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    Welcome to the worst thing created by man: The Jar Jar Binks Monster Mouth Candy Tongue! Apparently in the late 90's the height of merchandising were hideous malformed heads that you could perform bizarre acts on. Don't remember that myself...
    But yes, let's all gather together and split open Jar Jar's mouth so we can his out of date lollipop tongue. It may taste of strawberry, sugar and rot but... I can't think of a positive way to end this sentence. Let's face it, it's 21 years old and shouldn't have existed in the first place.

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    1. Go Clunker

      Mesaw tonguesaw

    2. Nicholas Luck

      01:30 This triggered my fight or flight reflex.

    3. ComicsGateKeeper

      They also did the alien huskie from the thing

    4. Alex


    5. Cupcake Satan

      Man, does anyone remember JeepersMedia doing a toy fail on this thing?

    6. Petar Beli


    7. Enpsychlodelica

      I absolutely loved Jar jar binks and if you're gonna sit here and trash on him.. the mans suicidal from all the hate DUDE then you can get the hell out of of subs section NEVER watching this trash again..

    8. Jacob H

      Imagine if he got sick from this and he had to go to the doctor's to explain, "I bought a Jar Jar Binks to suck on his tongue for a video but it was melted and rancid."

    9. Exthetic


    10. Marc P.

      I feel i must puke.

    11. Edward Flores

      This is something I read in a Star Wars fanfict.

    12. DuMont Pictures

      I would see these lollipops working better for adults,. If you know what I mean.

    13. The Pink Panther

      ASH vs. The evil merchandise

    14. sarcastic McSpastic

      Okay I'm not normally phased by these things but holy hell that one got me

    15. Primtones

      I stored mine in the attic and the tongue melted over all my other Phantom Menace stuff.

    16. le computer

      french kissing simulator jar jar edition

    17. Tony Colacion


    18. why put name

      Didn't he do this already

    19. Boris k

      Apparently Jar Jar Binks was one of the most powerful Sith lords that ever lived. He could "allegedly" secretly influence and control peoples minds and he helped cause the collapse of the Galactic Republic Senate and helped the rise of Proclamation of the New Order and the Galactic Empire and the many wars that followed. Have you ever wondered why Queen Padmé Amidala gave Jar Jar Binks ambassadorial power in the senate, then went back to Naboo randomly for no reason, even though Jar Jar's was supposedly illiterate, had no experience and was unfit for the job. Then as soon as he was in power, he proposed to the senate that emergency power was to be given to Chancellor Palpatine and no one disagreed.

    20. Dark Doge X-s Tech


    21. Phenom Menon

      Some front line employee at Hasbro making probably not bad but not great money. Has been working there for like 10 years. Probably received a 2 cent raise at Hasbro last year. They're told BS like "yeah we just don't have a budget this year for any significant raises". Probably got a "certificate" signed by the CEO saying "Thank you all for all you do". Finds THIS video and put in their notice a week later when they found out how many millions went into approval for this shit.

    22. Splosh

      I love Ashens laugh

    23. Anthony Quigley

      When exactly did the Prequel hate start? i think it was maybe the mide to mide/late 2000's? because i remember going to see episode 1 3 times, all 3 times it was PACKEd, it was being shown on 3 screens where i live, and EVERYONE came out of there hyped and everyone was gushin over it, they LOVED the pod racing, they F*CKING loved it, i specifically remember everyone MUCH preferring the MUCH MUCH MUCH better Lightsaber duels and the beautiful art and CG. I remember people being the same over Episode 2. and my god, when Episode 3 came out people were BLWON away by how dark it was.. NO ONE was laughinm at vader's no... thing. I think it's just fun to hate on it? People have short memories. I mean, people act like Star Wars doesn't have Ewok's in it... and Chewbacca, and a cantina fully of furry fake as hell looking monsters... and Jabba the hutt... and that mad as a hatter little laughing thing of his... why is Jar Jar so much different?

    24. METALMAN4Wii

      "Will Smith's Noooo"

    25. sable Animal crossing

      Misa gonna kiss you

    26. Armaron

      I see what you did there. "Ahmed did his best"

    27. Milton D

      I remember seeing this in a shop as a kid and even back then I thought it looked vile lol.

