49ers drafting Trey Lance is better than Mac Jones to Patriots - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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    Finally we got to see the San Francisco 49ers draft Trey Lance third overall last night. Reports were that the organization was split between Mac Jones and Lance but the North Dakota State quarterback ended up winning over San Francisco. Then, Mac Jones fell all the way down to 15 right into Bill Belichick’s lap. In a Zoom call with reporters, Jones said that the New England Patriots had been the team he secretly wanted to be drafted by. Hear who Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe made the better draft pick: San Francisco or New England?

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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    49ers drafting Trey Lance is better than Mac Jones to Patriots - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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      1. Savage Donald Trump

        @Winford T. McGuillacutty k

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      5. Ralph Lim


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    6. Robert Murdock

      Bill doesn’t expect Jones to be Brady as he just has to learn from cam and bill

    7. Robert Murdock

      I just wonder when shay and Skip are gonna give the goat king Durant his due as the greatest player of this generation

    8. Hannah Logarski

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    11. Lyonel Louis-Charles

      Everyone in the comments just gonna ignore how Shannon’s math was off? He said would you give up 2 Super Bowls to have that perfect season, he’d only have 5 rings. Brady would actually have 6 rings.

    12. jacqueline walsh

      Too early today Lance is better too early Shannon to say that comon

    13. Jonathan83X

      I don't blame Brady for saying he'd rather have 5 Super Bowl wins than seven if it meant one of them was the perfect season. To me, that's worth four Super Bowls, if not more because that right there is history. No NFL fan would forget it, just like people still talk about the 72 Dolphins.

    14. Christian Soldier

      I had been saying for years that Belichek was a bad drafter of talent when everyone else was saying he was the greatest genius of all time. It always seems like I am light years ahead of everyone else

    15. Daniel Paquet

      you cant ask any thing about Belichic to Skip he's Biased he'll never admit to liking any thing Bill Belichic does..

    16. Jason Y

      I like u guys

    17. i Mr go hard

      About time Tom Brady acknowledged Skip

    18. Miami Charger

      Shannon is 2nd to none when it comes to talking NFL football

    19. bluestripbankrolll

      Jimmy Gotta Cut That “ let’s go baby” “yea baby” “woo!” All Bruh Really Gotta Say Is (Gotta Bla$t) 🚀

    20. Bhumibol Rushing

      Of course Shannon would say this..it's pitting black vs white again and Shannon can't go two seconds without putting his politics

    21. Jorge Flores

      When new QBs run over scanning their reads fail to advance their QB responsibilities.

    22. Caleb Webster

      Mac Jones can run enough to make some plays. It’s not a weakness, it’s just not a strength.

    23. Benjamin Rood

      Can't believe it. I 100% agree with Shannon's assessment. Not the clickbait headline, but what Shannon is actually saying.

    24. GW B

      49ers gave it all up for Lance...patriots were handed Mac Jones...Shannon was saying the other day it was tough to tell which one was better, before the draft 😂

    25. Zachary

      Mitch trubisky 2.0

    26. Ashton Chapman

      Lance could be the next Mitch Trubisky if he isn’t careful

    27. vambo13257

      What will Shay Shay say when Lance is a bust

    28. Connor Davis

      Skip getting happy that brady noticed him

    29. Kofi Manning

      Last month both these guys said that Mac Jo es was the second best QB in the draft. They said every other QB was questionable. They said they don't need their QB to run a 4.4. Now because Jone is a Patriot, that is no longer the case? Sounds like a double mind set.

    30. Michael Williams Jr

      Isaiah 48:17 Psalms 83:18

    31. nphillyk

      The biggest difference between Lance and Mac Jones isn’t just the huge gap in terms of mobility. Trey Lance is already accustomed to operating under center, adjusting protections, as well as other pro style concepts. Not to mention actually having the arm talent to make all of the throws and take the top off a defense at any moment.

    32. Gerardo Reyes2

      They had this planned all along lmaoo

    33. zackdreamcast

      14:22 funny as Brady has shown himself only to be a product of the talent around him. You think Brady is taking the Lions, or the Jets, or the dolphins to the super bowl.... no. He’s a product of the systems he’s in. Same could be said of Mahomes. Meanwhile Rodgers, Cam, Wilson, and Watson take there teams only as far as their individual performance can take them. Give any of them last year’ roster in Tampa or any of the Patriot SB rosters and they would be undefeated with ease.

