Agatha Harkness All Witch Magic Scenes - WandaVision

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    All scenes of the witch Agatha Harkness using her magic powers from WandaVision

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    1. H

      the perfect video doesn’t exis-

      1. Beyond the Obvious


      2. my c

      3. prerapture2021

      4. Frost Flurry

        @Symone's Stunning Melanin Legs yes delusion you are 😏

      5. Symone's Stunning Melanin Legs

        @Frost Flurry delusion

    2. MarsFire

      That purple magic is not Agatha’s born power because her coven is blue magic. notice that her hands keep getting darker and charred every time she uses the purple magic against Wanda. U can also see it when she has kids on strings. Agatha true coven magic is blue she’s being shielded by the dark magic from the book but it’s taking its toll on her. Agatha is a pawn and she knows it. The true power here is Wanda.

    3. Shadow Ashbell

      I love how both in the MCU and TV shows magic is a mixture of tuting and incantation, but primarily tutting. Regardless of the nature of the magic, except for Asgardian Magic.

    4. Shadow Ashbell

      I need an Agatha, Morgan Le Fay, Hela, Loki, Lorelei team up. And the Helstrom siblings, once they realize just how powerful they are and who their dad is.

    5. Fulcrum 67

      Guess who appeared in Loki?!

    6. rekik solomon

      Ooh just I cant imagine anyone else as Agatha

    7. Benratbag1997

      I always speculated Mepishto was gonna be the main villain in ‘WandaVision’, but turned out to be Agatha Harkness whom I’m not very familiar with. I hope we get to see Mephisto in a future MCU project👌

    8. Boar

      She’s kind of cute.

    9. WannabeCartoonist

      her evil laugh at 4:06 is just delightful

    10. Moonie Gaming

      I just noticed that the hand movements of Agatha in the lair were somewhat similar to the hand movements of Dr Strange to Thor's strand of hair to find Odin

    11. Gerald

      Agnes=agatha harkness

    12. Myles Seay

      Imagine her fighting Mysterio

    13. TheoDev420

      at the 3:26 mark, in the actual show of that actual scene you hear Agatha say a spell that’s sounds like “RECKONING” and she sounds like a demon. SOOO BADASS

    14. Dennis wie

      What is the title of this

    15. pooran outar

      Witches are not to be messed with

    16. Sweet Sugaa


      1. Sweet Sugaa


      2. Sweet Sugaa


      3. Sweet Sugaa


    17. My Passion Diary

      MCU is releasing 10 movies in next 2 years

    18. Your Majesty

      agatha harkness and nora darhk-

    19. Enigmatic GAMER

      Indian peoples pause at 3:10 and you see the language used in the book is Sanskrit :0

    20. Antwon

      I so excited for her to be the next Loki where she is a recurring character/villain throughout the movies. Kathryn is an amazing actress and I’m so excited to see more of her.

    21. Riky Salva

      what aghata say on 3:26? a spell?

    22. Carli Rivera

      I can’t wait for her return!!!

    23. UnfilteredTe

      People keep saying the X-men will be introduced into the MCU but they already have because of Wanda and Quick Silver. They are mutants.

    24. Aakash Sidda

      The costume from her scene in 1693 kinda reminded me of Yennefer

    25. Harlem Hodges

      Is it just me who has a feeling that she could become a hero eventually

    26. BestShots

      🤔 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or WandaVision

    27. def eyes

      What this?. Is a movie or tv shows?

      1. •LaggyLizzy Edits•

        TV show- wandavision on disney+

    28. Kayli Griffin

      The final fight is astoundingly similar to the fight with hulk and his father in the first hulk movie...

    29. Spencer_fifeanddrum Johnson

      She's so scary

    30. Jameson Wilson

      Bet you have even noticed - that Agatha's mom said Come on when she was dying.

