Amish Girls See Airport For The First Time | Return To Amish

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    Maureen and Rosanna have decided that the Amish life is not for them and plan to fly to Florida.
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    Gepubliceerd op 11 dagen geleden


    1. Frank Amour Leon

      None of those synthetic plastic materials are Amish regulation, babies. C'mon now.

    2. Fact Is Fact

      My heart!! Awwww they are so pure. I love them

    3. Jeff Hook

      TLC really went way out of their way to make these people look like idiots. They operate some of the most sophisticated businesses in the state, and own vast parcels of land all over the country.

    4. Apollonia Arterburn

      I don’t know but I love watching them see everything for the first time 😌

    5. michelle schear

      Why is there no one in the airport?

    6. purp jones

      Where did they get the money from to travel

    7. purp jones

      How she didn't have his number but say they call him to pick them up when they need rides

    8. Sebastian Perez

      what a roller coaster. amazing film

    9. BlackMuslimConservative

      This seemed about as believable as a CNN newscast.

    10. Audrey Wrisley

      awww she's right! Daniel is so handsome! we need updates on whether they're together!

    11. Doug Parker

      Florida has a lot of things both positive and negative. If moving to a new place is what they want then ok

    12. Andy Dondy

      Fake as xhit... 😂 😅 😅

    13. Shelby Ward

      Goes to show how much we take for granted


      Who are the amish?where did they come from.b4 america

    15. Eric Burton

      Ok I like this

    16. Gina McClendon


    17. Total Skill Hub

      It is good to see innocent people live around the world in 2021 even in America. We are armish we don't have photo ids.

    18. Sam Allardyce

      if they want peace of mind, better stay where there are. this world is toxic 😅😅

    19. reefslayer21

      Ok how was he her taxi driver if she didn’t have his number? Did they send smoke signals if they needed a ride?

    20. Andrew Land

      Lol this shit is fake😂

    21. Freelancer FRLNCR

      You GO girls! There's a whole big world that's been kept from you. Be careful. Choose wisely.

    22. Leslie Montes

      They are so curious it's cute 💕 my goodness how adorable they are

    23. zubaidah md puat

      Please hear what your mom is saying. Just stay there.

    24. Blue Baby

      Exploring a new world is always exciting, that's why we travel folks

    25. TheGrigg69

      So did they leave in the end or?

    26. chi the yaoi god

      Oh god his teeth jesus

    27. MattBInYYC

      "When Daniel was 18 months, he drank draino and got a lot of scars" oh ok

    28. Davindran Jai Kumar

      Its so obvious

    29. Davindran Jai Kumar

      Its fake n bullshit

    30. King Woods

      Wait amish have electricity?

    31. Markitoss82

      They should make a movie with this plot !!!

    32. UnknownVPN SEO

      Basically we watched this and they couldn’t go

    33. Quantum Shhhart

      religions rely on emotional/mental child grooming. Imagine having to wait till you're 18 to be in a "church"..? ? a world it could be.

    34. Retro Status

      Did dude just say “how do you have social security number and not an ID?” Damn… if only they gave IDs out at birth like a goddamn Kroger

    35. Kiki the pupper

      I'm happy seeing these girls deciding to choose the life they want for themselves... It takes a lot of courage to leave the lifestyle you had all your life, leaving your community...

    36. Retro Status

      2:22 house has a dryer vent on the outside of it…

    37. Karim Costaa

      The ending was hilarious see what happens when you disobey your parents haha.

    38. Just Say No

      Oh, come on, that was unfair. If those girls represent a national security risk we're done for. That man was born without a heart.

    39. Bill Vang

      Wow you can really tell that this isn’t scripted by how the two girls are. Crazy.. they don’t even kno the brand Nike is. Crazy

    40. Juanita Miller

      Guys this soo staged !! Totally fake! For one thing their parents would never have allowed a filming crew on the property and these girls left a long time ago! Read the title..... I grew up Amish and know when it’s all for the entertainment and none of it is real! They would’ve packed more clothes and not have been so chill about it if they for real went in and told their parents they are leaving!! The girls happen to be good at acting is all!! Have a blessed day

      1. ramsey144

        Lol kinda sus yea.

    41. Bill Vang

      So I just started the video and I heard her say that she’s going to Florida. Yup she deafly never come back to this lifestyle. Ever. She and her friend is gonna be in a wow factor. Wow picture seeing the world after coming from solitary farmers

    42. Pale Zombie

      You just have to laugh at how absurd this entire clip was. I mean, they can’t get a hotel without ID and credit card...soooo? Are they gonna call snaggle tooth or just go back home? The TV crew was like, let watch them get rejected at the airport.

    43. Brian Wood

      This is so cute

    44. Kara Shumer

      Being a parent is loving and supporting your children even when they do things you don’t agree with

    45. Charles Reinhart

      God bless the Amish truly

    46. Matt Nobrega

      I feel bad for these kids. But I do admire there adventuring free spirits. Daniel has a handful waiting for him. Lol

    47. astrife

      This is cute but I'm pretty sure these are the only two people ever excited to be at an airport

    48. Jaden Lee

      Jesus Christ loves you

    49. Jason Spades

      Raising children like this is harmful.

