49ers are leaning towards Trey Lance, they've talked themselves out of Mac Jones | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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    The day has finally come. Round one of the NFL Draft is tonight, and we will see what the San Francisco 49ers do with the third pick. They still reportedly aren’t any closer to making a decision yet with the gap between Mac Jones and Trey Lance closing in recent days. Hear who Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe believe the 49ers will draft with No. 3 overall pick.

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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    49ers are leaning towards Trey Lance, they've talked themselves out of Mac Jones | NFL | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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      1. See Jones

        Unc you almost 53? That's a blessing. You look like your in your early 30s 💪.

      2. Daniel Kim

        Please tell Skip to watch Trey Lance's game against UC Davis. It's on NLname. He made some amazing throws, but missed some high school level throws. His accuracy is so inconsistent.

      3. bio2020

        Trey Lance doesn't throw INT's because he doesn't throw the ball. He's a running QB. And running QB's suck in the NFL because they are injury prone, and defenses can stop a running QB when they have to. Look at his highlights. He might as well switch position to RB. He's a hard no for me. and I don't like Trevor Lawrence, because he lacks the fire. Mac Jones is possible, but he was made to look good by the incredible talent around him at Alabama. The best QB in this draft is probably Justin Fields.

      4. Nathan Elliott

        I need Skip to let me know where to get that shirt.

      5. Mr Chipnasty


    2. rip jones

      The mature step-daughter behaviorally regret because bow syntactically cycle than a automatic riddle. immense, scary rabbit

    3. Oli

      skip right on all his predictions

    4. TheTripleTKA

      yea niner fans, specially shanfan boys won't admit but shanahan was set on mac jones. I'm glad lynch talked him out of it

    5. M.akbar T

      Well, as we've learned, San Fran was NEVER going to draft Mac Jones. That would have been a ridiculous pick.

    6. Li Tai Fang

      If the Niners gave away three 1st round picks to draft a Kirk Cousin or even a Matt Ryan wannabe......

    7. Rob G

      LeShannon Shanahan. Fitting lol

    8. Dead Angel 9

      Patriots haters :)

    9. Kurt Gauger

      Shannon, i love ya buddy, but Wrong on this one. It was never Mac Jones locked in since the trade.....

    10. druzo26

      Didn't age well!!

      1. wildturkey3776

        wtf you talking about he was spot on.

    11. Nate Sarfo

      Unc really called it

    12. Richard Gelilio Jr

      Mac jones will be with the patriots. Trust and believe that.

    13. kingcns

      Shannon was right except the 49ers wanted Lance this whole time.

    14. Nottingham Forest

      Lance reminds me of Kapernik. Just not as fast on the field.

      1. CJ

        Their only similarities are their athleticism. Trey has a much quicker and more fluid throwing motion compared to Kaepernick's telegraphic baseball throw, Trey has much higher football IQ out of college and played under center in a Pro Style offense similar to Kyle Shanahan's unlike Kaepernick who was all read option.

    15. chicken29843

      Justin fields is so unbelievably underrated I don’t I literally can’t believe it, he literally has everything he has the tape he has the mechanics he has the arm he has the athleticism he has the size he has it drive the work ethic, name one thing Trevor Lawrence has that Justin fields dozen? A couple inches maybe? Fields will beThe best quarterback in the draft

    16. Daniel Andre

      Shannon your wrong, Lance was the guy all along and Mac Jones was not even a thought

    17. KC Palma

      Haha Skip the 49ers select QB ❤️Trey Lance 💛...Ooops you're WRONG again 🤣

    18. William C

      You were right Shannon

    19. Cj_London

      When skip doesn’t talk about the cowboys, he actually makes a lot of sense when talking about football

    20. Jerome Marshall

      Well Skip was right

    21. Proliemdelu

      WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, Shannon.............Kyle and the GM John Lynch wanted Trey Lance all along, going back to January. These so called media pundits are ridiculous.

    22. selfmadetool


    23. defecationzen


    24. M PG

      Shannon was right.

    25. Mario Flores

      I can't believve it for once Shannon sharpe is right I agree with him

      1. Austin Roccaro

        Shannon is always right. Skips the one who is wrong with 99% of his predictions.

    26. Will Gray

      QB 2021: Pocket Passer or Athletic Thrower. The Niners just voted for athletic thrower, a QB with a strong arm combined with exceptional wheels. Trey Lance is that guy. Mac Jones is a great pocket passer and I think he'll be perfect in New England. They know how to use pocket passers.

    27. J V

      49ers right Tackle is happy with this pick, cuz he's better at run blocking than pass protection! 😂

      1. J V

        @Bigkev Boutacheck Yup and he's even more happier with the 2 picks we got today. A guard and a running back.

      2. Bigkev Boutacheck

        He still gets the job done

    28. triodesrbetter

      Damn Skip was spot on.

      1. Austin Roccaro

        For once

    29. TheModer8ter

      John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." -Jesus.

    30. Steve Davis

      Shannon got it right on the money....

    31. William MacDonald

      Brilliant analysis

    32. ChrisbeFoSerious

      Never doubt Uncle Shannon!

    33. Qian Huang

      Skip is right this time.

