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  1. Cole

    Nice villager sound 11:06

  2. Olive←_←


  3. Kars’s Succulent Tip

    **Ed gein wants to know ur location**

  4. Emmanuel Soriano

    No this is actually one of the colonials from All Tomorrows

  5. William Corvinus

    was that it's b-hole on the back...?

  6. Wurmloch1 Morgan

    Ooookay. Enough internet for today

  7. Fr3ak

    Plot twist: the skin and eye was real



  9. Calamari Plays Games

    Time to have nightmares!

  10. kitGoesquack

    *Dbz flashbacks*

  11. Fung

    next gen of sex toy in japan👍

  12. Mango Studio

    I look ugly either way

  13. BlackFox Studios

    Alright, now solve the question, what dies a human eyeball taste like


    Stay weird, Japan.

  15. Syabila Putri

    It reminds me of the sealed Gojo place

  16. Mriya the wanderer


  17. Nathan Price

    “Most satisfying puzzles” Proceeds to show 2 but plugs

  18. Joey

    I need sleep

  19. Milk

    cut out a piece of a wall and make a hole and place it inside to make it seem like someones watching you

  20. PaganWizard

    Where can I get a lighted mask like the one used in your videos??

  21. 26.Manikya Shrivastava

    I want to puke.....

  22. ꧁nezuko_kamado~demonslayer_the best anime꧂

    When you see this thing looking at you at night is just-

  23. Aesthetically Saturn

    This looks like something I would own- Like imagine you're playing a DND campaign and I just pull this large fucker out of nowhere and everyone looks on in horror at my flesh dice

  24. The wise Banana

    Controller: *says futaba Me (a p5 enjoyer): *chuckles*

  25. KomaRun Listalo

    Difficult puzzle

  26. the noob production loser

    Gordon ramsay

  27. ღLovely Goldiღ

    I want one!!

  28. Yabitom

    Imagine a buttplug puzzle

  29. Yooter Shorter

    Guys, Minecraft Steve lost part of his head...... Oh there it is

  30. Esphyxia [Dubstep]

    Names of the puzzles tho?

  31. Senhor Rafa

    Just... why?

  32. Walker 32102

    a HUGE ASS CONTROLLER for an eye

  33. hentai master

    I know what there next one will be it will be a robot v- v- vag- vegetable!

  34. Abi Divino

    Reminds me of the colonials from all tomorrows...

  35. Cloudy Pine

    This absolutely sounds like something straight outta gravity falls!

  36. corollafrenzy

    I subscribed long ago, but I wanna see the invention made for real

  37. Storm PooPer


  38. Faith Caldwell

    I’m eating a blue bunny load’d cone

  39. Силириз ツ

    Thanks for new fobia/

  40. Max Hyde

    That thing has a soul

  41. Keegan McCray

    I hate it Where can I find this

  42. Jose Davila

    This is the prison realm gojo satoru got sealed In

  43. PJ MASKS

    That is terrifying and I want to erase it from my memory.... but at the same time I'LL TAKE 10 💰💸💰💸💰💸

  44. SumYun Guy

    What them eyelids do tho?

  45. Robert McPherson

    I will admit to a certain level of schadenfreude in my enjoying this video.

  46. Zouzou

    it's all fun and games until you summon the 5 god hand by mistake

  47. Littlemrssunshine09

    Gross why would u buy that

  48. Rajat thakur

    But why? They should've atleast made a mouth or an ass come on

  49. Jay MHA vids

    How do I get this-

  50. Michael Wilkins

    That's enough NLname for today

  51. V M

    Looks like timthetatman

  52. LifeOfJelllo

    others: flesh dice, human eye die, eye die, human dice, etc me, an intellectual: *deye*

  53. Rayzyyn

    Yo, that that was gojo eye

  54. Bailey Homfeld

    It's like it's staring into my soul

  55. Jeancarlo


  56. Angel the Great Dane

    Oh now eat it

  57. ぢA N I M E M O O Dぢ

    I want to poke the eye😀

  58. Kay Emm


  59. PemudaBergairah


  60. ♡an idiot♡

    Me-> 👀 👀 <-however is selling this 🤏 💵 🤏🎲

  61. Mayodoesstuff -ω-

    Me who watched vsauces video about banach-tarski: oh yeah this is big brain time

  62. Jordan Behm

    Imagine showing up to the D&D with this

  63. Shane Driscoll

    People are going to take out the eye expecting fleshy material inside. You are aware of that right?

  64. AkaAnt0ni0

    😳😳😳 Trafalgar Law does exist

  65. Terdelljr

    I thought it was a mouth with a mustache

  66. Shadow Chan

    Everybody gangsta until the cube turns itself into a cube with spider legs

  67. DK

    It's all fun until you touch the eyeball and the box is start screaming

  68. Usagi Tsukino

    Plot twist: this is actually mikitaka and he’s having trouble staying in dice form

  69. Shadow Chan

    Everybody gangsta until the cube turns itself into a cube with spider legs

  70. Samantha Stone

    I actually paused this video(sorry) half way through so I could buy this puzzle box and a deck of mandalorian playing cards for my husband. Thank you and NPH the legend!

  71. Serene Solace

    Chris Rock beat your ass in Spiral! Keep up the good work! Love your channel.

  72. Zzzz Zzz

    that is something I like to build. there is one puzzle I cannot solve, I feel like a stupid ass not to figure that one out its called RUBIX CUBE 3xX3X3 It sold billions. I never think some one can make something even more stupid that that? Yes they have I never think I can look it up and find it. it not going to sell like hot cakes. the price is $400.00 RUBIX CUBE 15X15X15.

  73. Bewildering Truth Seeker

    I wish you had a fitted hat.. Or at least a flex fit... Specifically a size 8 fitted.... If you don't start selling them soon, I'm gonna be forced to embroiser my own hat with your logo... Hope I don't get sued.

  74. Xan’cy Pill’osi

    Why didn’t he make an Asian persons face?

    1. ye

      They probably have more faces on a shop or something.

  75. IIZ.Duckyy YT

    Can that dude Japanese dude make my flesh lig-

  76. Serene Solace

    Plot twist: this is all that remains of lelouch, the sexy sparkly vampire you didn't know was there in the background of the twilight series. Who one day hopes to have the curse broken and return to his original form.

  77. camila Indriago

    So there is this manhwa called Black Mirror... need I say more?

  78. Hassan Shahid

    I have one question WHY ??