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  1. devin mcelroy

    This guy has the best laugh I’ve ever heard it’s contagious 😂

  2. Ginamarie J

    Seek discomfort ❤️

  3. Iotola of RocknRolla

    all fun & games til you get kidnapped and tortured. Which happens to westerners quite a bit over there.

  4. megha mishra

    The motivation for this video had me. "So we had to do something bigger(dumber)" Lol.

  5. Planet Glitch

    u think thts trippy i look like general sherman and im from st louis with a guys name who died in an air plane crash for the royal air force in 77 he was 33. i gotta bad surgery when i was 33 its been dig=fficult at times. i sasw n orb post graudation of collegethere was no drone program installed. it floated above tht sghool it made no noise v=camr from qasouthern sky it was 3 in the morning 3 fighter jets flew between me and the object whow

  6. bojan čenčič

    My skin Just piled of my body But its ok bicause its for video and likes

  7. Ginamarie J

    Seek discomfort

  8. Mihir Dey

    Yes theory can i get coins from tuvalu

  9. TravelRaw

    the icecream had high grade marijuana dust nothing else lol

  10. Halen T

    In 1996 I read a book called Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. Your journeys reminds me of this book based on Truth. I am so grateful to have this pass through my FYP. People don't have much courage to do what all of you have done and I commend all of you. Thank you so much for making this journey into a reality.

  11. Elizabeth Hancock

    Meditation is amazing and life transformative. I wish you all a beautiful journey!

  12. Ziik Ziik 🎧


  13. Ziik Ziik 🎧


  14. Random

    This Is Only 34 Minutes!?? It Feels Like I've Been Watching This For An HOUR!

  15. Joseph K (JoeDKat)

    What a fantastic video, thank you so much for putting this together and sharing with us.

  16. ashley miscu

    To the person they found, she definitely deserves this! You always find the right people at the right time in life no matter where it takes you ☺️

  17. Kobra18


  18. Annie P

    This is where I could spend my whole life and be completely happy. It looks like heaven and I love how the people live

  19. ZOLOTO Melnik

    Its real, people have to realise it... thank you very much 🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏a lot of contact-people now in the world...Irina Podzorova one of them... check u-tube..

  20. ALY

    omg those kids! 🤍

  21. Rafi Syed


  22. ALY

    30:10 love the vibe, so game of thrones

  23. Jose Campos

    It was incredible to meet you guys, hope we can hang more in the future!!

  24. Jashar Gubetini

    This is one of the most inspirational videos I've ever seen, I couldn't stop smiling the entire video, you guys are living your dreams and inspiring others to live theirs, definitely inspired me to live my dreams, thanks yes theory :)

  25. what

    you look like you'r from the pulp fiction

  26. MonoToneMoe

    Roberto's fight or flight instincts kicked in AND THE DUDE CHOSE FIGHT

  27. Go Outside

    travel is my passion, your vlog just amazing..

  28. Logan Strom

    this is one of their best video, so heart felt, so true!!

  29. Piyush sharma

    Berlin, Tokyo, Denver, Nairobi, Helsinki, Oslo, Moscow, Rio, Stockholm...

  30. EdwiN

    my balkan mother would kill me if i did this lmao

  31. Dean Hollywood

    We need an update bro

  32. TheMystery

    It’s always good to have friends as travel agents

  33. If by some miracle the radiation was suddenly gone, this place would be the coolest Airsfot arena ever ever ever. Just mind the falling buildings....

  34. VIVIAN Fox

    Matty poo, don’t be a stranger. Say hi on camera every once in awhile. I sure do miss your handsome face. I’m proud of you for pursuing this next chapter in life fearless. Thank you for all that you do😎🤘😝

  35. Capsula LC

    Does anyone know what he uses to record audio?

  36. Avocado Kid

    I saw you channel and was looking through your videos AMAZING you have inspired me soooo much love your videos and I’m binge watching all of them I want to inspire people on my YT channel as much as you have inspired me ps I would LOVEEEE a shoutout keep up the great work! Thanks - Lexi

  37. Braedon Schneider

    Yo yes theory I would love to go on a adventure with you hit me up, or reply to this comment if you want to go on adventure with me

  38. Keziah Kiago

    When will you be coming to Kenya....I would love to go on an adventure with you guys❤

  39. Graeme MacDonald

    Omg I got so excited and then boom I'm to late for the #100 days.

  40. VRS sam

    Everyone just chilling , houses all open to everyone , friends and warm people which is the happiest place on earth again??