    34. Big Baby J Tv

      Shannon called it, dude had insider information

      1. Jerome Marshall

        He knows Kyle Shanahan

      2. Bigkev Boutacheck

        Fr lol

    35. Brandon Brown

      Alabama qbs r system trash

      1. TheLivedeath

        Same with Ohio State

    36. Will PCS

      John Lynch said lucky for us there was not a 2020 season of films on Trey Lance or he could had been the number 1 draft pick this year.

    37. David Evans

      The third pick was probably too good for Matt Jones.

      1. TheLivedeath

        If he was smart and wante Mac, he shouldve stayed at 12 and didnt have to give up all those picks

    38. Eric Sawyer

      Lance fa Prezzy!

    39. Justin Leckband

      C’mon Thkiupp

    40. Jared Thomas

      they took lance, and RIGHTFULLY SO. he has GOAT mahomes tendencies fam

      1. TheLivedeath

        Mahomes actually played against competition in college though.

    41. Jason Carter

      Just want to say skip as an analogy. Everyone said that about Tom Brady as well. Not saying Mac Jones will reach that. I’m just saying

      1. Demigod1

        Agree this draft is being set up for the bears and and especially the 49ers to regret passing up on Mac Jones he will be similar to Tom Brady . 1.)Mac 2.)Zach 3.) Feilds 4.)Lawrence 5.) trey This is how the list will end up being mark my words it’s happened time and time again it’s always the overlooked qbs that are tossed aside that end up winning you ring and championships.

    42. Royce Sanders

      Who's back after the draft

    43. Assassynth

      That shirt though. ON lsd it must be such a fest to look at it

    44. muscleray934

      Hahah M Jones to Patriots, I’m not a fan of any team just a fan of the nfl in general. Patriots could be scary in 2-3 years now

      1. TheLivedeath

        Just as long as he doesn't turn out to be another A. J. McCarron or Greg McElroy

    45. Ronald Russoe

      Kyle Shanahan is a tease and an overrated bum who always loses in big moments

    46. Alif Ullah

      watching this after the pick... good job shannon

    47. Shred Academy

      Shannon was right.

    48. bjern757

      My man Shannon was right on the money

    49. Edwin Kubena

      We will see Lance has talent and the arm not sold yet on leadership and the intangibles

    50. Blade Brown

      Unk Shay sir you were correct!

    51. robert cuomo

      Trey Lance #3 pick was leaked, no doubt in my mind. Many resources the last couple of days made this pick not to believe it.

    52. Mr Millennium 26

      49ers got a stud his ceiling is high they coach him up right

    53. Myles Bankhead

      Draft him and then call up Houston about Watson.. book it

      1. President Resident

        hmmm...interesting call

    54. MrBezl

      Mac Jones has a faster 40 and shuttle time than Mahomes. He’s no special athlete.. but he’s not As slow as Tom Brady like they making him out to be

    55. Jay Jones

      I hope it’s Lance but I do trust Kyle Shanahan with either young QB as a Niners fan

    56. Anthony Burnett

      No he know he wasn’t gone play til his Senior year

    57. Anthony Burnett

      If Smith and Waddle separation so far you don’t need that much on the ball to hit them in strive

    58. MistaTofMaine

      Skip: "I said Lance to 49ers before it was fashionable". Literally seconds later. Skip "Now I hear Lance to 49ers I'm SHOCKED!!"

      1. President Resident

        He meant he thought 49ers should pick Lance and is shocked the NFL world has joined the band wagon.

    59. David Jackson

      What are the 49ers gonna do with Garoppolo? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔

    60. Brett T

      Racism! wait Mac Jones is white. Nevermind...Valid Criticism

    61. Chris Luther

      The 49ers should take Justin Fields. I think he is by far the second best QB in the draft and I personally don't think that it is even close. I dont think Wilson, Jones, or Lance are anywhere near as good as him.

    62. Chris Luther

      Whatever Skip says about drafting a QB just do the opposite. Lol.. I remember in 2014 when the Texans had the first pick and skip said "if the Texans dont take Johnny Manziel they will regret it forever"... hahahaha

    63. Skitzo Heavy

      Bro Shay needs an award for his analogies omm I swea it’s on point errtime and funny af errtime I love you Shay !! 😂😂 “ test driving a car “ who thinks of that ?? The best bro I swear

    64. r oo

      Write this down. Mac jones will be the best qb that has ever came out of Alabama. Speed is a gift, but so is accuracy.

    65. Chris Mayo

      I think trey lance gonna be like a mahomes 💯‼️

    66. New Lion


    67. G Gagoots

      Trey Lance is the way to go for them. Mac is nothing special imo. They have jimmy g and can have a guy sit a year. Trey Lance in that system can be one of those new big qbs. He has a string arm, if those receivers are burning and getting open this offense can look sexy

    68. Social Power

      Skip you called it once you heard the whispers already!!

    69. Ramone DeCurta

      The real prize of this year’s off-season is Sam Darnold, and the Panthers got him. If he was in this year’s draft, he would easily go no lower than #2, and would likely be #1 on more than half of all of the draft boards. Darnold is essentially a “third-year rookie” who will be miles ahead of every QB in this year’s draft...just watch. The guy is just 21 years old. He’s younger than the other QB’s. The Panthers already won the draft.

