12 Times Animals Took Revenge On Humans

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    Revenge is a dish best served cold, but what if the animals are warm-blooded and hot-headed? Well, then you get instances where a llama-alpaca hybrid jumps on you and chases you out of the pen! And other times, you get instances where man’s best friends bring its pack and completely destroy your property. Sometimes revenge is well-deserved, especially if it involves trophy hunters who kill lions and invade their space. Other times…it’s just a poor kid getting into a difficult situation.
    Here are 12 Animals That Took Revenge On Humans!
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    Leopard Takes Matters Into Her Own Paws
    It’s no surprise that big cats are ferocious predators. But when they attack out of pure anger, that’s something that shocks everyone. This leopard had started to eat people’s livestock so the local park rangers captured her, and relocated her to another place. However, the leopard refused to get out of her cage. One of the rangers, Alexander Rono, tried poking at her so she would leave…but he didn’t know he had just stepped into his own defeat.
    Needless to say, the leopard did not like the gesture. And when she finally did get out, she wanted to attend to some unfinished business. She got out and ran to Alexander's seat and clawed his face off! The poor man couldn’t close his windows fast enough and had to get 21 stitches to close up his wounds. Alexander said that he learned a very painful lesson he will never forget. Neither will the internet, alexander!
    Hangry Sheep Fights Back!
    If you tease a hangry person, even they’ll bite you. So a bighorn sheep is no different! The caretaker of this herd decided that he wanted to mess with one of the sheep by making it run for some extra food. But he chose the wrong day! Typically, bighorn sheep are wild animals. And though they’re not usually aggressive to humans, they will attack if you tease them like this!
    Thankfully the man had a big plastic bag in his hand as a shield, otherwise, he could’ve been ripped to shreds. At first, it’s just one angry sheep vs the man in the orange. Soon enough, his friends join in and back up their friend. After all, a friend in need's a friend indeed! Wait till the man scolds the sheep and all of them run away like scaredy cats. Man: 1, angry sheep: 0!
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    1. Majestic Mariah

      why are dogs a mans bestfriend but not woman’s?

    2. Cheeku

      That thumbnail tho

    3. farie dmaya

      I haaaaate poachers or what ever the terms are killing imal for no reason ...

    4. Aaditya Kamath

      There are certain breeds of dogs who are short tempered and very strong these types of dogs are usually used in military areas

    5. Navnidhi Wazade

      Why lion hunters are still alive.....why did they saw that lion earlier......they deserve death......😡😡😡is it even a fun? ...... killing an animal, just for fun...... WTF.....these mother f***ers deserve death.....how they'll gonna feel if someone kill their loving one for just fun...huh?

    6. Dim Sam

      This vdo satisfied me, totally deserved 👏

    7. CrazyfistX

      Kangaroo: where you at nigga?

    8. Besnik Mustafa



      Everybody gangsta till the kangaroo wants a round two

    10. ꧁BrUh_GuY ꧂

      This video sucks Typical from this tuber

    11. King Kong

      Shoot the lion hunters in the face. Pieces of shit

    12. Danish Electricals

      The car made by china

    13. Ted Jones

      Fuck trophy hunters

    14. Kyle Harrington

      This movie was wack as fuck with garbage attacks

    15. Michael Wayne

      the kangaroo waiting at his doorstep for me lol

    16. The Nameless

      Anyone whos a trophy hunter deserves to die

    17. XxItsGachaGalixX

      “It’s never the animals fault, it’s always the humans” -sorry forgot name if you know please reply the name

    18. Eric Fisher

      @5:12 got me dead that kangaroo pulled up to his house like what’s good bro you remember me lol

    19. Renna

      Ofc a cow will chase you with here calf WOULD U CHASE A KIDNAPER TAKING YOUR KID YES (a cow is the same way to her where a kidnapper)


      Thanks for 37🙂 Jldhi se 50 krwa do😘 It's free guyz❤


      Thanks for 37🙂 Jldhi se 50 krwa do😘 It's free guyz❤

    22. Miranda Cross

      This man is really going to go boxing with a kangaroo

    23. Sky Watcher

      All the kangaroo wanted to know is how can he get his hands on a nice vest like what the dog was wearing 😂

    24. Satans Candy

      As for the lion one man I wish he had eaten at least 1 of them

    25. Benny Lane

      The two hunters with the lion is fake!

    26. Jeremy Ramos

      Or no

    27. Jeremy Ramos


    28. Jeremy Ramos

      Kan you sust grab ai the kakagura

    29. Jon Sidds

      Love the people who know absolutely nothing about the difference between poacher and hunter. The fact that more money is brought INTO Africa from hunting than ANY other resource lets everyone know how much you actually know about the real world. Show me another resource that brings in $1.6 billion as well as belive it or not food for people who are literally starving to death.