    34. Eric Gaynor

      Ok I know that basic math is no shannon specialty but if tom has 7 rings & he gives you 2 but you give him 1 than has 6 not 5 rings genius

    35. jon Johnson

      Skip forgets brwdy had a shed load of talent especially during their first 3 super bowls

    36. J W

      Who made Tom Brady? Everyone said he was a bust. If the kid doesn't make mistakes, he'll be just fine

    37. Gibster

      The 49ers didn't draft Lance to play off script. They drafted Lance to run the offense at a higher level. To force defenses to cover every blade of grass on the field.

    38. sir dick ellis

      Its amazing a guy that played 1 game last year in a half when did play throw 18 passes a game in the lowest conference is god gift u watch film doesn't even look that fast . Stupid pick by the 49ers the time he deployments if he ever dose ur roster getting older n expensive n hes getting closer to his 5 year option

    39. Mexican Yoda

      Lmao. Thats hysterical that Shannon thinks this.

    40. 16ktsgamma

      The 49ers trolled the entire league and it's fanbase.

    41. Jason Stewart

      That’s what I’m talking about Shannon!! Trust the Shanny way!! 😉

    42. Absolute Mayhem

      If Brady gave back his last 2 Super Bowls to win it in 2007 he would have 6 rings right now, not 5. Shannon isn't very good at 1st grade Math.

    43. Relayer6a

      When Mac Jones is successful, "It's the system." lol

      1. Jeff Blind

        Facts lol

    44. Oh No

      The 49ers had the best draft. All others did nothing. Mac Jones and Trevor Lawrence are jokes.

    45. Joe King

      Shanahan is not a genius he's a gullible fool. But he was desperate because the 49er fans were getting tired of losing seasons and without some kind of hope they were going to ask for his head.


      Look at Shannon sweating w his foot in his mouth about pick 3 flip. Then a Brady story to cover it

    47. Verbaldavenci1

      How many games before Cam gets benched??

      1. Nora's son

        6 games tops if he can't throw past 30 yards 5 games

    48. José Hawkins

      San Francisco got the best quarterback

    49. Willie Little

      I love and proud of both kids. They both were blessed to go to the right teams for their skill sets. NO Saints also wanted Mac Jones. QB Fields also went to the perfect team for him. Young, tough, talented, cold weather QB. WE ARE THE BEARS!!!

    50. Gordon Sumter

      MAc will be better

    51. jaime esquivel

      What 😂 happened to Jimmy I thought he was the second coming?.

    52. Joe stewart

      I call bullshite!!! Hes film is good but it is against far inferior competition. This kid is cam newton at best. As everyone knows they have a good yr and flame out!

    53. Robert Percy

      The embarrassment of riches argument was nowhere to be seen with Joe Burrow. It was the same thing. Mac and Joe both had squads. But only one of those guys is getting penalized for it.

    54. Ross Kuykendall

      Skip is a Bama hater. It doesn't matter who the pick is.

    55. JR the Gent

      Mac Jones is the next Mark Sanchez.

    56. Steve g

      shannon hates brady because he is white

    57. Frazzox

      Comparing the two situations is stupid. The patriots picked what was left, the 49ers gave away the farm and mortgaged the future. Failure of Mac will be accepted. Lance's eventual one would be a disaster.

    58. John Dave


    59. John Dave


    60. John Dave


    61. John Dave

      Paranoia parody

    62. John Dave

      Mortiz map haslem


      Skip looking like he on that deathrow pic with pac and suge😂

    64. John Dave

      Trumpets nosongs

    65. Young James

      I truly believe the 49ers wanted Zack Wilson, Jets wasn’t interested in Fields so it forced their hands to decide between Trey or Mac.

    66. Davion McKinzy


    67. Adam Wuest

      I think the goal in S.F was Aaron Rodgers. And it failed and they ended up with Lance. Everyday it was a different name there. They wanted that pick as part of the package

    68. George Turner

      Belichick has drafted more Alabama players than Ozzie.

    69. Lewis Weaver

      Don't sleep on Mac Jones. Tapes don't lie. The Patriots got a steal.

    70. Blue Jay

      I can understand how he feels if a bunch of you guys subbed to me I'd be so hype.

    71. Brent Collins

      Lmao people forget that Kyle Shanahan had RG3 look at how he turned out again Lance has a better head on his shoulders but just saying

    72. A V

      he might be a better player. Hes not worth the 3rd pick mac jones aint worth the 15th.

    73. Thanos Etsitty

      I think Bill wanted Justin Fields.

    74. Roy Fletcher Jr.

      Lol im sorry but this isnt a real question here, NE really didnt have a choice they got whom ever was at 15. We will see if Mac Jones will be able to couched up. And can keep in mind that Brady was couched up to be the goat, i can see Mac Jones being couched up to be a great qb.

