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Be sure to read the video description for info on lures used that day, rod/reel/line, location, conditions, and more!

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  1. Joseph Herr

    Rewatching all your videos man learning more everyday

  2. Shrimp Salad

    Dudes a dickhead

  3. Khrih Uk

    the video and title does not match..

  4. Sneersh

    Lol I like how he was surprised you drove an hour to fish that's like a normal day trip for the average fisherman

  5. Bill Pen

    I guess he didn’t like getting throat fingered 🤣🤣😂👍

  6. Belmer Portillo

    "These are the dumbest creatures I have ever seen" *Stares in human*

  7. Oficial fishing

    love the ending music

  8. Casting with Cullen

    Oh I pegged you deep baby “mike”

  9. Jonny Granville

    I like the OneRodOneReel solo missions. Its cool for you to have guests(especially your sister😃) but I dig just fishing with you.

  10. Nk x Dexterity

    Blue gill will bite at empty hooks, this doesn’t prove anything

  11. Dillon Lederman

    Turtle was a red eared slider I caught one on the bank yesterday and it weighed about 11 pounds

  12. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Bring back KP.

  13. Rachel H

    Bug was living his best life 😭

  14. OxxG X

    Cicadas have no defense mechanisms they survive off of gorging animals then when they are full they spawn

  15. JOHN

    I live right next to the reservoir

  16. BT

    What googan rod do you have ? Is it the goto

  17. TheMasterFisherman

    Mega bass makes a cicada lure it may work better for you then that one from Amazon lol

  18. Eric Boudreaux

    I pegged you ayoooooo what did he say😬😬

  19. Eli Stanley

    hes getting facial hair

  20. Mobile Export

    Me unsubscribe to you never your the bass master i learned all my stuff from you.

  21. Tante Cantik Mancing Liar BALI

    I hv dream one day I get my own monster fish....

  22. wnnalis cioov

    Cicada: "Dude, I don't know If I can stay with Olivia anymore, she-.." This guy: Picks the Cicada up and ends his suffering

  23. Riley Erickson

    My biggest bass is10 pounds

  24. Heather Reaves

    Red ear slider

  25. King Victor

    "What if if goes down to 6 feet and your head goes under" don't jinx yourself bro , your amazing keep it up 💪🙏


    sorry mate but seems like you guys fucked up, clearly trespassed some how

  27. Christian Hanscom

    Can’t believe the size of that blue gill ! good catch dood !!!

  28. Blake Her

    Catches giant bluegill* "Hey look, 4 helicopters"

  29. Mack's Extreme River Fishing & Outdoors

    redear sunfish AKA shellcracker

  30. Redrico Rivera (KID1)

    Man I wanna try a DC reel so bad! It casts so nice!!! I mean my thumb game is great but it would nice to not have to set the brakes up every setup.

  31. Gilly

    Are u still with the Googan squad I shore hope so does anyone know ??

  32. Craig Moon

    Legend has it kp's pregnant

  33. ALAX osrs

    I am disgusted that one small human being can own all this land including a river out of 8 billion people here on earth.

  34. Bass Kingdom

    Hey 1Rod1ReelFishing!! How long is your fluorocarbon leader???

  35. Tyler Banks

    Who else heard the sheesh at 4:58


    Did anyone else see the turtle 🐢 on the bottom right at 20:25

  37. Jason Carter

    Aren't you a Googan squad member?

  38. sac films

    Your being a karen when you say I know my rights

  39. reza nazari

    dude that's violence 😐

  40. Fumer Pue

    One day they’ll use him as shark bait.

    1. wnnalis cioov

      Rip cicada

  41. Reptilian hunter

    Garter snake non venomous

  42. dacien. music

    At least you have a car this time 🥲😅

  43. WindyFishy07

    The turtle is a red eared slider turtle

  44. Paul Read

    What a nob!!!!!

  45. Michael McElhiney

    That was a solid MTB.

