Americas Cheapest Family... - TLC #15


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    1. Tabby Rae

      Shawn done jail time lol that something we did in prison to make water pressure better lol

    2. Tabby Rae

      That dam bacon still oinking.. That soft ass bacon

    3. Breadcrumz

      18:40 i agree. idc how rich a man is if you roll up and ask for something and you can afford it he dont owe you sh*t. he doesnt even if you cant afford it. it would be out of kindness to give food to the poor but if you just tryna save a buck you can go f*ck yourself.

    4. Hiraeth


    5. FaZe Hydra

      I litery watch videos and look at merch9

    6. Emma Wesenberg

      I still wonder why you make yourself suffer to save money. Like really?

    7. Tenteir

      bruh that intro lol

    8. K4rl5ter

      This looks clean compared to the hillbilly cheapskates Felix reacted to with Ken.

    9. Jason

      Raising chickens and pigs for food isn't a bad idea. My wife and I are talking about that, not for financial reason. It's just healthier when you raise or grow your own food.

    10. John Doe

      damn woman just get a bidet if you are worried about using too much toilet paper.

    11. Karma_Kathrine


    12. Jaron

      i feel so touched when I heard that you are supporting my fellow Filipino people, damn I'll never regret supporting you, pewds. You are such a good guy

    13. fortnite map makers



      She do be savin for all dat plastic surgery and make up tho

    15. Ronaldo_ Slayer21

      That was beyond perfection and that should be a anime


      dat house tho..........


        it like 5 times size of mine

    17. Prina Jindal

      Are they gonna pay for college tuition of there kids or not?? Cause that shit's expensive

    18. Evilspider 918

      Why don’t they just buy a smaller house so that they can spend money on things inside of the house

    19. Sówka

      Epic intro

    20. peachyblender

      saw the intro and as soon as i saw the orange and black i knew it was a haikyuu reference-

    21. a a

      Eh plenty of people will put in an offer with dirty/abused carpet as you generally want to replace it anyway when someone was living in it. Same with painting walls. That's over dramatization by TLC. And carpet is SUPER cheap now because everyone wants hardwood, fake hardwood, tile, or replace the carpet anyway.

    22. Clayre Suzann

      its not a wrench 😂

    23. aleggziz

      okay🕺 get it w the haikyuu intro 😆🥰👨‍🌾😩🤞‼️

    24. klobb

      20:45 nuff said

    25. Wafflz

      It looks like there's a computer mouse on felix's face

    26. Victor Kelly

      bro the intro lol

    27. Fussy 0

      17:58 starBuCkS lmao

    28. blacksunaccounts

      Your voice is sooooo loud but the sound of the video is super low. Very hard to enjoy 😣


      i love how he censors half of his swears but just doesn't bother for the other 50%

    30. Суперсекрет Суперсекретный

      this is very familiar to children of Soviet parents😔

    31. Sankalpa Bhattacharya

      Stop irritating pewdiepie

    32. AmethystEyes

      But will I meet my future husband? 🙃

    33. madison dukes

      I’d rather toilet paper than her

    34. Infomation Distribution

      You pay professionals to come slaughter your livestock for a reasonable fee!

    35. Sankalpa Bhattacharya


    36. madison dukes

      Best intro

    37. Ur Nans Butt Cheeks

      They went to all that trouble to change the carpet stains with sample but couldn't they have just brought a stain remover?

    38. Mikołaj Kosma

      all that for 30grand over 10 years? come on, that's just sad, you don't have to spend 10g on furniture, you can buy nice used couch etc

    39. Cartoon Fanatic

      if that's a living room then where's the tv

    40. Meta Gaming

      Price of that cap: $50 After pewds sign it: $1000000

    41. Thomas Mattacott

      That intro was from an anime called haikyuu

    42. makala leibli

      Hey man, about the kids eating their pig friend, lots of us in the south had to learn the hard way to not befriend a farm animal. Usually we would eat it sooner or later and cry at the dinner table. It super sucked.

    43. Eric Burton

      Where the hell do you buy $12/gal milk?????

    44. Mr. Rat

      In the intro they should’ve said “cocomelon!”

    45. SkylerVlogs

      My dude did a Technoblade over there by that Sun Tzu reference...

    46. Pyreau hyper

      18:17 that's not a house that's a mansion

    47. enterwifi

      Now we feel something thats called torture

    48. Simon

      9:46 what happened to the furniture that would have been there when they moved in?

    49. Jonah D

      i kinda agree with her on the chickens bc fresh eggs are so good

    50. ARK Airsoft

      I swear this people never heard about IKEA...

    51. Angelina Love

      When pewds breaks into laughter watching him put down the unmatching carpet tiles LOL that’s what killed me

    52. Hugo Reedla

      wtf the intro

    53. Tjan Kazar

      Anyone else watched it on 2x speed when he said he does ?

    54. Franz Rogers

      Here in philippines our cheapest famillies don't wear clothes and live on streets.