  41. Toshiko Yameko

    Hmm yes ok

  42. Jet Alarcon

    Are they still dating? <3

  43. Zarr Minay Vlogs


  44. WobbleNaught

    I caught that Mr. Beast comment. Haha

  45. Lane Miller

    We need to save this place dude...

  46. Victor Andres Fernandez Jove

    I'm from Arequipa, Perú and I truly recommend to come visit Latinamérica. Despite people here could say that it's a place that we must escape and emigrate, I think the opposite: this part of the world is where you find the most kindness and entrepreneur/figthingforlive people in the world, but there're crazy people too, so be careful.

  47. Max Parkour

    i love this!

  48. Nelson Zampieri

    I‘d love to watch a follow up into this, how is it after 2 years? Have you came back to your old habits? Are you still trying to be out of social media? Thanks guys, your videos are awesome

  49. Dazzy shots

    i was a monk for a week


    make video where can tell strangers to live free in bunker 24 hour

  51. ellojello c

    I feel like all of Yes Theory's videos are such high quality and I really enjoy watching them explore historic places and interview survivors and witnesses.

  52. ArwenKaboom

    When your country is so blah it doesnt have flights to Tuvalu, how am i suppose to move there now?

  53. Petra Kann

    Why did you agree to be injected with an unapproved, experimental mRNA gene therapy drug to presumably protect you from a bad flu?

  54. justine dela cruz

    Hope you could visit Philippines too ☺️

  55. Justin Acle

    Why every videos of yes theory i smile when i watch

  56. Young nigga

    Who suprise that one year later jimmy gain 30 mill subs again that make him 60 mill subs? Me personally?nah, just casual thing for the beast himself

  57. Tyler Vandierdonck

    So I’m confused, why didn’t they have to wear protective radiation clothing? Like some of those readings looked VERY high if 0.3 is normal

    1. Jung Novel

      That type of radiation scatters in the air easily, so unless you are super close to them you're relatively safe.

  58. Richard Wright

    He drew this pool behind me : Pools a square

  59. Reese Leroux

    Yes Theory: all expenses paid vacation. Everyone: Nah i'm good Oprah: All expenses paid vacation. Evertone: wohoooo

  60. Joseph Mata

    Missed this kind of content!

  61. Shaaranya Mishra

    Watching this, I can see that Activision took HEAVY inspiration from this city to make Verdansk in Warzone. I mean I know it's based on this but it's crazy how similar the two are!

  62. Kiki


  63. Samarth Yadav

    Literally you were eating insects and I was puking.

  64. Iotola of RocknRolla

    Cool idea for a video

  65. Sid-_- P

    Lol I can relate this to COD M

  66. Mat Grafy

    Can someone explain to me, isnt it dangerous if they go to chernobyl without a mask or something? Like isnt it dangerous to stay to long because of the high radioactive activity

  67. Tanisha Mithani

    ammar, i fucking love you! you've inspired me to explore my curiosity and love for traveling and its so heart warming and crazy to hear your story. just know that we are there for you and anytime you come to India, I hope we can meet so I can give you the biggest hug ever, you're an inspiration and the reason why yes theory is where it is. Stay awesome x

  68. Alex J Tanguay

    There are totally dead bodies in one of those shipping containers

  69. kapitan tutan

    @8:16 id tap that,,deym

  70. HERB

    I am glad, that you got to ride in a Skoda Felicia, our legendary 90s car, that works perfectly till these days :D Another experience you almost cant get anywhere else.

  71. Andrew Todd

    They didn't go to bed, they went out that night too and got lit

  72. Melissa tokito

    There is an another one in turkey. It calls ‘Kelebekler vadisi’ you should see it to!

  73. THE BOX

    Come to pakistan

  74. Bidhya Maharjan

    Noob our highways in Nepal are smaller than that in the Himalayas 😂

  75. Mony Miller

    Holy stuff...again: Your Videos are among the most amazing and wholesome ever! Its a hot sunny day here and my thoughts spin around me failing basically my life...hasn't been this bad in quite a bit. Watching this made me smile for a second and i guess i just wanted to make sure to leave here how much you guys mean to so many of us - dont know what will happen today, so...yeah: Thank You...thats all! :)

  76. Alex J Tanguay

    She is actually the cutest thing 😭 she had such good vibes the whole video, imagine how cool it would be getting to show one of your favourite youtubers around your country. Too cool man.

  77. Jules VDA

    shiey did it better