    28. RagnarisFellhanded

      anyone else traumatised by the thumbnail? yeah... me either O.o

    29. Taste The Diff'rence

      This cracked me up XD

    30. Poggo :3

      This toy need to be cancel

    31. Kyle Flounder

      My new sleep paralysis demon is 2:54

    32. Mitochondria C

      Candy. Jar jar binks. Flashlight

    33. Gemarald

      "But hey that's a Gungan thing probably. The eyeballs not the crack"- 2:01 The thing is it would explain SO MUCH if the crack was a Gungan thing.

    34. Doc Dewrill

      fuck, its been 21 years since i french kissed Jar-Jar? bought one of them back in the day during our US Vaccation.

    35. Rebekah Samuels

      Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-)

    36. shlipon

      I remember the first time it was reweid

    37. GAHD DAMN IT


    38. Immortal Alien66

      0:03 Edit: 0:02

    39. DoneByDaylight TV

      Good God, Ashens. What have you done?

    40. ElatedNightmare


    41. Tysquarius Washington

      I remember these horrifying things lol

    42. Evz™

      I remember the weird Jar-Jar head things you could get with a sticky tongue. If I recall from Quavers?

    43. blackbootparty

      Once got stabbed by a jar jar lollie converted to prison shiv

    44. slightlyevolved

      Can we get a 1hr edit of just Ashens laughing his ass off over a melted tongue?

    45. Notime 25


    46. tank52086

      But The Phantom Menace isn’t 20 yea... OH MY GOD!

    47. frog

      Oh my fucking god

    48. The Dawsons Memes

      Only ashens can make a 15 minute video about lollipops

    49. Grislify

      Next time you should dip the Jar Jar tongue in Darth Mauls 20 year old Pepsi.

    50. yash mandla

      How has nobody turned one of these into a lightsaber

      1. frog

        You are a genius

    51. R Simpson

      do you have parkinsons?

      1. KinnikuBoneman

        Do you?

    52. Misc Misc

      This gives me a horrible, horrible idea

    53. Aaron P.

      I was six when Episode One came out and I remember eating this thing with horrifying accuracy. Even back then I was very uncomfortable biting into it and the aftertaste was like sour mildew.

    54. Mkay14 01

      I know why it melted - Qui Gon caught it in mid air, said ‘don’t do that again’ and it melted on the spot

    55. Oh My

      i actually remember having one of these as a kid in the 90s i remember kept asking my mum in woolworths for it, wow the memories! 😂

    56. Jace Fairis

      it fucking unhinges its jaw like a snake! literally made me cackle

    57. Xcesive

      Lord forgive me for what I’m about to do

    58. Boopboop Octomen

      This entire review is just laughing and question life cjoixes

    59. LexiEyesUnicorn

      I smell a polybius sequel with Ahmed Best...

    60. MissAshley42

      I used to work in a retail toy department when The Phantom Menace released. These things wound up being put in my department despite being candy. I hated them. The display tore easily, so they rarely could be displayed neatly on the shelf.

    61. polanskyf

      "Getting to first base" - the movie the lollipop

    62. David Boothe

      Use to have those back in the day. Now it kind of reminds me of some kind of fleshlight.

    63. Lee A

      For the first bit of this video I was just sat in awe about how good they’d made the lolly tongue look, then spent the rest of the video in awe that Ashens made such a realistic tongue out of putty.

    64. Lee A

      I absolutely love Jar Jar Binks, I associate him with so many good memories. The first film my stepdad took me to as a kid was the Phantom Menace. He used to do Jar Jar impressions to make me laugh, and he once painted an egg like Darth Maul for a easter thing at the local village hall. My stepdad has always been one of the most important and best people in my life, I love him so much, so Jar Jar just reminds me of him.

