next... i KnOW UpSiDeDowN!! "

  12. UxziYT

    One day Furze will make a rocket to the moon, but it’s wood powered.

  13. Gordon Music

    Jets or pulse jets?

  14. Cryptothedog

    When you see your neighbor trying to stalk you on a 360 swing

  15. the hillbilly gamer !

    Boba Fett shot you with his trusty slug thrower sniper rifle

  16. Jere Sääski

    Real-life Crush Crawfish when

  17. Rocco Leader

    4:07 colin are you ok?

  18. yasio bolo

    I have no idea how you managed to jump through all the legal hoops to make this but I'm so glad you did, it's amazing!

    1. yasio bolo

      can you build a party popper machine gun?

  19. Gordon Music

    I've got three turbos sitting around,any ideas

  20. peyton the Steven universe lover


  21. Ádám Mészáros

    Why do you have a tie for garden work? What the f.

  22. Serwer Gully

    In Britain you can’t have guns and instead of you having guns you do things that feel like illegal

  23. Bob Burn


  24. Givan Pontes


  25. grindAR2007 d

    Firework rocket launchert

  26. John Schweiger

    You so remind me of james acaster

  27. Stanis Mack

    Colin: *starts playing tube* Me: plz no

  28. Mike OHandley

    obviously can't get out of ground effect.

  29. Shamari Enjoys

    If collin furze was a creep looking through a hole on your.4:14

  30. Zack FTW

    2:07 FIRE IN THE HOLE!

  31. Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs


  32. ironcyber

    This guy is so crazy he could be Murdock from the A team

  33. James Braithwaite

    I'm surprised a Snap-on/Mac Tools truck doesn't pay you a visit every week.

  34. Teemu Herttua

    Could you make gyro-x car, it is basically self balancing two wheel car.

  35. King Freddie

    Shaking bung bed

  36. Bella Ciao

    Anyone noticed the Indian auto over there 😂😅

  37. fritz lobster

    Your crazy bro

  38. Jason Schreiber

    @colinfurze Check out Tayda Electronics for switches and other electronic prototype components... your welcome.

  39. Tas*Ian9137 YT

    His neighbours: What the fu-

  40. Crosby The Wolf

    Also, board up your downstairs toilet With wooden boards nailed into the door frame So if you're desperate it's still excessive trying to get them off

  41. TreSteal

    1:30 are you winning son?

  42. King Freddie

    I challenge you to live in the box for 2 weeks

  43. Dave Ellis

    Shot horizontally😀👍

  44. Henry Goodbar

    Now we see what is meant by Mutually Assured Destruction...

  45. ben31uk

    BBC no thanks

  46. Henry Goodbar

    Hey why not

  47. Luke Adkins


  48. Shane McDaniel

    BISCUIT BUTTON!!!!!!!!! I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!

  49. N0T_4BZ

    You made their day lmao

  50. esmus galva

  51. Naufal Hadi

    People : enjoying the trebuchet works Me : impressed with that accent

  52. sup boi

    0:30 i like the way this guy thinks

  53. Bat Dog

    Colinfurze:I MADE A CLAW Mr.Crabs:GIMME BACK MY CLAW

  54. Lambda65's Channel

    Three dimensional maneuver gear from Attat on Titan. I want to see you flying around the city.

  55. Joseph Langley

    I just seen it on NLname....that's enough to say what a waste of time and just built a expensive piece of "yard art"

  56. sup boi

    and who said adults don't have an imaginations



  58. The Dawsons Memes

    When you sell this house in many years Don’t tell anyone about this

  59. Steven Adams

    unfortunately not everyones blessed enuff to have a tool shed, plasma cutters etc & all that jazz. but i’d still buy one 60mph modded scooters.

  60. Steven Adams

    where’s the cart now? what do you do with stuff once you’ve built it & thrashed it & got sick of it?

  61. Steven Adams

    i’d so buy one these modded and all.

  62. BradiKal61

    the drum needs some baffles? fins? to separate the clothes as the drum turns. that would help keep the clothes from sliding around the inside rather than tumbling. there could even be some blunt hooks for items to hang on as they went high to sort of stretch them out

  63. Pabasara Jayawardhana

    Thank you

  64. Максим Рыков

    Опасно - нет кобуры для лезвия. - нужно переделать. :-)

  65. Steve Wright

    Great job, just one thing lets this down. I could be in there in under 10 seconds without a key for the padlock, you need at least one bolt through each section of the T hinges, and the same for the padbolt, saying that though, I'd throw the padbolt away and try and get a deadlock on there, the part where the padlock goes can easily be knocked off with a hammer, but just 2 screws are holding the keeper on, removing those will give anyone access, this is why so many garden shed gets broken into, owners don't realise how vulnerable their garden tackle is.

  66. Därk çâstër

    Smartest guy live amongst the humans

  67. Gerg Woodest

    Why not just go to the shop and buy one?

  68. EagerBeaver 271

    You should build a jet powered drift trike. Idk why but it seems challenging and would be fun

  69. geoffballantyne


  70. Joshua Singleton

    I can just imagine someone needing to go poo and having to run up this

  71. Rico Belcourt

    "all fun and games until you get gapped by a drift trike with a laptop"

  72. thomas Hardie

    0:12 EHEHE

  73. I'm Me

    Hay, I know I'm the wet blanket. First, I liked the video, BUT... Cut the music volume 50% and/or boost the voice. I'm watching late at night and I have to keep see-sawing the volume control. Music loud, turn it down. Voice too low to hear, turn it up. It gets annoying quickly.

  74. Foc4ccin4

    do you know how when you dig down closer to the sea you see the water rise from the sand? It would be nice if he made an underground hut with glass panels to see all the things crawling in that sort of mix of sand/water mud close to the sea

  75. Matthew Grime


  76. Darrell Bryant

    WoW Colin, very well thought out tool shed.!

  77. Kylo Ren


  78. Chillnabil

    9:03 for final