    75. Brad Jones

      49ers gave up a crazy amount for a D2 QB with barely any experience against bad competition. Sure he might be fun to watch but will he win? Mac Jones had probably the best college season of all time and is definitely more pro ready. I don't think either QB starts day one but Patriots definitely had the better draft imo

    76. Gary Schneider

      Nobody in the history of college football had a higher completion rate while under pressure than Mac Jones. And nobody in 2020 had more TD passes thrown while under pressure than Mac Jones. He doesn't need to be another Tom Brady because being Mac Jones is good enough. That said Lance is a great player. A little inaccurate at times but a few adjustments to the playbook for the 49ers will correct that. I think both teams got exactly who they wanted. Both of these guys better bring their A game to camp. JG and SCam are not just going to willingly step aside. SCam was recovering from injury and Covid for most of last year. An Alabama and Aub QB battling for the starting job on an NFL team. This is great stuff.

    77. S. Keegs

      It's not bad math, he asked to give up 2, in his career for the perfect season. "I'd give up my X and X rings if that meant i could have a perfect season "

    78. Monsuta Man

      You got Trey rhyming with Bay And Soldier Field pretty much has Justin's last name in it..... Oh the slogans this season.

    79. SC 82

      Skip Tom Beady with the Bucs was only sensational because all the talent around him . We all saw him struggle with the Patriots the season before with no talent . That is how Skip compares Mac Jones from last season to this one .

    80. Woke Queen

      As a pats fan I agree. I think Belichick really wanted Fields and expected him to fall to #15 but bears was so quick with it and snatched him. Jones is the only Top 5 QBs that wasn't really wanted in 1st round because he is a risk due to his weight, speed, injury(sprained ankle) and lack of athleticism . Broncos already made a qb move because they didn't know what to expect. He needs to work on his arm strength, workout more, and stop try to be the next Brady. Brady was the only good pocket passer qb the pats ever had.

    81. J Stackz

      I'm surprised skip ain see wat Tom said 😂😂

    82. Major Marketing

      Comment section: Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip

    83. Mynor Santamaria

      I'm glad Skip got a shout out from Tom u can tell it ment alot to him

    84. Charles Sellman

      I think Skip and Brady have a really good friendship for real. Low-key Brady and Skip do respond like they have/had a few private conversations. I understand it's his favorite player but it's the same with he and MJ, Jerry Jones, and a few others.

    85. AJ Ney

      I think Shannon either is thinking of buying a car or just bought one, he's been on these analogies the last few days 😂

    86. StevenP 91

      Skip - 🎉🎉😎💪💪💪🤳

    87. jonny jenz

      These guys really don't know much about these players drafted

    88. Elena Khoo

      Why didn't Brady send some TB12 stuff to Skip? Skip has his back ALL the time. 😂😂😂

    89. Devere Brown

      Lol Didn’t Shannon Say Jones Was The Second Best QB In The Draft?

    90. Humble Rumble

      Mac Jones is the next goat

    91. LiveWireRed B.

      Lance will have alot of success with his legs but Mac Jones is far more pro ready imo.

    92. Deslynn Spratling

      Skip’s entire existence is complete now that Brady acknowledged him 😭😭

      1. Franco Barrera

        That reaction was so wholesome.

    93. Free Pizza

      Bill would've waited for Kellen Mond out of Texas A&M or Davis Mills out of Stanford if Mac Jones hadn't been there. He's never going to trade up for a QB. Now if he see's a generational defensive talent however....

    94. Dwart55

      Wouldn’t it be funny for the 49ers if Mac Jones turns into the next Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.

    95. Winford T. McGuillacutty

      Skip, Mac threw to elite players but the cream of the crop is what makes it to the league. Mac Jones is very intelligent reading defenses. It might take him a year or so to get adjusted to the speed of the game, presnap reads, and the verbiage of the playbook in the league, but you might get surprised by the Mac Attack. I'm telling you, he's gonna do the thang in the league

      1. Jeff Blind

        I'm counting on it, honestly.

    96. Dwight Primrose

      Anytime Skip talks about anything that has to do with Lebron, Nick Saban and Alabama, or Bill Belichick, I take it with a grain of salt.

    97. Christian Sr

      On the cool pats got the scraps. Now we’ll see how good McDaniels is a an offensive guru

    98. Karan Phull

      The Pats took a risk and it paid off picking at 15.

    99. TheOriginalDante MA-Kaus

      Hahaha you people are so stupid. Bills got his next Tom Brady

    100. Loren H

      Shannon is a LOUD MOUTH CLOWN , thank you Skip 😂😂😂😂