    70. LeBron Jericho

      Mac Jones sucks

    71. slim dude

      If Uncle Shay is saying this, Trey Lance is probably going to be a Niner lol.

    72. Barbara Lovenvirth

      If they take Lance, they have to keep Garapollo.

    73. Ty Porter

      mac jones is not first round material. I would draft him in the later round. matt jones is not athletic and very slow. He has no mobility just like tom brady and matt ryan. All of them have one thing in common. They all slow and not athletic😫😩😆😂😆

      1. Aaron

        He’s faster the Mahomes lmao

    74. francis yang

      The Vikes will give Shannonhan his favorite QB Dirt Cousin for lance, come on home Trey

    75. Devs2kwik

      I just don’t understand why you move to #3 for Mac or trey lance I just don’t understand, trey lance and fields both have waaaay bigger arms then Mac, Mac is more accurate and moves better in the pocket but other then that honestly idk how Mac Jones is ahead fields or lance.

    76. Ramone DeCurta

      Don’t be shocked if the 49ers wind up with Aaron Rodgers. He’s a proven commodity who just strategically announced that he wants out of GB. By this time tomorrow he may no longer be a Packer. Think about it. The 49ers are built to win right now. If you can get Rodgers and play him for four years (winning one Super Bowl), you can delay your reset until after 2025. Rodgers is playing his best football right now, even though he’s 38. Two Super Bowl ready teams are a proven QB away from the Super Bowl: the 49ers and the Steelers. Rothlisberger is still in Pittsburgh, and Rodgers is from Cali! Jimmy-G and a #2 (with a conditional #1 - say, if SF goes to a SB within 3 years) can go to GB. Jimmy-G can battle Jordan Love for the starting spot. The 49ers get Rodgers, and will not be giving up their #3 pick to GB. They will likely still take Lance and let him learn from Rodgers. They may trade down from that #3 pick to get another CB to replace Richard Sherman, and another RB and WR. Rodgers and Russ always had the potential of shaking up the entire NFL draft, and it looks like Rodgers will do just that. If he leaves GB today, a lot of dominos are going to fall. Rodgers is going to the 49ers. I can feel it!

    77. Cat Daddy

      Mac Jones going to be 🔥

    78. Ty Porter

      No doubt is Justin Fields

    79. TheChosen One

      Media lied to y'all about they moved up for Mac Jones And Now the Gig Is Up It's Fields Or Lance Lol they tried to raise that white boy stock but lol ain't work 🤣😂😆🤣

    80. Jomaru Joestar

      if you can mould Trey Lance to fix any accuracy or technical issues you're winning.

    81. Jomaru Joestar

      I think that's a good idea it's like having a QB competition unless Mac Jones has the clutch IT factor being a pocket passer is going to be a rough ride.

    82. Team CGC 9.8

      That's G buying a car without test driving it💀

    83. Tae HitDifferent

      Skip speaking facts! Don’t forget they talk about fields vs Indiana and northwestern like those aren’t two top five defenses in the nation 🤡

    84. Kenneth Noble K-No

      Shannon always dropping jewels

    85. moneymitch323

      i like Justin Fields

    86. Protest this You loser

      If it’s Mac Jones, it’s white supremacy. Amirite?

    87. Tae HitDifferent

      7:10 yet we still found a way to try and put linebackers on him 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    88. Lee Cox

      How many times is skip gonna bring up Shannon being close to the shannahans.

    89. Hear MeOut

      Skip Bayless should have become the Food and Lifestyle writer at some newspaper because he is clueless about sports.

    90. FLYAR TISM

      Skip is so right Mac Jones is a product of overwhelming talent

    91. Alberto Guzman

      I agree with Skip. I've been rooting for Trae Lance. It´s hard to believe that PJ Fleck didn´t take him at Minnesota, and Lance flourished in ND!

    92. Chris Garcia

      Any of the two just not mac Jones

    93. Winford T. McGuillacutty

      Well knocking Mac Jones for playing with a loaded roster at Alabama is sort of stupid because, only the cream of the crop makes it to the league. How many players in the league went to Alabama? I'll wait

    94. FLYAR TISM


    95. DTS

      Shannon slowly moving off the Mac Jones train lol.

    96. Endz Here

      A week ago they said it was bad business for the 49ers to let everyone know they locked in Mac Jones.

    97. M4 Snake

      Jones seems to be the opposite of Fields if you look at the attributes. One is mobile, the other is a pocket passer. And Lance kinda lands in the middle, except with possibly the strongest arm out of al of them. Am i seeing this right?

    98. Keenan Baker

      none of these guys are Waaaaaaaay more accurate than the other. so why take jones? fields and lance can do what jones does, but jones cant do what they can do which is improvise with thier legs

    99. Jerome Wilson

      The Justin fields disrespect is crazy

      1. Chief

        I mean, Ohio State QB's tend to flop in the NFL. I'd be hesitant too.

    100. Levell Jefferson

      At this point these guys dont have a clue whos gonna get drafted.