SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.

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  1. Kev

    More space junk around earth. How about bringing some down.

  2. MVP

    If to orbit the earth you need 28.000 km /h why did they stop the engine at 27.200 km/h . How is possibile that?

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  4. Dani Banani

    So did anyone else see 19's tablet password? #elon you might wanna not allow that on cam..

  5. Woke Lion

    😆may the space force be with them....😅

  6. Bladecraft

    I watched this using my Starlink

  7. Roy Kerwood

    "May the 4th be with us' Best ever post liftoff comment I'm 70 and i've watched hundreds of launches! Smiled all all the way to reentry burn :) Who ever she is good on ya

  8. ashwita palekar

    representttttttt...whoooop whoopppp whoooopppppppp Shiva Bharadwaj :D letsssss gooooooooooo

  9. iRdMoose

    Nearly six years later, and thankfully you guys haven't had to use the system. Still good to know that it works.

  10. marcs1212

    Every time the video is lost on the landing stage, why can't you get it to work the whole way down, its the best part and never actually see it!!!!!

  11. how not to basic


  12. Ali Riza

    Congrats to Elon Musk

  13. nicklaich

    Great music!

  14. Arc Angel Brandon

    I hope God Sends His Angels To Help Protect The Astronauts and help mankind grow and colonize and meet other humas out there there is people living on planets and other places everywere there is life every were i pray Space X Has Angels Always Guiding and helping keep everyobe alive idk whayt you been doing i just hope your all safe and find all the dragon balls just kiddong your awsome bet youll never send anyone past uranas

  15. GiggityGretsch

    You’re here for 5:35.

  16. Controlledburst

    Too bad about about whatever is causing the video feed failures on lander and ship. Hope that gets resolved one day, the first stage recovery is something that - in 80+ landings - that never gets boring to see with my own eyes.

    1. Glenn Eirik Hansen

      I think radio communication during re-entry is a challenge, but the drone ship should have had a tethered antenna away from the landing pad.

  17. zumpalu


  18. stargot1

    The first stage landed right in the middle ! They are improving !

  19. Grzegorz Mrowiński

    I think that spacex bether than NASA. 🌚🌚🌚🌚

  20. Emanuel F.

    finally they give us stage 1 telemetry too! thanks spacex!!!!

  21. -Sandra Sanchez-

    Awesome!!!! Launch... StarLink Satellites up in Orbit for better Networking!!!! Phenomenal and Extraordinary sight to see. Can't wait to become a StarLink Subscriber.

  22. Sunny Mannava

    Bull's eye landing

  23. Октавий Флавий

    Дай-ка угадаю, ты не искал это видео, и ты из СНГ, я прав?

  24. Pablo Martin

    Congrats Everyday Astronaut for the intro song Moon with Test Shot Starfish

  25. JCKR2

    Hi to Siva. Thanks for the commentary. Good looking guy.

  26. Cndace Candler

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  27. DaddyPlsI'mThirsty ForYourManMilk

    Ooh. I can see the Starlink dishie on the Droneship.

  28. Cndace Candler

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  29. M Aaqil faruq

    link all dem stars

  30. triblew

    15:20 in on the left side of the vision something black is falling down. Any idea what it was?

  31. Andrew Beaudoin

    May the forth be with you too!

  32. Emeric's Timelapse

    I got a boner watching this. This is just amazing!

  33. Daminda Antony

    This is the far most beautiful landing ever...

  34. Blue Fox Gaming

    Who's watching this video in 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040

  35. SCP Database

    Everyone involved with SpaceX is doing the world a favor. Thanks for all the great work! It’s insane to think less than 2 decades have passed since 2000 and we have super fast/safe EVs AND reusable rocket boosters. Holy cow. Imagine what’s coming in the next 2...

  36. Patrick Martin

    Beam me up Scotty. Sure would be a sight to behold ,seeing the earth from space.

  37. Casey Kaplan

    A great start for human spaceflight from spacex!

  38. Casey Kaplan

    Elon Musk's spacex is very safe!

  39. To Vanto

  40. Casey Kaplan

    spacex is going to make human spaceflight affordable to all!

  41. sambit dash

    That was a bullseye landing.

  42. D_Rizzle

    About 2:06:00 there is what looks like a meteor shower or something

    1. Doodle Boi


    2. D_Rizzle

      A little after

  43. Casey Kaplan

    The spacex team has perfected human spaceflight!

  44. Casey Kaplan

    spacex is the best private space company!

  45. Felix

    How much starlink are in the Orbit now?

  46. Sanket Savani

    Woah! Siva 🚀

  47. Edge Fan

    Now imagine they were on Mars.

  48. Shahriar Nayeb

    I don't know how I make time to watch SpaceX launching everytime, and everytime excited to see its landing

  49. Turbo

    I’m just surprised that that tiny little rocket engine keeps the entire starship up

  50. Casey Kaplan

    spacex has perfected reusable rockets and capsules!


    Hey spacex what is the thing in the left hand side of the screen at 18:47? Is dat a fairing?

    1. Glenn Eirik Hansen

      Looks like ice.

  52. Rohit Chahar

    In starting I was thinking the host is an American but soon realise that he's a indian lol. Your English Is Awesome.


    16:27 for beautiful cloud layers

  54. Rachel Lynn

    1:00:00 Just can't get away from those flies‼ 😜😜😜😜😜😜


    Love the view of canaveral early on the rocket, the weather is also awesome :D



  56. Nirbhaya Tiwari

    SpaceX rocks !!!!!

  57. Chris Hoffmann

    I flippin love this stuff

  58. Alex Kendall

    9:25PM, I seen the star centipede fly right over my head in Washington State. I gotta say it was too beautiful.

  59. Adrian Brave

    Lol, glad they managed to get a launch off on May the 4th

  60. Kristóf Vincze

    Name a more perfect landing. Exactly to the X, in perfect degree. Wow

  61. Crafter 1246

    Just saw them fly over in Seattle it was actually so cool!

  62. باندا PANDA

    *لا إله إلا الله ، محمد رسول الله*

  63. باندا PANDA

    عربي كنبور

  64. Mohamed Amine Djidel

    Iam here to laugh on flat earthers

  65. Tyler Cai


  66. Blibity

    The footage from Max-Q to MECO was excellent. I've never seen that transition from atmosphere to space before.

  67. J Script

    1:00:43 Nothing like launching directly into a meteor shower

    1. JustViggo 64

      No, that’s ice that fell of the rocket

  68. Архи тектор

    красавчики:) так держать!!!

  69. Gustavo Neves

    Please make it cheaper for us Brazilians. $99 in our money is 300 bucks

  70. Enzo Zapetini

    La NASA con las camaras en la iss de la peor definision de imagen

  71. Gold VP

    How ironic on all touchdowns on all first stages!!!

  72. Gold VP

    2nd question, how's there lights shining on both first section and engine #2?

  73. Francis phiri

    i hope starlink will be enabled in Africa too, this time

    1. Lensflare Deviant

      The timing will depend on the country and local regulations but I don't see why not.

  74. Gold VP

    Someone notice a engine difference at 18:38?

  75. goatcheese4me

    I still want to know why they don't launch a drone with a camera at a safe distance away (300-400 yards off from the drone ship) and capture a wide angle view of the landing. It feels like we always see the signals dropping moments before and at the landing.

    1. Lensflare Deviant

      A done wouldn't change anything, it's not the camera, it's the uplink.

  76. Richard AhMyT


  77. Sam Seb

    When an Indian Host The Event 🤩🙂🇮🇳🇮🇳🎥

  78. MrMotherfuck123

    What the hell was that ????