  46. 753relddiR

    Don’t worry Mr. cicada, your family and friends will be going you real soon…😆

  47. Michael Lypen

    The company that makes those spinners is blue fox. I’ve used them before. They’re ok. Not really worth the money though. There’s better brands out there

  48. Jack attack

    Best Fisher man

  49. Eat sleep fish Repeat

    Yo coming to Ontario any time got some great spots for you

  50. Zack “Awesomer555” J

    You in florida?

  51. Terry Sunderland

    OK, so here is the lowdown as to your situation----IF the dude owns the property ON BOTH SIDES of the river, then he owns the river bed as well, HOWEVER, he DOES NOT own the water, it is treated like air, it belongs to EVERYONE EQUALLY !!! so what does that mean ? that means that if you are ON THE WATER, HE CAN'T SAY SHIT !!!---as long as you DO NOT TOUCH the bottom, even with your tackle, then you CAN LEAGALY FISH THERE !!! Hope this clarifies things for you. (and that is a BIG IF on his part) personally, I think he was just being a PECKERWOOD !!!

  52. crown me


  53. Simon Riley

    can you go to down town fredrick backer park

  54. Brian Salazar

    There's snakeheads on that lake.

  55. Logan Johnson

    Who else here from the rock?

  56. Camryn Matthews

    That’s not a blue gill that’s a shell cracker


    Fishing Ler

  58. nunzi83

    Man. Little much with the screaming.

  59. Cooper Nixdorff

    I remember back in 2017 i was at my lake house and me and my dad used live frogs becuase we had this pool with hundreds of them we caught some big bass that day

  60. Nathan Tugade

    Do you ever get any like itch from standing in that shit water like every day

  61. Native Wildman

    Nice redear I landed my PB redear sunfish last weekend it was 10 ¹/2 inches long I got the fish on video.

  62. Lewhue22

    I bought a mystery tackle box because of this video and I got the cyclebait!

  63. Spencer Wilson

    I will never unsub your content is 🔥bro 🤙

  64. Grady Jones

    i love your videos

  65. joeytamm


  66. Jayjay Kapone


  67. Northern Pikes

    Harold and Kumar

  68. Thanh Thach

    9:57 Honestly I would have said the same thing.

  69. Rhett Ruiz

    Every one unsubscribe

  70. SAD Angler

    From indonesian fishing angler 🇮🇩✌

  71. Dudefishh TV

    Apparently I commented on this a year ago already... came across it again just now and rewatched. Just as rad! Keep it up homie 🤙

  72. Rc Fanatikz

    Where’s Reggie man how’s he been

  73. Burnsy fishing and outdoors

    I can understand he wanted 1rod away from his land probably right by were he lives if i walked out of my house down to the fishing hole and found 1rod id tell him to piss off to lol there probably are signs

  74. Skep .your. Own

    Bruh fish for carp . I hate the way Americans just ignore such hard fighting fish. Especially in America

  75. Andrés Eduardo Clavasquin Regalado

    That's so cruel! It's fine to kill annoying or deadly bugs... But c'mon! Why?! But honestly... A lot of the fault can also be blamed on itself. It wasn't quick. It got caught. It failed... Survival. It's its fault. I know another situation like this. The mitochondria. The mitochondria used to be a cell that live its own live. But one day it failed. And got caught up by another larger cell. Though a bond was formed from this occurrence, the mitochondria had to be come an energy slave. All its simple life was thrown away. To just become a... Well a b****.

    1. notiex

      Its nature


    That seems like a lot of infrastructure, and seems like it may be more to this NARRATIVE than just a "lock" bro. You should see what you can dig up about that place

  77. Javier L. Rivera

    dude your an inspiration I try to follow all your fishing have improved by a million years. thanks and keep going

  78. PC77YT

    So what was the deal???

  79. Jersey Joel Fishing

    Another great video brother! Those topwater bass fight so hard! 🐸 🎣 As far as why that Carp jumped 2 feet out of the water when it is hot out and the water temp is warm and there's a lack of oxygen in the water Carp will leap out of the water to get more oxygen. I've been bass fishing many times and had big Carp literally jump 2 to 3 feet out of the water right in front of me and it scared the daylights out of me LOL 😆

    1. SAD Angler


  80. Realniqqaz

    20:25 look at the turtle