    31. Kerem

      which movie is it

      1. blueraccoon 10

        Wanda vision a marvel series

    32. El Chobe

      Espero que gane como villana en los MTV Movie Awards

    33. Nahuelito

      wanda-chaos magic Agatha- the darkest magic Billy and coven- Normal Magic

    34. Daniel Williamson

      Why did Agatha Harkness do this to Wanda? What was her motive?

      1. blueraccoon 10

        @More HJ I remember in xmen evolution she is mutual and Wanda's mentor to control both powers and anger

      2. More HJ

        To take Wanda’s power

    35. I Was A Girl In Eldia Doing Alright

      Agatha and Wanda's powers are so aesthetically pleasing.

    36. Diz Dude!

      Kathryn Hahn and the writers did an incredible job making this underrated and unknown character famous and well received✨

    37. La Cupcake

      Ever since someone mentioned that Agathas hand movements are exact and precise, since she’s learned them from a book, and Wandas are more natural-looking since she’s just going of intuition i can’t stop seeing it? Like hats off too Kathryn Harhn and Elizabeth Olsen for acting so well and so consistently!

    38. MR. MooseTache

      3:26 was so cool

    39. tired af

      Knowing Wanda she'll probably replace her mommy with Agatha teaching her all about magic 😐

      1. tired af

        @Diz Dude! yeah i meant that

      2. Diz Dude!

        @tired af i dont think she erased her memories but mind control her to be in Agnes character

      3. tired af

        @Diz Dude! yeah but she also erased her memory

      4. Diz Dude!

        What? I dont think them both on a good term after wandavision

    40. Ilsa

      Girl, that's an unforgivable curse. You're going to Azkaban

    41. Sculptor Dark

      I love that while Agatha is showing Wanda all the different magic tricks Wanda is taking mental notes like, "Mhm. Go on..."

    42. GarfieldFatCake

      I love Agatha but why does her cgi look terrible compared to wandas and every other characters? (Plz don’t attack me I’m just wondering)

    43. Jonathan Mendoza

      0:02 Agnes/Agatha Harkness Will Return In Dr. Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness.❤🧡💛💚💙💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

    44. theGunneWitche

      Wasn't Agatha her mentor? Like, I thought Agatha was the one that taught Wanda how to not be a centralized disaster zone when she didn't want to be.

    45. neko neko nii

      No Wanda

    46. neko neko nii


    47. neko neko nii

      Cool 😎

    48. Wojciech Wysmoliński

      Agatha the best!

    49. american horror story

      She could’ve won had the hex not been up

    50. JY

      i love how detailed they are about the hand movements. they said they make agatha’s looks like it’s learned, while wanda’s more instinctual, but still are connected as they’re both witchcraft.

    51. LarrySteven

      Hell yeah! I dig re-watching these while listening to raw rockmusic like delta parole, makes me feel all excited

    52. Gowon Gang

      So you're telling me she's *PERFECTION*

      1. Gay for Wanda

        Hello my fellow orbit

    53. Neo

      Too bad for her Wandas a Nexus being

    54. lunarpark

      ugh she was so good in this role she deserves an Emmy!

    55. el PIERIX


    56. Kevv C

      *The Scarlet Witch is not born she is forged, she has no coven no need for incantation. Her powers exceeds that of the sorcerer supreme. Her destiny is to destroy the world*

    57. winnie plante

      i just notices that her magic seems to move inwards towards her hands like pulsating and absorbing into her hand while wandas just kinda moves in a chaotic fashion pushing outwards and stuff i just liked that detail cause agatha absorbs power and wanda has chaos magic plus it’s nice that they have her a different animation for her magic

      1. winnie plante

        @Diz Dude! yea totally i was also thinking more of the actual energy that covers their hands when they cast spells

      2. Diz Dude!

        Well lizzie said agatha hand movement are "intentional and learned" while wanda is "instinctual" So it made sense agatha has controlled hand movement compare to wanda chaotic hand choreo

    58. Agatha Harkness

      And I killed Sparky too.

