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  1. Ramiro Barité

    Brandon killed hid dad because he was mad ok but how did he convince 200 superheroes to kill his father

  2. Bacon

    Why does Chris look so much like DI Arnott in this game?

  3. clarisa polk

    I just finished watching the first season on Netflix

  4. Raw Foota93

    I'm going to Be honest and I don't care how any one feels. Two cousins having sex is awful. It would actually make the show a contradiction. The dragon queen wanted power to make their world better, but in the end is corrupted by power, and becomes the very thing she hated. The lannisters were just about their own race. The beautiful part about the dragon destroying the chair symbolizes the end of supreme power, equality, and the starks found peace

  5. Ramiro Barité

    but why Walter's plan include almost diying twice? like when he entered the head of the clone, why did he do that


    Dark??? There was more jokes in this trailer than anything else. Trailer was pretty average. The first film was bad.

  7. mushy cider

    I thought the main viltrimight villian was based on Freddy Mercury (idk how 2 spell)

  8. Clyde Slater III

    @Heavy Spoilers is that "The Vulture" standing, looking on at Cletus's girl? When the camera pans there's a familiar looking male between the two women looking on as well? -THE PHOENIX @501 Witty (NLname)

  9. Aleksandr Khellzhao

    Ok, listen carefully if you will now... Justin Roiland, booze, sewers, Rick, "lay it lay it down" alike ending music... huh? mad scientist? ... could be far fetched but.. ball fondlers? baaall fondlers?

  10. Brandy Anderson

    Blue Bolt was barely a factor in the series. IMDB has him in 6 episodes but I was like where?

  11. _ Zodiac_

    Honestly I hope we get to see the Invincible War later in the show possibly

  12. Brandy Anderson

    The whole Walter trying to drive a wedge between Brandon and Sheldon made no sense. Sheldon was a horrible father and he needed no help ruining relationships with his children

  13. Intellectually Ignorant Chicago Made

    Volume 1 was a good watch & I am also looking forward to Volume 2. If SkyFox is the father of Hutch how did Hutch end up with the staff thing that was given to Dr Richardson by the aliens when powers were issued out

  14. shevanje

    as expected, SOOOO much better than the adaptation. But if the tv show continues with its iwn thing it can still be pretty sweet

  15. brukernavn340

    The "woke factor" is tangible in this comment section.

  16. Kevin Edoo

    VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021) @t

  17. Ugo Eze

    No one’s been asking this but ifJack killed Ethan in RE:7 and Rosemary was conceived between 7 and VIII, then the question has to be asked: who is really the father: Ethan or the mold who has the memory of Ethan? Where’s Maury when you need him?

  18. Eli Burnside

    Did you make this video twice?

  19. Chef_PC

    Does the paper say “Avengers” or does it say “Passengers”?

  20. Nick Avey

    Stopped after the 2nd episode. This show is bad. Also very racist. Who watches this crap?

  21. G P

    I have to wonder if as the tv series goes on they don't start to make changes here and there so it's not exactly a carbon copy of the comic. Might make comic fans mad, but it'd keep it interesting to see either way.

  22. Seth Rose

    When I watched season 8 I actually took offense

  23. Mailman 32

    6 out of 10 i hope season two is better.

  24. Captain Eggroll

    i do not think tobey and andrew should be in no way home. they have spiderverse 2 or even doctor strange 2 but if not i think tom’s 4th spider-man movie should be the big multiverse movie

  25. rickdeezy07dj

    That's a great arc for Chloe. She's so damaged so I'd like to see a redemption

  26. Alex G


  27. Cleatus Martin

    We all know omni man is a very violent version of superman

  28. Joseph Michaels

    the movie comes out sept.23rd. i can't wait to see it, if i will get to see it.

  29. xtxschmidt

    Season 1 had plot points from deeper in the comics than the rest of what s1 focused on, like the mission to mars. I wonder how they'll pace it all. I can't imagine we'll get black and blue suit Invincible and all the fucked up stuff that comes with that cursed costume until like s4 but who knows

  30. DeAlpha 369

    We need heavyspoiler let’s play RE VIIIage

  31. APG X

    I’m not in favour of fact being mixed with fiction for entertainment value, it can muddle the water too much.

