A Year Later ...


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    I've missed you guys ... 🦋
    xo's ~ Tati

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    Hi I'm Tati Westbrook, thank you for watching, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup review videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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    1. Janelle Leal-Pavaday

      So glad you’re back ❤️. Also, love that top, where is it from?

    2. sofia romay

      Can we bring jenna back now? 😔

    3. Amateur Art Hour

      Wow, you're so full of it. It's ridiculous

    4. Cosmo Dawn

      So sorry for everything you went through. Glad things are starting to look up for you. 🙏

    5. Alma Gaona

      You are very brave ❤️

    6. T Thomas

      Blessings to you and you hubby. God is sooooo good!!!!!!

    7. Julie Petrou

      Happy for you! …. Now let’s talk about make up!

    8. Ivana Komatina

      Welcome back 😍

    9. Annie Dollar

      We love you Tati!!! Nothing but LOVE for you!

    10. x raeee

      Glad you’re doing so much better babe! Missed seeing your videos! Keep your head up always ❤️

    11. SingerJenn00

    12. Joanna Tidy

      Much love ❤❤❤

    13. Lucy Fer

      I love you so much I'm so happy you are happy and took time but so happy you're back . You always have had my support ❤

    14. Tiffany Juarez

      Omg yay I am so happy your back!!! I freaking love you!!!! ❤️

    15. D Clifton


      1. D Clifton

        God is good and faithful. Praying for your continued recovery and healing.

    16. luis mejia alvarez

      Awwww I have missed you so much 🥰

    17. Chelsea Pavone

      It’s hard to find good loyal friends it’s all I want is a loyal good friend

    18. Ingrid Patman

      I vote Hallmark ending!!! Praying the Lord brings you both out of this valley of shadow and into a better Eden 🌸🌲 love that you are back Tati 💕

    19. Tauriel Elf

      One thing you haven't lost is your Beauty and Grace, It's so nice to see your beautiful face again

    20. Marilena Petraki

      God i really missed your vibes

    21. Jabba Del Hutt Gonzalles

      I dunno, the fact that your husband decided to have a hissy fit in a time when you needed him the most...

    22. Heena Qadir

      So artificial

    23. RachelElizabeth

      The Blood of Jesus !

    24. Kathy Syvertsen

      Great to see you back, Tati! Stay you, stay strong!

    25. Holly

      I just found out you are back 🤩 I’m so happy. My fav!!

    26. Rocio Guajardo

      Muy buen video 🤗

    27. ErickyKarla

      You are a new woman 🙏 Congratulations! You look so beautiful

    28. tanaja meo

      Tati is back to do her palete 2 cuz without youtube she wont sell any.....

    29. eli3187

      Even that I'm a month late I'm soool glad you're back!! I missed your content soo much!!

    30. Maranda R Tasa

      We missed you. So happy to see you back!!

    31. AllwaysDryxD

      I'm so proud of you

    32. Amber Brooks

      Hay girl look u know what your doing and u know what makes u happy and from what I see from you're video is you love you're family and makeup you're a strong and beautiful person and I know that you have inspired so so many people I'm one of them and watching this video it actually brought tears to me I hope this year is the best ever fore you and everyone and god bless you and your family!!!!!

    33. Jennifer KellyWatt

      I just found out you were back! I was looking for makeup channels for my daughter and was thinking "I wish Tati was still making videos," because you're my fav. Started searching and here you are! I'm so happy! ❤️ It's unbelievable that people treated you that way! I hope you don't mind that I'm praying for you. You are loved. ❤️

    34. Mai Nguyễn

      I miss U Tati. So glad that u come back

    35. Sofia Woodsen

      We missed you TATI!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    36. Shireen Albudoor


    37. Lia Araújo


    38. monster gaming


    39. Jordan Jones

      If your husband was not there for the worst to support you, maybe he does not deserve you at your best. I hope you get all the support you can get through those who support you

    40. Rutha Pedro

    41. Deborah Khaw

      " if it's my time to die, it's my time to die. i can't live in fear." 👏

    42. Becky Davis

      I missed you girl

    43. Danielle Denton

      Please make a video on your spiritual journey (if you feel comfortable). I know it would encourage so many 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    44. MrsProulx215

      I love you and your videos. I remember when you were doing videos on your bedroom floor. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

    45. LaurieMyers

      Congrats on your comeback! Let’s focus on makeup!

    46. Samantha Parrish

      Is there a way to like this a million times?! Thank you for being real and sharing your struggles. I’ve always trusted your opinions on products as an impartial “expert.” You’ve always been real. Thank you for continuing to keep it honest. It helps people to see they aren’t alone in their struggles. I can’t wait to see more videos about your spiritual lessons and etc. I love you so much and I’m thrilled you’re back!!

    47. Fernanda Vargas

      Welcome back, let’s do makeup!

    48. Julia Castellanos

      Hey Tati!

    49. Karleigh Pedroncelli


    50. Alice Yip

      Bla bla bla

    51. Mosh Mosh

      Tati I break the strong hold of divination and witchcraft in Jesus name, blessings to you and your family, your life and everything you encounter on your journey on this earth realm, God loves you, we are all part of his family 💖

    52. CHR15 S.

      Ppl edit famous folks faces onto pornstars with similar bodies, its a whole category, u should be honored lol

    53. RheannaBanana

      God Bless You!!!

