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  1. curlyhead_abdel

    Bro really filming in Hackney yard from mw

  2. A-Spoke Rap




  4. Tom Hughes

    I love doing DARED lifts in the gym

  5. Barbara Crook

    The dashing planet clasically analyse because timer ecologically pat to a oceanic pancake. volatile, rustic instruction

  6. Tommy Lee

    Anyone know what happened to the rapper Propane who used to rap with Squeekz, Benny Banks, Joe Black etc?

  7. Don Jour

    Jordan is the type of guy to get banned from his hometown

  8. Syed Islam

    Is he camden or active gang ?

  9. Axizua

    0:25 Replay button

  10. NeverThat

    Mhm this hard! Love from California 🙏🏽🆙

  11. Dodgey:D

    Reminds me of six9 🤷

  12. Elvin Bruno

    it´s too late cause this ship is sailed away from your reaching (colder than ice)

  13. Amaar Ali

    give me the pumpy 🤣

  14. Benny

    Backroad gee & Meek Mills on a track would be 🔥🔥🔥💀💀💀

  15. Wilt The Goat

    The snare makes this beat


    Dese man are spazzzzzzzing

  17. AlbaLife

    One of the best Daily Duppys

  18. Gaulopez

    Anyone here 2021 still one of the most underrated TUNES SNEAKBO WENT INNNNN


    My dog barking way better than your rap

  20. Dodgey:D

    Mox is looking 45 now 🤭

  21. Burak Yöndem

    Ayooooooooooooo BANGER

  22. İlkan akyar

    BMT I’m feeling dis

  23. Emirhan '

    Blood we got waps and rambos too!

  24. Marsim

    Does anyone know the producer?

    1. M King

      DoeBoy He’s bloodlines inhouse DJ/Producer


    Has Milli got beef with Prez t?

    1. Warm Ice

      I’ve been searching the comments trying to work out the same thing.


    Absolutely disgusting riddem

  27. 76 Splxtz

    Lets be fr: everybody’s here from TikTok 🤣😭

  28. Gaucho machocha

    Lv in the cat 😂😂😂

  29. Usman Wsaim

    I like this song because only some people can feel this song.

  30. Lee Miller

    Paul is an ole liar bout he was acting. This is exactly how he was on the show

  31. Ampz & Denz

    “Squeeeeeeeks” that ad-lib is too cold 4:15

  32. Meat Hawker

    God dam wow ☝

  33. K P

    Uk durkio ya mad

  34. Mohammed Jake

    oo harddd! 🇰🇾 🇰🇾🇰🇾🌴

  35. Alternate Spellings


  36. Yunus Emre Çelik

    This slaps in the whip rude boy

  37. İlhan Özcan

    This needs more views

  38. Yiğit Edits


  39. Ufuk cndx

    Rating both of these rappers right now

  40. I Ain't Lyin'

    Come on lah's, constantly smashing it.

  41. Doğu Taşlı

    Got this one on repeat not gonna lie lol

  42. Ayberk Özsoy

    Deepee yeah okayyy

  43. Ulaş Eren Çeçen

    Link 1 gyal wid a wide nek loool ard body


    The beat is nuts

  45. Wave Villain


  46. Charlotte Begum


  47. Ryan Armitage

    Been waiting on this. It’s cold 🥶

  48. dbaby


  49. Sefa AY

    Big boombastic tump out ur face!!!

  50. Kalk Gidelim

    Crazy well done man dem

  51. Ayla Can Kurtuluş

    Nobody wins when the fam feuds fr fr

    1. Warm Ice

      I felt that in my chest🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. İbrahim M

    Bap bap bap

  53. DEAD

    Sick too catchy

  54. Gabriel Gabby

    That’s my boy going crazy

  55. Rayhan Karim

    Cracking tunee what a Banger aha when your with your mates partying this is the one deffo 💯💯😂😂

  56. liz elendu

    My jam

  57. Kaushal Kishor

    Visuals Music on Point 📹🔥

  58. Kaushal Kishor

    Valli 🔥🔥🔥💎

  59. Kane Taylor

    That's her real hair in the video.

  60. Riley Blais

    Gassed up 300 no spartan ⚰️

  61. This Reckless

    In the coupe, y bonita.

  62. Abhay Kumar

    Straight Banger man 🔥🔥


    respect from Russia

  64. Getpopular media


  65. Getpopular media

    This one is Dope Man 💯🚀

  66. Idris A.D

    These idiots think wearing designer clothes make you look rich...they robbin you but your blind to see it.

  67. Chris Woakes

    Love this song.

  68. Eswai_HL

    Y'all really feelin this non sense😀😀😀😀😀

  69. Kezii

    Produced by me X SlipperyHaze 💥

    1. Jake Clayton

      Is it on yt the beat

  70. Ken Boswell

    JORD you legendkeep going FAM

  71. Shaun Whelan

    Squeekz an meekz on a track pleaseee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Raj Miah

    That jacket 🔥

  73. 937 Aleh


  74. Ch G


  75. DatFatAce665

    My mum slapped me with the chappal when I put this on the tv

  76. Adz

    The only good rapper there is Bugzy

  77. Masi

    Mr presidential is BACK!!!!!!

  78. J N


  79. Gunnerz C man

    I need this on Spotify fr

  80. Jason Singh

    This guy reminds me of blade lol 😂