  32. SomeRandomJackAss

    The trailer breakdown with director Andy Serkis confirms that the main set up will involve looking for the bodies of Cletus' victims, and apparently the detective is named Mulligan.

  33. muddybuddy 103

    Give me a cookie

  34. Joey Lol

    If they make a season 4 conquest for sure main villain season 2 the woman viltrumite and then we see thragg being the main villain for season 3 then conquest and ya

  35. mc dude

    ur thinking about it too hard. The protagonist, the main guy, is the real hero. "the idea is to surpress." so the main guy is the only protagonist that doesn't know anything, this helps him gain the bad guys' trust as he truly thinks he's stealing protroleum for him and nor the algorithm so the bad guy allows him to go through with it. however all the other protagonists have all the knowledge of the events that happened already. that's why they drop hints to the main guy, and omit information when needed. they "pretend to almnost shoot him" as you quoted in ur video, kat says that "how she dreams to be the girl diving off the boat" although she has a kid, neil says "not even from afar?" hinting what will happen in the final scene. they need to drop hints but surpress it just enough so that the main guy can use his instincts and do what he has to do in order for everything to happen correctly. the kid max is actually neil, and he's actually the son of the main guy which is why he already knows everything. if u watch, the kid max is wearing blue when kat puts the gun in her box on the ship right before the bad guy confronts her on throwing him off the sail boat, which i assume is also planned. and if u watch at the end of the movie, max the kid is wearing red. meaning that's the perfect ending cuz he's now moving forward in time which means the plan will go through as planned even though max will die. the bad guy doesn't see kat's betrayal coming even though he sees everything else coming because he can't figure out that max is actually not his son and therefore trusts kat until she shoots him on the boat. you see if max thought kat killed his father(the baad guy) he would likely have not become a physics major in order to make sure it happened. who knows though. anyway it's a good movie. i suggest u watch again and listen to the music changes they actually tell u a lot in terms of story. i've watched the movie like 5 times now.

    1. mc dude

      also neil doesn't bother saying goodbye to his mom kat right before they leave on their final mission prolly cuz he can't bare to say bye to his mom knowing there's a possibility they're not going to make it. or he doesn't want to see kat crying in front of the protagonist which might alert him on neil's relationship to them.

  36. Lewis Marsh

    They say Hoover was gay in real life!!

  37. Joey Lol

    My real theory is though that doctor octopus will make an appearance because he will create carnage and Cassidy will somehow get carnage to bond with him

  38. slowbluesss

    Dark is the best tv show aside frome Breaking bad!

  39. Marcos Martinez

    Im so very much hoping for a Peter Parker cameo 🙏🙏

  40. Nita G

    I don't understand why the CIA would pretend to work with Sator's team and why Sator would trust CIA agents to work with his team in the first place? Both the CIA and Sator want the algorithm piece (or plutonium; not sure what the CIA thought they were getting), so why would they ever work together? I guess the protagonist, knowing the outcome, could tip the CIA to put a team together to work with Sator but it still doesn't explain why Sator would ever trust the CIA.

  41. Joey Lol

    I just got the most amazing theory ever “ MEPHISTO!!!!!!”

  42. Reagan Dewell

    I bet it was BATMAAAANN! YAAAYYYY!!!!!

  43. Jesus Alvarez

    The trailer gave us a look to carnage so looks like venom vs carnage movie.

  44. Andracoz

    Loved every second of this amazing series.

  45. James Hagan

    Anyone else think that the last time humans reached the island it created the Greek gods?

  46. Lee Harding

    Hasting’s replacement is the definition of sanctimonious. They should have made it H from steps. Might have been better than the limp ending they went with. Ten year’s of might life for that 😬

  47. Cougar Gray

    I think in a truly shocking twist the figure at the end being picked up is Mephisto

  48. themightylebeau

    I dont think the post credit scene is that far in the future, given the size of Rose when she was born she might age faster, kinda like Eveline did but not as rapid

  49. Chris Phipson

    3:49 I've heard a lot of youtubers pointing out the "reference" to Motaro on the vase but fail to mention that directly under the cracked skull image is a picture of Motaro straight from the movie.

