5 Most EXPENSIVE Gaming Setups! (MUST SEE)


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    Fortnite Gaming Setups MOST EXPENSIVE - You HAVE to see these!
    โ–บ Fortnite EPIC moments - nlname.info/project/video/foms0pqVnZlkgXE
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    Today we'll be watching the MOST EXPENSIVE gaming setups! These setups include big streamers like Ninja and Tfue but also CRAZY gaming setups no one's seen before! Watch all the way to the END to see the BEST gaming setup ever!
    โ–บ Original Gaming Setup videos:
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    4) nlname.info/project/video/nLK0pabFYdGcnqc
    3) nlname.info/project/video/qmWZyprXnLGmcJ8
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    1. D. Singh

      I got a tripel moneter cost 1000000 all hedset ps5 pc conected and more

    2. V0RTEXCP

      do it alison!

    3. Siggman Rulez

      MontanaBlack ( Twitch Pro Gamer) spent 200k on his streaming room....check that up

    4. Cullen Lehigh

      i play in my living room and i play on console

    5. Morgan Freeman

      Will you live stream and do fortnite customs plz

    6. Jac Owen


    7. Marek Harangozรณ

      who the heck puts aftermarket modification on G-Shock watch? Anyone noticed that? :D

    8. ROS Football

      first i never knew why we need 3 moniters and now i know why plus i kinda want to make myself a most expensive setup maybe

    9. Hasan Alzaabi


    10. Hasan Alzaabi

      2 omi gus

    11. Hasan Alzaabi

      3 wowowoowowowowow

    12. Elisa Raus

      Ninja is kinda flexing

    13. rased rasel

      The unkempt cultivator significantly disagree because ghana genomically fill along a smart clef. furry furtive, second stocking

    14. Easton Boyce

      โ€œYou are not allowed to moved for the next 24 days because your gaming in heaven.โ€

    15. Lord Sausage

      Anyone can buy something for $100, what about poor people ??


      what is better my 6 fans or their 4 fans?

    17. E-Y-E_FOUND_Uโ€”

      To me Ninjaโ€™s and Tfueโ€™s were the best

    18. Johnny Brianna

      T f u e s pc could fit a 1 day old person in it

    19. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Make a better setup

    20. ethan

      save some oney and make a huge and cool gaming setup

    21. stragy gaming

      Number 1 was underwhelming

    22. Muhair M

      And i thought Ali A one was the best

    23. Kng Beast

      Great video

    24. Landon Decaire

      numb 3 tho

    25. Aaron Vlogs and videos


    26. Liz Myott

      And he makes games

    27. Liz Myott

      My uncle has two

    28. Galil AR

      3rd one u can find it on LinusTechTips it's made by acer predator I think

    29. Amber Anzalone

      Ninjas the fire and Tfue is the water

    30. Playing Games on iOS and PS4

      Iโ€™m to poor

    31. Brody Gibbons


    32. hifrend

      Its funny how tfues watch costs more than some peoples gaming setup โŒš

    33. Claudio Romagnolo


    34. Zachron 82

      Alyea guess what I got into one of your videos

    35. Lion Gaming

      Love the first

    36. Abram Savage gamer

      8:51 I want it

    37. Daniel Hurtault

      What is 70 kilowatts in you can build one of them console

    38. LFC 123

      i like ninjas setup the most

    39. ryan price

      I want ninjas setup but my logo and I donโ€™t have one

    40. Aymar Eldahshan


    41. Aymar Eldahshan

      I live in Egypt

    42. A normal Gamer


    43. Shadowdemon2169

      i want the chair and monitors from unbox therapy

    44. shadowashton_ 710

      My mum's friend has a tower the size of a mini fridge

    45. KING AJ TV

      tfue's Monitor is more than my set up ;(

    46. Ethan GLORFINDEL

      i think when i become a youtube i might have number 3

    47. Audio Books

      I wanna copy the Ali-a first gaming setup with dual screen

    48. Oiselk

      D'ont get jealous challenge

    49. Tejus Cheema

      can u show ur setup?

    50. Reshab Remesh


    51. Aquaz

      The top 3 his keyboard and mouse i have those

    52. Noname Noname

      Erti gamoushvi ra

    53. Eplify

      1:24 AliA: trust me when you make a videos your gonna need that space Me: "only uses a laptop and a mouse to make videos"

    54. Farhad Mahbub

      The last gaming setup is already in Bangladesh

    55. Ahmed_PLAYZ

      i wound not like 3

    56. jake kin

      ยฃ100 cheep wow i am poor

    57. Matthew Ciorovich

      Hey ali you have made $17+ mil you need a cool setup dude

    58. tina wall

      What dose RTX mean

    59. Abby kumar

      The 3rd one was so cool

    60. N Thomas

      To be onset my set up ainโ€™t as cool but I Iโ€™m makeing a NLname channel called wolf vibes i and have a wolf a box controller and 9/1/21

    61. Jos Banks

      i love you

    62. Pratham

      Can nick give me a pc

    63. 1% shadowZz

      dude i would do anything to have that #3 setup bro that would be perfect

    64. o gneck

      when there are 70 screens he says "there are not that many screens"

    65. Jayjay4

      I have a pc and 1 montior

    66. Tanush Tanwar

      go and see dynamo gaming pc

    67. Meghan Gilchrist


    68. Arts And animals

      Nomal people 400ยฃ setup streams 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999ยฃ

    69. Octavio Rivera

      Bruh when I saw Ninjas setup I was like how can the other setups be crazier than that

    70. HennerzPlayz


    71. Martinus Sรธrhaug Pettersen


    72. exit only

      He still hasn't done a gaming setup review

    73. Anime bitties

      Bro my friend has the most expensive setup for driving games!! Itโ€™s called buying a car

    74. Khaleda Islam


    75. Jonny McGrath

      Just the chair alone cost more than my pc

    76. Jonny McGrath

      100 pounds for a camera???

    77. tanyel s

      You vorgot montanablack

    78. MuffinHead


    79. AVAKI

      Check Out My Gaming Videos!!!

    80. BenBTW

      I have a ps4 thatโ€™s my setup Iโ€™m cool

    81. Leanne Buteau


    82. Anita Saini

      See red bull gaming sphere is the best

    83. Minifig Wars

      Every one I need the best room ever Me I prefer a couch lol

    84. OMGMANUL

      Omygod I would love to have a cool setup but I dont have one please can anyone gift me!

      1. OMGMANUL

        @Gatlin Baugh ouch bro

      2. Gatlin Baugh


      3. Gatlin Baugh


      4. Gatlin Baugh


    85. The Gaming villiger

      I donโ€™t have a 100 Pound you donkey

    86. Legendary Noob

      Pls show us yours

    87. TrUsT Pookie

      I can afford those cams and Iโ€™m 9

    88. Chronic Slam

      I would wanna play on the one after ninjas because itโ€™s just to big but I would wanna have the pc

    89. Savage Central

      I feel like ninja should be higher

    90. Savage Central

      I feel like ninja should be higher

    91. huggeza z

      forget tfues watch it is not a part of his setup

    92. Lucas Liu

      bloem de finger gun

    93. tmo remo

      1:51very extensive

    94. King Mohammad Omari

      I love ninja setup

    95. Bill Duff

      Ninja your trash set up

    96. chubgoose

      number 3 looks just like a acer thronus which is only 10k

    97. Chris Ieropoulos

      my ssetup is 150 dollars

    98. smith

      Ali a : sees a dog setup I need that Me : give all the setups and you take the dog setup

    99. amanda brown

      I use turtle beach to

    100. NotScummy

      Him: I want to have an entire underground basement Basement: I am underground...