Alpha Betas Exclusive Scene - Follow Mission


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    The pilot for my new animated show premieres MARCH 13, 2021 on @VanossGaming’s channel! Follow Alpha Betas below for more info.
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    In #AlphaBetas​, video games are powering the world thanks to a massive, top-secret CIA program. The show follows an elite virtual strike force of four top gamers as they drop into the virtual realms of video games to fix potentially world-ending issues. Known as the Alpha Team, these four willfully reckless and dangerously arrogant guys are the tip of a five-hundred billion dollar US Government spear sent to be heroes in high-octane pixelated worlds.
    Starring & Executive Producers:
    Evan Fong, VanossGaming
    Tyler Wine, I AM WILDCAT
    Marcel Cunningham, BasicallyIDoWrk
    Brian Hanby, Terroriser
    Created by Chris Bruno & David Lee
    Produced by:
    Starburns Industries
    Additional Voices by:
    Chris Parnell
    Paget Brewster
    Stephanie Beatriz
    John DiMaggio
    Brent Morin

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      When you realise this isnt part of the first episode 😱

    2. Demarco Ramos

      0:52, me when I get frustrated in a level I'm stuck in a game.

    3. Faiz Ikhsani

      i laugh so hard in this part 0:52

    4. l l play video games Montpellier

      it is him tho lmao

    5. AToco

      sad this wasn't in the episode

    6. Jason Vleeming

      when are we getting more episodes

    7. AtixFN Rosney

      "hes going full irish" what you tryin to say about us irishmen Wild Cat

    8. Dababy

      Let’s go

    9. Riley Rivera

      Omg he just exploded

    10. огурчик рик

      Ахуеть русские субтитры

    11. Gamer 4 life

      Is this series going to be like one episode a month?

    12. Juan Salinas

      Brian did you say sissy or city

    13. haseo 25

      That's how I feel when I play assassin's creed follow missions

    14. PapaSmurf23

      mason looks genuly friegtended

    15. demoknight tf2

      0:04 oh gta terroriser edition can't wait for that

    16. Proffesoroxe

      Will you need NLname premium for the series

      1. Just a Furry

        Pretty sure it’s gonna be on Vanoss’s channel, but maybe something else, who knows

    17. Kit Cat

      Your too close get back! Your too far get closer! WHICH IS IT LESTER? AM I TOO CLOSE OR TOO FAR???

    18. Lucille Llamas

      Fun fact the game that Terroriser is on is GTA 3.

    19. •[ KIMIKO ]•

      I can't wait for the full show :)

    20. dominic williamson

      Ira would agree. Full irish

    21. Jelly Rose Deguilmo


    22. Viking Gamer

      3 seconds in and buck looks high

    23. Chill Bly

      God that brutal wth terroriser that is not good!!

    24. Darkstone_OFFICIAL_

      "I know where he's going, I'll just....take him there myself." Me when I've had enough of the games shitty sequences and just want the guy to run a whole ass lap around the city, just to return to his starting point 2 blocks back. Seriously in one game there's a follow mission where the starting and end points are like...5 feet apart. But instead of walking backwards and into the end point, the character speeds off at like 100mph and leaps into the air like a god damn superhero just to yeet around the map for 2 minutes and return to the start like "Oh hey, you kept up. That was pretty cool. Say, wanna do it again? I'll give ya an even better prize this time :D" Me: (sighs) Yeah fine, just gimme the damn orb already.

    25. ARSENAL

      I love alpha beta it’s supper a m amazing keep up the work ☺️

    26. Jacob Barnes

      I like how even Terroriser's character is Irish.

    27. Grim Reaper


    28. Defalt VG

      I’m so happy that I get to see all of favorite NLnamers in one cartoon animated show I love the show soooooo

    29. NFG Nova

      I. Love. This. Shit. So. Fucking. Much.

    30. Zombie Sheep

      That's basically me doing follow mission even some his people running into danger

    31. F4153N LUVX

      0:09 swag jutsu 😏😏

    32. Kalab Land

      Was that jessie pinkman from breaking bad

    33. Rat Man

      The Troubles

    34. Weird Tree

      "I'll do it myself" with extra steps lol

    35. bel410la


    36. Mystic 127

      0:44 online games I play be like

    37. T Boons


    38. Brett Kirkland

      "Just gonna take him there myself"

    39. Epic Le Epic

      When’s the next episode?

    40. Jeremy Diaz

      Grand theft auto map? Awesome

    41. Legacy

      "He is about to go full IRISH"

      1. Evan Lobo

        He is my favorite character

    42. Ray Cat

      The reference in this scene is The GTA advance. The map and item icon.

    43. E Dawg

      Oh hey it’s Irish man

    44. narrator jack

      I love the reference to gta 3

    45. Infamous Wildman

      Commenting for the algorithm

    46. E.D. Animation.

      So cool.

