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  1. nayrv

    Oh my god, this entire video was gold from start to finish.

  2. Metin Erol

    This is not that accurate haha you've failed this time because no girls had make eye contact with me haha


    As an Australian I can confirm that is our diet

  4. Srećko Čuvalo

    2:36 Ok, you made me choke on my tea.

  5. Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años

    This is the definition of "you got us in the first half, ngl".

  6. Hassan Sabbagh

    I was asking myself why typing with one hand

  7. Caercutta30

    In my experience, captured enemies are just as good as friends.

  8. Bo

    bro i experience more, reflect more. i just eat all the information and then think about it a lot and then vomit it back up again different at everyone else again

  9. Ashley

    From all the jokes I didnt understand the jokes about black people being free confused me the most. But I'm european, so I guess I'm not the target audience.

  10. Lettuce God

    2:51 Jesus Christ

  11. Jodat

    Damn didn’t include the gimpy gimpy plant, otherwise known as pain bush

  12. Lettuce God

    Lefse tho? That shit *SLAPS*

  13. Stonie Chambaud

    Do Canada

  14. payton calixto

    4:02 bruh

  15. Scott Gardner

    Good humour. Many I have problems understanding. LoL

  16. PJ Kempen

    zomg BASED lol

  17. chess boi

    Most of these jokes aren't even funny, it's just Americans laughing at everything.

  18. Oschi Zockt

    I have a problem: I dont support social Interaction

  19. smegysmegleton

    Tipping makes Karen’s. Gives them power trips

  20. indyjons321


  21. Isaak van Daalen

    "Black people should be free" holy shit.

  22. Everlasting Rain

    Fuck i chose the red one by accident

  23. Pavel R

    "Let's say you wanted to get out of America, but you can't, because there is a wall" Ded 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Lauri Levälehto

    So 600 W for a regular computer and 1500 W for a nice one. Hmm, I don't know about that. :D

  25. Heavy Stalin

    To be honest, drinking age is WHENEVER you have the balls. No idea why restrictions even work in the first place

  26. Dr. Coomer

    The American part is 100% true

  27. Alyssa ˎˊ-

    I've learned french for 5 years and I'm embarrassed to say I barely understood any of it before he translated it

  28. 3idjn7

    They should add this video to the 'mass shooting' statistics, cos my man laid em DOWN bruthaaaa

  29. Fanbuoy

    I want to start a restaurant where you just pay what you think the experience (food, service, everything) was worth. I'll call it "Just the tip".

  30. Jori

    I mean, where I work, servers getting payed $5 an hour are bringing in nearly as much as the damn manager at times. Granted, its cash and most are 20-something with 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies or guys with at least 20 tattoos per arm, so what the hell do they know about what to do with the money, but the tipping thing really makes serving a stable job for some places in the US.

  31. Davi GAMES p53

    Listen here america is 2 (or 3 if you count central america) god DAM FUCKING CONTINENTS

  32. 제규형

    Thanks for the amazing and funny video as always. It's sad that with the nowadays situation it's nearly impossible to go to a trip thanks to the Covid situation. Thanks for the interesting video.

  33. Jilli L

    That whole churro situation is so American

  34. 제규형

    Why is it the Great Ape family I wonder and not just large ape or something. Thanks for the interesting and witty video upload and I hope to see more interesting videos like this in the future as well.

  35. ZakkuDorett

    0:45 I'm french and this is hilarious

  36. Nimric

    Can we lower the cost of healing potions I broke my leg and had to sell all my other items to get it fixed.

  37. FranTIC TV

    English speaker: "Haha Squirrel is the hardest word ever to pronounce in any language!" German speaker: "Eichhörnchen."

  38. Masv1pe

    *Tips Fedora*

  39. Regő Szarka

    Ok boomer

  40. Nimric

    Devs you need to fix the entry level quests most of them require 3-5 years of experience. If I had that much experience I probably would want more money than an entry level player.

  41. ThatFancyGuy

    That black joke is 10/10

  42. Brett Voigt

    Tipping doesn't make sense in the US. The culture is to tip based on your bill, not the actual service provided.

  43. Alex

    Damn, the dating scene in Canada must be rough.

  44. -Naex- 114

    I didn't really get the african food part because there's some very good food but I still laughed xD

  45. Faifstarr

    real problems: sucks the ad was not in the middle, got me forwarding only to watch an outro pffff

    1. Sm1udntknw

      dude. sponsorblock. try it.

  46. Adrian The Genuine

    Intelligence Of Spectrum 😳 nlname.info/project/video/bLDe1aLNasd7qmQ

  47. sudhendu ahir

    He has a dunkey video just chilling on the left side. I see he is a man of culture...