    55. SirFreeman

      Im sorry that I point this out but in one of this older videos he hated on lords mobile and these mobile games xD

    56. Matas Kazlauskas


    57. Matas Kazlauskas

      I am subscribed

    58. Matas Kazlauskas


    59. Matas Kazlauskas

      The intro is so funny

    60. Aggro

      as someone who played lords mobile for years, shit game lmao

    61. RAKA CETTA

      this family watches 5 minute craft all day loooooong

    62. Gecki 3

      why would you spend your whole life saving money when you never spend it

    63. JoltZap

      16:48 Dream video

    64. james williams

      wait one more thing i saw that the video that he is watching is 9 minutes but he made it 20 something minutes dang impressive

    65. james williams

      wtf is this with the stupid cocomelon themed intros

    66. Med khalil swalhia

      maan !!! i know some poor people with some weird shit but none of them used the car as a oven

    67. Med khalil swalhia

      you'll see a bunch of those people in the US trying to avoid poverty with these (hacks) but they'll end up broke anyway

    68. Deino Tumiwa

      Graham needs to react to this

    69. Narley 15

      She can tell the cookies are finished when the baby starts screaming.

      1. Marie Ramos


    70. Azuki

      “I caon see my sewlf in da pwate- NO YOU CANT” LMAO

    71. Easily Eli

      The last lady came out and said later that tlc made her do some things to make it seem more extreme than it was, and that she didn't honestly do it to this extreme level

    72. tommys.toblerone

      That realtor was a full on amateur hour asshole.

    73. Mark Finney

      Bro love the content, any chance of turning the videos up to match your voice volume????

    74. Kristian Slordal

      3 min sponsor, Lets goo!

    75. T Finch

      Sorry i unsub intro too long these days brother

    76. The Awkward One

      N O S E

    77. Baka - Kun

      I have 30 hens and they barely make about almost 2 dozen eggs a day. That lady has 4 chickens and a meat breed. She's gonna be disappointed when she realizes they don't produce a lot of eggs to fill her quota

    78. srivathson sam

      4000 dollars for carpet ?? Screw it dude

    79. disney caroline


    80. Eletro135

      14:40 sounds like an evil villian

    81. Terilkin Flamewood

      As a person who owns chickens, I can reliably say they DO NOT save you money. You don't just pay for the chicken. You pay for the coup. You pay flr the bedding. You pay to replace the bedding each week. You pay for the cleaning supplies to deep clean the coup each month (or when it gets gross). You pay for the water jug. You pay for the feed. You pay for the scratch seed so they don't get board. Etc. Etc. Etc. And I haven't even mentioned the price of the actual chicken yet. Chickens are fun. They also can eat your scraps and serve as security so you can still have eggs incase something happens (ex. Natural disasters), but unless you own a large farm selling tons of eggs, you'll probably lose money in the long run.

    82. Sonuj1231

      You know pweds was about to say Flor b*ch but had to back out.

    83. Leon Nguyen

      The intro was BEAUTIFUL 🤩🥰

    84. evoking12345

      You could have that whole carpet wet vac cleaned for like $200 lmao! Fail

    85. Jackplays Games

      PewDiePie thinking 4000 is expensive expensive is around 20,000

    86. Stephanie Locke

      1. Her eyes are to big 2. She acts like the soda bottle shower thing was a good idea

    87. Loner Link


    88. Clipz Gaming

      The intro is what I'm here for now

    89. ÒwÓ-CERBERUS

      he literally did what i did when my cat knocked some silver paint onto my carpet. i tried to clean it but it just got worse. so i cut a section out of my closet and replaced it.{had boxes with game informers covering the patch. it worked enough. went to basic training a year later. dad came to me at graduation and said, "so we put floors in, what the hell did you do to the carpet?" thought i got away with it. did it exactly how that dude did but i was 17. how can a grown ass man think thats the way?

    90. Mattias Buen langkaas

      No adds

    91. Affinix

      3 mins of adds, good job felix good money lmfao

    92. ·

      After seeing the family who reuse their bathwater, this ain't that bad

    93. Iris Alvarez

      Why does pewd have a piece of paper on his noes

    94. Admiral Avocado

      That's diskusting

    95. Jared Bezos

      That is the worst realtor. Who tells a family no! You need to put furniture in order to sell. No realtor would ever say that. Most houses being sold, ARE EMPTY, not full of furniture BECAUSE YOURE NOT BUYING THE FURNITURE🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. And carpet would never be that expensive. To replace that living room would legit be 300

      1. Jared Bezos

        Also if they really were frugal they would not hire a realtor, they'd just sell it themselves. There are apps and sites for anyone to sell by themselves

    96. Ant361

      Sean: The ultimate dad handyman

    97. Honeypie DiY

      Why cocomelon?

    98. kokiy mary

      If they wanted to live cheap then they shouldn't have kids

    99. Activocado

      You gotta wipe you gotta wipe

    100. YAF Gods Gift

      *5 minute crafts wants to know your location*