    30. Phylicia Bailey


    31. Jill Chamberlain

      All of them to surprise me just shows you what animals think and do to people if you’re nasty to them they’re nasty to you best place is to leave them alone hit your distance from them but like you and being at the moment keep your distance thank you

    32. Danny Ryan Lannon

      Trophy hunting is not a danger to species...poaching is. Trophy hunters pay huge amounts of money to hunt animals that biologist in parks give them permission to hunt. It also funds these parks that have very little income. Allowing them to continue to protect the animals against poachers...do some research before you spread false information.

    33. Emporio

      Yo wtf is that structure? Telling about kangaroo, than alpaca, than cow, than again kangaroo, and again alpaca... Just put it all together.

    34. Rohit Trivedi

      I hope and pray that every trophy/glory hunter gets killed in worst way ever. I wished the other lion killed those wankers

    35. Andy Patriot

      1.40 thats charma(karma) baby you earned it, i think animals attack humans with a reason opposite of humans !!! so whos better you think ? 5.40 Trophy Hunter are satanists they earned everything the lions make in my view fk y .... min 8 idiots let the animals alone ...

    36. Zsani Kállainé

      Killing a lion ..... such a shame! :( Stupid idiots! Well deserved revenge! 😎🤘🏽

    37. dipsetkory

      FYI... when you stop the video to beg people for subs. It reassures the fact that I won't

    38. Romerio Alves

      Não mexa com quem tá quieto

    39. Romerio Alves

      Não brinque com os animais

    40. Green MarineFive-O

      The guy who punched the kangaroo while defending his dog so it could get away ended up in trouble according to news reports that were posted later. I can only imagine what kind of mindset it requires for some uber liberal so-called "pet rescue-er" to choose between letting their dog suffer a terrible death or injury, and popping an offending kangaroo one time in the face to get it to back off.

    41. Green MarineFive-O

      Right off the bat I learned never poke a big cat with a stick! 🥴

    42. Man of war Maena

      Nobody respects animals that why people get fucked up leave em alone

    43. christopher st.marin

      Ripped to shreds by a sheep? Get the f out of here

    44. steveissexy 1967.

      I don't know why people bother with bears I can't even go camping because of them I'm scared of Being attacked this certain or useful Purpose of the planet that I can think of they're ugly and they're dangerous and they should all be shot

    45. seakobold

      The only good hunter is a dead hunter.

    46. Paula Mahaffey

      Most attacks were well deserved. 👍👍

    47. Paula Mahaffey

      To bad the Lion didn't nail her arse.....

    48. Strawberry Milkshake

      I wanted the lion to kill them😭

    49. Roberta Giugno

      Beadeful anmals🦊🐆

    50. MediohumanoRocinante

      Fucking hunters, I hate them

    51. Adrian Martin

      Rip to shreds by sheep? Wtf your high

    52. Me

      The old saying Karma is a bitch. Just wish that Lion had off got one of those hunters

    53. DARK Angel555

      When I was a kid my grandpa had a cow that tried to attack me and my sister next day he sent her lol

    54. Carlos Pineda

      Humans. Deserved to get hurt

    55. Lady Transparent

      Serve your right

    56. {•ʙøʙᴀ ɪᴢᴢɪᴇ•}

      5:35 not ya’ll really thinking this is real: it’s photoshopped :,)

    57. Kakashi's Weeb

      I bet humans would love aliens hunting them like trophy.

    58. Charcoal Blues.

      I'm in Australia and i can tell you that the idiotic bogan who punched that kangaroo in the face copped a whole lot of backlash from the public...and the less said about those Lion hunters the better..disgusting.

    59. Kwihui Halliday

      I liked all Animals Revenges on human.

    60. Kwihui Halliday

      I Love these Revenges, especially on the man who had Kicked the Dog! He deserved it and more!👏

    61. annaka finch

      yep. gotta stand up for yourself.And are furry friends.gotta admit tho the kangaroo looks painful to be puched or kicked by so did the octopus self defence

    62. Troy Mangum

      Trophy hunters are sickos death isn't a game smh

    63. Hunter Ficht

      they are going to take the sun won day

    64. ɱ タ ℜ エ ロ

      The Thing with the Lion is fake... Makers confirmed

    65. Abby Estrada

      I would be terrified if the kangaroo was waiting at my porch to fight me.

    66. ハムちゃヵ

      利き腕をくれてやる勢いで抵抗した方がいいな もっとも 熊さん お前は無理だ

    67. ETL B


    68. Alphine RT6

      0:01 sounded like he was rapping

    69. Jesus Soto Gonzalez

      I feel bad for the lady at 0:22😂


      0:22 is she ok , I dont think so after that blow she will be living normal life

    71. tonedef221

      That kangaroo did not track the guy down. Totally separate incidents with different people. Wtf you making shit up for.