    54. chasingdreams24

      If you send ANYONE a death threat, especially someone you don't know, you should be forced to see a therapist. It's disturbing the things people waste their time doing and those people can vote. Scary.

      1. Simply Juli

        Totally 💯 Agree

      2. Hikotiin i

        Yes, agreed

    55. PranaGirl AmericanHoney

      I'm new to Tati's videos and am just getting caught-up on her story. She shows so much grace and is an inspiration on how to handle oneself during adversity,

    56. Ravenotfound lol


    57. Shelby Lively

      So happy you’re back Tati💗 your videos have been missed

    58. laketomahawk777

      I once sold a $45,000 wedding ring for $1,600 because the legal sharks were circling. Today, I am closer to God than ever. God knows me. Tati, you are a rock star and so is Christ. You stay focused girl. You got this and you know it.

      1. Street Views

        Sorry for your ring

    59. sukuna

      She seems so happy. We love you tati

    60. T DY

      What was that video??

    61. Sydney B

      God bless you. ✨💕

    62. Jana Opperman

      Welcome back!!!

    63. mork me in your heart


    64. bocoy noiu

      Girl, I’m here for makeup. You’re here for makeup. Let’s do makeup. Welcome back.

    65. Angela Wagstaff

      JESUS 💜💜💜

    66. Natalie H

      She did all of this to herself.


      Nobody over the age of 25 cares, go back!! Just toooo narcissistic for even youtube:(

    68. Chris Raymundo

      “I’m a soul, not a body, why am I carrying this around” Thank you Tati. God was guiding me her because I need to hear that. As for the divination I feel the exact same as you. I used to dabble in it but as I started my inner journey I shut that door too. I was doing out of a place of insecurity and worry. But I know I’m ready surrender.

      1. bocoy noiu

        I stan Tati for life. Halos burn bright baby in darkness.

    69. Chris Raymundo

      “I’m not body I’m soul, I can’t take this junk with me, why do I care about things falling off” thank you Tati. God is watching over me cause I needed to hear that.

    70. deepautumn


    71. mary k

      Im happy for u ❤️

    72. sylvia morales

      I’m so happy to see you again Tati 😀

    73. Deb Hill

      I am so glad you are back. I know the power of Prayer!

    74. Catherine Kennedy

      Jesus is the way 🥰

    75. Andrea Nicolosi

      I’m so happy you’re back and better 💜 Loads of love from Brazil 🇧🇷

    76. Life After 40

      Sending you positive thoughts and virtual hugs from Iowa. I am so sorry this has happened to you but you are a strong woman and I am so happy that you are back.

    77. Becki Van

      Your a good person, I'm sorry you've gone through so much, adults need to act like adults...😤 🙏🙏🙏🙏 💜💜💜

      1. Sona's Etwahl

        adults need to act like adults which she did not do at all LMFAO the hypocrisy

      2. Becki Van

        Don't let anyone steal your joy. Your a beautiful lady inside out.

    78. Becki Van

      So glad your back😊

    79. Chloe Rollason

      You look fresh and raring to go, missed your videos Pretty please do a door blush review in both colours I can’t decide if it’s worth the splurge

    80. Brat’s Life


    81. bernard charles

      I stan Tati for life. Halos burn bright baby in darkness.

    82. Amy Young

      If you're breathing...there is life..and with life there is hope.. welcome back dear.

    83. Angel Rose Mensorado

      Funny how if Tati was gone, I also find myself generally out of NLname. I just find myself smiling in this comeback. I hope everything goes up from here. Just stop associating with toxic people Tati, you're goods with yourself.

    84. kat mckenzie

      Brighter days ahead. In Jesus mighty name, the ultimate restorer and protector.

    85. Sharon Lee

      I don't really know details of what started all of what has happened as I'm from the UK. But gosh you have been thru do much. I'm glad your marriage survived. Good luck with everything x

    86. Connie O'Boyle

      You are in an inspiration! Only UP from now on!

    87. Keert M

      Hooooow comes I didn't see you were back?!

    88. Amanda Proudfoot

      So happy your back!!! I so missed your reviews!! ❤️❤️❤️

    89. Tina Ganguly

      I was just thinking this AM Tati should be back now. And you were 3 weeks ago though😛. Yes something like this can strain relationships but you two are stronger for it. ❤️What happened/happening is nerve racking. Oh s*** about the ring😞. Hope it finds a good home

    90. Christina Sohl

      oh she's back

    91. Fanie Samosir


    92. CurlyNehad Channel

      Finally she’s back ❤️

    93. Fatma Ali

      What a strong woman you are

    94. Erica Prichard

      I love your make up and missed missed missed you...

    95. Spring Blossoms Life

      Hey Tati love you ❤️ I don’t know how to tell that I’m so happy to see you back

    96. Gloria Moralez

      Oh how I have missed your videos and your positive energy!!! Can’t wait for more

    97. Helen Sto


    98. ali


    99. M Pesio

      Yay, your back!