  48. Adrian The Genuine

    Critically-Thinking nlname.info/project/video/bLDe1aLNasd7qmQ

  49. Adrian The Genuine

    Procrastination 😂 nlname.info/project/video/bLDe1aLNasd7qmQ

  50. Hsjsh Sgyahs

    How to speak french: Step 1. Go to a bar Step 2. drink as much as you can Step 3. ??? Step 4. Le French

  51. Jim Hudson

    He who laughs best laughs Last... there will be a day soon that your take on DJT will be much different if you have any intellect at all!

  52. Arkemis Mermadia

    I have a job... it’s living

  53. Olaf Kessler

    1:54 with baklave, you just started a war between greece and turkey my friend

  54. Juan Pablo

    it's very funny that the video is about America and NLname puts the CC a Russian 😂😂😂

  55. Christopher Pack Art

    It's almost as if it's not real.

  56. Peepeepoopoo

    Anyone’s high school was just. plain and boring like mine? like, I wasn’t a nerd but I wasn’t a jock either. Didn’t participate in any sports or theater. Mediocre grade. Didn’t wonder about sex or the future. Wasn’t the popular person or the class clown but wasn’t bullied either. Didn’t date bc I was clinically depressed. Didn’t really have friends (or foes), just a few that sit together during lunch. Didn’t go to prom or had a proper graduation bc of COVID. My school was pretty small. Only 7 people in my grade. 80 people in high school total. It was a small private school in a small boring town. Nothing really happened there. Nobody got pregnant or done hard drugs. No scandals no nothing. It was scarily quiet. Idk. I’m a freshman in college now but high school memory is pretty blurry for me. It was just. There. Like I just was ‘’present’’ during the 4 years but didn’t really do anything. I guess I’m just tryna see if anyone else’s experience is like mine. I felt like I wasted my high school years :(

  57. Minty

    your spreading false information. humans are not always not nocturnal, ever met a gamer?

  58. Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años

    Well, the difficulty is quite wrong. I've selected argentina, which appears in green, but man, it's a focking battle royal of politics and corruption

  59. Arkemis Mermadia

    This is the truth. Now, who wants to say hi to death? *speaks in loaded shotgun*

  60. Zack Zack with two Ps

    not the traffic

  61. Olaf Kessler

    1:07 not true at all! English is really easy. I'm German and learned english, Russian and Italian not far from each other and I learned English WAY faster then Italian even tho Iearned Latin before. For people who speak germanic languages learning English is like learning a strange dialect of your own language xD

  62. I'm bringing dabsy back

    Joke's on you my mom's dead

  63. Jeff Topp

    Jake Paul was #1. Unsub. JK

  64. Apple Plays


  65. DRC. cxl

    You know you're Australian when you don't put all animals in Australia in S tier

  66. Oscar Harper

    Land remains expensive!?!? Try the UK mate, we look at the US like it’s dirt cheap over here

  67. The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop

    Look at all the white people simp over the "black people should be free" joke. They wanna save everyone so bad lol.

  68. Justine Ivan Bayos

    I remember watching this video 3 yrs ago to get clues about her feelings. Eventually, we managed to become lovers and dated for more than a year and a half. Now, I'm single. Just sharing.

  69. Oliver Sanderson

    I have such a stupid bug where I can't breathe properly and have to use my hard earned in-game currency to pay for med potions that give me a breathing buff but it doesn't last long before I need to use the pot again. The Devs won't respond to my ticket about getting it fixed, I don't even think the Devs are still active on this game.

  70. moist_monke

    As a man that lives in NZ, I take my tomatoes seriously.

  71. turtle guy

    4chan is still better

  72. Rу Rу YT

    Americans indeed do often assume that white + speaking english online = America

  73. C. B. Kitty

    I had to pause the video to just process the "black people should be free"

  74. Scissor Demon Suya

    Platypus = Perry the Platypus

  75. Saad Ali

    Well I was expecting much better from you when you explain something like America..


    It hurts my heart knowing that there are people who never ate a francesinha

  77. Donshowmethoseads Soannoying

    I thought I was extroverted when I was a kid, but I just realized that I was as introverted as I am now. I have been a talkative introvert since day 1.

  78. No Name


  79. Jj Pelham

    "On one side there are the ones that think trump is the lord and savior of gods flat earth, and on the other side are the people who think denouncing a bottle of syrup relinquishes them of their original white sin" Could not have said it better if I had a million years.

  80. FilthyJimDk

    Fun fact danes invented the hotdogs