    50. Mary N

      I’m gonna throw hands if her and Daniel don’t end up together!

    51. Lepa Jelena

      I do that on the moving stairs too 😂

    52. Trillian

      "I would rather just sit in my outhouse in peace." Girl. Same.

    53. cris tooreal

      I love their lifestyle tho

    54. Scott Baxter

      Shortly after this video, Maureen and Rosa both got jobs at Delilahs Den in Philadelphia. Daniel received his surgery and they are all living together in a high rise on Rittenhouse Square in center city Philadelphia. Both now have their drivers license and are planning a trip to Mardi Gras in February. They are excited to collect the beads they heard so much about.

    55. Marleen Hansen

      I’m 63 years old and I’ve never been in an airport and I have never flown

    56. Dave Tech

      Covid free lifestyle. Hint No TV.

    57. Gregory Harris

      That was amazing how he gave her his number. Life can be beautiful and simple.

    58. VNL 670 • 19 years ago

      They remind me Borat...!

    59. alan roig

      How does the USA government even allow those secta-people to deprive citizens like these 2 girls of their human rights? Where are the children rights?

    60. Anthony Gay

      Religions are the absolute worst fuckery of humanity

    61. Nora Shy

      Then you realize 99% of this is scripted

    62. REDLIFE 666

      Dam would of been painfull drinking draino

    63. Roberto Clemente

      Wait, so did they get to Florida or what?

    64. Czarr IV

      That one girl speaks like a 7 year old...

    65. Sandy Freyman

      This is the extreme right thing to do. Christianity is the best way. I feel so sorry for this amish religion. In our area many of them have moved in and recently a woman crossed a swollen creek and her rig tipped over. All of her children fell in and drowned. So very sad.

    66. Stevie McSchneive

      Wait.. she said if she needs an Amish taxi she calls him. Wouldn’t she already have his number?

    67. K P

      "Robot Toilets"

    68. bobbobbo

      Does anyone know what language they are speaking in? I’m not sure if it was mentioned in the video.

      1. Willy_norak


    69. Mega Mijit

      they could've fixed his accident with surgery but "god wanted it to happen"....

    70. Mega Mijit

      just another example of how CHRISTIANITY IS CANCER

    71. Irwan Djohan

      I think it's fake.

    72. Ruffy Luv

      This brought me to tears

    73. Pigeon Eye Videography

      They are so sweet 😇

    74. Johnny Elle

      This f@&*ING show is so obviously fake.

    75. kAtsiOka EXILE

      did they meet a ”gleeful” dude?

    76. Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers

      9:21 I got my social security without id... when I was born. No pictures, no nothing.

    77. Querra Haynes


    78. Patrick Read

      Rosanna is absolutely beautiful!

    79. L Burgoyne

      The fact that it isn't as busy before covid

    80. American Snoop

      *This brings hope's to All the people who haven't been on a plane*

    81. Paris Perry

      Omg, Dan needs to see a dentist immediately

    82. iZac Stein

      Bit fake yeah!?

    83. Miss_Alamo

      What episode is this?

    84. Lewis River

      Can't have pictures that's just craziness I'm sorry

    85. Dean Jonson

      The airport worker saying how do you have a SS number and not an ID is the dumbest thing I have heard.

    86. Jes.e B.

      I am slightly put off by the reality show aspects of this but I thought the Amish let their kids experience the outside world as part of their beliefs?

    87. K H

      Bus for you babydoll

    88. Sean Rajah

      Amish people use phones and roads and cars and fed banking. How are they different?

    89. Sarah LilyZ

      Feminists should fight for these girls ... Looks like modern slavery . No offence .

    90. Common Sense

      Why are they waving their arms about in the entry way. HOW DO THEY KNOW ABOUT MOTION DETECTORS. This all seems staged to me. How do they know the toilets automatically flush.

    91. Robbie Smith

      jesus daniel, that grill

    92. Estrella Perez

      Wait people actually live like this & dress like this ... not to seem rude I just didn’t know 💀

    93. Love From Above

      No one should feel trapped in their life and should have control over its outcome. These girls are so sweet and I wish for them to learn about the world and to succeed without getting caught up in the negativity of it.

    94. carlos SP

      In a world full of illusions, corruption, traps, trash, and lies that generate many slavery and death, those who maintain faith in the Truth and keep Judgment, will inevitably remain connected to Biblical teachings and will be sheltered by God, outside the MATRIX.

    95. Ben Campbell

      Is the skinny one toothless

    96. Suraj Daz

      I am Johnny Knoxville and i am leaving my home.

    97. Emily Allstot

      one of those girls looks kind of like someone from high school. i hate it when i am in the town where i went to high school and other people pretend to be people from high school and try to talk to me. then the findings of their investigation gets back to the police and they treat me like i'm autistic. i can tell the difference!!!!

    98. LinuxBox

      I just want to know how may decades that guy has been sucking his thumb for his teeth that don't fit in his mouth anymore.

    99. G. W.

      That CSA should be fired immediately. The way he treated the girls was despicable.