Diablo is a fast-paced action RPG with heroes facing the onslaught of a demonic invasion.
ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Violence, and Partial Nudity.

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  1. Kora Na

    Blizzard being not out of touch with their target audience ? What a pleasant surprise...

  2. CheesyTV

    Everyone: When?!?!?!?! Blizzard: Yes.

  3. Piotr Kurek

    how many difficulty lvls will there be?

  4. Leonardo Campagnolo

    From someone who has been really disappointed by Blizzard's latest choices these years, i can tell you one thing: Good work. Seems great and i hope it will be the better it can be.

  5. Solar Heavy

    I am so ready for this.


    Brom did the art for one of my favorite Magic cards 20 years ago. Awesome artist!

  7. R T

    Absolute legend!

  8. bence babka

    cant wait to refund this one as well after false promises

  9. Zane Wong

    Can we have Barack Obama to voice act Tyrael some day?

  10. Diopside

    Diablo II resurrected team is officially my favourite dev team there.

  11. 死神Yujirō

    Bring Assassin class back in diablo immortal thanks

  12. Stevie

    "At least I'm sure we'll never see an angel wipe out half of humanity again.....oh.....I shouldn't have said that outloud....." Omg, did he just reference Evangelion? XD

  13. Nokkternal

    This was really fun to watch, one of the better Q&A Ive seen from Blizzard

  14. Eduardo FA

    We will have a "re-build" system or what???

  15. CDBeep

    Looks fun, cant wait to get my hands on experience with this game

  16. Marek Õunpuu

    That moment when Diablo 2: Resurrected reveal has more hits than Diablo 4. My body is ready Tyreal...

  17. Stress Lah

    Add on story? Well, diablo 2 one of the best story/ best acts/ best voice over

  18. Al

    cant even believe that they let the amazon face pass to the public. im sorry but the original artstyle of the faces and entire selection screen was way better done. the faces and entire scene needs to be a 1to1 copy how it was because it has been incredibly well done in the original

  19. PlanB

    Diablo 2 remaster wow!!!! cant wait for it :D

  20. Kokuyous3ki

    Just imagine them ruining this... there shall be hellfire on the streets!

  21. Jean Kelan van den Boogaard

    I cant wait for diablo immortal!!

  22. T-REX

    stash storage needs to be larger!

  23. Darkness Flame Media

    this guy acting like the report function is something to be proud of. Give players the ability to kick and ignore .There should be no report for toxicity it has and will continue to be abused by people every where it shows up

  24. leejordan001

    Diablo 2 > Diablo 3 + Diablo 4

  25. nimck

    The rogue’s animations seem a bit over-animated... specifically the run animation and every time they shoot an arrow. The animations in those regards seem like they’re always full on no matter what to an excessive degree. But, definitely the right class choice and a classy homage to D1

  26. AntBriWes

    Cains death is legitimately one of the few video game deaths that really got me :’(

  27. Babzik


  28. Pipiško Pipikovitý

    I hope there will not be smart loot system in D4

  29. Gerome Cruz

    When the assassin class had a baby with demon hunter.

  30. валерия карпенко

    Ну наконец-то

  31. ArmsandArmorCorner

    You have quite the treasure there in those horadric vocal chords.

  32. Spence

    It would be nice to get a release date for this game or at least a release window, hopefully before 2023

  33. Cenaberk Atcan

    Lol she brought the ears of noob hardcore ladder players that she slaughtered with her enchanted hacked character 😂 Jokes aside, she looks like a perfect combination of a zon from d2 and DH from d3 in the appearance of a rogue from d1. Being a javazon boomer for 18 years this is what I'm going to play 😋

  34. takai223

    Someone, please make a video where all the Immortal parts are removed. Then it is worth the time. But overall a good Q&A.

  35. Jesse g

    Why does the CGI look better in diablo 3? I know this is only 720p but just the polygons look dated

  36. EpicGifted

    Can't wait for the palace guard to tell me "you may not pass" in HD

  37. Danilo Rozas

    Man it looks terrible like smarthphone game graphics, this will be another mistake.

  38. LaserStorm

    Oh, man. I was smiling the whole time watching that.

  39. 카페인원샷

    Brom - pton

  40. 김동영


  41. Jason Roland

    Andariel !!!!!!

  42. WiggykinsRages

    My dad and I are so excited. Ever since Warcraft 3 remaster, I've been waiting for this for so long!