    65. Primeval Demon

      "THE AIR GOT TO IT , WILSON ! *THE* *AIR* *GOT* *TO* *IT* "


      Look, i know many of u might not like jar jar, but to me, jar jar is such a wholesome and innocent character, who only want to do good and fun fact: George Lucas favorite character is Jar Jar overall u might hate him but just know there are people, especially kids grew up to like him and his actor Ahmed best is such a great and talented person, he actually got attacked by toxic fans which almost led him to suicide! but thank goodness now Ahmed Best is loved by fans and he even got to host a Star Wars game show called jedi temple challenge, so everything is going great for him!


        @KinnikuBoneman in the end of the day, tho u may not like jar jar, just know some people do fun fact: georhe lucas and frank Oz even said to ahmed best that there favorite character was jar jar


        @KinnikuBoneman 'well some of us do, and over the years people in wookipedia now things jar jar was not that bad even better than rey they said

      3. KinnikuBoneman

        I don't think anyone liked Jar Jar

    67. Ezekiel2320

      That's a collectors item. You should sell it in future with the customised tongue

    68. Rin

      I had a classmate who loved Jar Jar. He was only 7 tho so keep that in mind.

    69. AJ Dexter

      Yuk? More like yum

    70. Dominus Lucifer

      made in newport

    71. Milo Cook

      horrerer make a movie

    72. Max Perdue

      Imagine if this was KISS branded and looked like Gene Simmons

    73. S L

      Ok so I'm born in 97', but I remember being given this for thing for free by the owner of a candy store my family frequented (my dad... The kinda man that just gets to know people), and I must have been 5 *at least* at that moment. So my question is... How long had that one been warming the shelves?

    74. Matt Crowell

      Lord forgive what I’m about to do...

    75. Eight Coins

      The most shocking part honestly is 1999 being 21 years ago

    76. BippityJones

      Just remake these with a Five Nights at Freddy's head and make the tongue redder & you'd sell almost enough to break even!

    77. Andrew Wang

      Man this Is all of my nightmares on crack

    78. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      6:58 Ok, that means he isn't a todcon.

    79. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      3:32 Well, ... could be worse could heave been his dick ... on the other hand you probably wouldn't mind the full JarJar action figure.

    80. shy-eye

      i remember when i was like six years old and had one of these and it was my favourite toy once the candy was gone.

    81. Fire Proxy

      Hahaha I just searched up jar jar binks and I read your title 😆

    82. The Nate

      Sometimes I think Stuart's stomach is cast out of pure phlebotinum of some sort

    83. Avi Ramjan

      Best laugh for the week.... Hilarious voice work. :)

    84. Dániel Monostori

      What a shitty fleshlight

    85. Know Life

      I remember these. don't remember it being this scary to me though. lol

    86. Rohan C

      Its the Jar Jar - Dead Space crossover I never knew we needed.

    87. MDP_Toaster

      Jar-Jar is one of the few characters in Star Wars that hasn’t committed a war crime.

      1. KinnikuBoneman

        He did tho

      2. RedThree

        That's because his existence alone is a warcrime

    88. 1875HIBEESFC

      I wouldn’t want to eat that even if it wasn’t 21 years out of date

    89. Neo

      When you mentioned Jar Jar smoking crack, I realized that he does kind of sound like an alien Tyrone Biggums

    90. Ian Maher

      I’d bet money there’s bootleg mandalorian figures by now, especially baby yoda.

    91. Stormwatcher

      One of your funniest videos out of many many funny videos! Please do some more tastings, if you survive this, lol!

    92. Charles Harris

      Am I the only one who things his tongue looks somewhat like a certain body part of a dog

    93. Natalie Brinkley

      I loved jar jar binks!

    94. Melissa The Rotund

      please enjoy this filthy ass-keyboard.

    95. W0rmblood

      I loved these as a kid, my dad used to get me them all.the time lol

    96. GayForLenin

      what the FUCK do you mean 21years. I FUCKING HATE THE PASSAGE OF TIME BRO

    97. Nathan

      "Oh it's fine, it's just really.. oh it's not fine!"

    98. Meems

      OMG. That was friggin hilarious. 😂😂😂

    99. chickpea

      I laughed so hard at the tongue replacement that I nearly had a stroke