    59. Ivan

      Obsessed with Agatha finger movements lol

    60. Zach Attack

      1:28 It litteraly feels like she sat Wanda down for a couple magic lessons

      1. Nurjalil Guimba

        I mean i think she misses her Coven and the other witches (even if she killed them lol). Maybe she isn't able to interact with another witch until Wanda, considering how time flies so fast and she's basically somewhat inmortal. So subtly teaching Wanda about spells is kind of a reminiscing experience for her LOL

    61. speedy engine boi from class 1-a

      the facial expressions, the hand gestures, the acting, the deliverance.. perfect. best mcu villain so far.

      1. Diz Dude!

        Gotta agree, they did right with Agatha and they(kathryn Hahn especially) did an amazing job making this underrated character well received by the audience

    62. Jay Anne Law

      I been thinking about you

    63. Nice Plays Games

      Well you see, *Its been Agatha all along~*

    64. The magician🔮✨🪄

      She didn’t need a magic crown she was already queen 🪄✨

    65. Derya Tuyluoglu

      the audience needs more Agatha Magic Scenes

    66. Randy Reyes

      i really thought she was idina menzel lol

    67. Catalina santana

      Isn't that cruella de ville??

    68. Elusivo

      My only gripe with Agatha in the finale specifically is that she didn’t demonstrate more uses of magic or fight back more with Wanda, heck. I wish Agatha used the Darkhold as a weapon against Wanda to overpower her and recite incantations and spells from the tome. She could manifest spells from the Dark Dimension or even Dormammu himself as a reference.

    69. NostalgicEdits

      Check out my new wandavision Music montage showing Wanda and visions sad and emotional story!

    70. Kim su Lin

      Как то по такому снято...

    71. TV show Edits

      1:42 Kathryn was hilarious is episode 8

    72. A BH

      1:01 I wonder what differentiates the blue, purple and red magic from each other. We know so far that red magic= Chaos magic and purple= Dark Magic. But what about the blue one. Also where do witches get their magic from? Is it like doctor strange which means they earn their powers from other dimensions? Can someone please enlighten me lmao.

      1. i

        Witch Magic and Doctor Strange magic are both different..they use different kind of magic

      2. Ice7

        I think blue means raw magic

    73. alex i.

      Not gonna lie when she did those hand movements @ 1:16 that was badass

    74. Josh R

      I know its a silly complaint but I was hoping to see more magic haha Like energy blasts are fun and all but not the most interesting. The witches in Buffy were more interesting than this. (wanda is awesome tho)

    75. Hungry Boy

      Brady Bunch: "Marsha Marsha *"Marsha* !" Me: "Screw you. Agatha Agatha *Agatha* !"



    77. Anonymous Acc

      It was 666 comments all along.... And i made it 667 (Maniacally laughing).

    78. Anime Zing

      I just realized that the only way Wanda "defeated" Agatha was by outsmarting her with the Hex Runes. Wanda's chaos magic wasn't overwhelming Agatha, as she was steadily absorbing it, even draining Wanda noticeably until the runes kicked in... Whew! I hope Agatha comes back, frfr!! She was positively delightful, and her facial expressions were pure gold. 🙌🙏

    79. Jonah Munley

      4:00 Me when someone owes me Money (not actually)

    80. The Seeker

      2:36 lmao the way she gets up

    81. xMysticGrandex

      The perfect video of Agatha using her powers doesn’t exist-

    82. Franky Padilla (Tony shark)

      I know what you are. " a being capable of spontaneous knocking on peoples door s early in the morning. That makes you a jehova witness

    83. Roby Estrada

      *She is definitely MCU Phase 4's Loki.*

    84. Michael Dromes

      Why were there cuts in the Agatha theme song? The entire thing is pure magic

      1. Diz Dude!

        Well copyrights...

    85. TERMINATOR 54x0

      she was nerfed for the final battle with the time and knowledge she had, she could have easily clapped Wanda

      1. i

        Its not battle anymore

      2. Frozen

        I'd disagree, she was big-mouthed and cocky. She can defeat Wanda, only if she knew how to stfu

    86. Chris Gotta

      Watching episode 9 again and rhinking "wow agatha is pretty lucky her levitation charm wasnt broken cause she was PRETTY HIGH UP THERE" 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Nuna The Tuna

      She kinda look like the person from Girl vs monster

    88. Dantist 3

      I like how she uses a different type of magic compared to Dr. Strange, but is aware of his existence and powers.

