INSANE DETAILS In AVENGERS ENDGAME You Only Notice After Binge Watching The MCU | Easter Eggs

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    INSANE DETAILS In AVENGERS ENDGAME You Only Notice After Binge Watching The MCU | Easter Eggs. We breakdown all the easter eggs and hidden details in Avengers Endgame (2019) and discuss how it ties into the other Marvel MCU movies such as Spider-Man Far From Home, Black Widow, Captain America Civil War, Doctor Strange, Avengers Infinity War, Age Of Ultron, Iron Man and more!
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    Avengers Endgame is probably one of my favourite comic book movies of all time. It's packed from top to bottom with references to the other films in the Infinity Saga and throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down 200 of the best easter eggs in it.
    As always, welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul aka your friendly neighbourhood spoiler-man now let's get into the breakdown!
    Ok so Endgame opens with Hawkeye teaching his daughter how to fire arrows. Not only is this actually Joe Russo's daughter Ava but we can also catch a glimpse of the tracking device that was placed on his ankle after the events of Civil War.
    This ankle monitor would of course also pop up in Ant-Man and The Wasp with Scott Lang too being forced to wear one after breaking the Sokovia accords.
    The bullseye that we see actually appeared in Age Of Ultron in Clints Barn just before Tony came face to face with Nick Fury.
    We can hear birds in the background chirping away but after the snap is carried out these suddenly disappear. After the snap is reversed we get a scene of Ant-Man coming across some birds on a tree showing that things have returned to normal.
    In the bible birds are very symbolic and Noah of course used several to determine whether the earth had returned back to normal similar to what we see in these moments.
    You can also catch the faintest glimmer of dust blowing in the wind which of course symbolises that Hawkeye's family have been killed. Dust is also symbolic of the the bible as the phrase ashes to ashes and dust to dust is used to describe death.
    Half of all life in the universe has been wiped out and this too is later hinted at by the title scene in the Avengers Theme is actually played by half the orchestra. This was purposely done by Alan Silvestri in order to emphasise the way the world currently is.
    Speaking of title sequences, when the Marvel studios logo comes in, all of the characters that were dusted don't actually appear in it at all. (play the one from endgame and infinity war side by side if you can) We can see in the one for infinity war and the one for endgame that a lot of the characters are missing, which hammers home that they have been completely erased from existence.
    Speaking of Infinity War, there's actually several details set up in that film which pay off directly in this one. When talking to Doctor Strange, Tony Stark and Wong, Bruce Banner is surprised to learn that Ben and Jerry's have named an ice cream flavour after him. This gets a big followup in Endgame when we can see Hulk eating it during the planning stages of the time heist.
    Tony uses a nanotech shield to cover himself from an attack by Thanos.
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    6. timothy cross

      The one with nebula kinda makes sense as to why no one suspected her. Remember her arms are wrapped so when asked she could say her hand was badly damaged and it also makes sense because Old Nebula still had her normal hand while good nebula’s hand is robotic

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      You missed the black order dying (in the backround) exactly the same way some of the avengers did like Proxima midnight standing over Corvus's body the same way Wanda did over Vision's dead body, Ebony Maw dies the exact same way peter does, also when cap wields mjolnir he wields it the same way he takes his shield (in a calculated way) and he uses a combo where he hits the edge of the shield with mjolnir which is a callback to age of ultron where thry use it against Ultron's army, he also kicks thanos (before wielding mjolnir) the same way he kicked Batroc in winter soldier opening fight, Thanos spins his blade as a reference to the Thanos copter in the comics, he hands the shield to Sam because he is a good man, ("not a perfect soldier but a good man") also when Thor tells Hulk to take off the gauntlet Cap disagrees and makes sure if hulk can take it which is a reference to captain america the first avenger where Steve was transforming into captain america and they were about to stop the process but tells them to keep on going, also the avengers compound has metal doors to protect it because in iron man 3 iron man's house got bombed and there was nothing to protect it, he also made his suit connected to the stark gauntlet which made him absorb the infinity stones into his suit, there's also a scene where evil Nebula says "they've suspected nothing" and thanos replies "the arrogant never does" he also does the exact same thing where he didn't notice that the gauntlet was empty because he was too proud and arrogant, he also had six rocks in his hand while waiting for the avengers to fight him, and he was constantly avoiding thor and trying his best against him because he saw that Thor has a weapon that is able to kill him so he knew storm breaker is that dangerous and had focus on thor mainly and there's a scene where thanos throws his blade and Thor dodges it the same way he dodged Hulk throwing a piece of an airplane at him, also there's a nice reference to where Black panther takes the gauntlet from clint and calls him by his name because in civil war clint said "we haven't met yet, I'm Clint" Tchalla replies "i don't care" and when Scarlett witch came to fight thanos you can see how much bigger the energy blasts she's throwing at him are compared to her previous appearances and when he was pushing his blade while she was holding it back you can see thag she gets nervous but when she finds out that she's more powerful she immediately gains control and her eyes go red again, she lifts him up while also lifting rocks and metals with him and just shows that she can't control it and is just that furious, whenever thanos gets overpowered he'll find a genuis way to fight back, if you overpower him he'll outsmart you (captain marvel, Scarlett witch) if you outskill him (captain america) he'll overpower you, also captain marvel was absorbing energy out of tbe infinity gauntlet which is why she begins to overpower him slowly, there's also a reference to homecoming and civil war where Spidey activates instant kill and Cap calls him queens because of this scene in civil war"you got heart kid where are you from? "" queens""Brooklyn" Thanos also has his face half burnt (you know what thay means) and you can see that im every russo film in the mcu someone loses his hand probably some kind of reference to star wars, last but not least while Hulk is snapping it takes longer than usual for the gauntlet to light up which either means that his body is slowly absorbing gamma radiation or that he's trying to revive Nat so he's basically focusing on using the soul stone the most which is why it probably took so long, that's just a maybe tho, he did say that he tried to revive Nat at the end tho There's A LOT more details that i haven't stated

    66. wilson fisk

      Every mistake iron man learned from infinity war and other movies that were shown in endgame : His shield was draining metal from his suit so in this one he used Wakandan tech for an armor He couldn't remove the gauntlet from thanos on Titan so he made the Stark Gauntlet connected to his suit so he could absorb them He had less weapons and less power because his suit was meant to hold the power of the infinity stones (which are obviously way too powerful) He made the avengers compound have armored metal doors after having been attacked in iron man 3 and couldn't do anything about it In every movie you could see Tony learning from his previous mistakes in awsome little details which i would love to have you do a video on (and i could help you with it) @Heavy Spoilers

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    98. Summer Tyme

      You can't bring Banner back to his prior form. He is damaged by the infinity gauntlet. The damage is for all time. Even if there were a way to return him to being a small boy before he became the Hulk he would still have a damaged arm. The damage isn't done in the present or the future or the past it is done in the..... forever.

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