    72. Imran Randhawa

      I wish the lion had killed those mfs

    73. Hoops Hooper

      Your making half of this up as a second part to the original stories, yr a load of bollocks, hogwash

    74. Little Texas

      Why the hell do people trophy hunt? Like... WTF?! 🤬🤬 Too bad they got away.

    75. Jse contractors Inc.

      Trophy hunting exotic or endangered species is controversial subject.. I learned a lot of these hunts, the fees go to conservation and preservation of land for free animals, human infrastructure encroaching on wild habitat has far worse consequences than trophy hunting.

    76. Gwen Buffkin

      These people deserved what they got.

    77. Texas Jaco

      I'm freaking beyond furious about that lion!! What disgusting horrid monster's they are. Karma's still coming for you being chased wasn't the end of it

    78. Arjun Singh

      Trophy hunters deserved to die

    79. DiamondPlayz

      I’ve seen a kangaroo at my dads place and I didn’t go close I would hate if I would

    80. DiamondPlayz

      Srry I can’t hit the bell :(

    81. Milk & Hunty

      I couldn’t help but laugh when the man was wrestling with the kangaroo over his dog😩😂😂😂

    82. Mokane Malone

      That Cheetah wasn't playing around with Alexander

    83. Robert Fain

      People suck. We need a better pandemic to get rid of people and leave the planet to animals.

    84. Marivic Basa

      The kangaroo: *waiting outside* boi we didn't finish the match com'on Come we have business to be done 🤨😒

    85. capnumericka

      I thought this was channel on facts? First off: trophy hunting is only controversial to left wing morons who know nothing about economics, God’s word on how we have dominion over all animals and are supposed to subdue the earth of all its resources. when libtards hinder that process it hurts the poor in unfathomable ways. Secondly, trophy hunting is totally legal( how we easily forget that). So if you have a spare $10k or more laying around, then you can go kill whatever animal you want. Also, nothing goes to waste from these so called trophy hunts. All the meat goes to poor villages, while the hunter just keeps the skin/fur and teeth which costs another $5k-$15k to have a taxidermist stuff your kill, then!!! You have to wait another 1-2 years before you can get it back to the states due to a waiting list, several inspections from customs, etc., etc., then to have it shipped back cost a crapload too. Also, the best way to get an animal off the endangered species list is to make it delicious, affordable, and be able to use all the animal parts for important products. When you do that, (Americans especially) are geniuses when it comes to their freedom and spirit to make money. This narrator is a total ignoramos! Knows nothing about culling to keeping the numbers down on certain species in certain areas. If you don’t too much inbreeding starts and will eventually kill off all healthy individuals of that species. Go do you homework pal, and stop ratting off what you hear from other libtards.

    86. Gustavo Crespo


    87. Williany Amill

      Shows what he knows about trophy hunting, it cost thousands of dollars, the money goes towards the conversation and finessing the best specimens into breeding programs. only flawed and problematic animals get on the hit list like a giraffe with a mutation, a male hyena that doesn't get to breed with the alpha females or rouge lions that have killed too many of the rival Cubs to cause harm to the numbers but have not sired thier own Cubs cause they got castrated by a honey badger.

    88. Kenneth Gibson

      Wow dude punches Kangaroo 🦘 in the face over his dog Kangaroo stands there like come at me bro then man runs off then Kangaroo tracks man down at his home waiting on his porch like what you think I forgot you punched me in the face let’s finish this priceless 😂😂

    89. Andreas Knoll

      This like and you will get 10 years of luck is so wired, I like your videos, pleas stop saying that 😬

    90. Sophie Alexa Hernandez

      What did I just spectate

    91. Moxy Girl

      Trophy hunters and those who eat animals alive should burn in hell

    92. Allison McDonald

      The lion hunters, this is just barbaric, sick Bastards, thank goodness for karma, scumbags 🦁😢

    93. Mike Booth

      Kangaroo boxing should be a sport

    94. Mike Booth

      Kangaroo boxing Wow

    95. Jacob Kerr

      I really hope the other lion paralyzed her and put her in the hospital for good

    96. Ilovecats_azawa _mic

      You know what I've learned. D.O.N.T M.E.S.S W.I.T.H C.O.W.S!

    97. BK Outdoors

      If they killed the lion for no reason they wouldn’t video it, then post it. They either had a tag or the lion was a threat so the hunters neutralized it.

      1. Williany Amill

        The only lions allowed to be on the hit list are one's with mutations, past thier prime and poor health Like a broken jaw, castrated by a Honey badger or they where rouges killing top many cubs from rival proses but not producing thier own.