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  1. Cristian Pestillos

    I live for it

  2. Xxmarlxx Mpreldo

    She's so cool when she sing deja vu 😍😍😍😍

  3. Camryn UwU


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  10. Dita Widya

    The picture and sound didnt match ...

  11. Sebastien Snider

    Déjà Vu or Driver’s License? Personally, Déjà Vu.

  12. Mike Jimenez

    As a bay native, this touches me. Not only being a fan of freeway, but just as a person and him showing how most us that never met Jack feel.

  13. Francisca Perez

    Okey pero cuando hablo sobre Glee en el minuto 7:57 sonrío como si recordara algo fue muy tierno y triste al mismo tiempo

  14. Nicole Joyce

    she has much more talent than that blonde girl! lol

  15. didem

    aw it looks like she wanted to cry during drivers license. obviously because she taught of josh aw

  16. Rachy Em


  17. chengchengzi gu

    the girls are so cute and lively! also thank you for promoting Chinese culture!

  18. The dare devil G

    She nailed both songs

  19. -

    Those mice were cute tbh in my opinion

  20. Let's go 3 1 3

    I wonder if she still racist

  21. Dadaly Duong

    One of her best one yet

  22. Abel Montague

    De ja vu,,, was so good,, not even one notes is missing,,, she nailed it

  23. MusA

    Can't wait for her new album asjsjsksksiusshuaus♥️

  24. farres alhakim yurdano

    Kirain rimar

  25. Rousy Feliz

    can we please talk about how strong, beautiful, talented, and intelligent she is

  26. Angeles Allen Christian

    Fact: this isnt your first time here

  27. Evee


  28. Clinton Alley



    Deja vu is my favorite song in the world.

  30. Sneha Mani

    i have never cried so hard to an mtv video.

  31. Yoonji Min

    How old is she?

    1. psc on all


  32. Tara Jewell-Mixon


  33. Keke Bella


  34. Alexis Schloss Cook


  35. Sarah '93

    Love his shirt😍😍😍😍😍


    POV:We are here serching for zach kings comment

  37. Rachelle David


  38. Sarah '93


  39. Dorothy Arnold

    Remember when the show was actually disgusting

  40. Claire Png

    She really shows her expression when she was singing drivers license. Its so good live. Both of her songs live were amazing. Love it!

  41. Алихан Тлеуказы

    Это внутриности людей?

  42. Chester Donnelly

    If I knocked out Suge Knight I'd be leaving the state and changing my name.

  43. Agnes Cain

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  44. Youtube user

    I like they way kanye vibing

  45. Zin Zin

    They all were wearing Donald Duck....they were hinting their collab with McDonald’s all along....

  46. Paulina Perry

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  47. La'Rae M. Trice

    Max is so extra like who says " I'm done" then leaves their expensive camera behind lmbo

  48. Panya Singh 8A

    Armlink both 💜💙

  49. Erika P

    Is this the first Deja vu live? This is awesome!

  50. Caoimhe Donnelly

    i can't wait to see them go higher yesss🥰🥰

  51. maya petris

    2:10 the way she sings "meeee" gives me chills

  52. smart

    My fear is stupidity, how do I use a ratchet

  53. Kathy Arnold

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  54. stevanus trionanda

    Damn Batman must be lucky to have Bruce Wayne as his roommate

  55. Vidit Notes

    Full cast of "BABY" official music video

  56. Glydel Love Paypa

    Just wow! She nailed it!

  57. Leila Fujitani

    a letra dessa música acerta em cheio os meus sentimentos :~ impossível não chorar

  58. Aliah May Menor

    I'm not even broken but I freakin' felt the pain in the song🤧 damn this Swiftie gurlll💓

  59. Nalber Maciel

    Ela é maravilhosa, dá gosto ver ela cantar.

  60. HomerPTK

    caught my self repeating 9:18 - 9:20 over and over LOL 😂 she have such a tiny baddass vibes with that E guitar

  61. Unknown Person

    I miss allison

  62. H

    Poor thing she can’t sing a lick

  63. Aslan/SevanAp

    "Cause i know that i'll love you, And i'm not letting go, If the sky darkens above you i stay by your side in the afterglow" But you did Audrey(19.9.20-16.9.21) Goodbye 4ever😔

  64. Teresa Ochaa

    Todavía no lo superooo

  65. Chic Nanay MNL

    You are incredible and the songs.

  66. derin

    Give Noah mora awards he deserves it, and it's not at the forefront !!!!

  67. Alli A.

    MTV should release a performance only clip for driver's license and deja vy

  68. Ocean Zenn Fam xo

    I'll be honest I understand y her mother is always angry and upset with her

  69. RJ Long

    She da cutest thing in the world

  70. You and Me

    Peace in Myanmar415

  71. You and Me

    Peace in Myanmar415

  72. You and Me

    Peace in Myanmar415

  73. At0 KAJOU

    No offense but this is Yuna's era and I'm here for it

  74. la lisa

    She needs a new stylist

  75. Kaylee H.

    vocal line😩😭 rap line 😚🤌 stopp my heart can’t handle bts😭

  76. David Ibones

    I wish she would sing live the bridge of Drivers license together with a choir

  77. samantha

    she's soo pretty

  78. Swasteeka Khadka

    Not so very nice. This song doesn't meet my expectation.

  79. Lucas Mendes

    Mano pesado Demais