    47. Friend

      That Granada is incorrect

    48. Deelim

      You just had to follow the damn drug dealer, CJ

    49. Cobster921

      0:49 as I an Irishman I can confirm this

      1. Some1BehindTheScreen

        You guys carries Grenades.

    50. Ruth Galaroza


    51. Lindsay Truscott

      Wildcard even has a pig nose

    52. Jai Cray


    53. Leland Powell

      This is pain everyone has to experience

      1. ً

        @Leland Powell true pain

      2. Leland Powell

        Following a slow AI in a game

      3. TGN

        What do you mean

    54. WTSDemize

      will it all be premiered o youtube or some where else?

      1. Some1BehindTheScreen

        @WTSDemize they want to put the series on a streaming service.

      2. WTSDemize

        @TGN i know i just wanna know if it would like be on netflix or if its just gonna be on youtube

      3. TGN

        It premiered 3 days ago on VanossGaming's youtube channel

    55. Kevin Vu

      Wildcat will be cursed to always have a character with pig shaped features

    56. shootahgun

      10/10 funny shit

    57. Martin Serious

      I hope the bonus scenes are the ones before the pilot.

    58. fireuup

      When everyone I meet online call me buck and then watching these make me think yall are talkin to me

    59. Kyle Justiniano


    60. boyfriend

      1:03 I'm remembering the ooohhh scene in gmod lol

    61. Cameron Reitmaier

      He’s about to go full Irish 🤣

    62. Allen Jackson

      Anyone else notice the GTA 3 minimap on the screen?

    63. xd _kxzery


    64. ThePhantom Spectre

      Now I really want to see this

      1. TGN

        It came out 3 days ago

    65. Jordan Tanksley


    66. Caleb Belyeu

      Loved all the clips AS WELL as the pilot episode!

    67. Joe John

      I love how they make fun of Minilads Irish rage

    68. Brandon

      Brian’s character is my favorite

    69. Jeff the sea dragon


    70. Mitchell Cope

      How long has this been in development for it just appeared out of nowhere 😂

      1. TGN

        A little under or over a year I don't remember which


      Plz make more episodes

    72. kek

      Take place in gta

    73. IanTheGreat

      The pilot episode was great!

    74. Beeg Yoshi

      Full Irish hun

    75. MaXotic -_-

      That was pretty cool

    76. The unkillable cat

      Gta san Andreas and halo this is the best

    77. Unknown Man

      I remember the gta 4 follow the dealer mission

    78. Alex K

      Is that really what the cia building looks like in Virginia or is it just an American Dad reference?

      1. TGN

        That's exactly what I was thinking

    79. GamersParadise


    80. Bryon Youngblood

      I can tell you and the rest of the guys had way too much fun voicing the cast in this, Brian. X-D And you sure show some of your manic attitude and actions too while voicing Buck. This is gonna be one weird ride. XD

    81. mad caker

      We better see this in the next episode

    82. NOMAD _7

      This show is gonna blow up

    83. Ghost

      All you had to do was follow the damm drug dealer cj

    84. Омар Айтказы

      1:00 bruh

    85. Buddy

      honestly brian is the best va fir this show, followed by tyler, marcel and evan

    86. p0t8to LørD

      "he's going full irish"

    87. Andrew Leyton

      So all the exclusive parts we could say were deleted scenes but where does this one fit in the pilot?

      1. Andrew Leyton

        @Jude TITTYLICKER they we're clips to promote the Pilot

      2. Jude TITTYLICKER

        What? This is another episode

    88. Samninja10

      I love this. After watching the pilot episode i love it

    89. hangry jho

      Scientifically accurate

    90. Michael Hohl

      Is this a deleted scene bc it wasn’t in the full episode

      1. Bartholomew

        Nah it's like bonus material. All shows do thess

    91. Mathias The Inkling

      This is just Brain’s rage summarized in a short

      1. Peter Parker

        You are like the woman with the "BRIANS NOT BOMBS" just the opposite way.

    92. Zach Zach

      No one gonna talk about how the spoon of the grenade didn’t move?

    93. iKing Garcia

      Who’s here after watching the pilot?

    94. maurice arnts

      so did this scene and the general store scene got clipped out?

      1. maurice arnts

        @Andrell Hardy ok

      2. Andrell Hardy

        No these are separate from the pilot from what I heard.

    95. plantsome123


    96. Nimble _330

      Terroriser I watched for soo long!!! Can’t wait to watch!!!

    97. Atlas

      "He's about to go full Irish" Best line in the scenes shown so far

    98. RantmasterBeta19

      For a bit, Buck sounds like Jacksepticeye

    99. ARK Productions

      Oh shoot today is March 13

    100. ARK Productions

      This is like when there were doing the casino heist prep and Brian sniped the man