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  1. Оксана Кравченко

    Я спочатку думала що він і справді зможе рукой розбити

  2. YazNamKookew

    Neither is easier

  3. Gloria Osei

    Jesus loves you so much he died for you to save you from hell is brought on his grace alone trust that he died for you and you will be saved…………,

  4. Henrik Hansen


  5. Hix Gü

    I’m a single father and I would not date or get married again even though my wife died I still love her and would not love someone else besides her and my kids

  6. XxDracoxX

    Its the other way round for me

  7. Maite Barnard Molokomme


  8. Amairani Rsmirez

    Con no d de

  9. Adithya Lekshmi

    I think it means..... give to those who really deserve it.... don't give to those who don't deserve...

  10. Alissya Lauzon


  11. Оксана Кравченко

    Жалко діток я справді подумала що мама померла

  12. Mahmudul Khandaker


  13. Milana Zavalina


  14. mohsen amhmad


  15. Jose Pulido


  16. Altenir De souza

    ÉRICA 😭😭😭

  17. Dagelan TV

    Cuman 26 detik sampai 131jt astagaa 😂😂 bayangkan itu jumlah subscribe lu ngab 😅

  18. Claranna Summers

    Good Dad

  19. Claranna Summers


  20. العنود


  21. ○/teddy\○

    Now we know your code to your cart

  22. Vitalij Stasiuk

    Потому что она ещё не выучила, где у неё лево право ,а вы уже им загадки загадываете !)

  23. Genesis Matute

    Yo no

  24. Chantal Thomas

    I know that kid

  25. Nabeel Jamil Chuhan


  26. Nabeel Jamil Chuhan


  27. snisa Buranawichit


  28. Asil Alsufaian

    Why Why Why🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔

  29. Queen Jichu💫

    Geri geri sarıldığı için 3

  30. geiziany souza