      1. Diz Dude!

        @BROXBURN loki is a asgardian sorcerer, he was taught magic by his mother frigga who is an asgardian witches. Loki use his magic mainly for illusion and trickery nothing as massive as strange and wanda

      2. BROXBURN

        @Diz Dude! in the loki trailer loki uses magic we haven't seen in the mcu it kinda looks like a green version of agathas and wandas.

      3. Source

        @HackGaming Star you mean eldritch? Just checking.. or is elderith a all-powerful being.

      4. HackGaming Star

        @Diz Dude! He actually uses Elderith Magic. Elderith Magic is for sorcerers. Billy Maximoff/Wiccan uses order magic.

      5. Diz Dude!

        Strange use order magic which is magic that sorcerers used from another dimension.Agatha on the other hand use earth magic then practice dark magic from the darkhold Both really powerful tho

    89. 정냥작가~

      Agatha's hair was short in the beginning, but the longer it goes, the less magic he gets.

    90. FunnyChriz Chungas


    91. Kirsten Pajarito

      Her powers are like the villain of jean grey in phoenix’

    92. Orlando Castillo

      Agatha Harkness, patron saint of westview!!

    93. Oahf Wate

      Me squiby wibye fy

    94. Geovana

      Jesus loves you and he is coming back ❤️❤️❤️

    95. miolim

      This is the Disney/MCU Agatha Harkness, different in many ways from the MU (Marvel Universe) Agatha Harkness. I don't mind the changes in character plot - like making her an anti-hero to Wanda and the powers of the Disney/MCU Agatha are actually rather cool and awesome. Some may even regard her as more magically powerful than even the Ancient One. What I find really maddening is the deviation from the MU Agatha Harkness in terms of physical appearance. This, I'm guessing, is what happened. The Wandavision showrunners were looking for a fitting anti-hero to Wanda. Since it was made clear quite early on that this series will lead up to Dr. Strange 2, the anti-hero should be meaningful and reasonably a challenge to Wanda but not a cosmic-level villain such as Mephisto or Nightmare or Chthon because these levels of threat are reserved for movies. Agatha Harkness became a reasonable choice because of her connections to Wanda in the Marvel Universe. Apparently, the showrunners had a difficult time imagining a silver-haired old lady playing a villain and so they decided on a younger looking AH - dark-haired and played by a mid-age female. I personally believe that outstanding actresses over 70 like Glenn Close, Helen Mirren, and Jane Lapotaire would have been awesome as an old lady villain. I hope this isn't ageism at work in Disney.

    96. Lotie The Bunny

      Oh my...

    97. yogikhun

      What is this movie name?

      1. PonPuri

        @yogikhun No but you can watch this on disney+

      2. yogikhun

        @PonPuri can i find it on netflix?

      3. PonPuri

        It's a series called "WandaVision"

    98. Michael Diekmann

      This Woman is strangely attractive while almost bathing in her own evilness.

    99. Cameron Tohivsky

      I hope we can get more of Agatha later in the mcu

    100. Rian beatrice

      yall its confirmed if you google it kathryn hahn is part of the doctor strange 2 cast just google doctor strange 2 cast

      1. Rian beatrice

        @Maddie Jung i know but its very possible why do you think marvel didnt kill of agatha harkness because she is important in phase 4 she's older than thorshe knows a lot of stuff aboutthe multiverse marvel has done things like this like doctor strange and iron man yes doctor strange can see the future but marvel has done things like this even for people who cant see the future remember wanda's last lines to agatha ill be seing you agnes we all know she is going to turn her back to agatha plus agatha knows alot but she cant fight wanda because she lost her magic

      2. Maddie Jung

        A google cast isn't official at all.