  43. William Luca

    Voice actors bring so much joy. Why is it that they are such desperate, obnoxious and annoying individuals?

  44. Abdziel -

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY

  45. vliduu zeeb

    This game changed my life for the better

  46. fireroastedsunflowerseeds of joy

    This better have 8 players.... if it doesn't you guys are in deep.

  47. hej

    Gotto have deckards voice on gps: you should've listened to me, turning right is another path than what i said. Being stubborn is not the answer!

  48. Wot Wot

    I don't have a mobile

  49. Handelo

    Cross-progression is cool and all, but considering most of us don't own multiple consoles, I think crossplay is the word to look for here. Anyone know if that will be possible?

    1. vliduu zeeb

      It's nice to see there isn't any technical issue to wrap this Go'old jewel in a modern shroud afterall. "First of all, I think it's probably impossible to really capture it... It wasn't eve

  50. Bence Mervay

    Very interesting video!

  51. Digimortal

    Done enough Baal runs....

  52. Miranda Bryant

    Will it have local multiplayer on console?

  53. Burner Reborn

    What about the shared loot? Are we gonna have the option for each player to get there own loot?

  54. Sam Smith

    Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: **See this** Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: "Sorry, son, i am the child in the house now"

  55. William Barnes

    I'm afraid I don't have a phone powerful enough for this one.

  56. Bez imienia Bez znaczenia

    Graphic like on D2. 30 years of Blizzard. And the jest news is we can pay for D2 egain. WoW , Diablo , Warcraft 3 , StarCraft ... how about someting new ? Can you still do IT Blizzard ? Can you be a legend egain ? Or you just give us same game over and over egain ?

  57. Myskully14

    "Cross PROGRESSION" is listed. Not cross platform... but cross PROGRESSION. This seems to me like they are saying that I can play the same account... progressing the SAME CHARACTER... on BOTH PC AND Console. Is this true?

  58. 75338

    Strafe buffed?

  59. Pan Darius Kairos

    I can't believe they killed off Dickhard.

  60. Sylvia Jones

    Thank you.

  61. Udy Noviks

    cmon....! Get more staff and get it done ..!!!! cant wait for d4 by the way. i dont wana see anything like it was on diablo 3 like glowing monsters and even golden glowing humans, cmon... so not real you know. I hope d4 will be as real as it can be.! :)

  62. DeuceGenius

    good job. the artwork from diablo was what made it so good for me

  63. Cheren Tee

    These guys know what they're talking about. They know how the fans feel about remasters. No wonder they succeeded in making two already. Here's to Vicarious Visions and for the Diablo 2 community!

  64. Smokey Crow

    Deckard Cain, my personal guide to the land of the dead.

  65. Mr. Ed

    This trailer made my spine chill with excitement. This generation has no idea what it was to play Diablo 2 in its original form. I’m excited beyond belief that this is really happening.I really hope they keep the PvP as it was before. Paladin,sorcerer, and the real Druid. I wonder how rare they will make the Stone of Jordan this time 😜. Not to mention the real cow level!!!

  66. Lucas Vidal

    I am thoroughly disappointed that one of the questions for Wyatt wasn't if he has a phone.

  67. Merlin ORKO

    wow, you are the guy, I LOVE YOU, I also hate what they did to you in Diablo 3, terrible...

  68. K

    Is this an out of season Christmas gift? XD

  69. Long Ho

    that doesn't count.... not even close!!! challenge failed.

  70. Lagelito

    "Stay a while and listen" - NO Cain! there is no time to stay and listen, I gotta deal with Baals hordes and swarms of demons Infesting the world.

  71. Ol' No Gains

    it takes so long to get to 99 without a bot; 3 month ladder seasons would require a lot of dedication.

  72. Lucas Vidal

    Luis might be Brazilian, I couldn't find any confirmation of that online, but if he is, his last name means "belly" in Portuguese. It might be a nickname. And no, you're not supposed to roll the "Rs", since the letter 'r' in Portuguese sounds like 'H', so you'd pronounce it "Ba-HEE-gah". You're welcome for this useless trivia.

  73. Tony McCrary

    Diablo II: God of Greed

  74. Tony McCrary

    lol, I got screwed on wc3 reforged. I think I'll wait for reviews.

  75. Talinthis

    Does Deckard Cain have a phone?

  76. oiuet souiu

    Andariel screaming at the end.