  50. Pedro El Chango :v

    Just..... call Battle Beast

  51. BJI82a

    I think the next game will have Rose Jake and Sherry the missions will play like the new RE games but they might be broken up like 6 and what about Jill she also has the T virus in her and Ada is the spy queen will we see her without Leon cause I think those 2 could settle down and start a normal family can’t wait to see the next trailer in 3-4 years and what DLC will we get for this one

  52. ErnsDaBurns

    so is sky fox bad

  53. Mep

    The real big question is who is the Duke? Is he another one of Mirandas creations? As Dimitrescu I believe talks about trading with him during the beginning of the game and seems to be on good terms with him from this. How does he get around unnoticed or attacked? So many questions unanswered!!!

  54. Mep

    I think Rose grew up quicker like Eveline but I imagine it will be something like Omniman as well where the older she gets the slower she ages or something similar. It would make sense for her character maturity and to not have the games to far ahead in time.

  55. gerald Johnson

    The more I think about the more I'm convinced Neil's intention was to save his mother. And sator doesn't want things to change.

  56. Chris Shagorock


  57. DOOM

    I think ethans mephisto

  58. Alan George Barstow

    It is not "Season 6", we're not Yanks. It is SERIES SIX.

  59. J.O.R.D

    Are they making Tom Hardy’s voice of Venom different in this movie? It sounds a little different or is it just me ? 🤷🏽‍♂️ Also I love the foreshadowing with Cletus squishing that spider 👏🏽

  60. Edward Morrison

    Omg. The movie looks so cool. Cant wait to see it in the movies.

  61. Manuel Vazquez

    This show is straight trash i can not believe all the money and time making this nonesense.

  62. Conor Gillis

    I liked the 1st film but this trailer has done nothing for me at all..

  63. AirForcePararescuer

    I can see Venom being so hungry because he's about to produce Carnage like he does in the comics, and it's played for comedy at first.

  64. Aaron Ortiz

    I need a win in 2021!

  65. nash sanadiki

    I was blown away that Ethan was dead all along 😂

  66. J.O.R.D

    I get Stranger Things vibes off Carnage, anybody else? He does look menacing and VERY sinister and I’m sooo happy all my favourite Marvel properties are being brought to life 🤓

  67. Melissa Cross

    I will never get over the missed opportunity of naming this movie Maximum Carnage.

  68. tp7886

    Is the contract on the boat not future Neil?

  69. CrunchyTaco77

    Can’t wait to see the carnage happen!!!

  70. Nev Bezaire

    I didn't have any trouble understanding temporal pincers during my first watch. What I had problems with was understanding motivations and logic within the pincers. And the more you think about them, the less they make sense. Go thru the car chase from either Sator or Protagonist's perspective and it makes no sense. So basically, "don't try to understand it, just feel it"

  71. Kwisatz

    I will come back and watch this after I finish the game, just wanted to leave a like.

  72. D. Blade

    Ima be honest I think the story in this game especially near the end is the best of all resident evil games, RE2 Remake is still my favorite of all the Resident Evil games but god that ending for village😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  73. Macyle

    If Homelander had a baby with Brightburn You get Titan from Megamind....Not Omniman. Omniman is basically what happens when Vegata comes to earth with a mission to conquer earth icched inside his brain and didn't get himself hit in his head in some pointy rock.

  74. Witchy Raven

    I live for the puns 😹😻

  75. Metal Otaku Banzai

    So Paul, do you sleep?? Jesus man youre a machine. Its insane all the content you put out. Respect!!

  76. Imagination Hammer

    They pulled over to pick up Mephisto

  77. Zachary Silverman

    Crazy insane so exciting

  78. 0megastar2

    Didn't notice the 42 - Jackie Robinson connection, I always thought it was a reference to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, where 42 is the meaning of life. Yours is definitely the intended one lol

  79. Diosnel Frica

    So Rose is Ymir the founder and she is using the memories to communicate with the future through the paths.

  80. Coorslite

    Such a good game! Though that doll house freaked me out lol I don't want to do it again!